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"It's so nice to have my boys under one roof again!" Melanie said as she brought a plate of cookies to her twin boys back home from college.
"It's been so weird having you two gone, you're here for 18 years, then you go off to college and it's a whole month before you come back to visit. I missed you so much," she said as she brought both of them in her arms for a hug.
"Ugh, don't be too gross, Mom," Matt kidded with his mom.
"Yeah, it's just been a month," Jake said, smirking at her and reaching for a cookie.
"Well, I missed you a lot, that's all," she said, smiling at them. "So tell me how it's been, do you boys have friends? Girlfriends? Good teachers?"
"It's been great! I've been getting action all over the place," Matt said with a smirk.
"Pfft, yeah right. I get way more pussy than you," Jake said.
"C'mon now, boys. It's not a competition, as long as you're pleasing these women and enjoying yourselves then you don't need to one-up each other," Melanie said, wagging her finger at her sons.
"Oh don't worry, I'm pleasing them way more than Jake is," Matt said as he flicked a cookie crumb at his brother.
"Oh fuck off, you don't know shit. They prefer me to you any day," Jake replied.
"Boys, stop fighting! I'm sure you're both wonderful lovers," Melanie said to them.
"Oh yeah, Jake?" Matt said. He turned to Melanie. "Mom, do us a favor and settle this bet."
"Oh, well what do you mean?" Melanie said, confused at the request.
"Yeah, Mom," Jake followed. "Help us settle once and for all that my dick is superior in all ways."
"Oh fuck you," Matt said.
"Hey, language!" Melanie said. "I hate all this sibling rivalry, I thought you outgrew this. What do I have to do to get you two to get along?"
Matt pulled his shorts down, revealing his massive cock. "Here, Mom, just get on your knees and see who fucks your face better."
"Yeah!" Jake said, standing and pulling out his equally massive cock.
"Oh goodness, you two are quite large," Melanie said, blushing at the size of their cocks. She got on her knees between them. "You two can use me to settle this bet if you'd like, but then I want everyone to be nicer to each other for the rest of this visit!"
"Ugh, fine. We got it, Mom," Jake said, stroking his dick.
Matt turned her head to him and held on to the base of his cock. She opened her mouth and he shoved his cock into her mouth. Without skipping a beat, he started thrusting into her mouth, feeling her spit cover his shaft. She didn't move her head, just looked up at him and let him fuck the back of her throat while she drooled down her chin.
"Ok, my turn," Jake said as he pulled her arm. She turned to him and wiped the spit from her lips. Jake grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her face. They could hear her loudly sloshing her saliva every time his balls slapped her chin. Her mascara started to run down her face and Jake gave one final thrust, held her face against the base of his cock until she gagged, and then let her up for air.
"Oh my," she said, still drooling with her makeup running. "You boys sure are being aggressive, I hope the girls at school like it like this."
"Oh yeah, those sluts love gagging on our cocks," Matt said. "So who wins?"
"Well, I'm just glad you both are having a good time, I like that you were both so happy inside my mouth," Melanie said sweetly.
"Ugh, Mom come on! Stop being so…motherly," Jake said, stroking the strands of her spit onto his cock.
"I can't help it!" Melanie said, as she smeared the mascara off her cheeks.
"Ok fine, get up and tell us who fucks better," Matt said, pulling her up off the ground.
Matt bent her over the kitchen table and lifted up her dress.
"Oh my!" she said, shocked at how forward her sons were being. "College really has changed you boys!"
Matt slid his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her from behind, roughly thrusting into her with all of his strength.
"Oh…my…goodness!" she said in between thrusts. She could feel his fat cock stretching her walls and his heavy balls swinging and slapping her clit every time he pumped into her.
Jake pushed Matt aside and grabbed Melanie by the hips. "Fuck you, man! Get out of my way!"
He pulled her to him and shoved his cock in her open pussy. He stuck out his middle finger to Matt as he fucked Melanie's pussy like a jackrabbit.
"Boys, boys, boys! This is too much!" Melanie yelled, shaking her head and pulling herself off of Jake.
"What the hell, Mom!" the boys yelled back at her.
"Now listen to me," she said sternly, pulling her dress back over her ass. "You boys have to let off some steam, and I understand that. I'm your mother and I don't get to see you very often, so I'm happy to spend some quality time with you. But I will not tolerate any more fighting like that in this house! Do you understand?"
The boys looked down at their feet and nodded. "We're sorry, Mom," they both said.
Melanie smiled. "That's ok, I love you both so much."
"We love you too, Mom."
The three of them hugged each other tightly and Melanie noticed their cocks were still hard. "Oh goodness! I almost forgot you two were standing here naked as the day you were born," she laughed.
Melanie turned around, pulled her dress back up and bent over again. "Well alright, go ahead and finish up," she said, spreading her ass cheeks. "But be nice to each other this time!"
Jake and Matt's faces lit up. "Thanks, Mom!"
