Sister Sarah Ch. 19

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tagIncest/TabooSister Sarah Ch. 19

I awoke one particular morning with my cock snuggly nestled between my sister's plump cheeks, and a supple pair of breasts pressing into my back. It seems that Vanessa had snuck into our bed at some point during the night. As I lay there pondering how I got so lucky as to have these two gorgeous women in my bed, one being my sister, my cock began to stiffen. It grew and pressed between my sister's legs, and protruded in front of her, perfectly pressing against her pussy. I lay motionless, not wanting to wake the girls just yet. That, and I thoroughly enjoyed the heat from those bodies pressed against me.
Vanessa was the first to stir, and she slowly slid her hand up my arm and draped her arm over me as she reached for Sarah. I watched silently as she let her palm come to rest over my sister's breast. She breathed heavily into my back as she gently let her fingers toy with my sister's nipple. Vanessa pushed her breasts more firmly into my back as she scooted tightly against me, and kissed my shoulder. I stirred a bit, and pushed my penis up between my sister's pussy as Vanessa, obviously aroused, moved her hand from Sarah's breast, and pushed it between my sister and I. She reached my cock, and spread her fingers around it at the base, where it was against Sarah's firm ass.
"Put it in her," I heard Vanessa whisper. "Wake her up with your dick."
I grinned, and pulled back a bit. I scooted my body lower to allow me to be able to penetrate my sleeping sister. Sarah woke, and sharply inhaled as my cock entered her, slowly filling her gripping pussy. I held her by her waist as I pushed as deep into her body as I could, snaking my rigid penis deep into her hungry folds. Vanessa raised up and watched as Sarah turned her head to see me. I kissed her, and let my hands come up to hold her firm breasts as I kept my cock firmly planted inside her.
"Good morning, love," I said.
"Mmmm…good morning indeed," she replied as she wiggled her hips against me. "I love waking up with my brother's cock inside me."
I kissed her again, and felt Vanessa moving behind me. Without uncovering us, she climbed over me, and lay in front of my sister.
"Good morning to you, too," my sister said.
Vanessa just smiled and pecked Sarah on the lips. The two girls gazed into each other's eyes as I slowly withdrew, then pushed back into my sister's pussy. Vanessa squeezed Sarah's tits and watched the lust on her face as I slowly made love to her from behind. She leaned down and kissed Sarah's nipples, and I felt her pussy contract around my cock. As Vanessa sucked on my sister's delectable tits, Sarah came, her body tensing as she rode the wave. I felt her juices flow between her thighs as I spooned her.
Vanessa moved down Sarah's body, kissing it along the way. Sarah lifted her upper leg, and I penetrated her even deeper. Vanessa scooted down and lovingly licked Sarah's pussy as I kept thrusting into her. The sensation of her tongue against my cock as it moved in and out of my sister's pussy was intense, and I fought to hold back my orgasm. Sarah panted openly, and moaned loudly as her brother and her friend pleasured her body.
"Give it to Nessa," Sarah panted. "Cum in her today."
"Please, can I have it?" Vanessa begged as she kept her face close to where my appendage entered my sister.
I pulled out, and the girls scrambled to switch places. Vanessa lay on her back, her breasts heaving as she lay waiting to be filled. Sarah quickly moved to straddle her face. She placed her hands on her friend's breasts and lowered her dripping pussy to her mouth. Vanessa lapped hungrily at her pussy as I climbed between her legs, and thrust my cock into her waiting pussy. I immediately started fucking her wildly as I sucked on my sister's breasts. Vanessa moaned into my sister's pussy as I fucked her, and Sarah screamed loudly as her friend pushed her tongue deep into her pussy. She ground her crotch on her face as I fucked her firmly.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," I grunted as my balls tightened and my cock swelled.
Sarah smiled and nodded permission for me to dump my load in her friend. I was only able to thrust a few more times before I slammed my cock deep into Vanessa, and erupted. Vanessa's pussy gripped me hard as she came with me, milking my cock and accepting my cum deep in her body. My body jerked violently as I held myself as deep in Vanessa as I could, my cock continually depositing its load in her.
