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Giving Thanks
Most of my courses were in the human sciences, so I was graded more on my communication skills than on my reasoning, or my ability to calculate volume or speed.
So exams were an easy time for me. All I needed was a good memory, loads of experience and good bullshit skills!
I had no family to spend time with at the holidays. My parents died in an auto accident when I was 14, so when Carol invited me to a family dinner, I immediately accepted.
Jimmy picked me up at 2, with Andria at his side.
I jumped in the back and leaned into the front to give them both a touch of the lips and a heartfelt hello.
"Nice to have a day off isn't it?" I sighed, as I did up my seat belt.
"No kidding!" gushed Andria, "…and I don't have to cook!"
"Oh, my mother will still want you in the kitchen Andria," Jimmy informed us. "I bet she mentions your 'wide birthing hips' within 15 minutes of your arrival!"
"I'll take the under on that," I piped up from the back. "You do look like you could birth a child without a problem Andria," I teased.
"Your mom just wants you to be happy Jimmy," Andria wisely counseled him. "She is exactly like mine."
Jimmy's mom was a stripper, until she got pregnant for Jimmy's older brother Jerry. Their dad was a marine, and he died in a freak boating accident in Panama in 1996, while serving, when Jimmy was still in the womb.
Mom and her sister Carol moved in together, since the survivor benefits for a Master Sergeant were not enough to raise a family of 3. Not that they were used to living a life of luxury, but family was always first.
Carol had her feet up on Conrad's lap, while they watched a replay of the Cowboys / Giants game from last Thursday.
Conrad was Carol's "Long Time Lover" – not my term. She even used the acronym LTL, which she often shortened to lover, in case he needed reminding why she kept him around.
When I talked to Conrad I called him Detective Sergeant or Sir or Mr. Abrams. He was Carol's not so secret connection within the Baltimore P.D.
He was a true mountain of a man. Standing 6 foot 6 with massive arms that made him appear to be wearing shoulder pads.
Every suit he wore had to be tailored to fit, and he had at least a dozen. Today was casual though, so Dockers and a satin shirt was more in line.
"We should talk," he said, "It's not a big thing, but I would prefer some privacy Shylo."
I assumed it was about my being raped two weeks ago, so I nodded without speaking.
"After we eat," he concluded.
Mrs. Rodriguez came into the room, wearing the obligatory apron, with flour on both breasts, in the unmistakable image of large hand prints.
"Jerry is here everyone!" she announced. "As you can see, he is hugging all of the ladies!" she proclaimed while swinging her chest to and fro."
Major Gerald Rodriguez came out of the kitchen wearing his full dress uniform, making everyone look way under dressed.
"Hi all," Jerry said, while catching sight of me in the corner, where his eyes opened wide.
"Oh, you must be Shylo," he continued without missing a beat.
As he came over to give me a hug or a salute or a handshake, or maybe a tit grab, I rose to my feet, but covered my tits, in a preemptive action.
"Yours, I will massage later, and I will warn you first. Beautiful," he offered, so I gave him a hug.
"Oh, I have to warn you that I just broke up with my long time girlfriend, so you will need to comfort me later," he confided in me with a perfectly straight face.
Growing up in a stripper family must have been a hoot.
Jerry was a West Point grad, something that his dad's commanding officer had set up after his dad's death. Of course Jerry still had to have the grades and the clean record to follow his dad's footsteps, but I guess that brains and discipline came with the package that mom and dad had passed down.
"Jimmy told me about the accident you had on the range that cost you the use of your little pecker," I informed Jerry, as I shook my head sadly.
"They gave me a new one," he responded, again straight faced, "maybe you could break it in?"
We could have gone on all day like that, but Dallas scored, again, and we were all distracted.
The pain of watching the Giants lose another one was dampened by the fact that it happened four days ago!
The Major sat near me, and I could not help but check him out as often as I could.
An actual dinner bell was sounded in the other room, and the tv was turned off, while we all headed in for turkey and so much more.
Jerry was positioned next to me by his Auntie Carol, and Conrad asked Jerry if he would say grace.
"Lord, thank you for your bounty, and these beautiful people, and Conrad, and Jimmy too."
