Sister in Law Backseat Pt. 05

tagIncest/TabooSister in Law Backseat Pt. 05

Chapter 5
When I learned that Jenny, my wife's 19 year old younger sister was moving in with us when their father moved to the other side of the country I was both ecstatic and terrified. I was 40 years old, more than twice her age, but we had been having a secret affair for months at that point. The last time I had seen her in person I had fucked her ass in her bedroom while my wife, Kristen, and the rest of the family were downstairs.
I could not help myself. Jenny was hot. She had nice full breasts, a great ass, curly hair and a tight young body. She teased me and seduced me despite my protests until finally I was a willing participant in the situation.
I could not imagine being able to keep my hands off the young girl. I had resigned myself to that. She wanted me and I wanted her. The problem was the risk. We had already been insanely reckless. The ass fuck was the least of it. The first time had been in the backseat of a car, her jerking me off with my wife in the front. We did not have a track record of being careful.
It took a few weeks for everything to get arranged, for my father in law to complete the sale of his house and move and for Jenny's things to be delivered to my place. In that time Jenny and I had no opportunity to meet in person but she did continue to send me photos and videos and we continued to chat on the phone. I was in a near constant state of arousal, thinking of her arrival.
The day finally came and when my wife and I heard her sister dive up to our house I hurried out to meet her and get her stuff. Kristen seemed amused at my rush and followed behind me a few paces back.
Jenny got out of her car and, seeing her sister, restrained herself from being inappropriate. She gave me a brief, but chaste hug and kissed me lightly on my cheek. She was wearing a white button up shirt, sleeves rolled up to her elbows and a short skirt.
"Thanks for this, Mark," she said loud enough for my wife to hear. Then whispered in my ear, "I'll thank you properly later, daddy."
Just hearing her call me daddy made me instantly hard. I grabbed her bag, the last of her stuff she was bringing with her and held it in front of my crotch to hide my arousal.
Jenny went and hugged and kissed my wife as well, thanking her too.
"It's ok, Jenny," Kristen said. "We are happy to have you. And wait until you see your room! Mark's been working on it all week!"
Jenny looked back at me.
"Oh," she said. "Will you show me my room?"
"Of course he will," Kristen said. "He'll even carry your stuff down there for you, won't you Mark?"
I pretended to be annoyed at this and began carrying her bag down the stairs that were just inside the door.
I actually had been working hard to get the room ready. Originally Kristen had said that we would simply put Jenny up in the spare room on the second floor down the hall from us. At first I had loved the idea of Jenny being so close but I had second thoughts. If I was going to secretly fuck the girl, and I had every intention of doing just that, as often as I could, I did not want any chance of us being heard.
Instead I argued that a young woman like Jenny would want more privacy. I worked hard and quickly to build a bedroom in our basement. With the third bathroom being down there it was almost a little apartment. I also argued that when Jenny left, if we wanted a bit more money we could build a little kitchen and then we could rent it out as a one bedroom apartment. Kelsey saw the logic in all of this and agreed.
The fact that the area beside the new room was where I had a TV and my gaming setup was, for me, a bonus. I had plenty of reason to hang out down there.
Kristen said that she wanted to start supper. She was making a welcome meal for her sister. She told me to take Jenny down and show her her space. I happily complied and the two of us hurried down.
As soon as we got into the bedroom I tossed her bag onto her bed and she threw herself into my arms. I caught her and held her up, kissing her passionately for a few minutes before we broke the kiss.
"I've been wanting to kiss you for weeks, Daddy," she said.
"Me too, baby," I said.
My hard cock was pressed against her sex and as I held her, my hands holding her up by her round ass, she was grinding herself against me.
I stepped forward and dropped her on the bed and climbed up between her legs, pushing the skirt up to reveal black lace panties.
"Do you have time to fuck me, Daddy?" She asked biting her lower lip, eyes begging me.
"Oh fuck," I groaned as I pressed my fingers agaonst her sex, pushing the fabric between the lips of her pussy, feeling the heat there. "I wish we did but I don't think so. Kristen will wonder what we are doing down here."
She pushed herself against my fingers and pouted.
"Well, kiss me again at least," she demanded and I couldn't resist and moved forward to lay atop of her and kissed her again.
