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Welcome back, to the ongoing adventures of Lauren and Daniel. This is the fifth chapter and I don't think it's possible to enjoy and understand it without the full back story anymore. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourselves with the characters and their little bon mots from the earlier entries in the series.
Long-time readers will be aware of the acronyms and nicknames that the characters use. Just in case, Lauren jokingly calls Daniel the RSB (Rampant Sex Beast) and BFG (Big Friendly Giant) interchangeably. Just silly, but real too I think. In my experience, we all love to have a secret little language that's just for us.
Everyone grows up a little in this chapter, their futures beginning to crystallise — not too much, it wouldn't be me if we raced ahead more than two days at a time; would it?
Everyone is over 18 and very much consenting to what they're doing.
I hope you enjoy this one, writing it was particularly fun for me.
I woke up, yawned loudly and stretched luxuriously. I am definitely not a morning person but today, in this fantastic hotel suite I couldn't stay in bed one minute longer. We hadn't closed the curtains last night and the golden morning sun was streaming in. The view across Hyde Park was idyllic, the silvery dew on the grass just beginning to evaporate under the burnished rays of sunlight.
I slipped two fingers between my legs, feeling a delightful tenderness there. Even my most ardent sessions with my vibrator hadn't come close to what my brother had done to me over the previous couple of days.
Oh, it's Lauren by the way, Dani had all sorts of boring banking and lawyering stuff to do that Monday, so he gave me his password and told me to keep you all up to date.
I sat up and looked at the big lump lying beside me. For such a monster he looked amazingly peaceful in sleep, curled up like a little boy, snoring gently. I love him more than I can adequately express in words. Just know that if I had to choose between losing him or donating my eyes to Kim Jong Un, the fat little Korean cunt better be bloody grateful!
I took the opportunity to get a good look at his willie in the daylight. It's so different when it's all soft. I hadn't had a chance to see it like this for the last couple of days now, my fault I suppose. It's a tiny little thing, no more threatening than a baby bird. It gives me a great sense of power to know that it's so infatuated with me.
I've discovered that in the bedroom, what Willie says goes, so all I have to do is get him interested and the giant ravisher that he's attached to will do exactly what I want. When Willie says jump, Daniel's head hits the ceiling. And Willie does exactly what I tell him. Well mostly anyway.
He was resting on those big, plump balls that he's always hanging around with. They were more impressive looking than young William at that moment, although I had to remember to ask Dani if he could shave them a bit, I was still picking hairs out of my teeth from the night before.
Daniel's in reasonable shape, it's sometimes hard to tell because there's so fucking much of him, I never get to see all of him at once! He's too big to run safely and our parents weren't the sporty type so we never really got the exercise bug as kids.
I think swimming would be good for him, but he's only had some rudimentary lessons as a child and like most men he'd rather die than have to admit he needs help with something. I'll have to think of a way to motivate him.
Done! Easiest job ever, I'll just flash my gash and Willie will take care of the rest for me!
I slipped out of bed and did a pee, it wasn't nearly as interesting as Daniel's had been the other night, but boy was it ever enjoyable! Just a hair off an orgasm really, well a pre-Daniel orgasm anyway. The ones that he had given me had been pretty mind-blowing, to be honest, every single one of them. And the thing is he just hands them out like sweeties on Halloween, he doesn't expect anything in return. Well, maybe a baby or two, but not much really.
I suddenly wondered why I was sitting here wasting time when the Cuddle Monster was right there waiting for me to jump on him. I flushed the loo and ran back to the bed, leaping at Daniel from about five feet away.
The big fucker was awake! He caught me in mid-air, just wrapping me up in his enormous arms, rolling over and pinning me tight to his chest, his fake Barry White voice rumbling:
"Good morning little girl, I hope you remember what the safe word is because you're definitely going to need it this morning. Bahahaha…"
"Briggs & Rossi at 7:30am sharp," I giggled. I loved feeling so helpless for that split second as he held me tight and then he released me and I felt a palpable sense of loss. "Why so early?" I wondered. "Do lawyers charge less in the mornings?"
