Sinister boss finally ass fucks his drunk secretary over the sink in the lady’s room

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By Britney Britney’s boss Dave finally nails Britney over the sink in the lady’s room and dominates her .

I was getting ready for my work Christmas eve party .I was wearing my festive one piece Christmas red sweater dress and dark green pantyhose with my red lace panties and white 4 inch spiked heels .When I got to the office. I saw Amber the new secretary that was just hired two months ago, we hugged and she offered me a drink, then we sat down and talked about her new pregnancy as the Christmas music played. She told me that everything is going well .Then we talked about Dave our boss ,she told me that she overheard him talking with some of the guys in the office yesterday that he wants to get me alone at tonight’s Christmas party .

I laughed and told Amber that Dave’s been asking me out for dates ever since I was hired five years ago, and I always said no because he’s already married, and then I told Amber not to worry about me as we went back talking about the other office gossip .

As the night went on and about five vodka and tonics later, I was feeling pretty hammered, when my boss Dave came over and he saw me drunk as we talked , I started flirting with him, when I know that I shouldn’t have but the alcohol is making me very horny .He had his hands all over me, he was feeling up my legs through my green nylons, in which I took his hands away telling him that he’s so fresh. Then he gives me a very deep French kiss that made me melt in his arms. I then pulled away from him and told him that I have to go to the lady’s room and that he’s a married man and I’m not that type of lady .


I followed Britney into the lady’s room and after leaning on the bathroom sink with her, she was very receptive of me now, Britney knelt down between my legs as I stood over her.

She drunkenly responded by pulling my cock out of my pants and started sucking my cock and after a minute, she was bobbing her head back and forth, then she moved her mouth to my balls and began sucking my balls .,

“Are you going to cum in my mouth Dave”?? Britney asked playfully while sucking my balls .

The sexual tension is in the air between us, and I could tell that Britney’s aroused. I was way beyond ready to fuck her .

“I will ! but first I want to fuck you”!!! I said as she blushed while sucking my cock .

“Please Dave ! Maybe you can fuck me in my ass because I’m not on birth control”??? Britney asked.

I was so thankful that she was offering me her beautiful well rounded pouty ass that I can see with her red sweater dress over it, just ready for me to take it .

She stood up on her white 4-inch stilettos in front of the bathroom sink and bent over the sink for me, I lifted up the back of her Christmas red sweater dress up over her waist, exposing her red lace panties and her dark green Christmas pantyhose. I proceeded to pull down both of her red lace panties and dark green pantyhose just enough to expose Britney’s white and soft supple ass cheeks. I knew that I would have her wrapped around my finger even more after I fuck her in her ass .

It was such a beautiful and erotic sight, seeing her ass high up in the air from standing, while she’s bent over the sink, standing on her 4-inch heels, that are boosting her ass up just enough for an easy access for my cock to enter.

As I stepped closer to her, I can feel the heat of her fertile pussy radiating onto my warm cock, my cock is rock hard as I rubbed the thick 8-inch shaft of it between Britney’s wet pussy lips being careful not to penetrate her fertile pussy.

She was extremely wet, and her pussy juice is the perfect lubrication for fucking her ass, I continued coating my cock with her juices, God her warm pussy lips are so soft.

“MMmmmm ! Ohhhh !!!! Dave are your teasing me”?? Britney asked me as I ran my hard cock in between the lips of her pussy.

She couldn’t resist me after a while and reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and lined it up against her asshole entrance and I excitingly pressed into her, pink, budded, sphincter that moist and very tight and very warm.

While my 8-inch cock sank into her ass. I looked at her in the mirror as her mouth dropped open with a silent scream, then she started moaning and squealing, “Ohhhhhhhhhh !!!! Ohh !! Ohh !! Ohh !!”

and echoing throughout the lady’s bathroom as I continued easing my cock into her ass slowly.

“Ohhhhh !!!!! Dave !!! your cock is stretching my ass out”!! Britney said as she rolled her head back in slow motion and closed her eyes.

