Sibling Desires Pt. 01

tagIncest/TabooSibling Desires Pt. 01

It takes a couple tries, but I finally slot my key into the lock and get the door opened. I'm a little tipsy and have a real bitch of a headache. The rideshare driver kept sneaking glances at me, which I didn't mind. In fact, I would've offered to blow him if my damn head didn't feel like it was being crushed. I just want to get in the house, strip off, shower away the stench from the bar, and climb into bed for a good long sleep.
I stumble through the doorway into the living room and accidentally slam the door shut behind me, startling my brother. It's past midnight, what the heck is my nerdy little brother watching at this…oh! I suddenly become acutely aware of a few facts right then. First, he's sitting on the sofa with his ass scooted down to the edge of the seat. Second, his gray sweat shorts are pulled down past his skinny knees. Third, one hand is holding his sac and the other is gripping his cock. Once all that has sunk in, I'm treated to the feminine moans drifting from the TV at low volume; the screen not visible from my vantage point. I'm too intoxicated to be surprised, shocked, or embarrassed by any of it. My addled brain doesn't even register that I'm still just standing here, gawping at my 18 year old brother's impressive erection while he jumps up and clumsily snatches up his shorts. When he's tucked away, I look at his flaming red face and I'm at a loss for words. My gaze falls to his crotch and lingers there as I reluctantly turn away to head up the stairs to that shower I had wanted so badly.
The heat of the water is steaming up the air around me as I slip out of my red mini dress and toss it on the counter beside the sink. Opening the glass door to the shower, I step under the warm, relaxing spray. Tendrils of my thick brown hair stick to my face, neck and chest as I caress my belly and gradually make my way upwards. Cupping each breast, I gently squeeze and massage then lightly rub each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. The dull pounding in my head is beginning to fade and my head falls back on my shoulders as I increase the pressure on the swollen tips of my breasts. A whimper escapes my parted lips and, while lost in my pleasure, I'm unaware of the bathroom door slowly opening.
I'm really not a pervert, I swear! What the hell has happened tonight? My head is spinning! It's Friday night, technically very early Saturday morning, and our parents are away for the weekend. They'll be home Sunday evening. My big sister, Gwen, is living here until the next college semester starts in a week.
It all started when I was in the garage a few hours ago. I was looking for a box of my model paints and I found my dad's porn stash instead. A DVD was there with a few magazines. I looked through the pages of the mags and got rock hard instantly. Honestly, I'd never seen a fully naked girl before, let alone pages of them in all kinds of sexy poses and even while having sex.
There was a girl on two of the pages in one magazine that looked so similar to my sister that I had to do a double-take. Her hair was nearly the same shade of brown and almost the same length. Her eyes were dark brown, like my sister's eyes. Same fair complexion, too. In the first photo she was wearing nothing but a sheer white camisole that I could see her nipples through. She was lying on her back, both arms on the floor above her head, one leg bent at the knee with the foot on the floor and the other leg also bent at the knee but the leg was turned out to the side and resting on the floor, putting her beautiful little pussy on full display. Some of the other girls in the magazines had hair on their pussies, but this one didn't have any. She was completely bare. Her lips were thick and plump. They were parted enough that I could see her swollen clit and the small slit of her vagina. All of that lovely pink skin was glistening.
The next full-page photo on the opposite page had my sister's doppelganger lying on her right side with a muscular man almost twice her size lying on his side behind her. He was holding her left leg up high behind the knee with one hand and his thick, veiny cock was halfway inside her. That little slit I saw in the previous photo was now stretched tight around his dick which was coated with her juices. His other arm was wrapped around her from underneath and he used that hand to grip her left tit and lick her nipple. I was fascinated by the expression on her face. Her eyes were closed tightly, her nose was scrunched up a little bit and her mouth was opened wide. She sort of looked like she was in pain, but also sort of looked like she was enjoying it. I was so hard and aching from looking at her photos. I really didn't want to be a pervert, but I couldn't help but wonder if my sister's pussy looks the same. I also wondered if my sister's face looks like that when her slit gets stretched wide by a big cock. I noticed, even though the pages looked clean, they had still stuck a little bit to each other in some places. My dad must have ejaculated on these pictures. Does my dad also think this girl looks like Gwen? Maybe that's why, out of all the pages of these magazines, these two pages are the only sticky ones? Was he fantasizing about watching his daughter getting fucked by a guy? Or, was dad's fantasy that he was the man and it was his cock pumping in and out of his daughter's soaked pussy?
