Sister Act | Beep Stories

I had to think it.
Work had sucked. Okay work had sucked bad. Advertising was a nasty business and no amount of “go team go”ing would ever make it better. It may beat digging ditches which is something I said often but that didn’t change how mentally taxing it was. My head was full of negative shit like that. Truth was that I was looking forward to a quiet night with the wife. So when I turned down the street to our house and saw no cars in the driveway I was extremely bummed.
Sighing to myself heavily, I parked my truck. Climbing out I grabbed the trash cans that were overturned by the street. It was Friday which meant garbage day. I had been in such a rush to work early that I had forgotten to toss the trash in the morning. Thank God that my wife loved me enough to look out for me. She wouldn’t give me shit about it, she would just nod and smile.
She was great.
I pulled my phone out and text Rebecca, she’s my wife: WHERE YOU @ BAYBEE?
Then I sent a second text, this one to Jamie, she’s my girlfriend: I’M HOME PRINCESS 🙂
I had to smile to myself. What a charmed life. No man could lay claim to being as lucky as I was. Even those who very well may have been luckier could not say it because no one had the two women that I do.
I thought of Jamie, she was my princess. She was so helpful and always there to tell me I was not a bad guy in those times when things looked bleak. She had a way of infusing her strength into me when I most needed it. Lending her own inner strength made us a formidable duo at events. Together, we just exuded raw power and everyone could feel it. It was why she had been so hated by my previous submissive. But enough of that shit.
We didn’t share a D/s dynamic Jamie and I, but it was just as powerful. Everywhere we went, everyone knew she belonged to me. She liked the idea of belonging to me regardless of the lack of formality or practice. She had told me she saw me as an equal and that made the things they did even better. No one “topped” both sought to serve each other and it was, exciting.
Opening the door to the house, I walked in and dropped my keys on the side table in the foyer. The house was dark since it was a bit later then I normally got home. I cleaned up the dishes from the night before and took out some meat to thaw for dinner. I was fairly positive that Rebecca was going to be at her Sir’s house for the night which meant that Jamie would be coming over. She would have come over regardless but I liked the time we got to spend together. I had to laugh at the idea that not to long ago that thought might have made me feel guilty. Now it made me smile.
Charmed life indeed.
When everything was cleared up and straight I realized just how bushed I was so I sat down for a moment to rest my weary head. Sitting in the soft part of the large suede sofa I sunk in. I should have known better, I knew it was a bad idea. Had either of my women responded yet? I checked my phone: NO NEW TEXT MESSAGES
Deciding to occupy my mind, I reached for the controller to the tv and before I had sat straight again I knew it, I was dozing off…
“NO! You gave it to meee!” A voice said startling me. My head shot up and I mumbled an incoherent attempt at “What is it?” which turned into more of a “Waassit!”
What I saw then made my jaw drop.
It was fully dark out and the light in the living room was on. In the middle of the wide open living room space was my wife and my girlfriend looking like they were fighting over a stuffed pink and purple lion. The amazing part was not what they were doing per se, but more about what they were wearing.
Both had their hair in pigtails. Rebecca with red ribbons and Jamie with emerald green ribbons.
Rebecca had on a white dress shirt tied in a knot beneath her ample bosom which was bursting out the top of an impressive red push up. She was wearing a red plaid school girl skirt which barley went over the incredible roundness of her hips. She wore white knee high stockings with shiny black leather shoes with thick soles.
Jamie on the other hand was wearing a black dress shirt tied beneath her own well displayed breasts bursting over an emerald green push up. Her skirt was green plaid and she wore thigh high fishnets and thick heeled high heels.
At a complete loss I managed a weak sounding, “Sooo what’s up?” instantly feeling a complete moron.
The women stopped fighting over the stuffed lion and looked at me. Rebecca hugged the lion to her chest, her head tilted to lean on it and Jamie played with her lip and swayed her hips from side to side. Both looked exactly like girls rather than grown women.
“Hey Daddy…” Rebecca said in her childlike voice.
“Hey Big Daddy…” Jamie said in a damn good impression of a childlike voice.
I sat bolt upright. “Uhhh hey…” I said uncertainly.
“Jamie wants to take my lion away!” Rebecca pouted.
