Sister, Brother, and a Pee Fetish

tagIncest/TabooSister, Brother, and a Pee Fetish

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.
Amy grabbed me and pulled me aside. "What's the big deal?"
"You're my sister and he's a creep."
"Says who?"
"Says Jennie. Y'know, his ex? And she should know."
Amy went to look for Jennie. The noise of the party pulsed in my beer-fuddled brain. A few minutes later Amy was back. She hugged me and said: "Bullet dodged. I just caught up with Jennie. Don't ask… So fuck him. He's not getting any tonight."
"Was he gonna?"
She grinned, "Maybe!"
Amy snuggled in beside me. She was swaying to the music and her hip rubbed mine. I put my arm around her, she put her hand on my chest and snuggled, and yet again – for what, the hundredth time? – I cursed my misfortune that the one girl in the world I desired most was my own sister. Now, in her short tight pink party dress, I wanted her even more. She's a head height shorter than me, medium-length light brown hair, the cleavage between her 34C's visible above the vee of her dress. Her pale blue eyes are burned into my memory. So is the shape of her round, taut butt, the curves of her hips, the 'kiss-me' pout of her lips.
I saw her naked once when she dropped her towel at our beach cabin. I masturbated three times in an hour, she turns me on so much.
She announced: "I need to piss."
"So, go."
"I'm not lining up for twenty minutes. Stand watch beside the shed."
"Um, OK. Sure."
Here we go again, I thought. She's so comfortable with me that she often takes a wee near me. And I so desperately wanted to see her do it. Maybe she knew…
We were only a few steps away from the gap between the shed and the fence. Amy wriggled her dress up over her hips as she backed into the gap. I looked at her pale pink panties, wishing… Fuck! She didn't hesitate. She pulled them down and squatted, one hand lifting them up and out of the way as a long stream emerged, strengthened, and splashed on the gravel almost at my feet.
"Jesus I needed that. Um, Dave? You wanna look away?"
I did. I stood there, hardon making a tent, nothing I could do about it because I was holding both our beers. My brain burned with the image. Amy's pussy, open and gushing, absolutely hairless. Shiny-smooth. Pink asshole. I could still hear the hiss and splash in the gravel.
Then she was beside me, taking back her beer. She pressed something into my hand, held it closed as she whispered over the party: "Thought you might like these."
I glanced at the bundle, it was pale pink, fabric. My sister's panties! She was grinning like she always does when she's teasing me, only this…
"I, um, may have got them a little wet. Check for me?"
I was a robot. Without thinking I brought them to my nose, smelt, then unrolled them with my free hand. Sure enough they were musty and damp.
"Thought so. Damn! Can't wear them now. Keep them for me, I don't have pockets." Oh, man! That teasing grin!
I spent the next twenty minutes sitting to hide my hardon. I sipped my beer, occasionally touching the panties in my pocket, and replayed the five second memory of Amy pissing hard over and over in my head.
Amy danced with a girlfriend, then came and sat on my lap, a little sweaty. She knew I was hard and made sure her naked pussy was right where my knob was. I pretended we were just chatting, but I needed answers. She could have gone inside and got fresh underwear, but she didn't. She whispered her answers in my ear: "I saw what it did to you. In your pants. You deserved a reward for warning me off about Tom."
"Yeah, OK, but…"
"And now I need to pee again. Coming?"
I gulped. She stood and grabbed my hand, led me towards the house. I wished everybody would just go home, leave us alone. I followed her up the back steps, through the hall, into her bedroom. Hers was the one with the private bathroom. Apart from the kitchen and toilet, the house was out of bounds – our friends knew and wouldn't violate the rule.
In that private space, everything was of her. The feminine paraphernalia, the clothes, the smells… She sat me on the bed.
"OK little brother. Tell me what you want to see."
"Are you drunk, Amy?"
"No. Not much. You wanna see my pussy, right?"
"Jesus. Um…"
"Fuck, Amy!"
"Wanna watch me piss. Again? Huh?""
"Amy this is too… Um…"
"Shit. Sorry…"
She sat beside me. "Fuck, Dave. Sorry. Um, I guess I was getting to like Tom too much and I'm upset. Did I come on a bit strong?"