As much as I loved looking at the magazines, I was very curious about the DVD. It was in a slim plastic jewel case without a cover photo. No words were printed on the disc, either. Before looking at my dad's porn magazines I'd never known what sex looked like. The photos were incredible but I wanted to see it actually happening, not just still shots.
My mom is very strict with me. She thinks she made mistakes with Gwen and she's overcompensating with me. I had my 18th birthday last month and I'm a high school senior. Mom has never allowed me to watch any R-rated movies or anything else she thinks is inappropriate. I'm not allowed a computer in my room, it's downstairs in the living room, and both it and my phone have parental controls. I've never had a girlfriend, never even kissed a girl and I sure as hell have never had sex! I mean, I'm not a total dweeb, I've seen boobs a couple times and I've been masturbating for several years now. I'm just pretty clueless about everything else. Well, Mom isn't here this weekend and I'm 18 now. I want to see what sex really looks like, dammit!
So I took the DVD to the living room, along with a bottle of lotion from the kitchen counter. Gwen was out with some friends. She's 21 and they're always gone till the early hours of the morning when they go out to bars or clubs. So, I knew I'd have the place to myself for a while. The DVD turned out to be random porn videos, like the disc had been burned. That would explain the plain case and no title. Did my dad burn it, or did he get the disc from someone else? The videos were hot, though. The one I was in the middle of when everything went sideways was about a girl and two guys. I had pulled my shorts down a few videos ago and was lightly touching myself because I didn't want to ejaculate too fast. During this video, though, I couldn't hold back any longer and started to massage my balls with one hand while pumping my cock with the other.
One guy was leaning back on the bed with one hand on the mattress behind him, his other arm was holding the girl in place on his lap and his feet were on the floor with his legs spread wide. The girl was sitting facing away from him and his big cock was buried in her drenched pussy. She was leaning back against his torso and had her legs spread apart in the air, her hands behind her knees to keep her legs up. On the floor between the guy's legs was the other guy, crouching down and eating her out.
The camera zoomed in close as his wet tongue slid up and down her little swollen clit. Sometimes his tongue would go down to the other man's dick and lick the inch or so of its base that wasn't inside her and also lick along the edge of her skin that was pulled taut around the cock. She was also gently rocking her hips on the guy's dick and making deep, sexy moaning sounds. Turns out, I'm especially aroused by the sight of a wet pussy being stretched by a big, hard cock. Just then, a very taboo, and very hot, thought wandered into my mind…how would my sister's juicy slit feel stretched around my hard dick?
I was just about to orgasm at that thought when my sloshed sister chose that precise moment to crash through the door. Oh, God, no, no, no! My hands froze. I couldn't even reach for the remote control to turn off the TV. Thankfully, I at least had the volume down almost all the way. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open, my eyes bugging out of my head, my heart pounding through my chest and desperately wishing I could disappear. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a second or two, I was finally able to move again and stood up so fast I nearly fell over. Somehow I managed to grab the waistband of my shorts and yank them up. As soon as my clothes were back in place my sister's expression changed. Thinking back, I realized that while I'd been sitting with my dick in my hand, Gwen had been staring at my crotch and as soon as I got it put away she looked…disappointed? She even seemed like she didn't want to leave the room. What was that about?
After the mood had been thoroughly destroyed and she left the room, I fumbled with the DVD. Trying to get it out of the player was a challenge because all the adrenaline rushing through my system had my hands shaking. Finally, I got the DVD out and put it back in the garage where I'd found it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to watch more of it another time. Like, after my sister goes back to college.
