Sibling revelry 2

My mind began to wander and maybe I drifted a bit towards sleep, but either way I never heard the key in the lock or the front door open until I heard a sexy, slightly slurred female voice say, “What do we have here?” This shocked me out of my reverie and when I looked up I saw Nidhi’s sister Neha standing in the doorway looking me up and down with an appraising eye. I had met Neha a time or two and the three of us had gone out on a few occasions. She lived about two hours outside of town and her work as a sales rep for her company allowed her to travel around the maharashtra state all the time. She had a key and whenever she was in town she would crash at nidhi’s and pocket her hotel expense money. She was a statuesque example of the female species and standing at 5′ 10″ she towered over her older sister. She was larger in almost every dimension than Nidhi, and had even done some small time local modeling when she was a few years younger. In the mean time I had completely forgotten about my state of dress, or should I say undress. Just as I was about to say some casual hello remark, I realized the embarrassing situation I was in. I reached down and grabbed my shirt off the floor and tried to cover as much of myself as I could by draping it across my lap. And red-faced I looked to her and said, “Whoops!! Caught me in my skivvies.” She smiled at me and closed and locked the door, removed her jacket, and proceeded to join me on the couch.

After she had sat down, she asked me for a smoke and a light. I obliged her request and joined her in another cigarette. We sat back and began to talk about why and for how long she was in town, just small chitchat about what she’d been doing since the last time she was in town. She said she was here to push her company’s latest line of new products and also to try to sweet talk a new client she had been courting. Neha told me how she had gone to meet a client at a local restaurant and as soon as she saw him in his Armani suit, with his large company paid luxury car, and his immaculate haircut that as soon as they had ordered their food, she wanted to take this guy for a ride. She continued to tell me about her evening. After the better part of an hour and at some point during her telling, I began to let my mind and eyes wander about her face and frame. Sometime during her story she placed her hand on my knee; I didn’t notice at first but slowly became aware of her touch. My gaze fell on her hand and slowly I became more aware of her hand and less aware of her speaking and as I watched she began to gently caress and squeeze my knee and thigh. I was roused back to my senses when I realized she was no longer speaking and when I looked up to her face I noticed that she was looking intently down at me. And by down at me I mean down at my crotch, and there it was my treacherous penis, pitching a tent there in my shorts and it was quite obvious even through my shirt.

She closed her hand on the material of my shirt and tugged it slowly away from my lap and dropped it on the floor exposing my cloth-covered member for her eyes to devour. Whether from the drink, the desire, or from a combination of the two she reached her hand out and placed it on the bare skin of my thigh. Her skin was warm and smooth, her touch very gentle, and I was soon lost in the sensations. She stood then and began to remove her clothing slowly, almost casually showing ever more bare skin and sending erotic thrills all through my body. As I watched she pulled her blouse free from her skirt and starting at the top she undid buttons one at a time, pulling her blouse open slightly more as each button came undone. Reaching to her right hip she unfastened and unzipped her skirt, and wiggling her hips, she slithered out of it and let it drift to the floor. Stepping sideways out of her skirt she kicked it off to the side and grasped her blouse and drew it open revealing her shapely midriff to my appreciative eyes. Once she had her blouse off her tossed it atop her skirt and placed her hands on her belly. Caroline deliberately moved her hands upward towards her ample bosom and once there she rubbed across them a time or two then cupping them she began to message the nipples with her thumbs through her bra. She reached behind her back and with practiced ease undid the clasp of her bra, then covering her breast with her left arm she removed her bra and dangled it in front of me. Then tossing her bra toward the rest of her clothes she uncovered her breasts and dropped to her knees in front of me.

Placing her hands on my knees she ran her hands smoothly up my thighs and took a hold of the waistband of my underwear and slowly began to draw them off of me. Carefully she raised my underwear enough to allow my now raging hard-on to escape from its cotton cage, and when she laid her eyes on my dick I could feel it beginning to throb with a life of its own. I raised my ass off of the sofa to allow her to completely remove my underwear, which she did and then casually discarded them never taking her eyes off of my body. She rose up on her knees and scooted forward between my thighs, and leaning forward she planted a kiss on my chest and began to work her hot eager mouth toward my right nipple. I could feel the hard buds of her nipples pressing against my abdomen. Neha’s mouth found my nipple and with eagerly she licked and sucked my nipple and gently nibbled there as I bought my hands up and placed them on her shoulders and back. She released my nipple and with her mouth she crossed over to engulf the other while she brought her hand up to continue stimulating my now damp nipple with her fingers. After a minute or two of this she released my other nipple and kissed her way to the center of my chest. From there she began to kiss and lick her way down my chest and across my stomach. As she slid down I could feel my throbbing cock just touching her taut belly and dragging up between her firm breasts even as I could her feel nipples rubbing across the insides of my thighs. Continuing her way down she lifted up sufficiently to allow the head of my cock to brush along her throat as she slid her hands down my sides and brought them together to hold my prick in a firm grasp. She positioned herself to take Mr. CHODU BHAGAT into the boiling confines of her mouth, and then she looked up at me and said, “Well well, smells like somebody got lucky tonight.”

