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Rania was 25 and got married a couple of years ago, right after completing her masters in Social Sciences. She was the eldest of three siblings, Rima 23 and Zeshan 18. Rima was also married and living happily with her husband and a son. Shani (Zeshan) was in college and was living with his parents.
Rania was slim, smart and had very beautiful features but her complexion was Salsa, Shiny and smoking tan, which made her sexier. She was enigmatically attractive and had tons of sex appeal. Like most of the Indian girls, it was her arranged marriage. Her husband was a nice guy and loved her a lot. Her sexual life was satisfactory but her sexual libido was higher than her husband. Being a conservative Muslim, she was told that masturbation was a sinful act but she found it enjoyable, normal and healthy. She used to play with her genitals very frequently, even sometimes twice a day, whenever she got the chance.
Her sex drive increased after the marriage. After sleeping with her husband that rocked her world. Thanks to her hormones, the more she had sex, the more her body craved it. On the other hand, her husband was passive minded and hardly gave her orgasms but she was content that she was getting cock in her pussy.
The time passed and like every Indian mother in law, her MIL started to get frustrated and anxious about her non pregnancy. She took her to different doctors for the fertility but all remained in vain. Every clinical test and report was positive about her and some doctors suggested for the male fertility test for her husband; but her MIL accused her of being infertile and finally sent her to her parents' home forcefully for the proper cure.
Rania's husband never wanted her to send to her parents' home but couldn't convince his dominating Mom. Her MIL called her mother to their home and told her mother in stern and strict tone to get her daughter fertile because she wanted a child for his only son otherwise she would think for her son's second marriage.
Rania's return made everyone worried at home. My mother showed her deepest concerns over her marital status and told my father about the grave consequences in terms of a divorce if she couldn't conceive soon, made us all vulnerable. Her father instructed her to consult any good doctor for Rania at the earliest. Rania felt the seriousness of the issue for the first time.
Rania's mother consulted a couple of doctors, showed them the lab test reports without wasting anytime and was told that she was fertile and a healthy woman and it could be possible that her husband would be infertile.
Rania's parents were living in a 2 BKH apartment and she had to share the room with her younger brother. Though Shani liked his sister a lot but he felt a bit offended in his privacy by the presence of his elder sister.
Just like her sister, he also had a high sex drive and he used to masturbate daily by watching porn clips. He had a nice cock though it was only seven inches in length and almost seven inches in girth which made him extra proud and kept him horny most of the times. It was his routine to jack off before going to bed every night but he had to get his sexual activities restricted due to his elder sister.
He noticed her activities for a few days but when couldn't control his horniness he started his quick masturbation sessions in the attached bathroom. Rania's Husband used to call her daily, late in the night and they talk for long hours. Shani found that as an opportunity to sneak in the bathroom and Rania took his absence as an opportunity for the cybersex and made them satisfied.
After a week, her husband forced her to have video sex, Rania told him that she couldn't do that in the presence of her younger brother but he forced her to show him, her breasts and pussy. That night she told her husband that when Shai would go for loo, she would show her assets. As he went to the bath, she called him up, opened the buttons of her shirt, removed her bra and showed him her perky and round breasts. When he forced her to let him see her cunt, she told him that it could be dangerous and could expose her to her brother. He insisted her a lot and she told him to wait and went to check on her brother. The door was locked but she tried to find some hole in the old wooden door to check how much time she had.
After a little effort she found a hole in a corner of a pallet, filled with the tissue paper. She brought her tweezer and pulled it out with caution. It was quite enough to peep into the bathroom and what she saw made her stunned. She saw her brother was holding his cell phone in his hand and was jacking off his monster cock furiously. She couldn't believe her eyes at seeing the thick cock of her own brother. She forgot for some moments that she put her husband on the hold but when realized she attended her phone and removed her night trousers to her feet and showed him her wet pussy.
She was holding her phone in one hand and fingered her cunt with the other hand. She closed her eyes and Imagined Shani's cock in her cunt which gave her a massive orgasm. After finishing with her husband she noticed she caused a big wet patch on the bed. She pulled her trousers up and buttoned up her shirt and laid on it.