"Creepy strong. Yeah."
She laughed. "Sorry. I, er…"
We sat in awkward silence. Amy held my hand. My mind tried to work out where to from here. After all, Amy had invited me to her room to watch her pee – I didn't know if she still planned to do that – and I had followed her. So… I'd tipped my hand. No pretending about why we'd sneaked off… I went for gold.
"Amy. Ames? Are we going back to the party, or…?"
She faced me. Our faces were inches apart. I saw a little smile. "Or…?"
I smiled back. "I still wanna watch you pee!" I couldn't believe my boldness. I gulped drily. You don't un-say stuff like that to your sister. She hadn't slapped me yet, so… "Were you really gonna do it?"
She stood, straddled my thighs, edged right up close so my face was in her cleavage. I remembered she wore no panties. Her pussy must be gaping open, right above my cock.
"It's our house, your bedroom is across the hall, as is your change of clothes."
"Shit, you gonna piss on me?"
"I'm hot as hell just thinking about it. Can I?"
"Only if I can see it all." I meant her pussy, as she peed, but I got a bonus when she quickly pulled her dress over her head and her tits bounced into my face.
"Oh shit, Amy. I might come in my pants. You're so hot."
"Get it out and show me."
So there I was, sitting on the very edge of my sister's bed, my erect cock pointing up at her open pussy tantalisingly just inches above. My eyes went from her tits across her stomach to her pussy and back again as I slowly jerked off.
"I can't pee now."
"Come closer."
"What? No, we can't… you're my brother…"
Her hips said otherwise. Slowly, gently, her pussy lips touched my knob. Both of us flinched and gasped. She was slick and smooth. I pushed up slightly, she recoiled. "No, Dave. We can't."
"Tell me you don't want to."
She was silent. I put my hands over her hips and eased her lower. My knob was inside, she rocked up and down on it.
"No, Dave. Oh god. No!"
She said 'no' just as she fell and took me deep inside her hot cunt, all the way, and pulled my head to her tits. I licked, bit, sucked, pressed up with my hips. She ground slowly, gasping.
"Jesus. I can't believe I'm fucking my brother." I was grateful for the cheering and music outside to drown her out.
"Amy, I won't last…"
"Don't then. I'm almost… Ummhh. Oooh shit! Dave… DAVE!"
She sat down hard, I felt her pussy gripping, and watched her tits jerk in time with her hips. My sister came on my cock just a minute after she got it in her, and I was fast approaching my own release. She was lost in hers as mine erupted, thick and strong, up into my sister's womb, spurting and twitching to throw my incest right inside her. I didn't care, nor did she, we just fucked each other's orgasm through until we both finished.
Amy pulled my head from her tits, smiling. "If you knew how long I've wanted your cock inside me, little brother…"
"You should have said. I've been dying to fuck you for ages."
"And it seems we have found a little secret about each other. I like to pee and you like to watch."
"Come with me."
She took me by the hand and sat me on her bathroom chair, then straddled me again. Her heat returned as she moaned and slid her slick pussy over my cock once more.
So. Imagine. Look at my pussy." I did. "Your cock is in my pussy. If I just lift a little, take the pressure off…"
A spurt, then a dribble. I still had half my cock inside my sister as she tried to pee on me. Suddenly her little hole opened and a hot jet hit the base of my cock. The hiss seemed to drown out the party, for just a few seconds, and she was done. I dragged her down on the tiles, got on top, and pushed in again. She opened her thighs wide, let me fuck and slap her belly with mine. I was grunting, I knew, the thought that we were fucking in a puddle of her piss made it more exciting still.
"Yes, Dave. this is what you wanted. Your sister's piss, then her pussy. C'mon, little brother. Fuck me."
I kept a steady pace for four or five minutes, then the tingling and tension started. Amy sensed it. She bucked back firmly, shuddered in a little orgasm of her own, her pussy now squishy with our combined juices. At the last, I pulled out and scooted up. She grabbed my shaft and jacked, squeezing my balls gently. I propped myself on my arms, and watched as my jizz splashed out onto my sister's tits, ropes of white cum tracing lines from her chin to under her nipples.
