Sibling Love Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooSibling Love Pt. 02

The days passed and Kaley and I hadn't brought up the subject of our date night. We spent little time together as life seemed focused on keeping us apart. Kaley often got pulled away by our mother to help with last minute Christmas shopping and I was left at home with nothing but my thoughts. I began to wonder if I had done something wrong, maybe we had pushed things too far? Was she being pulled away or was she purposely finding ways to be away from me?
After a few days of mentally running around in my head I decided enough was enough. I had to try and figure out what was going on, no matter what. I soon found however that I was unable to come out and ask my sister directly, so I did it in the most roundabout way that I could think of: I went out on a date with Jessica.
My girlfriend, who was steadily losing more and more appeal for me as the days went on, finally had time off from work and I decided to use it as an opening.
Not long before she showed up I found Kaley relaxing on the couch reading a book.
"Hey, Jessica is coming by and we are going to go out to the movies." I told her.
Kaley set the book to the side and smiled at me. "I'm glad to hear it. You two have fun!"
She said it far more cheerfully than I had expected. I was expecting annoyance, anger, maybe even jealousy, but instead I got the same answer that I would have gotten a few months ago.
Was I going crazy? Had I somehow imagined all of that?
Before I was able to continue the thought Jessica showed up and I was quickly whisked out the door and onto our date. The whole thing was odd and I found myself unable to enjoy anything. The highlight of the night came when Jessica decided she was bored of the movie and ran her hand up my thigh and started making out with me.
I closed my eyes and found I could only imagine Kaley again. As our tongues danced I imagined what Kaley would taste like and found myself growing rock hard as a result.
"Well someone is a little excited." Jessica whispered in my ear with a laugh.
I was brought crashing back to reality. The rest of the night continued without anymore snags and I was able to fend off any of Jessica's attempts at sex. At this point it would all just feel hollow to me. I had tasted something amazing and everything else that would come after for a long time would just be bland.
I returned home and found that everyone had turned in early for the night. It made sense considering we would be heading over to spend early Christmas with my mother's side of the family in the morning, but it still left me feeling a little alone. I crawled into bed and fell into a restless sleep.
. . .
I woke in the morning and was greeted with a stunning sight.
After getting dressed and heading downstairs, I found my sister dressed up in a stunning red dress with her sleek black hair curled beautifully around her. Her make-up was done perfectly and accentuated her deep blue eyes to the point were they almost sparkled.
"Morning Kade'." She said with a smile. She looked so beautiful I was unable to form words.
She laughed again and it sent my stomach into a flutter. "You okay there?"
I nodded my head dumbly. "Yeah, I'm fine I guess." I replied.
Our parents finally came into the room and bailed me out of the strange situation I had found myself in.
The rest of the evening I found myself stealing glances at Kaley as I dodged around our family. It was almost a miracle when the night finally ended. Once we returned home I quickly made my way upstairs and closed the door behind me. There was no way that I would be able to spend the rest of the night around my sister like that without making a mistake.
I could hear my parents laughing downstairs. They had both had a bit to drink and would probably go to bed early again tonight as well. Hopefully that meant that Kaley would as well and I would be able to roam about the house as I chose. The house had been quiet for a while and I was about to venture out when a soft knock sounded at my door.
"Kade', can I come in?" It was Kaley.
I took a deep breath and stood up to open the door and found her still in her makeup and dressed like a goddess. I stepped back as she entered the room and she sat on the end of my bed.
"How have you been? Did you enjoy your date last night?" She asked. Her legs were crossed and I could see a fair amount of her thigh.
This was torture and I couldn't do it anymore.
"No, I didn't." I said a little more sharply than I had intended. "I thought that there was kind of something between us and you didn't seem to care about me going out with another woman at all. What is going on with us?"
Kaley sighed and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry for upsetting you Kade' and I know I've been distant lately, but I've had some thing that I needed to think of."
"Like us." She said. "We were just supposed to be a fun little fling, something that we could both enjoy and move on from."
My stomach dropped. So that was it the, all of this was just a one time fling.
"But it isn't something I want to move on from." Kaley finished.
I looked up at her and met her eyes.
"Kade' I have to know what I am really feeling here before we go any further with this. I know that I love you, but I think that I might also be in love with you."
"So all of this distance…?"
"It's been my way of dealing with my thoughts. I've forced myself to stay away from you and I've found out that I hate it. I can't stand this."
"And my date with Jessica?"
"I hated every second of it. All I could think about was that maybe you would rekindle with her and forget about me."
"I would never forget about you." I replied closing the distance between us. "You've been all I've been able to think about the last few days."
She leaned in and we kissed deeply. I pulled her off the edge of the bed and held her close to me as we embraced. The taste of her lips and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. She finally pulled away from my embrace and smiled sheepishly.
"I also had another motive for wanting you out of the house though." Kaley replied.
"What would that be?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.
"I wanted to take a look at your porn collection." She replied with a smirk.
I turned my gaze over to where my laptop was sitting on my desk, still closed.
"How did you…?"
"Sweetie, you've had the same password since middle school. It wasn't that hard."
I blushed a little and laughed. "So why?"
"I wanted to know what you like, what kind of things get you going." Kaley replied pulling me closer to her again. "I was also very pleased to see the sudden appearance of incest porn. Good to know I've made an impression."
"More than you will ever know." I replied.
"So other than to explain things, I came in here to give you your Christmas present."
She pushed me back onto the bed and spread my legs out and quickly undid my pants and pulled out my dick that was slowly getting harder as the seconds passed and twitched as her hands touched it. Er mouth quickly slid over it and she went to work like she had been starving for my dick as much as I had been starving for her.
I had to stifle as moan as she worked her tongue over the head of my dick and ran it up and down my shaft. Her intensity was driving me crazy and I felt myself getting dangerously close to cumming. She felt it too and pulled away from my dick, much to my disappointment.
"No, not like that." She purred as she pulled back from me and rested on her supple ass on my floor. "I looked at your porn remember. I want you to cum on my pretty face."
My heart jumped into my throat. "Are you sure?" I asked.
"That's why I made myself so pretty today, I wanted you to have something nice." She smiled and ran her tongue over her bottom lip and I was up and off the bed in a flash.
I started working my dick with my hands and getting ready to have one of my biggest fantasies fulfilled. Jessica had always been against it since she said it made her feel demeaned, but here my sister was going out of her way to give it to me.
Her blue eyes looked up at me as I worked and seemed to be hungry to see me cum.
"Please Kade', give it to me. I want all of your hot cum all over my face." She bit her lower lip and all the control I had went out the window as my load exploded over her face.
Kaley moaned and laughed as the cum ran down her face and she greedily licked the cum that dripped down to her mouth before leaning in and cleaning off the remaining cum off of my dick. She finally pulled back from me.
"Merry Christmas Kaden. How do I look?"
"You're gorgeous." I moaned as I collapsed on the bed.
She grabbed one of my discarded shirts and wiped off the rest of the cum from her face before coming over and kissing me on the lips.
"Give me a little time to think about things, this is a big step for us and I need to know how we are going to proceed before we can commit to being together for real. Please be patient with me."
"I'll wait as long as you need." I said before kissing her again.
It wouldn't be long before Kaley finally made up her mind.

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