Thoughts of her brother's cock increased her sex drive more and her mind started to work. An idea of getting pregnant flashed through her mind and she decided to execute it immediately. She un-did her shirt's buttons again to seduce her brother by giving him the glimpse of her big breasts. She also turned on the side lamp on her side for his nice view.
Her brother returned quietly to the other side of the bed and laid down without making and sound. He felt relieved when found his sister sleeping soundly and snoring lightly. She turned her body and laid straight on the bed after a few minutes and deliberately heaved her boobs to draw his attention which he noticed as he was sleeping on the side facing to her.
Her breasts were heaving up and down and made his semi erect cock to hard again. Then Shani noticed that she brought her left hand to her breasts and pushed it inside her shirt and held her breast. He immediately looked at her face and found her still sleeping.
He was sure by then that his elder sister would have been having a sexy dream. She brought her other hand to her other breast and made it nude for her brother to watch. Her dark protruding nipple was hard like rubber. She started to pinch it with her sexy long nail fingers and then inserted her right hand into her trousers to rub her clit. She kept her eyes shut during that erotic play to give him full confidence and chance to watch her.
Shani got instant and intense erection, lowered his pajamas and started to rub his dick with his hand. He occasionally looked at her face to make sure she was sleeping. He was going nuts as he was watching a real nude woman for the first time in his life. He crept closer to see her naked breasts more closely in the ample light of the side lamp. He was almost trembling with fear of being caught and with enjoyment.
On the other hand, Rania wanted to go slower and bring him under her control fully. Shani got on his right elbow, left his cock, got closer and touched her nipple. He got too much excited to find it very hard. He then showed courage and tweaked her nipple with his fingers and then licked it with his tongue. A shiver went through Rania's body and she trembled with excitement. Shani suddenly looked at her face and confirmed her sleeping sound.
He then placed his lips over her nipple and sucked it for a while but that excitement made him cum and he spurted jets of his cum on her sister's thin trousers. He immediately withdrew back in fear and tried to squeeze his cock but the mess was created already. He quietly pulled his pajamas up and laid quietly but kept on watching his elder sister. Rania felt his hot cum hitting her thigh which gave her another orgasm. She made an arch of her body, squeezed her thighs, set out a loud moan and then dropped her body on the bed. She turned her body and face away from him, smiled at her achievement and went to sleep.
Shani also felt relieved as he saw her still asleep but her hot body didn't let him sleep for an hour or so. Next morning, their mother told them that she was going to consult another doctor with her friend and would return till lunch. Ranis pretended to be normal and sweet with Shani all the morning and showed him that she didn't notice his cum on her trousers. Their father also left for his work and when they were home alone; Rania went to her brother and said.
Rania:Shani, do you have a few minutes. I want to have some important things to discuss.
Shani:(Unaware of the situation) Yes Baji (Elder Sister) I am free.
Rania took him to their bedroom and let him sit on the bed with him.
Rania:Shani, I know that my brother has become a man but what did you do last night. You shoot your cum on me.
Shai got terrified with that sudden attack and got stammered.
Shani:I am sorry Baji, I might have had some wet dream.
Rania: Hmmmm could be but in that case you should have shoot your load in your pajamas not on mine. Why was your dick out of your pajamas?
Shani:I don't know Baji, please forgive me and don't tell this to our parents.
Rania:Ok, I won't tell anyone but you have to tell me the truth. Did you get horny to see your own sister?
Rania's tone was sweet and gave him confidence.
Shani:Yes, Baji, you accidently got your shirt open and your breast got naked.
Rania:Ok, I like your truth and you shoot your load on your sister.
Shani nodded his head in embarrassment and dropped his head, "But I am really sorry Baji. It won't happen again, please don't tell our Dad or mom. She raised her his head with her hand and said, "Ok I won't tell but in return you have to do whatever I say."
Shani:I'll do anything; you'll ask me to do.
Rania, was getting desperate to take her brothers cock and get her womb filled with his cum. She that was her golden chance to pin him down.
Rania:Ok, then show me the cock which produced so much cum.
Shani couldn't believe his ears and looked at her in disbelief. Rania extended her hand and placed it on his crotch. Shani was still in the state of shock and sat still like a statue. Rania made him stand in front of her and dropped his pajamas in jiff. She asked him to remove his shirt and started to open her shirt's buttons too. She showed him her full breasts in her bra, smiled at him and took hold of his flaccid cock.