"No, the deal is with Panasonic in Japan, we have to finalise it by teleconference and it's the end of the day there. Fuck, I'd nearly tell them to keep the money if I could spend the day here with you instead, but it is probably just about worth going, on balance." He kissed me then, so tenderly, so beautifully. I felt like that little kid who fell into the gorilla enclosure in Cincinnati. Everyone thought he would be torn to bits but the huge gorilla was so gentle. So was mine.
Can you cum from just kissing? I can. Just did. Nothing earth-shattering of course, but pretty damn good all the same. Regretfully I pushed him back off me, saying:
"I'd like nothing better, baby. But five billion quid is five billion quid after all. It would be a shame to miss out, don't you think? Even for a chance at this!" I rolled away and gave him the sexiest pose I could muster. He pushed me off the bed laughing. The thick carpet broke my fall, I was giggling too.
"Don't tease me little one, I am the RSB after all."
"My arse, you'll always be the BFG to me and don't you forget it. Now get in that shower or you'll be the one needing the sodding safe word." I reached over and pinched his bum as he got up before I scooted back across the bed to safety. He was still laughing when I heard the shower come on.
I called down for room service, fruit and cereal for me, half a pig and a trough full of coffee for Captain Caveman. I started snorting so hard the girl on the phone sounded worried. I'd just had a mental image of Dani with me and Miri last night, remembering that the real captain always had several pretty girls with him. I guess you had to be there.
I straightened up the room a bit, wondering how the hell my panties had ended up all the
way up there? I had no clean ones so I would be commando until I got home. I slipped them into Daniel's trouser pocket, hoping they would make an appearance at the most inopportune moment. Of course, knowing the Japanese, they might take it as a compliment.
Dani appeared, drying off with a towel, young Willie wide awake now that things had warmed up. I flicked him gently as I walked past asking:
"Were you playing with your little toy in the shower?"
"No, the tiny human-sized bottle of body wash ran out after I just did my legs and I wanted to make sure he was nice and clean, so I just gave him a couple of extra rubs for luck. The fucker's developed a hair-trigger lately, no idea why," Dani said from under his towel.
"We'll have to work on that, wouldn't want to have an accident would we?" I smirked, starting up the shower again.
When I came out breakfast had arrived and looked amazing. Well, what was left of it did anyway. Dani was hoovering up great handfuls of bacon, eggs and toast, washing it down with huge slurps of coffee.
"If mother could see you now," I said, meaning to berate him for his appalling table manners. "She'd wonder why you're standing there like a stripper waiting for a tip, probably," he replied. "We've got to check out in ten minutes. Come on."
I grabbed a piece of bacon and chewed it as I slipped on my skirt, bra and blouse. My hair was still wet, I wish I had a hat to wear or maybe even some sort of disguise.
Oh well, peoples' eyes seemed to be drawn to Daniel when we're together, it's so unfair. I mean he's not that big! He doesn't have his own postcode or anything. Finally, we were ready to go.
The front desk had arranged us a taxicab each. Dani gave me an address where we were to meet later to celebrate, saying I should dress up nice. He told me to bring Miri. I agreed, kissing him chastely and wishing him luck, as he strode out into the sunlight.
Back at home, Miri was singing in the kitchen, "oh girls just wanna get fucked."
"Hey, that's my song bitch,' I cried out as we hugged. She looked radiant, better than she had in weeks. I asked what had her in such high spirits.
"Well, Shawn will be here tomorrow. Do you know he was planning to hit on you when he was over? I told him about Dani, I mean actually told him, the truth; I hope that's ok," she said in a rush.
"Of course, we trust you, but maybe draw a line under it at Shawn if you can," I said. "Wait a minute; you've known about Shawn coming for weeks, there's something else, come on, spill!"
"You know that film, Zack and Miri Make a Porno? Well, now I really have, with you two kinky bastards! I accidentally had my phone recording last night," she giggled, face reddening.
"Accidentally my hole, that was your plan all along, let's see!" I grabbed her phone off the kitchen table. I knew her passcode so I got straight into the recorded videos.
"No, I'm naked in it," she squealed trying to grab it back.
"You saw bits of me doing things last night that I've never even seen, fair's fair," I said, sending the video to Dani's phone. Giggling, I imagined him accidentally start playing it somewhere super awkward! "Don't worry Miri, I decided not to watch it. I'll see it with Dani tonight; I just sent it to him!"