“Really!? I bought you the fucking thing…” Jamie said folding her arms under her breasts.
“Okay.” I said totally and truly confused. “Well,” I started, “Princess, you did buy it…for her.” I said the last part a bit quicker then I might have liked to but there it was.
Jamie looked crestfallen. She made a bratty face and stomped her foot. That really amused the fuck out of me. Rebecca seemed satisfied she had won. Yeah that just wouldn’t do.
“Of course,” I said leaning forward and resting my elbows on my knees, “Rebecca honey, you should be able to share with your…” There was no word that came to mind so I searched for the only thing that made sense, “sister?”
Both girls exchanged a look that seemed almost choreographed and together they went to either side of me and sat down. I couldn’t place it, but my pulse had quickened and I was certain that I was starting to sweat. Jamie stroked the hair on my right arm and Rebecca hugged my left arm resting her head on my shoulder.
“So she’s my sister?” Rebecca asked coyly looking down.
I looked at Jamie who blinked innocently then back at Rebecca who looked up at me. “Well, uhhh I mean sure. I would say that. Sisterlike… sister wives even?” Yeah I was a regular wordsmith. The entire exchange was so odd and out of place it made me feel off balance and anyone who knows me, knows that I hate feeling off balance.
Jamie giggled at my discomfort. Fucking sadistic bitch. I had to hold back a smirk. “Are you two fucking with me?” I asked finally.
“No Daddy.” Rebecca said in her best little voice.
“No Big Daddy.” Jamie said in her best sultry voice. Her bangs were not in the ponytails and one of them hid her left eye making the entire look click even more.
“Okay so what’s going on?” I asked.
Rebecca sat up and slid off the sofa resting her head on my left knee. Jamie followed suit and rested her chin on my right knee. She put a hand on my upper thigh and made little circles with her finger.
Rebecca said “Well if Jamie is my sister, and you just said I should share my things with her. Maybe I should share you too.”
Well that was silly, we were already in a poly, I had Jamie and Rebecca had her Sir, “Well honey, you already do. I mean you’re my wife and she’s my girlfriend. What more is there to share?”
Jamie smiled that sinister grin she got sometimes which made the dimples on her cheeks go very deep. Rebecca nearly started laughing but maintained her composure. She looked up through her big eyelashes, “This.” she said pointing at the crotch of my jeans which were doing a bad job of hiding my growing erection.
“Oh.” I said flustered and more than a little surprised.
I looked at Jamie, “And you’re okay with this?”
“Don’t worry Big Daddy,” She said reaching up to my belt buckle, “we got everything in hand. Just relax.”
I swallowed audibly.
Rebecca got up and climbed onto the sofa. She rubbed my head and pressed her forehead to mine, “I wanna give this to you.” she whispered.
“Really?” I asked seriously. We’d joked but I never pushed this.
Rebecca nodded and kissed me fully. Her lips were small and soft and she rubbed her little hands through my hair. All the while I could feel Jamie undoing my belt and unbuttoning my pants but it was like an out of body experience. Was this genuinely happening. I was certain that I had to be sleeping. This had to be a dream. Fuck it, if it was I wanted to enjoy every moment of it.
“Honey…” Jamie said in her own way of telling me she was ready to pull my pants down. Rebecca and I stopped kissing for a moment. She nuzzled my neck and licked my ear. Nibbling on my neck the whole time. I lifted my hips off the sofa and slid pants and boxers town down to my knees where they were free of the sofa and Jamie pulled them down the rest of the way. Just then Rebecca bit my ear hard which sent a thrill of pain/pleasure down my spine and my cock twitched to life. It was already growing but that made it flex.
“Oh!” Jamie said sounding surprised, “Easy Big boy.”
Rebecca was watching as Jamie stroked my growing cock and helped it get more rigid. I was so stunned by all of this because Rebecca was not a voyeur. An exhibitionist sure but never a voyeur. In fact she’d always said how much she didn’t enjoy watching me with other women. Now, she reached down and lent her hand to Jamie’s and the vision of two separate and distinctly different hands belonging to two completely different people wrapped around my engorging cock made me swoon. Literally the world swam in front of my eyes. Instead of giving in to the sensation though, I released a heavy sigh.