"I call first!"
"No I call first!"
"Boys!" Melanie yelled. "Let's not start this again. Jake, you pushed Matt out of the way so I think it's fair for Matt to go first." She turned her ass over to Matt, who stuck his tongue out at Jake and grabbed Melanie by the hips.
He shoved his cock back in and started fucking her faster than he was before. Melanie shook her head and smiled. She gave Matt a few minutes of uninterrupted humping before pulling herself off of him and turning to Jake. "Time to share, it's Jake's turn now," she said sweetly.
"Ugh, fine," Matt said, stroking himself to stay hard.
Jake smiled and pushed his cock deep into her pussy. He paused for a moment to think, then he pulled his wet cock out and slid it back into Melanie's asshole.
"Oh my!" Melanie said, looking back at Jake who was balls deep in her ass with a devilish grin on his face. "Son, you have to let your mother know when you're going to explore like that!"
"Sorry, Mom, it just looked so…fuckable," he said earnestly.
"I understand, honey, your father often goes straight for the same hole! You must get that from him." She sighed and said, "alright, well go ahead now that you're already in there."
"Thanks, Mom!" Jake exclaimed as he immediately started to jackhammer her anus.
"Wait, we could switch holes?!" Matt said with his arms in the air. "That isn't fair, I didn't know that!"
Melanie stood more upright and lifted her leg to put her foot on the nearby countertop while Jake continued to fuck her ass. "I'm sorry, honey. Come up in front of me, you can get my other hole while your brother takes me from behind."
Matt ran up in front of his mother, bent his knees to position his cock under her, and then thrusted upwards into her pussy. "There you go, honey, does that feel ok?" Melanie said, standing sandwiched between her two sons as they fucked her warm, loving holes from opposite ends.
"Yes, thank you, Mom!" Matt said, looking up into his mother's eyes.
Melanie pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders and pulled Matt's face between her large, swinging breasts. She held Matt close as he thrusted upwards into her slick cunt and she felt Jake reach around from behind her to hug her from the back as he rapidly fucked her stretched asshole.
"Well, well, well, welcome home, boys!"
The three of them looked over at the front door and saw their dad, Jason, waving at them.
"Hey Dad!" the boys yelled, continuing to hug and fuck Melanie.
"Hi, honey," Melanie said, giggling. "The boys were a little hyper so, uh," she said, motioning down at her sons on both sides of her with her head.
Jason laughed. "Those are my boys!" he said as he took off his shoes and jacket. He walked towards them and unzipped his pants to pull his cock out. "Any chance I can join them, honey?"
"Might be tough right now," Melanie giggled, rocking back and forth between her boys. "Let me tucker them out really quick and then you can have your share."
Melanie began clenching her holes and rocking back and forth against their cocks. The boys started shaking and moaning.
"Oh my god, Mom that feels so good!" Matt said.
"Mom, I'm gonna cum!" Jake yelled, squeezing his eyes shut as his legs started to clench.
Melanie clamped her holes as tightly as she could and the boys shouted in unison. They moaned as they both started pumping her ass and pussy full of their hot cum. She laughed as she could feel their cocks deflating inside her and Jason joined her laughter as he stroked his cock to get it hard.
The boys' dicks became limp and they slipped out of her ass and pussy, letting out a thick stream of cum down her legs and off the ends of their cocks.
"Oh wow, I'm gonna go take a nap," Matt said. "Me too," Jake replied.
They both walked away and Jason came up to Melanie and gave her a kiss. He looked down at her gaping asshole and said, "well, looks like Jake takes after his father!"
He dipped his cock into her cum-soaked asshole and she giggled. "Boy, he sure does!" She started to rock back and forth as Jason rammed himself in and out of her rectum.
"It's just so nice having them back home!" she said to Jason.
Jason spanked her ass as it bounced against his hips with each thrust and said, "I know, I'm really excited to hear all about their time in school."
Melanie pulled her dress back up over her tits and said, "they are just so funny. That all started because they wanted me to judge which of them could please me better, but then as soon as they came they just forgot all about that!"
Jason laughed and said, "well, boys will be boys. Nothing like dumping a load to forget all about what was on your mind." He humped her 2 more times and said, "speaking of which, I had a rough day at the office, can you please just finish me up?"
"Of course, my love!" Melanie clenched her ass down on Jason's girthy cock so hard that her legs started to shake. He started to tense up and she felt him shoot his first ropes inside of her. She giggled and kept clenching and releasing to squeeze every last drop out of him.
He pulled his shiny, sleek dick out of her puckering asshole and watched the loads slide down past her pussy lips.
"Thanks, honey, I'll go shower and let you clean this up," Jason said as he turned around to go upstairs.
"Of course! Have a great time!" she said lovingly as she reached for the paper towels. She wiped her legs off, mopped the cum off the floor, put her dress back on and started thinking about dinner.
"Oh I just love having all my men home!" she said to herself with a big smile.

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