I tried to hand her phone back but Miri wasn't interested. She went crazy, hitting me on the arms, whilst teaching me several wonderful new ways to combine old swear words. It was most enlightening!
I hugged her, apologising, and agreed we wouldn't watch it without her permission. I texted Dani a message to that effect and showed it to her.
I loved her really. Until Dani came along I was beginning to wonder if I was developing a girl crush or something. Now I knew I loved her like a sister; the proper kind mind!
We enjoyed a cup of tea and I asked if she was free after three to celebrate with Dani and me. She said yes and asked where we were going and I told her the address.
"That sounds familiar," she said, 'where is it?"
"I don't know, I assumed it was a restaurant or something," I replied.
She searched on her phone for a moment, then looked up aghast.
"Fuck me, Lauren, you know where that is? It's been all over the news. The two houses that were done up by the Saudi royal family? They're side by side, all glass and stuff. The people had to leave due to that sex scandal thing? Well, that's the address. They're being auctioned off today; Daniel must be going to buy one!"
"No way, they're expecting them to reach £40million! And he's just bought me a new bed…" I was a bit stunned.
"Maybe he just wants to go and feel rich, rub shoulders with the city bigwigs," Miri said.
"That's just it though, that's where he is right now, getting the upfront payment on his deal. It's more than £5 billion. It didn't seem real until now. Fucking hell!"
"Fucking hell is right," cried Miri, "we only have five hours to get ready! Hurry the fuck up girl!"
We worked feverishly to get each other spruced up and still managed to turn up late! It didn't help that at 11:30 the Hypnos installers arrived with the bed, together with the people from Harrod's. 'Who's directing this farce?' I thought, but the show must go on darlings.
By 3pm Dani had texted me about twenty times asking where we were. I just kept blaming the poor taxi driver.
One house was already sold when we got there, someone at the door said it had gone for £57million. Miri and I gawked at each other; the amount just absolutely insane. We said we were guests of Daniel Banks and we were given the red-carpet treatment, whisked up in the elevator to the top floor.
It was a stunning space, glass roof and walls, bright, diffuse light came in from everywhere and there were uninterrupted views for miles in every direction. I was completely in love with it, but this was the house that had already been sold. Apparently, it was the slightly smaller one. I wondered if the other one, next door was even nicer.
There were tons of people crammed into the big open space, it was getting very warm.
Dani hugged us and straight away I knew the extra half hour of prep time had been worth it. He was breathing noticeably faster already. Good, it was important to remind him who… didn't wear the panties in our relationship.
Speaking of that, I leaned in and asked him:
"Did you find my little gift this morning darling?"
"Yes, you filthy minx!" Dani said. "I was all hot and sweaty, a bit like this actually and I felt them in my pocket and just assumed they were a hanky. By the time I realised, I'd mopped my brow with them. I think I got away with it, but the older Japanese guy on the video link definitely saw. He was a lot more talkative for the second half of the meeting though, turned out he was the big boss, so thanks!
"You don't mind me doing this? Buying a home for us? I heard you and Miri talking when they were on the news the other night and you both seemed to love the video they showed of the place. I couldn't help myself.
"I know we're not married but I do want to include you in things; this just had to be a bit of a surprise though."
I had thought about teasing him with some mock outrage about this, but it was clear that he was being completely candid about what he was doing. I couldn't punish him for that. It was his money and it's not as if he was buying some tumbledown wreck — this place was spectacular.
"Shut up you tit!" I said. "I'm a twenty-year-old girl, swept up in a crazy fantasy life. Just eating pizza with you is enough for me. This is fantastic, but it's just you and me that matters in the end. As long as you include me in the important stuff like furniture and décor!"
"Thank fuck for that, I'm shit at all that stuff. I love you, by the way, Lauren Banks. Not sure if I've mentioned it," he said, sweaty face reddening further. I patted his arm. He was a good boy really!
Miri and I played it cool as if it was just a fun day out but as the bidding started, it was clear that Dani really was in the running. There were auction people on phones and laptops but ultimately it came down to two people in the room, Dani and a statuesque black lady. She looked about forty, tall, slim and beautiful, exactly how billionaires are meant to look.