Her hand went between us and she gripped my cock through my jeans.
"Oh I love your cock," she said and I felt her undo the button and unzip my jeans. She had clever hands, that was for sure. She reached inside and pulled out my fully hard cock. My 7.5 inch, thick cock filled her hand as she stroked it.
I moaned quietly as her soft hand pulled on me, rubbing the swollen head against her lace clad pussy.
"Just for a second," she whined and used my cock to push her panties to the side and rub the head between her lips and over her clit. "I need you inside me, even if only for a second."
I was in no state to argue with her, my mind lost in the pleasures of her wet sex rubbing against my throbbing manhood. She shifted herself and I felt my cock push between her lips and into her canal, as she wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me into her.
She groaned with pleasure as I filled her, her already soaking cunt ready for me.
"I was rubbing myself the whole drive over here thinking about this," she whispered in my ear. "Oh fuck I neeeed this."
I began to stroke in and out of her, kissing her, trailing them down her jawline and her neck. She was already moaning quietly and I was very happy that I had included sound dampening insulation in the ceiling when I built the room.
It was hard to measure time when I was lost to the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her, her hot pussy seeming to grip me as I fucked her. It could only, however, been a few minutes before I could hear Kelsey shout down the stairs that she wanted some help in the kitchen.
"Fuck," I groaned and pulled back, my cock sliding out of her. I rolled onto my back and my member lay against my stomach, hard as a rock and glistening with Jenny's juices.
"We'll be right there," Jenny called out her door. "He's just showing me how to work the TV down here!"
She looked at me exasperated. Her curly brown hair was slightly mussed and her clothing was a bit out of sorts but she didn't look too disheveled. She looked sadly at my cock.
"Oh I hate to leave you like that," she said. "And you are too messy. Let me take care of that."
She leaned over and, gripping me at the base and sucked my cock into her mouth, quickly sliding down it until her nose bumped my stomach, taking me into her throat. She slowly sucked her way up, inch by inch revealing me until the head came out of her mouth with a 'pop'!
"Later," she said. "I promise."
I groaned with frustration and quickly stuffed myself back into my pants. The two of us headed upstairs to help with supper.
The meal and the evening after felt long and excruciating. Every time Jenny and I's eyes met a spark of lust and sexual tension arced between us. My cock was never less than half hard and my balls ached with a need to release.
The conversation over the meal, a simple pasta dish, was normal, never hinting at the need that Jenny and I were feeling for one another.
We chatted about Jenny's school, food, TV shows. The boring and comfortable stuff that makes up talk around a table over dinner.
I was briefly afraid that Jenny was going to repeat the move she made the other night, when she stroked my cock with her foot under the table while surrounded by her family but she refrained. We did not use a tablecloth so it would have been insanity if she had tried but sometimes I did not trust her restraint.
After we ate Jenny volunteered to do the dishes.
"It's the least I can do," she said, gathering up the plates. "You guys are hosting me, made me supper. I can do the dishes. You have a dishwasher anyway so it's really only the big stuff."
"That's really nice of you, Jenny," Kristen said. "I hate cleaning up after supper so that's a relief actually. Mark, you should help her. Go dry and it will go faster. We should watch a movie after you guys are done."
Had misgivings but stood up to help clear the table and, after Jenny had filled the sink and started washing. Kristen went into the living room.
The way my house was set up there was the kitchen on one side of the house, with cupboards and counters running along the wall, a window looking out to the side yard above the sink. The counter turned and there was the stovetop and over and then turned again to form a wide breakfast bar/ counter that separated the kitchen from the dining area. A wide, doorless opening led to the foyer and across from it was a matching one that led to the living room.
So where Kelsey sat on the couch flicking through channels with the remote, she could look up and see right into the kitchen. She could see the upper parts of our bodies but we were hidden from her from the waist down.
Jenny and I stood at the sink, our backs to my wife, shoulder to shoulder. Jenny quickly washed the few dishes that didn't go in the dishwasher and I efficiently dried them and piled them to the side to put away.
Just standing this close to her had me aroused, remembering that about an hour ago I had had my cock completely buried in her young pussy. I watched her out of the corner of my eye, enjoying the view of her firm breast moving as she worked.
She finished washing the last pot and handed it to me but did not pull the plug to the sink. She glanced back over her shoulder and grinned when she saw that Kristen wasn't paying attention.