I was drained and collapsed beside her. I vaguely realised I was laying in her piss as well.
"Jesus, Amy. What a mess. When did you get so dirty?"
"Always have been, as if you didn't know."
Memories, old and new came back. She was right. She was gorgeous, yes, but she'd always been a bit dirty. I was going to explore just how dirty she could be.
It wasn't long before we both giggled at our boldness. There was a party at our house, we'd soon be missed, yet here we were laying on my sister's bathroom floor, still in a puddle of her piss, my cum shiny on her tits. Our breathing was still deeper than normal, and I felt a new burning in my cock. My pubes were still wet from her piss, and I was ready to give her some back. I knelt between her legs, which she opened wide as if by reflex, then held my cock in aim, and looked into her eyes for permission. She bit her bottom lip and nodded.
Still half-erect, with some clear cum dangling from the end, my cock twitched and shot a short stream that landed on her thigh. Another hit her pubic mound. Amy propped herself on her arms to watch, and I managed to relax enough to let go fully. My pale yellow stream hit her left nipple, splashed all over the place, then her right nipple. Amy opened her cunt in signal. I stopped my stream, got closer, and put my cock right on her clit. The noise of my piss hosing her clit was so loud I wondered if we could be heard even above the party. Amy ooohed, giggled, and opened her pussy more. With my knob just inside, I filled her womb with pee, saw it gushing back out, watched her tummy and amazing tits jiggle as she laughed at our game.
As the last of it slowed and stopped, we looked at the enormous puddle on the floorboards and laughed.
I sneaked across the hall, brought extra towels back, then went to shower and change.
Back at the party, Amy followed me a few minutes later. She'd changed into jeans and a tee shirt. When someone asked, she gave them the cover story that she and I had play-wrestled and got a drink spilt on us. Everybody knew us, it was entirely plausible. Amy enjoyed her party, I enjoyed mine, and it faded as things do until the last friends left in a taxi.
I had my arm around Amy's waist as we waved them off. Through her smile, she said: "Thank god. I'm busting to piss!"
"Oooh, nice! I'm looking forward to it."
"Who said you were invited?"
We had turned back to the door now. As soon as it closed I grabbed her and tickled: "I invited myself."
"Fuck off! Oh, not fair! Jeez, no… Stop! Stoppp or I'll pee myself!"
It was no use. I knew all her ticklish spots and I'm strong enough to hold her. She stopped struggling, I held her firmly, and she turned so we were face to face. She pushed my chest gently, saying: "Get down."
I sat on the floor, just inside the front door. Amy turned to face away, put one foot each side of my thighs, and undid her jeans. She teased them and her panties down, wiggling her butt, until they were at her knees.
"Looking, sport? At my pussy? Just watch…"
The seconds passed. I looked intently at my sister's glistening pink pussy and tiny asshole, less than two feet from my face, pain in my groin increasing as my cock throbbed. Amy stood slightly bent, keeping still, concentrating on her needs. She exploded piss onto my chest, hot and straight, splashing my chin, drenching my shirt, slowly soaking my jeans until I could feel it wetting around my aching cock.
It was too much. I jumped up so fast that Amy was left emptying the rest of her bladder noisily on the floor tiles while I wrenched my jeans down and plunged my cock inside her.
"Oh, nnngh. Dave! Shit. That's the hardest cock…I… ever… Mmmngh."
It was true, I was like iron in those moments, so hard it almost hurt. But Amy had her hands on the wall for steadiness while I pushed in as far as I could, so far that my pubic bone was squishing her pussy lips apart. I held it there, lost in the fog of lust that overcame me, for some little while until I needed to empty my balls, urgently, fully. My thighs began slapping hers, she held firm and let me fuck her desperately, pulling her onto me with my hands on her hips, watching my shiny meat emerge and disappear so fast that my thighs trembled at the effort.
Her piss dripped from my shirt onto her ass cheeks. I watched it run around her butt as I fucked, saw it drip to the puddle on the floor, and I fucked. I heard her moaning, and fucked. Felt myself grunting from my soul, and fucked. Maybe it was two minutes, maybe three, but when it came over me I swear I lost consciousness. I thought I could actually hear my jizz spurting inside her, knew nothing but the sensation of cumming and the feel of my sister's pussy gripping, welcoming me into her farthest depths, and I wondered if the pulsing would ever stop as I threw my incest into her, wanton and desperate, impossibly orgasmic.