Dani looked sweaty and flustered. At one point he turned to us and asked for our advice! Miri jokingly blurted out:
"Don't go a penny over… £87million!" She'd just picked a number out of the air. We were just loving the excitement, but we didn't really have a clue what was going on. The amounts were so staggering, that we lost track. It didn't matter, the atmosphere was electric, like opening night at a big West End performance.
Finally, the black lady shook her head when the auctioneer asked if she wanted to bid again. Three times he asked the room and then with no further offers his gavel came down and he said "Sold, to Mr Banks for £87,000,000.01
"Fucking amateur! Homes Under the Hammer, rule number one, stick to your budget!" Miri and I said in unison, laughing uncontrollably, hugging and dancing beside Dani. He had to go and do some paperwork as the crowd dispersed. Miri and I drank champagne and walked around the house, having a good nosy round.
"This is the most beautiful home I've ever seen. Look at that view! My god Lauren, he bought the other one for you. He bought it! Can I come and stay? I'll be good. I promise." Miri was off the scale with excitement, I was more shocked, I think.
As we came to the end of the tour, Miri spun round, hands clasped under her chin, saying:
"I'd have ten kids if I lived in a place like this."
"Me too honey, me too!" I whispered under my breath, stunned to learn that I meant every word!
Dani appeared, shaking hands with the auctioneer and we all walked to the front door. He said:
"Ours is next door Lauren, wanna have a quick look?"
I just nodded dumbly, not trusting myself to speak. As we stood on the steps outside Dani turned to Miri.
"Oh, I nearly forgot about this Luv," he said, tossing her something shiny. She caught the flashing, silver object and stared at it. A bunch of keys.
"I got this one for you before you arrived. I hope you like it! It's not a pink unicorn but I thought it might be a bit more practical."
She literally cannoned into him, crying, laughing, even hiccupping, all at once. Snot and tears flying everywhere. Fuck me, five hours of makeup and hair ruined in five seconds! Mine wasn't much better though as I joined in the group hug.
"Oh Daniel, that's the most wonderful thing I've ever heard of, thank you. But I can't afford to live here. I can barely afford to live in Camden Town!"
Daniel looked at her, I could almost see her heart breaking, as her dream was snatched away. Then the great big dummy pulled it out of the fire… as usual. Bloody gorgeous, perfect, and a great big show off too!
He said, "I haven't actually put it in your name Miri, I'm granting you and your family a 999-year lease. It's still my property so I'll pay all the bills but you get to live here rent-free. If you agree to be my personal private secretary, I'll pay you £1million per year as well. What do you think?"
"I think we should have the threesome right here, right now on these steps!" Miri squealed. That was all she could manage before she was crying again, silly girl. I've had to guess some of this because it seems I was crying a bit too, silly girl!
We took a tour of our new home next door. Like Miri's, it had eight floors, including a massive swimming pool in the basement. Swimming lessons would be my first act as the lady of this house, the lummox was going to learn his place, megabucks house-buying bribes or nay.
The decor was very modern, very muted, whites, creams etc. There was stunning hidden lighting throughout and a minimalist vibe that I secretly adored. I know my bedroom is a disaster area, but I just never had the room. Now I did.
The kitchen would have suited a hotel. The cinema… well, you get the picture. It was pretty nice!
At five o'clock we headed back outside, all completely shell-shocked. A beautiful young woman was waiting by the kerb, standing beside a futuristic-looking big black car. Daniel nodded to the slutty bitch with her long blonde hair and cute little uniform.
"This is Andrea," he said, "she's one of our three drivers. Drew and Neville are collecting their cars today but when we move in here they'll be based with us and be available 24/7. They have security training and will provide protection, just in case.
"Daniel, that sounds lovely, but I think I need to go home and just curl up with a nice glass of wine and a pizza or my head will literally melt," I said. Miri nodded and Daniel looked relieved that he could agree.
Andrea whisked us across town in near silence. I'd never been in an electric car before; it was all very swish.
As we climbed wearily up the stairs to, I guess, the 'old' flat now, it looked like we were coming in at 6am, not 6pm!
Miri squeaked from behind us staring at her phone. "Shawn is in Atlanta. He has a layover there but should still be landing at Heathrow tomorrow morning. I can't wait to tell him everything that's happened," she cried with obvious excitement.

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