Sibling revelry 1

It all started out innocently enough. Nidhi and I went out for a night on the town just like we had for the last couple of years or so. Nidhi and I are really good friends from college. Hell, we shared half of our senior classes together. And although I always wanted to get a piece of her, we had never taken it past a night or two of petting and the decision that we would rather be friends than lovers. So when we got back to her place a bit sloshed it really wasn’t anything new.

Now let me say this about Nidhi. She is a lovely young woman who measures 34B-22-34. At 5′ 5″ tall and a whopping 115 lbs, she is a gorgeous petite package of dynamite. She has reddish-brown hair she keeps on the longish side and an all over tan that I have seen most of on several occasions.

As I said, upon returning to her place she was feeling quite frisky and let me know this as soon as we arrived. As she unlocked and opened her front door she turned to me and said, “I have a feeling that if you come inside you might get lucky tonight.” Not being stupid even though I was tipsy, I grabbed her in the doorway and pulled her close for a fierce embrace and some very urgent kissing. My hands roamed all over her back and came to rest firmly gripping the globes of her ass. As soon as our lips met our bodies were on fire and I could feel the hard buds of her nipples straining to be released even as my hard cock was attempting to rip through my pants. Pressed together in the doorway like we were she couldn’t help but notice my huge erection. Nidhi said as she began to rub my crotch through my jeans, “Wow, maybe I’m the one that’s gonna get lucky!” She took my hand and led me into the apartment and over to the couch where she pushed me down and began to do a sexy strip teases much to my appreciation.

As she stripped off her clothing and revealed her beautiful body I grabbed her and pulled her down on top of me. We began kissing all over again and I began to do some serious exploration of her body. My hands rubbed her back and along her sides reveling in the electric feel of her bare skin, traveling down her back to the firm cheeks of her ass. She was grinding her hips against my erection when she broke our kiss and said, “How do you expect me to suck your cock with your pants on?”

Well, who needs more of an invitation than that? I jumped up and started to rip my clothes off when she stopped me and said, “Don’t rush, we have all night.” So slowing down I began to unbutton my shirt and pull it off and she began to rub her breasts and pinch her nipples. As I began to unbutton my pants she began to caress her way down her smooth firm belly toward her neatly manicured bush with her right hand while continuing to play with her breast and nipples with her left. As I was preparing to remove my underwear she sat up and placed her hands on my hips stopping me. Looking up at me she leaned forward and began to kiss and lick at the bulge attempting to burst from my underwear. I was beginning to think I was never going to make it past this point without blasting in my shorts when she slowly began to pull my underwear off of me. As she pulled my underwear down, my cock sprang free and bumped against her throat sending thrills of delight all through my body and especially my cock. She looked at my cock, licked it once, planted a kiss on the tip, than leaned back on the couch and as I watched licked the spot of pre-cum off of her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned aloud and at that moment I made my move.

I threw myself on top of her and began kissing her again. My hands searched out and cupped her pert tits and I pinched her nipples, she began to moan. I replaced my hands and fingers with my lips, tongue, and teeth, she moaned louder and began to wiggle about. I kissed my way down her smooth belly stopping only to plant a few kisses and a few licks in and around her navel; she had not stopped her wiggling and was getting louder with the moaning. I moved on down the couch even as my mouth moved down her body. I stopped and tugged gently at her pubic hair, which sent a whole new thrill through her body. I planted a gentle kiss on her furry mound and said out loud, “I’ll be right back.” She smiled down at me and I place my hands on her knees and tenderly parted those golden tanned thighs and got my first real up close look at the center of her womanhood. Her pussy was beautiful. The outer lips were slightly darker than the rest of her body and the inner lips were swollen with arousal and as I watched a single drop of her musky dew escaped and ran down toward the crack of her luscious ass. I planted a loving kiss on the inside of her knee and began my slow accent toward heaven. Kissing along her thighs, changing from one thigh to the other, the build up was excruciating for me and for her. As I reached the entrance to her glistening box I breathed a warm stream of air on her and she almost lost it right there. I planted a soft kiss at the top of her sex right on top of the magic button and that was all it took. She came on the spot. She grabbed my head and thrust her hips upward against my face and let out a long loud moan. Not being one to waste an opportunity I latched onto her pussy and began to suck and lick for all I was worth. I started at the top and licked my way down to her hole, dipping my tongue in as far as I could and retrieved some of her juice, which I eagerly accepted and went looking for more. I licked up and down her box and when I got to the top again I searched out that little love nub we all know likes to hide there and wrapped my lips around it and began to suck as hard as I could. She was off again and coming. She thrashed and wiggled and began to yell, “OH YEAH! DON’T STOP! I’M COMING AGAIN!!” I reached around her thighs and attempted to hold on for dear life never releasing my grip on that little man and never stopping my oral assault on her lovely box.