I rolled off, and collapsed beside Vanessa. She continued to lick my sister, and I lay watching. Sarah's perfect breasts heaved as she rode her friend's face. I saw her juices squirt onto Vanessa's breasts as she came. Her body trembled, and she gripped her own tits as her body was overwhelmed with pleasure.
She finally climbed off of Vanessa's face, and moved to loving lick my penis as it throbbed. She licked all over my crotch, cleaning up the juices and cum that remained. She gripped my cock tight in her fist, and licked it completely clean. Vanessa lay beside us, breathing in ragged breaths as she rubbed Sarah's cum into her breasts, and my cum into her moist folds.
"Thank you," Sarah told me as she moved to snuggle into me.
"Yes, thank you," Vanessa exclaimed as she snuggled into my other side.
"Girls, we have to get ready to go," I reminded them. "We have to go get Mom from the airport."
"That's right!" my sister shouted. "I'm so excited!"
Vanessa pondered for a moment, then asked, "Does she know about you two?"
I chuckled, remembering being caught fucking my sister in her driveway.
Sarah grinned and replied, "Of course she knows. She gave me her ring and her blessing to be married to my brother," she continued, showing Vanessa the diamond on her left hand.
"You guys are so lucky," Vanessa stated. "I never could have found the love you have for each other."
"Maybe you need to put yourself out there," Sarah said.
"Perhaps," Vanessa replied, "but I'm happy right now, so maybe someday…"
Her sentence trailed off, and a blank look came across her face as she thought about the life she has now.
I spoke up again and reminded the girls that we need to get going. "Mom gets in in about two hours," I told them. "It's about an hour drive to the airport, so we better get moving."
Reluctantly, my loving ladies groaned and climbed out of bed. I followed them, and we all went to our enormous bathroom to clean up and get ready to go. My cock finally softened some, but remained full and long as I watched the mirror to see my naked lovers cleaning themselves up.
"I guess we need to take clothes," Vanessa said.
Sarah replied, "I guess we should, but I'm not wearing anything unless I have to."
"I'm wearing warmup pants and a t-shirt. I should probably be decent so I can help Mom with her bags," I said. "You girls should bring jackets just in case something happens. It's pretty chilly out," I continued, glancing at my smartwatch to see the temperature.
"Can we get breakfast on the way?"
"Of course, baby, but we need to get going."
The girls scampered off to get jackets and clothes to put on in case they needed to dress for anything. When they joined me in the entryway, Sarah had on just a hoodie. Vanessa had put very little clothing on, still not 100% on the whole nudity situation in public. She blushed a bit when she saw my sister naked from the waist down, save for her sandals. She was dressed similar to me, sporting light-weight warmup pants and a thin t-shirt under her own hoodie. She was at least naked underneath, so that was something. I pushed the remote start button, and let the car warm up for a bit before we headed out. I opened my sister's door, and helped her inside before buckling her in.
"Such a gentleman," Vanessa giggled as she got into the back seat and watched me care for my sister.
I just grinned and gave my beautiful lover a quick kiss before getting in on the driver's side. I took my sister's hand in mine, and we headed down the drive on our way to the airport. As the car warmed, Sarah unzipped her hoodie, and left it open, just barely covering her perfect breasts. I watched them jiggle slightly as we rode over the bumps in the road. I checked the mirror, and noticed Vanessa silently watching the world go by as we drove. She, too, had unzipped, and I could just make out her nipples through her thin top. I smiled to myself, and continued down the road.
As we approached the highway, I spotted several fast-food joints, and asked the girls their pleasure.
"Something with sourdough," Vanessa said.
"Ooh, yeah, that sounds amazing," echoed Sarah.
