Shylo Morra Ch. 09

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Shylo Morra Ch.09
All in the Family
Bruno was at his familiar spot in the entry foyer when we came running in a bit late for a Saturday night.
There was a lineup, and I always made a point of checking out our patient customers. The ones that I knew by name, I always gave a hug and kiss and welcomed them by name.
I hoped that they would feel damn good about themselves for the rest of the wait, and perhaps look for me inside.
Bruno stood, as he always does for a lady, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek as usual, but this time Sharon and Pam followed suit making him look like a valentines card, with beautiful lip prints on his cheeks in three different shades.
I suspected that he would not leave these prints, since he was now in a relationship with another performer.
Mynx should be working tonight too I thought, visualizing her perky breasts I started thinking sexy thoughts, and wondered what it would be like to be the centerpiece in a Bruno / Mini sandwich.
All of the usual suspects were on hand, as they almost always were for a Saturday night, especially in December.
We came directly from the Drama Department where Karen had finished my Tinkerbell outfit, as well as costumes for Pam and Sharon.
The girls wanted to use outfits that were waiting for them at the Gingerbread House, while I had them all help me into the strange costume that I would wear tonight.
The three of us headed quickly for the dressing room.
My outfit had wings, which I didn't wear with my coat over top.
To put my wings on I had to take off the light fluffy white jacket and the see through blouse. The wings were only about two feet across and 6 inches high, and they were attached to a push up bra, which didn't cover much of the breast.
I had a pink wig, with two antennae that blinked in blue when turned on.
The costume was complete with baggy pink panties and a pink thong.
We could not wait for each other, since we were fifteen minutes late already, and Carol was so pissed.
"You ladies lost half of your break," she scolded us.
Of course it was the main room that was suffering.
With a hundred patrons there were only 5 girls keeping the roof down.
I felt confident that the eight of us would make it quite comfortable.
The luscious Gina was waiting at a table, and that was enough to convince me where to go.
As she caught sight of me, she turned to her customers and told them what I like to drink, so of course they paid for that too.
"Hi guys, I'm so sorry you had to wait," I promise to be extra sexy in penance."
They cheered for the idea as I rose for the first song.
Again I was helped up the 16 inches or so to the platform. Even men with a cane would stand, it's a requirement I guess, maybe they learn it in gym class?
As I stood, I reached up to the hairpiece and pushed the switch to start my headgear blinking.
"Oh, Ah," my patrons murmured, in appreciation.
Aerosmith started with "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing."
Oh yes, I dreamed of Steven Tyler. I bet he would be amazing in the sack.
I hoped that my desire was displayed, and their exuberant actions suggested that they were.
I had the jacket off quite quickly as I swung about my admirers. They graciously took it and placed it on a pile of their own coats.
This was my fourth week of peeling and I was quickly gaining in balance, if not grace. With that, and better footwear, I could do two gyrations on my toes, making for some nice moves, if I must say so myself.
Well into the song I peeled off the billowing panties to expose my small pink thong. My thin sheer blouse was not a complete exposure, like they usually got on the first song, but I suspected that they were going to love the second song that much more.
I took a big chug of my pineapple punch that had about a half ounce of rum in the large drink, then surged to my feet for my encore.
I did not pull the blouse off, I simply peeled it down below my breasts, and the material helped the pushup – pushup!
They were primed for the skin, and I didnt' keep them waiting for more. As I offered my breasts to one patron, twisting the nibs and stroking the nipples, the customer behind was getting a clear view of my thinly covered mound.
When I reached down, I pulled a string on each side, and yanked the bikini style thong right off.
The hoot was worth it, but I wasn't quite finished in my performance debut of Tinkerbell.
Moving hard to put myself in a spin, I started to push my engorged breasts together. This caused the special harness to move the wings inwards, as if they were flapping!
The geometry was such that a one inch movement of my tits would cause a 4 inch flap of the wings.
It was eye catching enough that my smooth, luscious vagina was being ignored! While my perky tits got most of the attention, and the wings beat above them.
When the song finished, a few of the other dancers turned to me and applauded, which struck me as perhaps the best tribute I had ever received.