“Do you like that baby?” Rebecca asked in my ear.
Speaking wasn’t really an option at that moment so I tried to nod and not make it look like my head was flopping on my shoulders.
“Would you like her to put her mouth around your Puerto Rican sausage?” That killed the moment for me and I had to hold back a laugh because it was always silly to be serious when I used the pseudo name for my cock. When Rebecca did it, it just seemed even more ridiculous.
Jamie rolled her eyes and raised her eyebrows, “Really!?”
Rebecca laughed, “That’s what we call it…”
Jamie shook her head and lowered it to Johnny’s cock and took in the scent of him. She closed her eyes then and rubbed his cock on her face. Her lips slid over the shaft and her tongue slipped out a little. A drop of precum oozed out of the head and Jamie clutched his cock in her hand and held it out. Rebecca looked suddenly very interested.
“What have we here?” She asked no one in particular, “Can’t waste any of that.” She said leaning over and gently licking the drop off the swollen head of my cock. The dark color contrasting with her mouth was so fucking hot.
“Oh my God I think he’s getting harder.” Jamie announced.
“Relax baby,” Rebecca said, “We have plenty of time.”
She deep throat me then in one solid move all the way to where Jamie’s fingers held the base. Rebecca gagged but opened her mouth and stabbed her throat with my rock hard cock. She gasped and came up with glistening eyes.
“Tastes good sweety.” Rebecca said.
“Thanks.” Johnny said like an idiot.
Rebecca pouted, “I wasn’t talking to you.” She looked at Jamie, “Want a taste?”
Jamie nodded, “Yes please.” She leaned over as Rebecca grabbed his cock by the base and offered it to her sister. Jamie opened her mouth, a thread of saliva stretching across her mouth which oddly looked really fucking sexy at that moment. Her mouth wrapped around my cock and her tongue instantly started playing with it in her mouth. She ran the ridge of my head and then took it out to lick up and down the sides. Finally she flattened her tongue and ran it from the base of my cock all the way to the top before stroking it more.
I exhaled deeply. Didn’t even realize that I was holding my breath the entire time. “So why am I the only one who’s undressed?” I asked eyeing the two girls in their little tiny skirts.
Jamie looked up from her work, “You want us to get naked?”
This time it was my turn to say “Really!?” Jamie smiled her Cheshire grin, “Fuck yeah I do!”
Jamie and Rebecca both laughed and got up so they stood in the center of the living room. First Rebecca untied her shirt and pulled it off. Jamie clutched her tits through her bra and squeezed. To which Rebecca closed her eyes and moaned softly. Turning on Jamie, Rebecca untied her shirt and then they did the most amazing thing.
They kissed. Not like a little peck but a full blown four alarm red hot kiss. Their hands wondered all over one another and I was floored. it was such the cliche yet still as fucking hot as if it were the first time I had seen two girls kiss. I was blown away.
“I think Mikey likes it.” Jamie said and I realized they were still pressed together but looking at me now.
I cleared my throat and put an arm over the back of the sofa, “As you were.”
Rebecca didn’t need anymore coaxing she grabbed Jamie’s head and again started kissing her. Both women reached behind one another and unclasped their bras which made their enormous tits erupt forth from their lingerie cages. Jamie worked feverishly to get under Rebecca’s skirt while Rebecca moved to Jamie’s exposed tits. She sucked on Jamie’s nipples with complete abandon. At one point a little too hard becaue Jamie made a pained expression.
“Easy piranha girl.” Jamie blurted, “Oop!” She caught herself and looked at me with an embarrassed expression. Rebecca laughed and together they were amused. Jamie spun Rebecca around then and bent her over revealing her ass to me. She lifted the skirt which barely covered any of Rebecca’s ample ass and she rubbed both cheeks and slapped each in turn. Then she put her thumbs under the elastic of Rebecca’s panties and kneeling down beside her slowly pulled the panties down revealing Rebecca’s other pouty lips.
I began stroking my own cock but Jamie saw me out of the corner of her eye and slapped my hand away, “No.” She said.
I held in a chuckle of derision.
