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By Sedef My sons school friends fucked me. I loved every minute

I’m a single mum. 42 years old. Been single for 19 years. I have a son that lives with me. And one of his friends and I had been secretly having sex. I had slept around quite abit but haven’t found someone I could connect with. I had been shopping and Ran into Simon a friend of my sons. We got talking and we connected. Laughed at the same things. He’s 23 years old. He asked me out on a date. And I accepted. We had dinner and went for a walk and he made a move on me and we started kissing. We found a park it was late at night and I went down and sucked his beautiful 8 inch uncut cock. I was so surprised of the size. My ex had a 6 inch cut cock. We had been fucking for over 7 months.
I had to travel to a town 3 and a half hours drive away. And booked a hotel room and Simon (sons friend) had come with me. We had so much sex over that weekend. We had wanted to try anal so I had taken a butt plug with me and had it in for most of the day. That night. Simon and I had been kissing passionately for an hour almost. He was feeling and caressing my boobs loves my boobs. My nipples are thick and stick out almost an inch when I’m aroused.he had been licking and sucking on them for ages. He then went down and ate my already wet pussy. Then he flipped me over and I was on all fours. He slid out the butt plug and rimmed me for about 10 minutes. Felt amazing. The then put on a rubber and lubed his hard cock. He entered my anus and slid all the way in. And held it there for about 30 seconds. He had a good grip on my hips and started pounding me. He fucked me good. He had cum 2 times in the hour he had been fucking my ass.he had somehow stayed hard the whole time. Must have really turned him on doing anal. He then pulled out and took the rubber off and I sucked his cock till he blew a 3rd time and I swallowed every drop.
We laid there like we were in dream world.
We then had fallen asleep and it was about 9am. Sunday morning. Simon had woken up with a boner. So I thought I’d give him a nice good morning blowjob. I’d been sucking him for about 5 minutes and he blew in my mouth. I swallowed his load. We then took a shower together. We kissed and he fingered my pussy for most of it. We got out and dried our selves up and got dressed and checked out. And went home.
A week had gone by and Simon messaged me and asked if I would like a 3 some with another one of his friends. I had liked that idea very much. In my mind I was like. I get anal sex. Yaaay.
I had organised my son to go out for the day so Simon and His friend would come over.
I had messaged Simon and said to him.
Door is unlocked. Im in my bedroom naked on the bed.
They came over I was on the bed with a blind good on. I felt som hands feeling my body. My boobs. I felt a tongue enter my pussy. Felt amazing. Then I felt a cock teasing my lips. And a voice that said. Open up. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in my mouth. Fucked my mouth till he was hard. Meanwhile my anus was being fingered. And my pussy eaten.

Then I was flipped over so I was on all fours. Ass up in the air. I felt a penis slide in my pussy.
He pushed it all the way inside me and held it there. Then started fucking me. Simon pulled my blind gold off. And said. I want tou to see us fuck you. Then his friend laid on the bed and I climbed on top of him. He slid inside my pussy again. And Simon slid his hard cock inside my anus. They both fucked me hard. Then Simon asked me. How does if feel being fucked by your sons friends?. I replied. Omg this is such a turn on.
They fucked me like this for about 5 minutes. Then they switched. Now Simon was pounding my pussy. While his friend Adrian was plowing my ass. They fucked me for another 2 minutes like this. Then they both pulled out. I laid on my back and thn Simon fixked me missionary fast and hard till he was about to blow. He pulled out and squirt everything he had over my stomach. Then he moved aside and Adrian entered my and fucked me hard. My legs up in the air he also pulled out and gave me everything he had. My boobs and tummy was all caked in cum.
Then we just laid there on the bed all a mess and puffed out.

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By Sedef #Threesome