She pulled him towards her and took his soft cock in her hand and started to play with it. Shani's cock started to get erect as he felt the warmth of his sister's hands and got hard like a rock in a few seconds. It was hard to keep his thick cock in her grip as it grew to its full girth.
Rania:Wow bro, you have a huge cock. I never thought about this size. It looks like a baby elephant's trunk. I have never seen such a big cock.
She couldn't control herself and put the tip of his cock in his mouth. Rania rolled her tongue around the sensitive head a couple of times before she pushed the pointed tip of her tongue against her brother's cock slit. Those were all the new sessions for the young Shani as he threw his head back as his eager sister took his whole mushroom head in her mouth.
After making the magnificent cock wet of her brother, Rania suddenly leaned forward and pulled her brother by holding his buttocks to herself and swallowed his whole length. She felt proud as she accommodated his thick cock in her mouth and as his length passed her esophagus and stretched out her throat. She pulled it back and then deep throated her brother again. She left his cock as she sensed he couldn't control anymore. That pause left Shani on the edge.
Rania didn't want her brother to release early. She aimed her brother to develop a healthy stamina.
Shani:Baji, why did you stop, I was about to cum.
Rania: I don't want you to develop a habit of finishing early my darling brother. A lady requires much attention. A gentleman doesn't finish before he has shown his lady a proper entertainment.
His bigger cock than her husband had awoken the lusty bitch inside her. Laying back on the bed she spread her legs wide open and motioned her brother to come and get her. Shani eagerly accepted her invitation.
Rania: My sweet brother, are you ready to give it to your sister.
Taking his place between his sister's sexy legs he gently pushed his aching erection against her wet and tight entrance.
Shani:Baji, your cunt is so tight.
Rania:MMmmm, yes baby, push it, push it in, push it into your thirsty sister's cunt.
Shani obliged and resistance was soon overpowered by the sheer will. Shani plunged half of his cock into his sister's wet, warm and slick love canal with a single push. Shani felt like he was in heavens, he pulled back a bit and then plunged his seven inches deep in his sister's cunt with a forceful push. Rania moaned loudly and felt her pussy stretched to max.
He fucked Rania mildly then started to pond her hard. The friction made Rania crazy and she started to moan loudly with every stroke. She never enjoyed throughout her married life that much with her husband.
Rania:Oh yesssss, my dear brother. Yes, fuck me hard.
Shani:Oh Baji, your cunt is so tight! It's clenching, squeezing and sucking my cock.
Rania:Yes, my cunt loves your cock.
Her clenching took him to the edge and he started to dig his dick deep in his sister.
Rania:Come here baby … It's alright … Your Baji got you.
Shani:I can't hold back anymore Baji.
Rania:Yes, darling cum inside your Baji's cunt.
Rania herself was very close to climax. She wanted to time it right for them to reach it together. Rania hugged her brother like a lover, put her soles over his butt cheeks and took over the movement of his pelvis, pushed him deeper inside her causing his thick tip to brush against her G-Spot over and over again.
Shani:Ohhhh, Baji I can't hold back anymore now.
Rania:Yes, darling don't hold back now, fill your sister's cunt with your cum.
Shani:Ahhh I am cummmminnnng Baji.
Rania:Ahhh, yes, yes, yes, That's it baby, squirt inside your Baji's womb… Oh yes, fill it up… Oh so warm … Give all the cum to your sister. Ahhhhhh. I want my brother to fill up my womb with his potent seed.
She kept him in her tight hug for a few minutes then laid him on the bed beside her. They hugged each other and nobody wanted to quit that intimate hug. While they hug eachother, their sweat dried on their skin. It took a while for them to calm down. Both were panting, both were exhausted. Rania was proud of her brother, who left her thoroughly satisfied.
Shani:Tell me, you have been fucking your husband for the last one year and a half and how cum your pussy is so tight.
Rania:You have a wonderful cock Shani. You can't imagine that I have never seen such a monster since my marriage. You brother in law have a small and thin cock. That's why your sister's cunt is tighter for your big cock.