Yes, Karen deserved some credit, but I would let all of the girls know, and my friend Karen and the Drama Department, would get more orders to help bolster their school plays.
Mike was there again, but tonight he was with a cute Asian looking man and two young ladies, also Asian, and stunningly beautiful.
I gave Mike a peck on the cheek, but not too much, in case he was trying to hook up with one of these cute babes.
"Hi Shylo, this is my friend Ginshi and her brother Gin and his girlfriend Loo," Mike started.
"Gin goes to MIT, where he is a grad student in Micro-Robotics, and these two beauties are in Medical School."
"Who am I dancing for?" I asked the group.
"Over here Shylo," Gin said and motioned to a platform planted between Loo's slender legs.
Dancing for a woman was always a challenge for me.
We seldom complained if a woman touched a dancer, even a lingering caress was acceptable, if it is well received.
This dance was going to be personal.
I could see longing in her already, so my confidence was boosted as I stood for my dance.
Mike let Gin be the one to help me up.
My first act went the same as my first rendition about an hour ago, but the second song would highlight the night for dozens of men around our table.
When I started flapping my wings, Loo reached up and put her hands on my tits, and started to crank them their maximum stroke of two inches, which caused the two wings to flap in 7 inch arches.
She was looking me in the eyes, as she twirled my nibs with her finger tips and ran her narrow darting tongue around her purple passion lips.
"Could we take this to the Emerald Room?" Gin suggested.
We spent three hours in the Em.
After a half hour of playing with my tits, we took the wings off, with the harness pushup bra. The thong was also gone, so they had to enjoy my body, up close and personal.
First there was light touching, but always from Loo.
Then she would flick her tongue out when I would put my pussy close, and we connected with a little touche on the third or fourth try.
It was electrifying.
Around midnight my attentive audience had to bow out.
I would not be surprised if they were being financially prudent, but Gin pulled out a platinum card that I recognized as very high end.
My night was not over, though I felt like calling a friend and getting busy in the sack, instead I had responsibilities.
I had to get some discrete wipe downs as the evening progressed. I kept imagining Loo and Gin. Although Loo was the only one to touch me, I did see a raging boner in Gin's lap.
I wonder why boners are always raging? Anger issues?
I went back out on the main floor, and found myself among friends.
Sharon and Pam were both in this section, and my favorite waitress was flaunting her delicious titties here too.
Three tables had regulars at them, and I know I kissed a few of them as I came in.
"You gentlemen can have a little bit extra tonight," I promised, as I climbed atop my pedestal.
I was bolder, or maybe enlivened would be a better word. I presented my breasts as if they were a personal gift.
Then as the song was nearing the end, I took my patron's hands and slowly put them on my glistening breasts.
I left my hands on his, to convey my hope that he would not overstep, and he was a gentleman by lightly squeezing my firm beauties.
Wow, did that ever prime my pump!
I brought his hands down, with the end of the song, and I sat to get my heart rate down.
"Could you feel my heartbeat Vic?" I asked my wide eyed patron.
"Um, no… did you hear the trumpet blast, calling me to mount you in front of everyone?" he gasped. "I don't think I can tell the misses about this one Shylo!"
"Sorry if I overstepped Vic," I hurriedly apologized.
"We will just have to live with the shame until the grave," Vic lightheartedly concluded.
The table full of men were congratulating my patron, for his good fortune, and praising me just for being cute and sexy!
"They pay me for this!" I shouted with glee – but only in my oversexed mind.
I didn't get to my locker until just past three.
A message on my phone gave me hope that there was a party.
'Gin and Loo were hoping you might want a nightcap at their hotel' it was from Mike, and included a phone number.
I hustled out to the back parking lot and just caught Bruno and Mini before they got in his big rig.
"Bruno, can I get a ride to the Sheffield?" I asked.
"Of course Shylo," he responded while turning to his main squeeze to be sure she was okay with the idea.
I hustled over to the SUV and let Jimmy know I was good, then returned to get in next to Mini.
I sent a text to Gin's phone giving him my ETA and he gave me a kiss emoji.
When Bruno pulled over in front of the hotel, he put the vehicle in park and got out, just as I got out.
"Oh, I'm okay Bruno," these guys are friends.