Still holding my head she raised me up to a sitting position and drew me in for a kiss. As our lips met it was like fire, and I knew she could taste and smell her juices on my lips. We played a little tonsil hockey and she pulled back from me long enough to say, “I can taste myself all over your lips!” We came together again and continued our kissing for another minute or two then she pushed me backwards on the couch and crawled up between my legs. Nidhi placed her hands on my thighs and ran her hands down toward my manhood with a slow gentle motion that was definitely driving me crazy. When she reached my cock she tenderly took my tool in hand and began to stroke it up and down with a slow easy motion intended to keep me aroused without sending me over the brink. She leaned in and planted a loving kiss on the underside of my prick, and followed that up with several more kisses that traveled down to the base of my tool and when she got there, she extended her tongue and ran it all the way to the top and back down again. This sent a shiver up my spine and started a song in my heart. When she reached the base again she didn’t stop there and slid her tongue across my balls and then to my great surprise and delight, she took one of my balls into her mouth and began to suck and lick it in the fiery confines of her luscious mouth. I was in guy heaven. In case none of you fellows have had the pleasure of having a beautiful woman suck on your testicles, let me tell you it is the second best feeling next to the actual completion of a good sloppy blowjob. With some very creative tongue action in between she swapped from one testicle to the other and back again several times. I knew that I could not last long at this rate but could not bare the thought of asking her to stop. I mean this was one of my fantasies for oh so long and here it was happening live and in the flesh (or should I say to the flesh.) She must have sensed it to because she desisted from her former actions and planted one last big sloppy kiss on the end of my pecker, withdrew her mouth from my tool, and sat up right on the couch leaving nothing but her hand on my rod. As she looked at me she said, “I want to feel you cum inside my hot pussy, and you can try my mouth out more lately. But for now lets cool things down a bit and take our time.”

I was becoming perturbed. Here she had just had an orgasm to remember and she was leaving me standing tall and unfulfilled. I wanted to push the issue but decided I had waited this long and I could wait another half hour. With her free hand Nidhi picked up the remote to her stereo and kicked on her cd player and played some relaxing and very sexy R&B. This was made more amazing by the fact that she never released my cock or stopped her slow manipulation of my joint. She put the remote back on the table and released my tool long enough to stand up. Nidhi turned to me, held out her hand, and asked me in her sexiest voice, “Dance with me?” I looked down at my joint and said I would try. She offered me her hand and as I took it I could still feel the electric buzz of her touch no matter where it fell on my body. I stood and we moved to the center of her living room and hugged up close together. She skillfully maneuvered my rod until it rested at a downward angle against her nether crease and held it there with her movements and her thighs. She used her hands to caress my buttocks and back, placing a few long fingernail scratches along my spine and sides. I had to fight to keep my hands and feet steady as I felt the supple firmness of her backside and the feminine musculature all along her back. It was like having some one else jerk you off. The motion of our dancing, the heat of her body, the touch of her skin, her smell, the simple closeness of her being, the sheer intimacy of the moment was very overwhelming and I almost succumbed to all of the feelings and let fly with my own orgasm. But once again she seemed to sense this and broke off our dancing and took my hand and led the way to her bedroom.