Shani:Baji, what you mean you haven't seen any other cock, have you also seen any other cock than Shami Bro?
Rania:I meant besides your brother in law's cock.
Shani:Baji, there is one thing worrying me now. I have ejaculated inside you and if you get pregnant then what would happen.
Rania:That's what I wanted from you. I wanted you to impregnate me.
Shani:Oh really. If it's ok with you then I am worriless. By the way did you like the fuck?
Rania:Yes, it was amazing, your pounding was so hard and deep, I loved that; where did you learn to fuck like that if you're a virgin?
Shani:NGH … I used to watch porn movies on the internet and learned from there but it felt so different in reality.
Rania:Yes, it is different indeed and from now on I'll teach you everything myself about real sex.
Although Shani had emptied his balls deep inside her sister's warm cunt, all the dirty talk and her hot moaning out caused him to maintain his erection. He rubbed his cock on his sister's belly and hugged her tight again. Rania realized his intentions and whispered in his ear, "First lick your sister's sweet cunt and then give her another fuck before our mummy arrives."
Shani swiftly crept down the bed, opened her legs and started to taste her cunt. Rania thought to herself that her brother proved to be a better fuck than she anticipated. What had begun as an introduction to sexual relations was evolving into one of the best fucks of her life.
Shani:Baji, your pussy tastes wonderful.
Rania:Yes, eat it you, sister fucker, eat it hard.
Rania was getting hotter and then asked him to dug his cock in her wet cunt. Shani raised her legs, placed them on his shoulder and took the position. Before he could put it inside himself, Rania reached down, grabbed his cock and parted her pussy lips with her sexy long nailed fingers and positioned it at her dripping wet entrance.
At that time, he needed a little push and his throbbing cock parted her tender labia, slid easily deep into his sister's tight, wet vagina. He was getting more confident that time and was moving his thick shaft more steadily. He was enjoying fucking his sexy sister that time.
Shani's throbbing and rock hard cock was greasing Rania's pussy walls so good that Rania felt herself climbing up the stairs to blissful agony with each new thrust. She got amazed that her brother got an impressive stamina and he rolled his hips so masterfully that it applied a firm pressure on her spongy G-spot each time he penetrated into her.
The pleasure became unbearable as his cock head glided further along her upper wall and hit her cervix exactly when his base slapped on her pussy lips. His cock was the perfect size for Rania's vagina. She him like rubber glove. The wet popping sound her leaking pussy made as he pulled out and the obscene slapping sound when he rammed it home, mix with their immoral moans as both came close to the climax.
Rania was on seventh cloud as her brother dug his cock deep in her pussy and started to fill her womb again with tons of semen. She gripped his cock with her pussy muscles and drained every drop of cum in her cunt.
Shani:Baji I am cuming.
Rania:Yesss, don't worry my love… It's going to be … Ahhhhhh … It's wonderful … just keep going … Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaaahhhh … Come here and give your Baji a kiss … Mmmmm. Fill your sister's cunt … Ahhhhhh … Yessss … I love it … Oh baby fuck … That's my boy. Yessssssss.
They kept on kissing each other violently for some time and then Shani Said.
Shani:Baji this felt wonderful can we do it again tomorrow?
Rania:Why wait till tomorrow honey, we'll do it again in the night and do it as much as you would love to.
Shani:Baji you are so hot and the best. I love you.
Rania:I love you too my darling brother.
She was getting very excited by his big cock and its thoughts kept her horny and wet most of the times. Shani was happy and content but he was forced to think how big bitch was her sister. He knew that she was hot slut and always ready to satisfy every man.
From that time, they both fucked each other during the day time whenever get chance but night was their own and they fucked their brains out like a newly married couple all night long.
After a few days, Rania and her mother were alone at home and she was helping her in the kitchen; she felt nausea and rushed to the sink near the kitchen and started to vomit. Her mother noticed and asked her why she was vomiting?
Rania told her that she might had eaten something bad but her mother was an experienced woman and realized the situation. She calmed Rania down and took her to her bedroom and asked her to take rest. She came out and started to figure out her situation. She understood that her children would have developed incestual relation and Shani had seeded his sister with his semen.

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