Sister and brother in law

Hello again, do u still remember us Amit and Amrita? Ok now you know us and our friends. Our friends too have their own exp. With other friends & relatives of their. They asked us to write it and published it too. Kanti and Kavita had their first game with us and also second game with James and Jolly friends of us too. Their third game was with Kavita’s sister Madhu and brother in law Vinod.

Now, in the words of Kavita. My sister Madhu is elder to me by almost 10 years. But from childhood only we are very frank to each others in all matter including sex and our marriage life. She guided me before my first M.C. and, helps me out in many such ladies problem. Even after my marriage we had good chatting habit of our hubbies and our sex life too. She lives in other town far from ours so, when ever we meet mostly every 3/4 months at my parents house or we visit their town and vice versa, we give ours minute’s detail. After our first game with amit and amrita we had detailed talk on our game with Madhu. She was surprised to know that I was so obese in sex talk and then also we had game with other couple. She also informed me that her husband also talked to her for some changed but she was refusing and ignoring him. Madhu and her husband were regularly watching all adult movies including hard core too. They both too have fantasies about same. After our first talk on our game, Madhu and I planed surprised for our husband. So we planned joint tour to some hill station. After confirmation from our hubby we booked one small bungalow for 2 days.

Hill station was near our town so we reached first there and as per my and Madhu’s plan I have arrange for all type of stuff, like beer, hard drink, adult VCD and books. This game was not known to my husband too. As soon as Madhu and Vinod arrived we warmly welcomed them and offered them with chilled beer. Both of our hubbies were surprised as usually we advise not to have beer. After 2 mugs of beer v told both of our hubbies that we are in other room you can watch TV/VCD, and call us if they require more beer. One of them started TV but reception was not good so they try to search VCD disk if they can find any good English movie. But to their surprise they found xxx movies from collection. Seeing on each other faces surprisingly they loaded one of the disks in VCD player, and started viewing movie. I have kept selected XXX movies so I know which one they have loaded. It was of story of two couples playing games, and almost same plan we were going to play. My sister Madhu and my self changed our normal dress to some with sexy look one and waited for few mts. For time to enter sitting room were our hubbies were viewing movies. In a movie one couple was planning for sex and at same time other couple friend of their entered and after few chat they started disrobing their own wife in front of other couple. And this point Madhu and I entered in room and stand on each side of TV with stylish look.

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Both of our hubbies were surprised to see us like this, they stood up and again watched on each other faces and came to us. Kanti came near me and Vinod near Madhu, but before they were near us we swapped places and caught hand of our each brother in law and pull them with us on sofa set. We let them sat on sofa set and started disrobing their shirts and started kissing them on their faces, lips & also on their nipples. Both of them were free zed and dummied for few seconds. We informed our hubby that go ahead and enjoy it, at this point only they were unfreezes and came to live in action. Now they also started playing with their sister in law.

Slowly all four of us were in our birth suite and enjoying our foreplay on sofa set only and also watching movie in middle. First I had taken insensitive to have buried my brother in laws pennies in my pussy and then my sister followed the suite. As per our game we both sister were on top of both men, riding like horse rider on them. As my structure was small but with average body, my sister was having good height and body to a bit heavy. I can read from the face expression of my hubby who was enjoying with my sister that he was very much happy and satisfied as he loved big lady and body too. While my brother in law too was happy as for first time he was sleeping with other lady a part from his wife. After few mts. We changed our position to doggy, while other couple was still in same position. Here I was on my hands and legs in such a way that my hubby had a accessed to my nipple in his mouth and my brother in law was pumping in my pussy and also he was playing with nipples of his wife. This continued for few mts. And again all four had changed our positions. As my brother in law was bit heavy and strong enough he stud up on his leg and picked me up and we started in standing position where I wrapped my legs around his back was jumping up and down, while my sister slept on border of table and my hubby was pumping her in standing position. Here my sister bend up side little and started sucking nipple of my hubby. With in few mts my hubby came inside my sister and both of them have their organism at same time, while we lasted for 2/3 mts more.

In a recovery stage my sister wrapped her hand around my hubbies head and pressed it on her upper assets, while my brother in law wrapped his hand around on my head on his chest. We were in same position for more than hour. As our bungalow was in remote area and no servants were there we got up cleaned all meshed we have done and went to kitchen for preparing lunch for ourselves. We both sister were preparing food and our hubbies were helping us in table setup. We all four were still in our birth suite. When ever we cross other we touch and press other’s body and pvts. Too. As soon as food was ready we had our lunch with wine and then went for little rest in same bedroom on one double bed in nude only. After an hour or so I felt tickling on my pussy. I was waked up and found that Vinod was licking my pussy with his tongue. While kanti was licking and sucking Madhu nipples. We all started foreplay again and had our sex game in different positions. After that we all had a bath together and dressed with fresh clothed and went out side for site seeing and dinner. Were we all four had small drink first before dinner. It was a great evening for all four of us.

Again at night we all slept in same room on same bed and had one more game with our own hubby. Which was more enjoyable then our daily routine. We stayed there for one more day there and had 3 more different games with each other and on third day early in the morning we left for our home from hill station. So friends, how did you like our games with our brother in law? Is it a law full to have a game with our relatives? Did we have done any thing wrong? We need your comments both positive and negative if any. You also can try same with your close relative and have fun and enjoy life. Do reply to us on [email protected]. This is id of amit and amrita, as we do not have our email ids.