I was totally embarrassed at this development. Here I had this beautiful goddess kneeling between my legs ready to service my unit, and I still had the smell of her sister’s and my earlier activities on me. I smiled down at her sheepishly and told her about Nidhi’s and my performance. She listened raptly and deliberately persisted in stroking my tool with long slow strokes. As I completed my story she smiled up at me and pushed my cock up until it was pressed against my stomach, then she leaned forward and never taking her eyes off of mine she planted a kiss on the underside of my dick near the base. Her tongue flicked out and grazed my cock and she traced a line up the underside of my hard prick all the way to the head. As she reached the tip she raised her head, drew her tongue into her mouth, and closed her eyes as if to savor the sweet tang of mine and nidhi’s lovemaking. This was an erotic scene I was not expecting at all, I mean it started with Nidhi earlier, but now to have Neha on her knees licking my joint and tasting her own sister on me. A soft sigh escaped her lips and when she slowly opened her eyes I could tell by the way she looked at me that she was enjoying this as much as I.

With savage ferocity she engulfed my throbbing unit and plunged its length into her mouth stopping only when it hit the back of her throat. She started to suck my tool and slowly withdraw from it and when she got to the tip she held it there and flicked her hot pink licker around the head and tongued the opening in the end. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feelings this lady was sharing with me. My hands roamed forward and found her long Pure black tresses and I entwined my fingers within them and followed the rhythmic motions with my arms. The feeling of her taut lips dragging across my skin, the slight tickle of her hair as it fell across my thighs and her tongue on the head of my penis. It was bliss. She continued to suck me and pump up and down on my stiff cock drawing me closer to my climax. As I began trying to thrust upward into her mouth she placed a hand on my testicles and began to message and squeezes them ever so gently. This new sensation stopped my movements, but not hers and she maintained her steady rhythm and suction. No longer able to contain myself I started to moan softly, my breathing became labored, and I felt my balls tighten in preparation of their impending release.

Neha removed her mouth from my tool and panted breathlessly, “Please cum in my mouth!” She then swooped back down and surrounded me once more with her hot mouth, swallowing my cock all the way to the root. My breath hung in my throat and with a final upward lunge to meet her downward stroke my seed blasted forth to splash against her tongue and throat. Two, three, four more times my rod erupted filling her mouth with my semen as she swallowed it down. After about half a dozen spurts my dick settled down to a slow easy dribble that she continued to lap up with relish. She kept me in her mouth, licking and sucking, until I began to soften then she let me slip from her lips and she sat back on her heels and with a twinkle in her eyes she looked at me and simply said,” Yum.” How could I do anything else, I laughed out loud and helped her to her feet and she joined me once again on the couch.

We sat and talked about things for a while and I could see she was getting sleepy and not to interested in continuing our little game. Besides I was none to keen on being caught bonking Neha mere hours after mine and Nidhi’s first time together. I fetched her blanket from the hall closet and Neha stretched out on the couch, I covered her up and sat with her until she drifted off to sleep. Returning to Nidhi’s bedroom I sat on the foot of the bed and looked at her sleeping form. So peaceful. So relaxed. Oh how I wanted to make this night, this time together, last forever. I climbed back in bed and snuggled up next to Nidhi. Sleepily she pushed the firm swell of her buttocks back against me and I reached around and lightly placed my hand upon her breast and squeezed gently. As I settled in and drifted off, my mind continued to play back all the events of this evening. This was one evening I would never forget, and I certainly didn’t want to.

I awoke rather late the next morning and immediately noticed a very conspicuous absence. I sat up and listened and heard voices from somewhere else in the apartment. Quietly I got up and eased out of Nidhi’s bedroom and found the voices coming from the bathroom. I leaned in close to the door to hear what was going on and got the shock of my life. I listened as Nidhi told Neha about our little encounter early in the evening and then as Neha told Nidhi what happened when she had arrived later. This was unreal. Here they were comparing notes about everything and laughing about it. This went on for several minutes and then I heard Nidhi say, “He should be good and rested now. Maybe he can take care of us both.” Neha said, “Well if he can’t take care of you I can.” Patty laughed and said, “It’s been a long time since I tasted that sweet pussy of yours too. Come on. Let’s go show him how much fun sisters can be.”

I raced back to the bedroom before they came out, jumped in bed, and feigned being asleep still. I heard the bathroom door open and them coming down the hall. They walked into the room and pulled the blanket off of me. Climbing onto the bed like a pair of lionesses stalking their prey they both arrived at my manhood at about the same time and began to kiss and lick on opposite sides at the same time. This was enough to awaken any man. I opened my eyes and looked down at them and with a sparkle of mischief in their eyes they said simultaneously, “Surprise!!”