I don't care much for Jack, but I knew they have a decent sourdough breakfast sandwich. I pulled in and ordered three. The girl in the window gasped and visibly jumped in shock as she saw my mostly naked sister sitting beside me. Finally, she returned to reality, and just smiled as she looked that perfect body up and down. Sarah had turned slightly, and in doing so, exposed most of her supple tits. You could just make out her areola as the hoodie clung to her stiff nipples. I glanced down and saw that she had spread her legs a bit, and the drive-through girl could just barely see her smoothly shaven pussy. I smiled to myself, loving how much my sister now liked people looking at her body.
The blushing girl handed me our food and drinks, still watching my sister. Sarah moved to take the bags and cups, and when she did, her breasts both became fully exposed. The girl blushed even brighter, and smiled as my sister made no attempt to cover herself. She simply handed out food, and acted as thought nothing was happening. I'm pretty sure the girl would have come with us given the chance, but as I pulled away, I told Sarah she was a tease. I was joking, of course. I loved her showing herself as much as she did, especially to other women.
We all ate ravenously, needing to recover strength from our morning sex. When finished, Sarah turned slightly in her seat, and the girls chatted about nothing in particular. I couldn't keep my eyes off of my sister, as she sat exposed to me. She sure knows how to keep me turned on with her amazing body. Vanessa had leaned forward, and was fully engrossed in their conversation. I just drove on, barely listening to them. I was more focused on my sister's nudity and the music the played in the background. There's a station here that plays Christmas music around the clock through Christmas, so I had tuned that in to get us all in the mood.
With the whole COVID mess, the airport was much less busy than I had seen it. It's been a long time since I had traveled for work, so I hadn't yet gotten to experience the decrease in people flying. That did make it a lot easier to find a place to park. I pulled into a spot, expecting to have some TSA guy rush me along. Turns out they're not doing that so much anymore since there isn't a lot of traffic.
"Is it okay my sister and friend stay with the car so I can pop in real quick and help my mom with her bags?"
"Yes, that's fine," he told me. "Just be fast."
I nodded and thanked the guy, the trotted inside to meet mom and help her with her bags. I spotted her right away, already having gathered her luggage from the belt. I hugged her, and took her bags, then headed back out to the car. As we walked out the terminal doors, Sarah saw us and jumped out of the car and ran to hug mom. Her body was still exposed as she threw her arms around our mom.
"Uh, miss? You better get back in the car," the TSA guy told Sarah.
"Oh…I'm sorry," Sarah replied, clearly having forgotten she was mostly naked.
I could hear Vanessa laughing from the car as she watched from the rolled-down window. Sarah just put her arm around mom, leaving herself exposed, and walked to the car with her. They climbed in, and immediately started chatting wildly as I loaded the car, then got in. The TSA agent smiled and shook his head as I waved to him as we drove away. All three of the females in the car were engaged in intense conversation. Talk was mostly of Vanessa moving in with us, and about all the girls had accomplished over the spring and summer. Mom mostly listened intently, paying no attention to the fact that her only daughter was mostly naked. She just sat smiling at the girls, and interacting when she was allowed. She did get to ask Vanessa how she liked living in the Midwest as opposed to Houston, and that started a whole new topic.
The chatter went on all the way home.
As we turned into our long driveway, Mom made comment about how deep in the country we are.
"Yes," I started. "There's 400 acres here, and we don't have any neighbors."
"That must be good, what with your lifestyle, right?"
"Mom!" Sarah exclaimed.
"What? I didn't say there was anything wrong with it. I just meant that it must be nice to have some privacy."
I remarked, "We don't really care about that part too much, but we do enjoy the seclusion."
Mom gasped as our house came into view.
"All of this?" She asked, shocked at the size of the house.
"Yep," I replied, "all of it."
"Wow…just wow," she said in awe, as her eyes scanned what she could make out of the property. "It's beautiful! The pictures you sent don't do it justice."
"I'm glad you like it," Sarah said as I pulled into the carport and parked.
