Sins from my Stepmother Bk. 01 Ch. 04

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Sins from My Stepmother, Book 1 (Ch 1-3)
This is a work of fiction.Any resemblance to actual or past events and individuals is entirely coincidental.All characters are 18 years of age or over.
After the Fourth of July episode, I felt emboldened enough to make my first move. I was enjoying a beer in the pool one afternoon listening to the cicadas humming in the heat when I felt a shadow cast over my inflatable ring. I lifted my dark glasses and was blinded by the sunlight reflecting off the pool's limestone edges. My pupils adjusted and I looked up again to see Mom peering down at me. She was wearing a clingy, red one-piece swimsuit that showed off her deep cleavage and firm ass.
"Enjoying yourself, honey?" She asked, raising an eyebrow and motioning at the bottle of beer in my right hand.
I mumbled something about taking a break and dropped my sunglasses back down to make sure she couldn't see my eyes racing over her body.
Mom sat on one of the lounge chairs and interrupted again. "Teddy, do you think you could cream my back?" She didn't seem the slightest bit phased by the inconvenience of her request. Or her choice of words.
I rolled off the ring, swam to the end of the pool and hauled myself out of the water.
Mom had pulled down the straps of her swimsuit and lay flat on her stomach, waiting. Her toned body glimmered in the hot afternoon sun. I sat down on the end of the lounge chair and squirted some lotion into my hand. Then I threw a leg over the foot of the chair so I was straddling it and began rubbing Mom's back. Her bare skin was warm to the touch.
Mom jumped. "Ooh, that's cold," she said gasping. Then she closed her eyes and leaned back into my rubbing.
I allowed myself the pleasure of pouring my eyes over her body unobserved. The V-shaped bottom barely covered the globes of her beautiful ass, and her long, sleek legs were bathed in the light from the afternoon sun. Her bare back was proud and defined but not the slightest bit fleshy.
After a few seconds, she smiled over her shoulder at me, peering under her small, framed sunglasses.
"Hot enough for you?"
I tensed for a moment until I realized it was an innocent question.
"Yeah, feels like it's at least 100 degrees."
As I spread the lotion across Mom's upper back, I became increasingly brazen. I started to vary the pressure a bit, turning it into a massage of sorts. I caressed her upper lats with my palms and then worked my fingers in between her shoulder blades.
"Mmmm, what's this? Do I feel a massage coming on?" she asked.
"Maybe, if you play your cards right, Mom."
"Mmmmmm, yeah, rub it just there," she said.
I worked her upper back for a while. "There?"
"Yes, ah, harder — squeeze."
I did. Then I moved my thumbs to her lower lats as my fingers gripped her trim waist. She sighed, relaxing more, as though her body was melting towards my hands.
"So what are the girls at UCLA like? Are they pretty?" Mom asked, her voice sleepy and muffled.
"Yeah," I said. "Cali girls like to look after themselves," I said picturing their tanned, firm bodies roller skating down the beach.
Mom went quiet. Wrong answer. "But none of them are as gorgeous as you, Mom."
"Oh, thank you, honey." She paused for a moment. "I bet all the girls at college think you're drop dead gorgeous."
I let the compliment pass and things went quiet again except for the sound of teenagers yelling and swimming in a nearby pool. Someone else was tuned into a ball game on a transistor radio.
I slid my hands further down, gently pushing her bathers towards the small of her back. I gazed at her fully, shapely ass, blood rushing to my loins.
"Mmm," Mom purred, moving her hips a little. My cock was about to burst through my trunks.
I wondered how far I was prepared to take this. Maybe I could let my hands tell her what I wanted. Slowly, I edged them lower to the top of her smooth ass.
And then suddenly Mom's head jerked as if she were waking. "Thanks, honey," she said clearly, pulling herself up. She reached behind, pulling up her bathers and slipping on her shoulder straps.
"My pleasure, Mom," I said, getting up from the lounge chair.
I'd crossed the red line. I headed inside, walking bow-legged like a cowboy whose just tried to break in the wrong horse. If I didn't get some release soon, I was going to explode.
And then, only a few days later, by some warped misalignment of the stars, I got my wish. That one wish I'd been fantasizing about since I was a puberty-ridden teenager.