"Thank you for another year filled with wonder, and for the Country that gives me the liberty to enjoy it."
"And say hi to dad for us," chimed in Jimmy.
"Amen," said a roomful of hungry people.
Dinner was wonderful, of course, and I was good. I wanted to grab Jerry's cock under the table, but I held back.
The conversation went everywhere, such as Central America, where Jerry was presently stationed, and to the Pizza House where Andria's family business was doing well, and Baltimore, where Conrad wailed about the "Police sensitivity training" that they had to go through, which he agrees is necessary, but improperly run.
Carol mentioned a few changes that were planned at the Gingerbread House. I only recently found out that she has a 25% share in the bar, which includes the entire property, and the offices upstairs.
"We are planning to put in some showers by taking out some vacant space in the back," she explained.
"I suppose the ladies get a little sweaty dancing all night," suggested Andria.
"Oh, they are not for the dancers to enjoy," said Carol. "They are primarily for the patrons to watch them shower!"
We all laughed at the image.
We also heard about the Women's Shelter over on Concord St. Sue Rodriguez had volunteered there since Jimmy was old enough to walk.
"The kids are the real victims of course," Sue complained. "Some of those women won't leave their scum husbands, until one or the other is dead," she cried.
"I'm thinking about moving my allegiance to Boston," announced Robert, in an effort to change the mood. "They look like shit since Brady left, but who knows," he chimed in.
Robert was the older brother to Sue and Carol. He owned three apartment buildings in Hoboken.
"Who else can you root for in the North East," he wondered out loud.
Pineapple upside down cake was for dessert, and it was great with some whipped cream. Andria put a little dollop on Jimmy's nose, then giggled.
Jimmy turned to her, and she licked it off.
The rest of us quietly looked at each other and smiled knowingly.
After dinner Detective Sergeant Abrams motioned for me to follow him, so we went to Carol's home office for a talk.
"We know who he is Shylo," Conrad said the moment the door was closed.
It was obvious that he meant the scumbag that orchestrated the attack on me two weeks ago.
"We found the site where they brag about their conquests and they show their videos," he informed me.
It's definitely him," Conrad said quietly.
"What do you need from me," I asked.
"Well, we don't really need an I.D., considering that they wore a mask for the entire time," he continued, "…our Sexual Assault Division recovered some DNA from him, and we will soon know for sure.
"One thing that makes the case easy, is that we have the semen sample," he said. "Although they can't use this information in court, knowing that you have the right guy, will go a long way toward finding the evidence."
I felt bad that I didn't make an official report of my rape, but Conrad was sure that they would find one or two of the people that he brought into his scheme and get them to flip.
The D.A. was pretty sure that the ones that paid for his service would be able to claim that the whole affair was consensual, or at least that they were told that it was. That meant that they probably would only be charged with less significant crimes.
"I just want him to stop," I firmly stated.
"Oh, we are watching him, and the site where he solicits participants, so we are confident that he will screw up very very soon," he finished.
Returning to the living room, the tv was now tuned to music videos, but not loud enough to hamper conversation.
We enjoyed a few drinks and a hearty conversation until Robert called it a night, then, as often happens we all made our excuses.
Jerry told Jimmy that he would be dropping me off, which was news to me, but, hey I support the troops!
I gave Sue a peck on the cheek and thanked her for the invite.
I also took a minute to give Jimmy a kiss, and make sure he was okay with me heading out with his brother. One for Andria too, because I wanted to reaffirm with both of them that I was happy about their budding romance.
"He isn't really on the rebound is he Jimmy?" I asked breathlessly.
"Is that a professional question Miss Morra?" Jimmy deadpanned in response, but then shook his head no.
"And as far as I know he still has the same little prick that he had when he left home," he informed me. Andrea gave him a poke on the arm, but I suspected that she was pleased to see me interested in Jimmy's brother.
Jerry's ride was a black Suburban Government car.
He walked me over to the passenger side, and helped me in, like a true Gentleman.
Gahddd! Did he ever look good in his dress uniform!
As we hit the highway, I turned my attention to the hunk.
"So, is there a gf?" I asked my driver with a keen interest.
"Oh many, but none that I answer to," he claimed.