She dried her hands and then reached over and down, gripping my cock through my jeans and squeezed. I winced and groaned under my breath. My manhood was raging and needed attention from her.
She began to jerk me off, hand on the outside of my jeans, slowly sliding the material over the hard cock. I let my hand drop below the counter and pushed my fingers between her legs, under her skirt pressing the fabric of her panties between the lips of her pussy. It was already damp and she sighed quietly as I began to rub her.
I don't know how long we stood there like that, our backs to my wife, using our hands to quietly pleasure one another. I wanted nothing more than to spin her, push her face down on the counter, jam myself into her and fuck bet as hard as I could. I retained just enough presence of mind to avoid that, however.
After what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes Kristen called from the living room.
"Are you almost done? Let's watch a movie! Bring wine! Let's celebrate Jenny's arrival!"
"I'm not even close to being done," I muttered under my breath, pushing my finger against Jenny's hard clit. She giggled and shook her head, stepping away from me.
"Just finished," she answered her sister and walked into the living room. I groaned quietly and adjusted my bulge to hide it as best I could. I had a feeling that this was going to be a regular occurance.
I grabbed a bottle of wine and three glasses and headed into the living room.
Kristen chose the movie we would watch. It was some kind of romantic comedy, something I would never choose for myself but I was fine with it.
When I walked into the living room the two sisters were sitting on either end of our couch. I for very obvious reasons, very much wanted to join them, but was concerned for other very obvious reasons. Jenny's eyes danced with mischievousness.
"Come sir between us," Kristen demanded, patting the couch beside her. "Bring on the wine!"
I saw possible problems with the seating arrangement but I had no choice to sit down between the two women. I settled in and Jenny grabbed the wine bottle and poured glasses for the three of us. I noticed that her an my glasses were filled normally but Kristen's looked pretty full.
The movie started predictably and progressed in much the same way. Girl meets guy. They don't get along. Then they do. Then they don't. And on and on. Honestly, I was having trouble paying any attention to the movie at all.
Beside me Jenny had leaned back, giving me an amazing view of her chest, the nipples standing out hard pushing at the fabric. I couldn't help stealing glances. The way she smirked I could tell she knew and was enjoying showing off. Her skirt had ridden up her thighs as well, showing me almost every inch of her smooth legs.
As the movie went on Jenny made sure to keep topping up our glasses of wine. She would splash a bit into my glass and hers and fill Kristen's almost to the brim. Before the first act was done we were on our second bottle, with my wife drinking most of it.
Kristen was having a great time, never noticing the glances I stole at her sister or the semi hard cock I had hidden in my jeans. She was laughing loudly at the feeble jokes in the film and, as we were finishing the second bottle she was slurring her words.
She seemed to think that we were all drinking like she was and was laughing about how silly we were being getting this drunk. Jenny and I, who had barely been drinking at all, chuckled to one another.
The movie was about two thirds finished when Jenny got up and opened a third bottle.
"Oh, no," Kristen said, her head lolling from side to side a bit. "I don't know if we should drink any more…"
"C'mon, sis," Jenny laughed. "It's a celebration! Let's have some fun!" When she said that last she made strong eye contact with me and smirked.
"Ah, what the hell," Kristen said. "Why not?"
"It's cold in here," Jenny said. "Why do you keep it so cold?"
She was not wrong. Kristen had this thing. In the summer she would turn the AC up so high that it was frigid in the house. Often I would have to wear sweaters in order to be comfortable. In the winter she kept it so warm that I wore tank tops and shorts.
"Just get a blanket," Kristen slurred. "Share it with us."
Jenny grinned and grabbed a blanket and brought it to the couch and, this time, after filling Kristen's glass once more, snuggled up against me and covered the three of us with a blanket.
Her left hand was above the blanket but the other one went straight to rest on my thigh. I could feel her breasts pressed against my shoulder. My cock sprang to attention but the blanket did a good job covering up the lump. I looked over at my wife but she didn't seem to notice. Her eyelids looked heavy and her head was nodding.
"This is much better," Jenny said, sliding her hand up my thigh, excruciatingly slowly towards my crotch. "Much cozier."