“Not nice.” She said then she licked Rebecca’s right ass cheek from bottom to top while running her nails deeply down the other.. Rebecca turned around then and knelt behind Jamie who leaned her head back while Rebecca kissed her neck and reached around to clutch her tits. Jamie put her hands over Rebecca’s and I could see she was relishing the sensations. Then Rebecca’s little hand crept over the back of Jamie’s head and without warning she shoved Jamie forward toward my cock.
Jamie made a poutty sound of discontent for the rough treatment but let it slide. Instead she moved as directed and took my cock into her mouth without her hands. She slowly worked my cock so it was in deeply and moving her head from side to side she could tell I was rigid as I was going to get. Still she continued to work my cock even more.
Behind her, Rebecca was rubbing Jamie’s bare back and she winked at me and smiled. She mouthed the words “I love you.” to me. I mouthed them back. I watched in one small space Jamie sucking my cock like it was the best thing she had ever experienced and Rebecca lifted Jamie’s skirt and placing her own thumbs beneath the elastic, she pulled them down. Jamie shifted to let Rebecca remove them entirely and once added to the growing pile of clothing nearby Rebecca kissed Jamie’s ass.
My head was swimming. Everything was on sensory overload. I couldn’t have told you which end was up and which was down. Rebecca ran her teeth over the tops of Jamie’s ass and then disappeared. A second later Jamie’s eyes opened and made a startled sound followed by a cock muffled groan. Jamie redoubled her efforts and began sucking me harder. She stopped sucking for a moment and just stroked while she bit her other hand holding back the ecstasy she was in.
At last she breathed deeply as Rebecca got up and licked her lips. She moved up beside Jamie who looked up at her with a dreamy expression. Jamie practically lunged at Rebecca’s face and the two of them began kissing violently. Each one trying to take in the other. Finally Jamie got up and straightened her hair before running toward the kitchen. Rebecca turned toward me and grabbed my cock. She put it in her mouth and deep throat me several times before gasping for air. Then she did it again.
I could have died right then and been perfectly content and happy.
When Jamie came back she had the Wanachi in hand and that damn sinister grin of hers. She knelt down behind Rebecca and before she knew what had happened Rebecca suddenly stopped, “Aaaaaaaaahhhh!” She said her cheeks getting flushed. I leaned forward and took her head in my hands. I wanted to see her expression.
“You like that don’t you?” Jamie asked. Rebecca nodded. Jamie reached over Rebecca’s back and grabbed her by the throat. Rebecca gasped. “Answer me when I talk to you bitch!”
My eyes grew wide I was stunned. This had gone from one of my biggest fantasies to the best scene I was ever witness to.
“Y-y-yes–” Rebecca gasped.
“Yes what?” Jamie demanded.
“Y-y-yes I l-l-like it! Oh fuck!” Rebecca bit her lower lip and began throwing her body back onto whatever Jamie was doing with the Wanachi.
“Good girl…” Jamie said soothingly as she pet Rebecca’s head.
“Please. Don’t. Stop.” Rebecca said as her body shook. Then she opened her mouth in a silent scream and trembled from head to toe. “Fuck I’m cumming…aaaaaAAAAAHHHH!!!”
Jamie tossed the Wanachi aside and put her head on the small of Rebecca’s back . Her left arm rubbed Rebecca’s side and her left hand reached underneath and began fondling Rebecca’s tits. “Lay down honey.” Jamie said.
Rebecca nodded and sat down then lay so her legs faced me. Jamie reached over and stroked my cock. “How are you Big Daddy? Enjoying trhe show?” I nodded dumbly. All rational thought had left a while ago. Jamie shoved her fingers in my mouth, “Taste your wife on my fingers lover.” I complied and licked the salty slightly musky taste off her fingers. It was sensational.
Then Jamie leaned into my ear and whispered, “Do you want to fuck me?” I nodded. “I want your big fucking cock in my cunt right now. And while you do that… I’m going to go down on your wife.” I was still nodding, “Would you like that? Would you like to fuck your girlfriend while she goes down on your wife?” It was all I could do not to look like a bobble head.
Jamie turned around arching her back so her ass stuck out and slowly she lowered herself to the floor and looking over her shoulder she wiggled her ass in my direction. Then she turned toward Rebecca who was partially recovering from her last orgasm. Rebecca’s eyes flew open and she started panting.