I went upstairs to go to my room when I heard the shower come on. I thought about how my big sister has seen my dick now. She's seen it while it was hard and I was jacking it off. She seemed to like what she saw, too. The image of Gwen's look-alike from the magazine came back into my mind and I wondered again if that's what my sister looks like.
I'm standing outside the bathroom door now, debating what to do. I know what I want to do, but it would be wrong. It's taboo. My mom would go bat shit crazy. Maybe I could just peek in real quick? If I'm careful she won't even hear the bathroom door open because of how loud the water rushing out of the shower head is. If she does hear me, I could just play stupid and say I didn't know she was in there and go out. Some things you just have to do without thinking or you psych yourself out. So I take a deep breath and grip the knob. I twist it very slowly and when I've turned it as far as it will go, I gently push forward, barely cracking the door open. The warm steam of the shower rushes through the 1-inch gap I made between the door and the jamb and, as I peer into the small bathroom, what I see makes me instantly hard again.
My sister is standing there with her head tilted back and the water spraying onto her chest. Her hands are kneading and rubbing the softness of her full breasts. Her breathing is getting heavier and then she starts moaning. My hand goes to the large bulge at the front of my shorts and I take the head of my cock in my fingers, through the fabric, and stroke the tip with my thumb.
Now one of her hands is sliding down her slim belly all the way to her smooth, hairless mound. Her head turns to the side, facing away from me, as she caresses her fingers gently back and forth over her plump lips. Lifting a leg up, she places her foot on the edge of the corner seat beside her and trails her fingers over the pale skin of her inner thigh towards her knee then slowly back to her pussy. Her sensuous lips naturally spread apart when she put her leg up, revealing the most intimate part of my sister's body to my hungry eyes.
Quickly tugging my shorts down so I can take myself fully in hand, I wrap my fingers around my thick cock and stroke from base to tip in long, slow motions. I watch as she uses two fingers to play with that sweet little clit. She circles around it, rubs directly on it, and squeezes it between her thumb and forefinger. I imagine my tongue licking her, tasting her arousal. I want to put my lips to her clit and suckle gently then push my tongue into her warm slit and lick her inside. I want to suck those soft, smooth lips between my own and kiss them passionately, nibble them and slide my tongue slowly over, and between, them.
Her fingers are working down towards the tiny lips of her core. The tip of her middle finger slips between them and she gradually works both fingers into herself. "Oh, David." She moans the words deeply. My jaw drops in surprise at the mention of my name as my sister fingers her pussy in front of me. I grip my cock tighter and pump faster. Now I'm imagining that her fingers are my own. I fantasize how it would feel to slowly push my long fingers inside my sister's tight hole as she moans my name. How it would feel to press my fingers against the soft, warm walls of her core, massaging the most delicate skin of my sister's body. How it would feel to make my sister's pussy soak my hand because I gave her an orgasm?
"Fuck, David! Oh, God!" She's practically yelling now! Her eyes are squeezed shut and her head is thrown back again. The hand on her breast slides down to her pussy to stroke her clit while she continues to fingerfuck herself with the other hand. My groin is tingling and my balls are tightening up. I'm on the verge of coming. Her abs are twitching and her breaths are coming hard and fast. Her lush tits are shaking with the twitches of her muscles. My eyes close and I focus my strokes on the underside of the head, imagining I'm squirting my load all over my sister's sweet little pussy after I've eaten her out and fingered her till she came. I try not to groan out loud as I come, but since my mind goes blank I don't actually know how much noise I make. As my brain eventually comes back online I see spurts of my semen on my hand, the floor and the wall beside the door. Suddenly, a long, throaty moan fills the bathroom and I watch as my sister comes. Her legs shake, her sleek ab muscles tighten up and her hands become still. A smile spreads across her face as she lifts her head. Right then I silently pull the door closed, pull my shorts up, and take off my shirt to clean my jizz off my hand and the wall and floor. Then I rush off to my bedroom and the shock of what I've just seen and done comes over me. Holy shit, I am a pervert.