When we reached the bedroom, Nidhi set the lights to an intimate level and started to crawl onto the bed. I stepped up behind her and with one motion; I stopped her and firmly planted my cock against the soft crease of her ass, my right hand on her breast, and my left hand on her left shoulder. Once I had a grip on her in this manner I bent slowly and placed my lips on the gentle slope of her neck between her shoulder and her ear and began to kiss, lick and nibble gently at her neck and shoulder. She arched her back and began to slowly grind her ass against my member. With my right hand I cupped her breast and gently began to squeeze and tug at her nipple while my left hand slid slowly up her shoulder and onto her neck. I kissed my way upward toward her ear and when I got there I placed a gentle lick and an even gentler nibble on the lobe of her ear. I could feel the goose bumps run up and down her body as she responded to my ministrations and a whispered moan escaped from those full pouty lips. I kissed my way around to the back of her neck and continued on to the other ear while my right hand began to trace a slow sensual path to her sex and my left hand slid down her shoulder, under her arm, and forward toward the here to fore neglected left breast. Once I had reached the left breast I cupped it gently and used my thumb to rub her pert erect nipple, all the while continuing to plant kisses and nibbles on her left ear. As my right hand reached her soft mound I inserted my middle finger in the top of her crease and slid it slowly down until I was right on top of her much aroused clit. Nidhi began to do this slow back and forth motion first pressing her ass backwards against my cock, than forward against my probing hand, all the while her moans were becoming louder and her thrusts becoming more urgent. This girl was hotter than a firecracker and I only knew of one way to put her fires out.

I slowly withdrew my right hand from her sizzling hot clit and traced a path of her juices up to her right hip where I acquired a firm grasp. I also removed my left hand from her breast and slipped it around to her back and up onto her shoulder. When my hands were in place I gently pushed forward with my left hand and pulled backwards with my right hand. As she bent forward at the waist until her hands came to rest on the bed I let my left hand slide down her back until it found a resting place opposite my right hand and allowed my prick to rub directly against her dripping wet pussy, and although every fiber of my being wanted to thrust into her with all the strength and speed I could muster, I resisted the urge. Oh what heaven I was in to see this beautiful lady bent over and I with a firm grasp on her hips and grinding away with my cock on her slick outer lips. I leaned forward and placed a delicate kiss on her back about midway between her ass and shoulders. She was shivering slightly and I was sure she was feeling the same way I was. I got on my knees behind her and ever so gentle I spread the cheeks of her luscious ass, which allowed me a full view of her glistening wet hole and the puckered ring of her asshole. I leaned forward and placed a tentative lick up the length of her swollen gash. Her body went stiff and a long moan escaped from her slightly parted lips. I used my thumbs to part her lips and inserted my tongue once again in the blistering hot interior of her pussy where I found, to my delight, much more of her succulent juices. I tongued her pussy hole for a bit and as her excitement grew I withdrew my tongue and began to lick up and down, sucking her lips in and licking all along the length of her cunt. I licked my way down to her throbbing clit and sucked it into my mouth and began to lash it with my tongue further building her into fuck frenzy. She began to really thrash about and I knew she was about to come again, so I continued my lashing and was soon rewarded with another violent orgasm that almost caused her to collapse. I licked up to her hole again and inserted my tongue so that I could feel her vaginal muscles grip and release my tongue. As her tremors subsided I licked and kissed my way up and planted a kiss on her right ass cheek.

I helped her to lie down on the bed and then lay down besides her facing each other. I could see the lust smoldering behind her eyes and knew that neither she nor I would forget this evening. She reached a hand out and began to stroke my cheek and chin. We then came together for another kiss. As our lips met they parted and she inserted her tongue in my mouth. I responded in kind and I knew that I wanted this to last for a long long time. Our hands began to roam and while mine found her breasts once again, hers found my still very much erect tool. I pinched her nipples and she began to stroke and rubs my cock. Nidhi then brought her hand up, placed it on my shoulder, and pushed me onto my back and began to climb on top of me. She straddled my manhood and I thought for sure she’d had enough foreplay and was ready for some good old-fashioned fucking. But she took my cock and began to rub it up and down against her pussy, using my dick as if it were a dildo. I felt my rod hit the entrance of her sex several times but never quite go in before she would move it along. This was maddening to say the least! Tiring of this game I rolled Patty onto her back and firmly planted myself between her legs. She began giggling and asked, “What’s the matter big boy?” I smiled down at her and said, “Nothing at all.” I grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her box and with a swift hard motion, plunged the entire length of my tool up into her. Both of us sucked in our breath and held it for a moment relishing in the new feelings of her with my dick stuffed firmly in her, and me the silky heat of her pussy gripping my hard prick. This is where I wanted to stay forever, in her arms. The feeling of her hot, responsive body, the look of pure lust in her eyes, I knew that this was a place I could become lost in and be happy to never return. When we both could breathe again, we smiled and I began to thrust my cock in and out of her at a leisurely pace. I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck and bite on it, and she began to pant and moan. “Oh yes!! Bite them!! Ahhhh!!”