I grabbed her ponytail for leverage and continuing to penetrate her asshole, I was about halfway into her ass before I stopped and began thrust fucking her. I fucked her with about half of my cock until her ass felt like it had gotten use to the size of my 8-inch cock.”Unngh ! Unnggh ! Ohhh god ! Ohhhhh”!!!

I slowly started feeding her more of my cock, but I knew that I have to take it slow, but I planned to be balls deep into her ass. “Owhhhhhhh !! Unnnghh ! Ohhhh p…please not to h…hard !! Ohhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!

“Ohh !! my god !! Dave !! please go slower and more gentle ! I haven’t been fucked in my ass in years !!

I don’t think I can take your full 8 inches”!!!! Britney said attempting to draw the line in the sand.

I heard Britney loud and clear, but I simply ignored her, she was under my control, and I planned on her taking all of my cock. I grabbed her by her red sweater dress covered waist, and began screwing and thrust fucking her deeper, while I had the perfect view of her big 32-DD tits swinging and bouncing wildly in the mirror in front of us and with every hard thrust I give her she’s squealing and yelping out .

“Ohhhhhh !!!! Ohhhhhhh !!!!! Ohhhh !!!! my g…god !!!! Ohh !!!! D…Dave you’re so big !! “Ohhhhhhh”!!!

Britney’s eyes were closed the majority of the time when I was screwing her as her tits were bouncing freely underneath her, while I was caught in a daze looking at her reflection in the mirror with me standing right behind her with a sinister smile .

“You look me in my eyes !! while I’m fucking your ass !! Britney”!!!!!!! I sternly commanded her as I continued looking at her in the mirror while her eyes are opened up with tears and found mine, while I continued fucking her ass as she’s covering her mouth with her hand to muffle her yelping and moaning , “Mmmmmph “!!

“MMmmmmmmmphhh”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmppphhhh”!!!!!!!!!! “Ohhhhhhhh god”!!!!!

Now that I had made Britney look at me, I picked up the pace pounding and screwing her soft, plump well shaped ass for a few minutes, while looking deeply into her attractive brown eyes .

In the midst of fucking her soft and tender asshole, I gave her a few hard spanks on her soft bare ass cheeks that caused her to yelp out, “Owhhhh !!!! that stings”!! while I’m staring into her eyes through the mirror. At this point, I was totally dominating Britney, and the longer I looked deeply into her eyes the more I could see how truly submissive she was .

She then closed her teary eyes as I felt her soft and tender sphincter, completely relax, while my cock sank inside her ass, balls deep while she’s heavily panting and breathing, and I knew that I completely defeated her when I felt her body shivering and shaking while she moaned and whimpered out beneath me , “OOhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! god !!!!! your cock is buried all the way inside me Ohhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!

“Ohhhh D….Dave I…I’m cumming !!! My fucking pussy’s cumming can you feel and see my juices

“Dripping down into my green stockings and red panties”?? “Ohh god you feel so good in my ass”!!!!

I kept on ramming and screwing her asshole through her orgasm so hard, that my low hanging balls were slapping loudly against her wet cumming pussy while the sound filled the lady’s room .

Finally, as I’m looking at her in the mirror, watching her big tits rocking and bouncing back and forth, I grunted with a loud growl and my cock completely exploded deep inside Britney’s ass, she bucked and shrieked out ,”OOhhhhh my god you came in my ass it fucking burns”!!!!!! “Oh Dave !! Ohhhh”!!!!

I kept my cock buried deep inside her until all my sperm was shot deep into her ass , then after my cock softened up, It fell out of her ass with a wettish plopping sound, then all of my sperm spurted out into her dark green Christmas pantyhose and red panties .

While Britney is still bent over the sink, I saw that my cock has gaped her asshole pretty wide as I put my cock back into my pants and left her alone in the lady’s room.

Finally, I got to fuck Britney’s asshole after a long 5 years, and she’s now bent over the sink, drunk in the lady’s room with her dress hiked up, and her hosiery pulled down with sperm leaking out of her ass, wondering what just happened !! Now I’ll focus my next ass fuck attack on pregnant Amber, the newly hired secretary .


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By Britney #Abuse #Exhibitionist #Rape