"I don't play around with some other woman's toys," I returned.
"Nor would I expect you to," he mused.
I moved closer to the center.
"What is your position on casual sex," I asked.
"I am very serious about sex," was his snappy comeback.
The bench seat allowed me to move a lot closer.
"Maybe you could tell me about these medals on your jacket," I continued as a point of interest.
I moved my hand to touch them.
The "medals" were actually little cloth patches that had significance to the few people that knew what they stood for.
"They are boring stories," he claimed, "mostly you get one for going where they order you to go."
"If you want a more interesting story you need to check this out, and he pointed down to his groin.
I did not need any more prompting. I moved to the floor and pulled down the zipper on his pants.
"Okay, I guess you can still call Jimmy your 'little' brother, but not by much," I had to say after I pulled his penis from it's warm nest and watched it expand.
"His is maybe a bit fatter than yours though," I speculated, as I freed the balls too.
"While Jimmy is lifting weights, I like to do penis lifts," Jerry proposed, as he flexed it higher yet.
While I figured he was joking yet again, I couldn't help but think that this pole looked more athletic somehow!?
"Are you going to be okay to drive?" I queried, while giving his pole a few exploratory licks and kisses.
"WHAT!" "I thought you were driving!" he shrieked!
How do you get to be a Major with a sense of humor like that?
I really didn't want to be part of a fiery crash, so I turned my brash zipper raid into some fun.
"Okay soldier! Give me 20 dick raises," I commanded.
I started counting, then I thought, "to hell with safety." I slipped his straining tool into my mouth on raise number 5.
His pumping action had the pre-cum oozing a bit.
"Marines are salty seamen," I said while his cock was lodged in my right cheek. It sounded more like, "Hyines R shaly shehen!"
"Thanks Shylo, I've never tasted it myself, but I'm told it tastes great!" Jerry responded, and we both erupted in laughter.
"How could you tell what I said," I asked in surprise, as I dropped his pole from my mouth.
"I had a friend in Thailand that told me the same thing, but her accent made it sound the same with my dick in her mouth or not.
I finished playing around and put his package back in its wrap.
Returning to the seat I nestled in under his arm. His hand came down to playfully tap on my right nipple.
I leaned in to smell his throat. There was a nice musk there, and I bet it was Olde Spice.
"So I suppose you have a cock sucker in every port," I mused while running my hand over his chest.
"Hmm, I don't know what to say to that Shylo," he said, "This is not a port town, I am seldom on a ship, and… I have a friend in that apartment over there, (and he pointed), but she doesn't go down, so I will trade her in for you, if I'm only allowed one in this 'Port" scenario of yours."
"I hope you know that I'm just joking, Jerry, I don't know how much Jimmy told you about me, but I just love sex, and I am very comfortable with that."
"Any good Marine would say the same Shylo, and those are the people that I admire," he continued, "by that I mean those that are not posing or posturing, or creating a false front."
"I think that you will find that my front is all me," I teased.
"But just like the ribbons on my chest, I'm sure that your metal runs deeper than an outlandish, gravity defying, chest," he proposed.
Oh, am I ever going to reward this warrior, I thought.
We pulled into a space in the parking lot of my dorm.
We both got out on his side of the SUV.
Jerry immediately went to the back and pulled out an overnight bag.
"I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to need a shower and a change after I spend a few hours dropping off a few million seamen in your lovely garden," he said in explanation.
Two very full hours later he was lathering up my engorged breasts in the shower, while he stood behind me and did dick raises, tapping against my sore pussy lips.
Talk about a one night stand, he was in the air six hours later, heading back to Panama City.
The next day I got a call from Mike, and it seems that my young lover friend, and his cohorts had located the same internet site that the cops had discovered, but these wizards had more in mind.
When I got to Mike's pad, his room mates Ryan and Todd were there and three other guys that wore the same nerd outfits as the others.
Pants pulled high and pocket protectors were still in vogue in the computer department.
The room had two tall computer towers and 6 screens, ranging from 12 inches to over 40. Laptops were everywhere.
As I walked in, I found myself on all of the screens, in various time frames of my attack.