Nidhi had her hands on my back and began to rub and scratch my back working her way down to my butt. With long strokes of her nails she drew shivers and goose bumps all along my back and arms. Once she reached my ass she grabbed it firmly and squeezed as she drew me ever closer to my impending orgasm. I continued to lick and suckle at her breasts as we settled into an easy almost familiar motion. My mind began to cloud with the sheer lust I was feeling for this beautiful woman. Soon I became aware that her breathing had become as labored and desperate as my own and I knew that it would not be long before we achieved that ultimate conclusion to an encounter such as this. With her breath coming in gasps, Nidhi’s hands ran up my back and grabbed the sides of my head and she raised my face to meet hers. She drew me toward her and as our lips were about to touch she panted breathlessly, “I want to feel you come inside me!!”

We kissed and with a final plunge we both fell over the brink into orgasmic bliss. We broke our kiss and a high-pitched cry escaped her quivering lips. Her hands raced for my ass again and with a strong and frantic grip she pulled me even further into her center. My prick swelled within her even as the muscles in her pussy seized me and began to contract around me adding ever more fuel to the fires within. Then, as if a dam had broken, my cock erupted inside the vice-like grip of her smooth silken womanhood. The feeling of my semen exploding within her caused her to arch her back and cling desperately to me as her own orgasm tore through her body. With wild abandon she began to thrash about. I could see as well as feel the contractions passing through her abdomen. We remained locked together for what seemed to be an eternity, but never seems to last quite long enough. And as our respective orgasms subsided, her pussy continued to contract almost as if it was milking every last drop from my pulsing organ.

I collapsed on top of her, and at first I thought she might have passed out. When I raised myself from her I realized she was basking in the after glow of an intense and very erotic experience. I planted a kiss on her soft and still quivering lips, and she smiled up at me with those intense brown eyes I had come to love so very much. Still slightly out of breath Nidhi said to me, “Why in the world did we wait so long?” to which I replied, “I have no earthly idea.” I began to move off of her and as my now deflating prick began to slip from within her folds, a low moan escaped her lips and she breathed out, “Let’s not wait so long to do that again!” I jokingly said to her, “How about next week?” She grabbed the pillow out from under her head and began to pound me with it. We fell into a good-natured pillow fight and wrestling match that lasted for a few minutes and ended with her lying on top of me and us sharing again in some very tender kissing and fondling. We soon settled into a sleeping position with me on my back and her laying next to me, snuggled up close, with her head placed on my shoulder and in short order we both fell into an exhausted sleep.

I awoke about 2 hours later with her hand resting on my thigh, her head still on my shoulder, and an unable to be ignored any longer need to take a leak. Not feeling entirely comfortable roaming about her place naked, I began to look for my underwear. I couldn’t find them at first and then began to chuckle to myself when I remembered the events of earlier in the evening. I proceeded to the bathroom and relieved the calling of nature, then went into the living room to retrieve my underwear. After donning my briefs, I sat down on the sofa, turned off the stereo, lit a cigarette, and kicked back to enjoy the smoke. I picked up the remote and clicked on the TV to see what was on. Nidhi was a hard working girl and she couldn’t afford cable or satellite so flipping through the late night infomercials and old black and white movies was depressing and boring at least. So after settling on an old movie I sat back to finish my smoke and decide what to think about all that had happened. I still couldn’t believe this had all happened.