It was a Saturday evening. Dad was staying in London for the weekend to wine and dine some investors in a corporate box at Wimbledon. I'd arrived home early after a failed date with Laurie Thomas. I'd slagged off the Princeton Tigers in the car on the way to the bar and it turned out her half-brother was the goalie. So the night was over before it had even started. The sun was still high in the sky and it seemed more like late afternoon than the end of the day. I decided to go for a swim to blow off some steam and get some relief from the heat.
I'd only been the in the water a few minutes when I heard the door leading into our backyard slam. I finished my lap and came up for air to see a pair of six-inch stilettos perched at the edge of the pool. My eyes wandered up past a pair of impossibly long, bare legs.
"Hey, honey," Mom said flashing me a cheeky smile and tossing her purse onto a deck chair.
"Hey Mom," I said, drinking in the rest of her appearance as I caught my breath.
She was wearing a white, skin-tight dress. The material was stretched so tight against her round jugs that the spaghetti straps looked tighter than the mooring lines on the Goodyear blimp. Her hair was pulled back into a low ponytail with a few strands falling free. She was undeniable proof there was a god.
"How's my big muscle man?" She asked, walking across the deck, swaying her hips more than usual in the tight dress.
Horny as all hell, I felt like saying. "Good Mom. Just cooling off in the heat."
She leant unsteadily on the garden table and I realized she was drunk. She'd spent the day at the polo — the kind with horses — for her friend Harriett's hen's party, so it wasn't surprising.
"How was the Classic?" I asked, standing up and lifting my upper body out of the water. By now I was deeply tanned and well-toned. I could feel Mom's gaze on my chest as I stood there glistening.
"Hot," she said, her eyes still fixed on me. "But fun. By the time I left, Hattie was surrounded by a team of Argentinian polo players, so mission accomplished." She sat down by the edge of the pool and lifted one of her feet into the air to remove a stiletto. Her skirt rode up her knees exposing her toned thighs.
"These heels have been killing me all afternoon." Mom slipped the other one off and dipped both feet into the water. "And this heat!"
"So what did you do all day?" I asked.
"You know…What girls at hen's parties do," she said.
"Uhmm, I kind of don't Mom. I'm a twenty-two year old frat student, remember?"
Mom arched an eyebrow at me, seemingly skeptical. "Well, we drunk a lot of champagne, gossiped and told a bunch of guys to leave us alone," she said. "By the way, you boys really need to work on your pick-up lines. One Lothario about your age told me I looked like the bride in a Guns N Roses music video."
I knew immediately the video he was talking about. The girl was a perfect ten.
"He's right Mom. You kind of do," I said.
"Oh, Teddy, come on," she chuckled. Mom was doing her best to conceal her smile.
I decided to press on. I could tell Mom was in a flirty mood and I was feeling cocky. "You're actually better looking than her Mom and you've got bigger tits."
"Teddy!" Mom said.
"Sorry Mom, but you do look super sexy in that dress," I said taking a step towards her in the water.
"Why, thank you, honey. Its new." She looked down at her body and ran her hands over the tight fabric clinging to her hips. She glanced back up at me with a knowing smile.
I felt my cock stir despite the brisk temperature of the pool. "Why don't you take it off and come in for a swim?"
She paused for a second, not sure how to respond. "I don't want to get wet."
"Really? You seem like you do," I said, flicking my arm against the water and splashing the entire bottom half of her dress.
"Ahhh!" she squealed, throwing her arms up in shock. "I'm soaked!" Her big melons thrust forward provocatively.
"So you may as well get in then," I teased.
"Fine, I will," Mom pronounced, springing to her feet.
She reached behind her back and matter-of-factly unzipped the top of her dress. I watched in disbelief as she pulled it off her shoulders down to her monumental bust line. Her cleavage began to spill out like floodwater over a crumbling dam. She was struggling to get the fabric over her tits so she arched her back, revealing the faint outline of her rib cage. Her bra was sheer white and covered in an intricate floral pattern. I could see her nipples jutting through the thin fabric.
With a sultry swivel of her hips, Mom peeled the rest of the dress past her slim waist and over her thighs. Her panties were matching white, lace numbers that dove into her crotch in a deep V-shape. The material lay perfectly over her bronzed, supple curves, and I imagined what her beaver looked like.
She paused, bending at the waist with her tits practically bursting out of her bra, her hands pushing her dress down over her knees. "Having fun?" she asked, looking up at me.
I stood there frozen, as speechless as a Trappist monk with a bad case of dysphonia.