"Mmm," Kristen agreed and took a sip of her wine, almost spilling the glass when she set it down. "Ya. Cozy. Don' let me fall 'sleep," she muttered to me.
"Ok," I said. "I won't."
Under the blanket Jenny's hand had reached my hard cock and gripped it, ever so gently beginning to stroke it on the outside of my jeans. At that moment I wished I had been wearing sweatpants or something that would give her easier access.
My own hand slid under the blanket and between her thighs. I pushed upwards along the smooth skin to her crotch and I hooked the thin panties with my fingers, pulling them to the side, exposing her pussy under the blanket.
I could feel Jenny's fingers fiddling with the button of my jeans and, once she had opened them, popping the button fly one at a time until my cock popped out into her waiting hand.
I looked over at my wife and saw that her head had rolled back against the couch and she was now asleep. Usually when she was drunk she was a very heavy sleeper so I hoped she would stay under.
Still what her sister and I were doing was insane and dangerous but that only made me harder in her hand. Her fingers wrapped around me and began to stroke, sliding my foreskin back and forth over my swollen purple head, pre-cum smearing across it.
I slid my finger between her lips, stroking the ultra soft skin there, from her vagina to her clit, the wetness coating the tip of my finger before rubbing the nub making her moan quietly.
"Shhh," I hissed as silently as I could, glancing at my wife. She still didn't seem to notice or rouse from her slumber.
Jenny gripped my cock harder and began to steadily pump it, my foreskin sliding back and forth over the swollen purple head, my pre-cum providing plenty of lubrication for the movements.
I pushed two fingers into my sister in law's already wet pussy, hooking them and stroking along the upper wall of her canal with each downward pull. Together we matched each other's movements.
Jenny's hand moved up along her torso, over her breast and she gripped her own hard nipple and began to pinch and tug at it. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted. Her breathing was speeding up.
My own breathing was heavier as the sensation of her soft young hand on my member sent shivers from the base of my cock into me. The combination of the feeling with the ridiculous risk we were taking was sending me close to my edge faster than normal.
Jenny moaned again, louder this time, and Kristen stirred beside us. We both froze for a moment, then my wife settled back into her sleep.
I leaned closer to Jenny, my mouth beside her ear and whispered, my voice badly more than breath against her lobe.
"I'm close."
"Me too," she whispered back. "Don't stop. Please don't stop, daddy."
My fingers sped up inside of her, stroking her quickly, my thumb pressed firmly against her hard clit, rubbing. Faint wet sounds of my digits slipping in and out of her sex were hidden by the sound of the movie playing. To me the room smelled of her sex.
The way she expertly stroked me, however, meant I could not stop. It felt too good. Too right, despite being so fucking wrong.
Her breathing sped up, sharp inhales through her nose as she clamped her mouth shut to stifle her sounds. Finally, her legs clamped around my hand, pinning it there between her legs, fingers deep inside of her. Her back arched as her muscles clenched, ass rising off of the couch, pushing my fingers deeper into her. She gasped several times before her breathing began to slow.
While she came on my hand, with her sister just feet away from her, her hand never left my cock, but it did stop stroking, just gripping me through her climax. Now that she was coming down she began to strike again.
"Tell me when," she whispered as her hand sped up. "Tell me when you are going to cum for me, daddy."
Her calling me daddy, being this close to my sleeping wife, it did not take long to push me to my very edge.
"Now," I said after a few more minutes. "Now."
I was not thinking clearly. I suppose I may have expected her to catch my cum in her hand, but honestly, at that moment, I was not thinking about the logistics of the situation.
Jenny had a plan, however. When I said that, she quickly but quietly slipped off of the couch and pushed the blanket back off of my lap. My hard cock stood proud and erect, throbbing in her hand. She moved between my thighs and quickly lowered her mouth to engulf me.
My eyes went wide and I looked over at my wife. Still asleep on the couch beside me. She looked very peaceful, innocent, even and I felt a deep pang of guilt. That was pushed from my mind however as my cock slid into Jenny's warm, wet mouth. She sucked me into her, tongue working the bottom of my shaft, taking me deep, until my cock head bumped her throat. She pulled back, sucking hard, if quietly, almost the full length of my shaft before pushing down again. She kept her pretty brown eyes locked on mine the entire time she sucked my to completion beside her sister.

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