"That's fine sweetheart," he returned, "but I'm only letting you go in there, if I get to show them my face, so they know that you have a friend that will be back for you, if needed."
While I was sure that his concern was unfounded, I was still deeply touched by his chivalry.
Gin and Loo passed the Bruno test, and I gave Bruno a light kiss and whispered in his ear, "Mini is a lucky girl."
Bruno smiled down and whispered back, "If I deserve her, then I'm doing something right."
"If I was ready to settle down to just one person, I would be coming after you," I confessed, "…and if Mini ever has a hankering to share…" I let myself trail off.
He gave me a hug and left me to my fate.
There was little small talk with this duo, or maybe it had all been said.
They were so comfortable together, and yet so willing to share, with a special guest.
If I had a cock in my mouth, there was a tongue in my pussy. If he was cumming in my mouth, she was grinding one into my clit with a scissor action on my swollen labia.
We paused for refreshments, and enjoyed some special edibles, then returned for a less vigorous enjoyment of the flesh.
This time Gin took me sideways, holding my leg up with one well muscled arm, while I got into Loo's luscious garden with my fingers first, and then my tongue.
Gin played with Loo's nipples, brushing them back and forth on her slender frame. Her nibs and nipples were swollen, but they did not protrude far.
My cervix was taking a bit of a beating, so sideways was more comfortable, but his deep strokes were going so slow!
His slow movement inside of me made me highly aroused, but unable to reach an orgasm!
I quivered in sexual bliss, while off and on I kissed Loo's lips and nipples. And watched Gin slide his tongue, in and out of Loo's snatch.
They dropped me off at my dorm at ten the next morning. None of us had more than two hours of sleep, and I was going to have to rub some cream into some heavily used areas of my groin, and my poor nipples!
Sunday was a study day, and I spent time with Karen talking about new outfits, and we watched Kevin Costner in "For Love of the Game," and cried at the end, while both of us admitted that we would do Costner in a heartbeat. I thought I would do Kelly Preston (RIP) too, or both!
Sunday was another day of reading, and boring shit until Mike called and suggested pizza. I got him switched to Lebanese food from a local place, but he would not be bringing Ginshi, cause she was back in Boston, doing her becoming a Doctor thing.
I suppose some one had to put on the bandages in life, while I fix all of the hearts.
Mike was a great lay, and a good man too. Better yet, we enjoyed our bodies as the chance gave us.
I paid for the food with my business card, which Carol said I could use for at least two meals a week, as long as it wasn't excessively expensive too often.
Carol was indeed handling my money well. I was buying my work outfits from Karen, adding a new one just about every week, while my investment portfolio with my manager was both diverse and growing.
I was young, and full of energy, so we rode each other vigorously for an hour before settling into some soft cuddles and back rubs.
We were familiar enough to not need that shower to wash away our smells. We could do that in the morning, and make new smells before washing away the cum and sweat and starting the day afresh!
I planned on visiting a senior home that night, but I would do it alone.
Just past 7 the Uber dropped me off at Jackson's Senior Living, only 6 blocks from the Gingerbread House.
I was dressed conservatively, but with more curves visible than I would have shown this time last year, especially showing off some cleavage.
Ben's dad resided here, and I was intent to know him, and the history of the G House. Bruno would visit about once a month, and Carol, maybe half as often, so I'd heard a lot about the coot, especially that he still had a sharp mind, and was always after the ladies.
I asked about Sid Stewart at the desk, since you had to sign in anyway, and they gave me his room number.
"Just knock and go in dear, he's hard of hearing," said the senior attendant.
I knocked on the door, and waited. I thought I could hear voices, but no one answered.
I looked down the hall at the desk, and they were watching me, and indicated to go ahead with a wave.
"Hello," I announced myself loudly, in case he was not dressed.
"Oh God! I was almost there!" Sid yelled and looked over the shoulder of the senior woman that he was fucking, to yell at me, I'm sure.
His face immediately changed to a vivid smile.
"Oh could you give us ten minutes dear, and tell those bitches at reception that vengeance is a dish, best served cold!"
I barely heard the last bit, as I pulled the door shut and turned toward reception.
The two comics were crying with laughter when I got there.
"Very professional ladies," I chastised them sarcastically, but not really feeling it.