"Thought so," she smirked, satisfied. She kicked the dress off her bare feet onto the deck and patted down to the deep end of the pool. Her firm, statuesque ass wiggled wonderfully. She placed one of her long legs onto the diving board and walked up to the end. Then, without hesitation, she took a couple of rebounds and dived into the water. A perfect dismount.
Seconds later, she surfaced a few feet in front of me, her front glistening with luminous droplets of water.
"Hmmm, three out of ten," I announced. "Your entry was all off."
"You jackass!" She laughed, sending a wave of water into my eyes. I splashed back, then quickly closed in on her, grabbing her wrists so she was powerless. We stood there in the water staring at each other for a moment. Her big, blue eyes glistened smartly up at me.
"Skinny dipping with my handsome stepson. Now I really feel naughty," Mom said softly, catching her breath.
"It's not skinny dipping if you're not naked Mom," I replied. There was a long pause. It was dead quiet except for the tinkling of chimes coming from the back porch. I was about to pull her into me when the sound of the phone ringing inside echoed across the back lawn.
Mom jerked back suddenly, as if snapping out of a trance. "That's probably your father," she said, moving towards the side of the pool. "It's time for dinner anyway. I'll get us some towels."
She retreated to the edge of the pool. I watched as she pulled herself out of the water using the nearby ladder. Her firm tits jiggled and bumped against each other as she tip-toed past the lavender bushes back to the house.
I let out a sigh and collapsed back into the water. Unbelievable.I could practically hear the blood pounding in my ears as the sexual frustration ran through my body. The way my evening was going I was going to wind up fucking a door knob.
I looked down at my aching hard-on from our skin-on-skin contact. It was now or never.I pulled myself up onto the edge of the pool, then strolled back into the house.
Inside, the answering machine had picked up the call. It wasn't Dad. Some lady from BoConcept calling to let Mom know her chair was ready. I couldn't find Mom in the kitchen or the living room so I headed upstairs. I flicked on an occasional light on my way, leaving a trail of dripping water in the hallway behind me. It was least a few degrees warmer up top.
I found Mom inside the master bedroom. She was standing at the edge of her and Dad's four-poster bed searching for towels through a pile of clean washing. There was a single bedside lamp on. I drunk in the sight of her half-lit figure from the doorway. A modern-day Botticelli: her sleek legs seemingly rising forever until finally flaring into her round full ass.
I stepped in and crept up behind her. The water from her wet underwear had formed little pools of damp on the carpet. The smell of perfume and chlorine floated into my sinuses. I was about to bring my hands up to her shoulders, when suddenly she turned.
Mom jumped, startled by my presence. We stood face-to-face for a moment, neither of us moving. The ambient light caught her hair and the eyelash on her right eye. Her lips glistened. I took a step closer. Mom lifted one of the towels from the bed, offering it to me. I took it with one hand and dropped it to the floor. There was a long pause. And then my hands were on her waist and my tongue was in her mouth. I walked her backward and pushed her up against the brick wall, pressing my bare chest against her breasts. I could feel the heat emanating from her body.
"Teddy," she said, lolling her head back against the wall.
I brought my hands up to her shoulders, caressing her bra straps, and started sliding them down. I moved my hands to her breasts and gave them a firm squeeze over her cups.
Mom broke the kiss and pushed me back, her eyes flying up to meet mine. They were alight with fire. "Teddy," she said holding my shoulders at arm's length trying to slow me down. "We can't. We'll regret it for the rest of our lives."
"No regrets Mom," I said, bending forward and running my lips down her neck. "Tell me it doesn't feel good."
"It feels fucking fantastic," she sighed, "but I'm your mother."
"Stepmother," I breathed into her ear. I ran my tongue up her neck in one long lick. She gasped, squeezing me as her head turned toward mine. I found her mouth again and kissed her hard. It was a long kiss this time — deep and probing with methodical, slow-cooked lust.
Her heavy breasts mashed against my bare chest and I began to traverse her body with my hands for the second time. I lightly skirted them down her back and then moved down and began to rub her ass through her panties. As our kiss grew hotter, I rubbed harder until she was undulating her entire body against mine.
And then Mom broke our embrace again. "No, Teddy, we can't. We simply can't," she said, her hungry eyes betraying otherwise. "It could ruin you. And I'll never get past the guilt."