I slowly came back from wherever I'd risen to, thighs trembling and chest thumping, increasingly becoming aware that the astonishing creature in whose depths I'd buried my cock, my own sister, was gently pushing her hips back at me. She sensed when I was with her again, and said: "I think my little brother liked that. Huh?"
"Oh shit Amy. Jesus girl. So good."
"No, don't take it out. Stay there…"
She pressed slowly, gently. We enjoyed this sublime intimacy, brother and sister, for a few minutes without speaking. Amy's ass rotated a little, still I stayed hard inside her impossibly warm, wet glove. As it continued, I became aware that she was pulling at one nipple while the other hand was on the wall in front of her, and I noticed the slight 'thwap' of her thighs against mine – wet from piss, pussy juice and cum – and heard her breathing getting deeper.
I was drained, but just as my sister had let me fuck her selfishly, I now supplied the cock for her to build her own satisfaction. I only hoped I wouldn't let her down. Fearing a deflating cock, I began to match her gentle pace and pressure, and reached under her t-shirt, pushed her bra up and over the orbs, and began tweaking her nipples.
It had the desired effect: Amy's hand held mine in place, and she fucked me a little more urgently, moaning through gasps, rising to panting. She was whispering something that I didn't fully hear, something about loving fucking her own brother. I was surprised when her thighs trembled in a little orgasm. She tensed her cunny walls, I felt more wetness and heat, then she bucked against me again. This time I joined in fully, still almost fully hard, and was rewarded with a deep groan as she pressed back and trembled quite strongly. Still she wasn't done. I thought maybe I had another ejaculation in me yet, and kept up the pace.
"Oh Dave. Ummm, that's good. I'm gonna cum again. MMmmnngh. C-cumming, Dave!"
Her third was a carbon-copy of the second. Her trembles seemed to come from her soul, through her tummy and thighs, to concentrate in the hot, wet flesh of her cunt, where I now, impossibly, felt my cock jerk furiously three or four times. Utterly spent, I collapsed on her back and my cock fell out of her to rest wetly against her thigh.
Amy turned to me and pulled my face to hers, our tongues lost in each other's mouths, breathing into each other's faces, and she said: "For the rest of my life, little brother, as long as I have breath you have someone who wants to fuck you."
I smiled. She smiled back, then her face took on a quizzical look as she realised what I was doing.
Trapped between our stomachs, my pussy-wet cock added to the stickiness by emptying my pee onto her. I laughed as it splattered onto the tiles, and she said: "You're a dirty little bugger, bro!"
"Hate it?"
"Fuck no. Just saying though – beware if you fall asleep any time soon. I might piss on you."
She kissed me again. "Yeah. Promise."
I thought she'd been joking, about pissing on me while I slept. I fell into a deep sleep that night, exhausted after the late party and totally satisfied with my sexual liaison with Amy, my sister. I had vivid dreams, too. Amy's tits, her smile, the blush of her cheeks when she cums, her tiny rose-coloured asshole… Mostly, though, it was the smooth slit, the pink inner folds, and the sheer allure of her pussy. A lot of what I dreamed involved Amy pissing, for me to watch, on me, with me. Emerging from the fog of sleep, in that zone between dream and consciousness, I realised that dreams aren't wet-warm and don't have sound. In other words, the naked creature straddling me and pissing on my crotch was my sister, and she was really doing it. She giggled which made her stream shake and falter, but she didn't stop even when I was shocked into wakefulness.
I lunged and grabbed her, giggling and struggling, then pulled her down on my bed, face down, with me on top of her.
She was still giggling despite the soaking mattress staining her nightshirt. I pulled it up to exposed her butt, grabbed my morning wood and told her she was going to get it. She giggled as I entered her, laughing at her own boldness, and we fucked slowly with her pushing her ass back at my stomach while I pressed my weight on her back, submissive, yet totally in control.
She is Amy, my sister, and we will always belong to each other.

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