Meanwhile I took hold of Jamie’s plum ass. Opening her cheeks I pointed my steel hard cock toward her wet slit and ran it up and down the sexy crease. Her fat pussy was plump and ripe as the best fruit. I pushed the head of my cock against her asshole and she whined cutely. Then I slid it down and pushed into her wet pussy. It slid home solidly. She groaned but never stopped eating Rebecca’s pussy.
Her pussy convulsed around my cock locking it in place. Then I slowly pulled it out and her body moved to resist me. She wanted me in there and she started throwing her ass toward me to help make that happen. Together, the three of us moved like a frenetic machine building to something. I could feel my cock throbbing for release but I had to hold it back as long as I could. Jamie reached back with both hands and held her ass cheeks open for me which made me realize that meant she was holding herself up by her face in Rebecca’s pussy!
“Holy fuck!” I blurted.
Rebecca clutched her head and shook from side to side. “Oh God God God GOD DAMMIT!!!” She bucked her hips and Jamie released her ass and held herself up as Rebecca obviously came a second time.
“Okay that’s just not fair!” Jamie blurted and caught herself looking faux abashed.
This time it was my turn to take charge. I pulled out of Jamie which evinced another whine from her but this time I knew just what to do. I went to bedroom and got Jamie’s raspberry out. It was a cute butt plug that vibrated and did naughty things to Jamie.
When I got back Jamie was rubbing Rebecca’s tits with her own. “Lean over her head.” I said pointing. Jamie moved so her hips were over Rebecca’s head. I put my cock in front of Jamie’s face which she didn’t waste time putting in her mouth. She licked and sucked her own pussy juice and that was so fucking hot. I leaned over and stuck a finger deep in Jamie’s wet cunt. My hand came back dripping and I wiped it onto Jamie’s asshole got more and this time fingered her ass with it. Then I took the raspberry and dipped into her pussy for a moment. Slowly I inserted it into her ass. She was neither expecting nor ready and she tried to pull away which only choked her on my now throbbing cock and made me smile. I turned the vibrator on and suddenly Jamie let out a low keening moan that was more a growl of animalistic pleasure. I pulled away from Jamie then and knelt down to whisper in Rebecca’s ear.
“Eat her out baby.” Rebecca nodded wearily but grabbed Jamie’s hips and pulled her down onto her face. Jamie winced from the pain/pleasure and moved between Rebecca’s legs and without mercy drove my solid cock into her. She screamed a bit but I slammed it home. Putting my legs on the sofa I used the leverage to pivot my hips even more. Rebecca was screaming in Jamie’s pussy. Jamie was gasping from being eaten out and having the plug doing it’s job.
Together we moved again like a fucking locomotive. The sexual energy in the room should have shattered the windows it was so strong. I could feel it moving in and out of each of us and blending together into an energy eight ball. My balls began to ache in need of release.
“I’m going to cum!” I said and Jamie nodded herself really fast as she bit her finger. She super quiet which meant she must have been close. I reached up and slid two fingers into her pussy and started playing with her G-spot while Rebecca sucked and licked on her clit. With a groan she her head snapped up.
I felt it build and when I couldn’t hold it back anymore I roared just as Jamie began to buck and together we came and the world exploded awash in white. Every nerve exploded in my body and I clenched my eyes shut…
“Honey.” I opened my eyes and was sitting on the sofa as before. The tv was on the guide channel and Jamie sitting beside me leaning over. Rebecca was gathering a bag to go out for the night.
She looked over and smiled. “Hey you’re up. You were assed out when we got here. Well I got her a while ago to get some stuff for the weekend.”
“I just got here a minute ago. You okay?” Jamie asked.
I looked from Rebecca to Jamie, “Yeah I’m great. Crazy dreams though. Uh okay lemme give you a hug.” I got up still feeling very much like everything had happened but knowing differently. Rebecca gave me a hug then hugged Jamie. She went to the door.
Jamie got up to go to the kitchen and something fell out of her pocket.
As I picked it up I heard Rebecca say before the door closed, “Bye sis.”
It was an emerald green ribbon.