"It'll be worth it," I said pressing into her, "trust me." I sucked at the nape of her neck and grabbed her waist. Mom's knees gave away and she wrapped her arms around my neck. I dropped my right hand to her bare thigh and pressed my knee between her legs. I could feel her warmth underneath her wet panties. She let out a soft sigh.
"Christ," Mom breathed heavily, "it would be fantastic wouldn't it?"
The play was real.
I began tugging at her underpants and she wriggled, helping me. I slid her panties down to her knees and then slipped my hand back up between her legs.
"Oh baby, you're soaking," I whispered, probing with my fingers.
"I know," she said, moving her body against my hand. Her lips were swelling and she opened her legs wider for me. She was breathing hard, caressing the back of my head with her left hand. "Oh God, that feels good," she said, as I gently circuited her labia with my middle finger. She mashed her mouth over mine and moaned into my throat.
Then she reached down and groped the outline of my cock through my wet trunks, squeezing and palpating as though she were testing an eggplant for ripeness. Finally, her fingers reached under my waistband and found the head of my dick. It was standing to attention like the Washington Monument, one hundred per cent solid granite. The harder the conflict, the greater the triumph.
She started slowly pumping her fist up and down the top half of my shaft. We looked at each other while Mom jacked my tool and I rubbed her slick pussy. Her eyes were more beautiful than I had ever seen them, big and sparkling. She opened her mouth and our tongues met in a deliberate, lustful embrace.
I twisted, turning away so we fell over onto the bed together. I was lying on top of her and could feel her hard nipples pushing through the lace against my chest. I yanked her bra cups down. Then I brought my face to her tits and took her right nipple in my mouth.
My tongue orbited her aureole and she moaned. Her nipples were sticking out like little bullets. "Ohhh god," Mom moaned.
I felt her hands on the back of my head and then her fingers sifting through my hair, her motions slow and massaging. Her nails scratched the back of my neck. Her grip tightened after a moment and she guided me to her other breast. I sucked on it greedily.
I pulled myself back up so I was level with Mom's face. She parted her legs and I ground my cock against her mound. It was straining against my bathers like a muzzled pit-bull. I rubbed my bulge back and forth over the front of her panties a few times while I sucked on her throat. The soaked lacy material and my bathers were all that separated my throbbing dick from Mom's pussy.
She licked the bottom of my earlobe with a quick dart of her tongue and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I stood up from the bed and pulled my shorts down. Mom mirrored me by lifting her ass off the comforter and sliding her panties the rest of the way down her thighs. She flicked them off her ankles and I noticed her beaver was the same sexy, chestnut brown color as the hair on her head.
I leant a knee back onto the bed and pushed Mom onto her back, crouching over her. My veiny shaft was hovering above her pussy like a snow leopard waiting to pounce. She spread her legs and arched her back, waiting for me. Her breath was coming in loud rushes, her bra flopping uselessly at her sides. And her bare tits, wet with my saliva, were heaving up and down with each gasp.
"Put it in," she whispered at me through half-closed eyes, arching her back.
I lowered myself down and gave my cock a few strokes. Then I held it against her pussy lips without entering, teasing her. Mom's hips rose to meet mine, waiting for me.
I was about to fuck my stepmother. It was like something out of a twisted Stephen King mini-series.
Any reservations Mom had were long gone. She looked up at me intensely, thrusting her hips up at the same time. "Hurry Teddy," she gasped, tugging me towards her.
I pulled up, lifting my ass high into the air, and then plunged my cock deep inside with a single stroke. Mom let out a long, contended moan and our eyes explored each other's while my cock sat buried in her pussy. She was even wetter than I had expected.
I was over her on straight arms and she gripped my triceps hard. I pulled out slowly, withdrawing until only the head of my engorged hard-on distended Mom's pussy lips, then gently drove back home. She gasped again and ran her hands along my back.
I looked back down at Mom, still struggling to believe what was happening. She was nodding at me, her eyes wide with fear and lust and excitement. My weight over hers on the springy mattress made her big tits wobble from side to side. I spread my knees apart for maximum leverage and started driving in and out with long, deliberate strokes.
Mom met my rhythm, driving her hips up to meet my thrusts. I watched her face as best I could in the dim light. Her lips parting, stretching, her mouth opening and contorting. Eyes closed and then suddenly open, staring up at me, pleading with me. I bent my head down and Mom pushed her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced and our wet lips mashed against each other's like a couple of horny teenagers. Mom clung onto my shoulders and scratched my back with her long fingernails.

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