"Oh, dear I am sorry," said the older one, "but he just loves to pull pranks on us, and we rarely have a chance to get him back!" "We do owe you an apology, you didn't deserve that."
I gave them a break, and told them how I know Sid, which probably implied that seeing sexual things was not a big issue with me.
"Oh, we are fully aware of Sid's humble beginnings, she said, every woman working here has been offered a chance to interview as a stripper or waitress!"
It really was only ten minutes before a woman appeared outside of Sid's room. She turned with her walker and slowly moved down the hall.
I went to the door, and knocked, then waited for an invitation.
The door swung open and a stooped man looked me right in the eye.
"If you were not so pretty, I would be very angry with you young lady," the old man growled.
"Hi, my name is Shylo, and I work for your son at the G, I said expecting him to know our short form for the bar.
"Ah, the luscious and brilliant Shylo!" he fairly shouted.
"Come in dear," he finished, for me and anyone else within a hundred yards.
When the door was shut, Sid slouched a bit more, and held his hand out to me.
"Help me get back to the bed dear," he bit out with a grimace. "I think I hurt my hip again," he muttered.
We moved slowly to his Sears Posturepedic, and Sid released my hand and made himself comfortable.
"I have indeed heard of you Shylo, and I'm thrilled that you would come see an old man like me," he said, with the obvious unsaid question of, "what brings you here."
I explained my education and my dream of being a therapist, but I wanted to understand people from past generations, and how they became sexually liberated.
"So most old folks won't share their ideas about sex with you," Sid responded, "and you figured an old dude that ran strippers, would be more open!"
There was nothing wrong with this octogenarian's mind.
"I will tell you everything, if you strip," Sid said, with a twinkle in his eye.
Hmm, I paused for just a second, thinking this was stripper humor again, but either way I didn't care, I stood.
"Oh, that is hilarious!" Sid roared, before I could do a thing.
"Ben told me about your first meeting, when he asked to see more I.D. and you showed him your rack! That must have been the funniest thing ever!"
"I have no shame Sid, if you want to see my rack I'll show it to you, but that's as far as I'll go, out of respect to your son." I challenged him.
"Fair enough, I never say no to topless night and he undid the buttons on his cardigan.
I pulled my blouse over my head, then reached back to flick the clasp on my light lace bra.
He gave me a professional once over as I stepped closer.
I took his hands and placed them where I knew he wanted them.
"Very nice, Miss Morra, you were made for the game," he replied.
"Now that I know that you are neither senile nor past your prime," I said, inticating the tenting of his casual slacks, "I want to hear stories that will shame Ben and Carol and Bruno," I declared with a smile.
We had a great time talking, even though his attendants kept bursting in, to give him his drugs, or check his heart rate and respiration.
"Your running hot Sid," one male nurse mentioned as he listened to Sid's heart, but stared at my chest. "But I guess that's not too surprising."
Sid went over to a chest and pulled out a bottle of Scotch.
It looked old and expensive, and I said as much, but Sid brushed it off.
"At my age anything you do could be the last time you do it," he instructed me, "so I don't save the best for another day." "Please join me."
He poured two fingers in the two brandy glasses that he had on his dresser.
We clinked glasses and Sid offered the toast, "Here is to enjoying the things that are in front of you," he declared, while I wondered if he might have meant me.
"Did you really just finish shagging that woman," I asked.
"Betty? Oh yeah, and she will no doubt be at my door the minute you're gone," he laughed, and I joined him.
"Can I leave you with a kiss mark on your face," I challenged him.
"I can think of other places, but I'll take it, he replied and kissed me on the lips before I put more lipstick on, and gave him a hard one on the cheek.
"The day I say no to that, they will put me in a box," he explained, then grabbed my ass as I left.
I jumped for the theatrical effect, but I saw it coming.
It was too late to walk home, so I called for an Uber.
As my ride pulled up, I saw that it was a young woman, so I asked If I could sit in the front, and she said sure, and moved her stuff to the seat behind her while I climbed in.
She was cute.
I started to scroll down my directory, looking for a warm body to share before sleepy time.
Pausing here and there, I wasn't sure who I wanted to lick.
"Are you looking for a hookup," my driver asked.

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