Sibling desires Part 1

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By Markyblue52 This is a make believe story, the characters are made up. I’m a 52 year old man from England, this is me in my fantasy world.

It is early spring, my name is Chris I just turned 16 a few months ago, I have a younger sister called Megan, i usually just call her Meg, she will turn 13 next month. We both live with our Mum who you could say is a work aholic, often away on business trips leaving me and my sister with other family members to take care of us. Our dad died around 7 years ago so we never really knew him.

It is a warm spring evening, I’m in my room sitting in a chair at my desk in my bedroom scrolling through my phone, I hear my mum call up to me from down stairs

“Chris can you come here a minute please”

I slowly get up from my chair and head out of my room looking down the stairs to see my mum standing there..

“Chris, I have to catch a plain early tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t be here when you and Meg get home from school”

There’s me expecting her to say auntie Jane will be here to look after you both but to my surprise

“I think your old enough to look after your sister for a couple of days, can I trust you”

“yes mum” kinda liking the idea she is leaving me in charge, makes me feel grown up i guess and being able to do what I want when I want sounds appealing.

As I head back to my room I tap on my sisters bedroom door and say loudly.

“did you hear that Meg, mum is going away tomorrow and I’m in charge”

I didn’t hear a response from Meg as I just headed back into my room closing the door behind me.

The next day we did our usual routine of going to school, i was feeling kinda excited as I didn’t have long left at school and I would be starting college next term.
I always got home before Meg as her school was a further 10 minute walk from our house,
I arrive home and let myself in with the key mum had gave me, it was nice to come home to an empty house and not having auntie Jane there for a change.
I grab myself a drink from the fridge as Meg walks through the door hanging her coat and heads into the kitchen where I am sitting at the breakfast bar sipping my drink.

“hi Meg” I say with a big grin.

“yes I know, your in charge while mum is away” she replies
“I did hear what you said yesterday when you banged on my bedroom door” then heads off upstairs to her room.

Meg is quiet petite, skinny, long brown hair and eyes, I would say slightly underdeveloped and not really sure if she wears a bra yet.
I would say we get on okay, were not at each other all the time like other siblings, I guess we just tolerate each other

After about an hour I stand at the bottom of the stairs and call out to Meg…. Just like our mum would.. I’m standing at the bottom of the stairs and call out…

“Meg, I’m going to order pizza, what do you fancy”

After a few moments Meg walks to the top of the stairs looking down at me, she is wearing a grey tshirt that looks two sizes to big for her and I could just catch a glimpse of her white cotton knickers which seem to get my attention but without being obvious I try not to look.

“pepperoni please” she replies then heads back into her room.

After a few minutes I get a text message from Meg saying…

“want to eat the pizza in my room and maybe watch a film?”

I reply ” sure why not” it sounded like a good idea as it is Friday and no school tomorrow plus she has a bigger TV in her room than mine so it was a no brainer.

I get changed into my jogger shorts and a t-shirt then the pizza arrives and head up to Megs room as I go in her room is quiet dark, just a plug in dimmer light and the light flickering from the TV.

We both sit on her bed and share a large pizza and a bottle of coke and chat for a while…

“I’m stuffed Meg” I say after eating almost half a pizza

“me to, right lets put a film on” says Meg as she messes about with the TV remote both of us spread across her bed after eating to much pizza

We start watching the film and I notice her nodding off through the film, it was also taking affect on me, before I know it we are both asleep…

After a few hours I open my eyes to find myself cuddled up to my little sister, her with her back to me my arm wrapped across her waist her arm over mine, she was clearly asleep as I lifted my head to look over her shoulder to look at the bedside clock ” 1:47am”
I just put my head back down for a moment feeling a bit awkward as me and my sister never usually cuddled before but to be honest I kinda liked it and just enjoyed it for a moment.

I try to adjust myself to get comfy and Meg wakes having a quick look back at me before she lift my arm away and sits up

“I just need to go to the toilet” she says as she heads to the bathroom

As she leaves the room I have a good stretch on her bed, then she comes back into the room making her way quickly back to her side of the bed, as she lies back down i say

“okay Meg, I think I’m going to head of to my room”

She quickly replies

“no, please don’t” as she lies down back in her position grabbing my hand back across her waist holding it there, this time my hand landing over the fabric of her tshirt on her tiny tummy.
My heart starts to race a little trying not to think to much of it, maybe she just likes my company.

Thoughts start to run through my head but try to keep calm as she has her tiny bum pressed against me

We say nothing, the room is silent at the same time i gently swirl my finger tips slightly over her tummy, just to notice her shuffle from time to time, has she fallen asleep again I’m thinking to myself, as she shuffle one more time pushing her bum back to me her tshirt lifts slightly my hand now on her bare tummy, my heart races a little more I start to relax my fingers moving more freely as they move down I feel my finger tips fall just under the elastic of her knickers, I pause for a moment her hand over mine moves up my wrist slightly then back down again as if she was in courageing me so my hand fell deeper into her little knickers at the same time i notice her lift her leg slightly giving me plenty of room as I have a feel of my sisters pussy,again she says nothing just slightly moving her underdeveloped hips, encouraging me.

To be continued

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By Markyblue52 #Incest #PreTeen