But, I really should have paid more attention to the door…
I can't believe I just masturbated to a fantasy of riding my little brother's dick while he sat on the couch! Even more surprising is the fact that it was the most intense orgasm I've ever had. As I wash my hair and body my thoughts keep wandering back to the scene in the living room. I never would have guessed that my nerdy, skinny little brother would have such an amazing cock. It looked about 8 inches with a fat shaft and a thick bulbous head. When he'd stood up and reached down for his shorts I saw, as his hard dick bobbed around between his narrow hips, that it curved just slightly upwards. Maybe it's just the alcohol, but damn! I want my brother's cock.
After stepping from the shower, I wrap a soft, fluffy towel around myself and blow dry my hair. As I work through my hair, the towel wrapped around me loosens and falls to the floor. The air has pretty much dried my skin by now so I leave it be and continue with the blow dryer as I stand naked in front of the mirror. I'm distracted by the gentle jiggle of my tits as my arms move around my head. I've always liked my body. It's not perfect, but I'm perfectly happy with what I have. I'm 5'4" with slim arms and legs but I've always been just a little fleshier in the hips and ass. I do like those curves! My skin is fair and I love the contrast with my dark brown eyes, lashes and brows. My natural hair color is brown but I've had blond highlights added to it and its length is to the middle of my back. I wax off my pubic hair because I prefer how my pussy looks and feels completely bare. My lips down there are plump and very sensitive. My tits are my favorite part, though. Not too big and not too small, I wear a 32C bra and my upturned nipples are slightly puffy. Honestly, I think my breasts are my best physical feature.
Now that my hair is dry I reach for my body oil. The light floral scent gently perfumes my skin as I spread it on my arms then onto my chest. I pour a little more oil into my hand and slowly rub them together. Cupping the underside of each breast, I tenderly squeeze them and slowly glide my hands upward, taking more of my breasts into my hands until my thumbs and fingers slide from the sides of each tit to grasp my nipples, gingerly tugging them as I complete the motion and do it again. Several times I repeat this slow milking massage motion, enjoying the bright coloring coming into the pale skin of my breasts and the sensation of my sensitive nipples getting lightly pinched and pulled.
Suddenly, I imagine my hands are my younger brother's hands instead and he's doing this to me, as I'm lying in bed, his legs straddling me. He scoots up, bringing that gorgeous cock into view. He presses my slick tits together and pushes the head between them. Slowly he thrusts his full length forward until his head comes out near my chin. I lean forward and place a long, soft kiss on the tip of my little brother's cock. He pulls back and thrusts again and again, each time harder and faster. He tells me to hold my tits and he grabs fistfuls of my hair and pulls my head up. I open my mouth and rest the tip of my tongue on my bottom lip to take him in every time he pushes the head of his cock through. He's grunting and panting above me, gripping my hair tightly on either side of my head as he fucks my tits vigorously. When his orgasm hits, ropes of my little brother's hot cum squirts all over my face and I swallow what shoots into my mouth.
I come back to reality then and feel wetness between my legs. I need to stop having these hot fantasies about David. I shake my head at myself and use a wash cloth to clean that up before continuing to apply the oil to the rest of my body without incident. After brushing my teeth, I toss the towels into the hamper and grab my robe from the back of the door. That's when I notice the door isn't closed. That's weird, I'm certain I shut it completely when I came in. I quickly slip my arms into the purple satin garment, wrap the front closed and tie it in place all while staring at the door trying to figure out what happened. I decide that it's late, I've been drinking and it's entirely possible that I carelessly closed the door without noticing that I didn't push it enough for it to latch. Whatever, it's been an odd night. I tuck my red dress under my arm and pull the door open to leave. Just as I'm reaching for the light switch I see something on the back of the door. Globs of something white are on it, like somebody flung lotion across the door. Whatever it is, it hasn't dried completely so it must have happened fairly recently. I didn't notice it when I came in. What the heck? My finger swipes some up for a closer look and that's when I realize it's cum.
To be continued…

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