The big screen had my arch enemy pounding into my pussy, while two other masked men were feasting on my breasts. The powerful lights that they had used, made the video high quality indeed.
"Hey, can we turn that off for a minute guys, so you can meet the subject of this investigation," Mike announced as their heads turned.
Within seconds all of the screens went either blank or to a different window.
One briefly popped to a scene filled with my face and breasts, as I went into a full orgasm, but then it too turned to black.
"Hi," I meekly uttered, while they stared.
Mike rushed to fill the silence, trying to be gentle with me, and yet, understanding of the shyness that these boys would have towards a beautiful woman, especially one that they had just been studying in intimate detail.
"Sorry Shylo my friends here are coming up with innovative ways to catch these guys, but I'm sure you can understand that these graphic images would bring a dead man to life, let alone a sexually deprived young and healthy male," Mike explained, more to make his nerd friends comfortable than me.
"I fully understand, Mike, and please, don't be shy around me," I extolled with a tilted smile, cause I did feel more exposed than I would in the Emerald Room.
"Okay, Jimmy over here is using a special program to capture any details on the individuals, such as a design on their clothing, or a tattoo or birthmark that might peek out." Mike moved on to another workstation and continued, "…and Clark is compiling a graphic image of each perp, amassing their height, weight, hair color, shoe size, and any distinguishing marks or clothing."
"Phil, over here, noticed that Delta has a limp in his left leg, and he thinks that a specialist could even tell you what is wrong with the leg, while Todd is studying the voices and sounds that they make, in case there is a marker there."
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, by the number of people that were studying my rape tape, until Ryan pointed out that it had been downloaded over 5000 times!
"Your tape is tame compared to many on this site Shylo," Ryan pointed out.
"I don't want to tell you about the others though, there is just too much evil out there!", he finished with a sad shaking of his head.
By the end of the day, they had a compilation of data that I could take to Detective Abrams, to pass on to the team that was working on the case.
I had been thinking about what I could do for these shy young men, but it's not like I could blow them all!
"I think that you are all going to enjoy my video for a long long time, but I'd like to give you all a special treat," I announced.
"I am going to strip for you, right here, right now," I declared. "Anyone not wanting to participate should step out right now, and those that want to do more than watch, can grab a towel or a sheet, while I strip."
They hustled to get better positions and covered themselves with shirts and coats and towels. None of them hustled to leave.
Keeping it clinical, I just removed my clothes and piled them on a chair.
Before I had my bra off, some of them were making obvious moves under their covers.
"Slow down guys, there will be lots of time to satisfy yourselves," I extolled as I pulled my thong to the floor, and they gasped with the heat I was generating.
I lay back on the sheets and started to rub my clit, with a side dip into my exposed vagina.
More moans filled the room, but some of them were mine.
"Is anyone brave enough to suck on my nipples while I cum," I pleaded.
Two boys came over, and latched themselves to my tits, forgetting about the cover, these two just kept wanking with one hand while using the other hand and their mouth on my offered tits.
I realized that there were six men in the room, just like the attack, and that comparison made me even hotter, if that could be imagined!
As I came to the realization, that I was going to fuck these guys, I wondered how many were virgins?
One of them carried an extra 40 pounds, and two of them had bad acne, but their desire made them so sexy for me. Believing that I could be their first, was also quickly bringing me to an orgasm, which I gleefully shared with them.
As I came, I marveled at the oddity of a girl like me being the first to orgasm in a room like this!
Mike came over and got down on his knees to taste my sex.
"If you guys don't taste this, you will regret it for the rest of your life!" Mike reported, as he stepped back to make room for the avalanche that his words were bound to trigger.
The third guy to "taste me" also got to experience my second coming, as Mike pushed him to "ride it, big boy."
"Would someone let me suck them, please!" I whined.
Phil brought his modest toy to my mouth, and offered it for an intimate inspection, but I sucked it right in and started bobbing right away, while others went beyond tasting, and started their education on the female reproductive system with their tongues, eyes and fingers.
So far, I hadn't been acting as much as a sex therapist, as I was acting like a slut!
Though I started this as a reward for their hard work, I moved so quickly into self gratification, that I wasn't being mindful of their egos and their physical limitations.

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