Everyone got out but Sarah, who waited patiently for me to open her door as I do. I took her hand and helped her out as Mom and Vanessa watched nearby. Mom just smiled, having accepted the marriage of her son and daughter to each other. I smiled as I watched them all go inside while I gathered Mom's luggage and followed some distance behind. I put her things in one of the spare bedrooms, then went to tag along as the girls gave Mom the grand tour. Sarah was now completely naked, and was just in her element as she showed Mom the ins and outs of the house, and where things were. Vanessa had removed her hoodie, but hadn't yet disrobed. I think she was still reluctant to let Mom know she had adopted our lifestyle of being naked.
The tour wrapped up in the living room, and I started a fire in the fireplace as the ladies all sat chatting. I was amazed at how Mom appeared to be completely comfortable with her little girl being naked in front of her brother. Then, I recalled how she had caught us fucking in her driveway, so I'm pretty sure she was okay with the life was had built together.
"Honey, aren't you a little overdressed?" Mom said, gesturing slightly at Sarah, who sat beside her on the sofa.
I blushed a bit and replied, "I suppose, but I'm not about to strip in front of my mom."
As I looked at her, I noticed where my sister had gotten her features. Her breasts were bigger than Mom's, but Mom did have some nice tits and a toned body. I knew Sarah got her dimples from Dad. I couldn't help but imagine how Mom must look naked, but quickly shook it off. I went to our bedroom and undressed. When I returned, my enormous erection lead the way. Vanessa was the first to notice, and I saw her nipples stiffen immediately, and she chewed her bottom lip at the sight. Mom just laughed slightly when she noticed me, and I sat beside my sister.
"Better?" Mom asked.
"Much," I replied. "You sure you're okay with this?"
"Honey, you two just live your lives the way you do. Whatever you want to do is fine with me."
I smiled and put my arm around Sarah, who leaned into me.
"What about you, Vanessa?" Mom started. "How do you feel living with them like this?"
Sarah jumped in first. "Actually, mom, she's naked with us usually."
Mom reached over to Vanessa and touched her knee.
"Oh honey, you don't have to live differently just because of me," she told Vanessa.
Vanessa just blushed and replied, "Thank you, Mom. I'll join them in a little bit."
She was still a bit uneasy with it. She'd grown up with Sarah, and Mom knew her just like she knew Sarah and I. It was a shock to her realizing that her best friend's mom was perfectly fine with her children being naked, married, and having sex together. I knew she'd take her clothes off when she was comfortable, so Sarah and I silently agreed to not press her.
"Don't worry, Mom, she'll ease into it," Sarah stated. "Are you hungry? Can we get you something to eat?"
"Oh my yes," Mom said. "That'd be lovely."
"You guys stay here," Vanessa said. "I'll go make us something to eat. Steak okay?"
"That sounds perfect," mom said.
"I'll come help you, Vanessa," I said, getting up to join her.
Mom and Sarah continued chatting as Vanessa and I left for the kitchen. Sarah smiled at us as we walked away, knowing I'd be able to get Vanessa out of her clothes.
Vanessa started getting out pots and pans, and heating them for our meal. I got some steaks out, and put them on the counter.
"Thanks for helping," Vanessa said, smiling bashfully.
"It's no problem. Just letting those two catch up. They've always been really close."
"Believe me, I remember," Vanessa giggled.
As Vanessa started seasoning the steaks with salt and pepper, I walked up behind her. I let my throbbing penis touch her firm ass as I slid my hands up her thighs to her waist. She froze at my touch, and let me have my way with her. I gently grasped the hem of her t-shirt, and slowly lifted it. She raised her arms and let me take it off. I lay it on the island, and returned my hands to her body. I caressed her now naked breasts from behind, and ground my cock into her covered ass. With one hand, I slowly moved down her body and let it slip into her pants. I pushed them down slightly and let my fingers barely touch her pussy. She wiggled her hips against my cock as I slid her pants lower, and the tip drooled precum between her firm cheeks. I pressed between them further as her pants fell to her knees. She bent at the waist presenting her ass to me, and I pushed my tip hard against her puckered little hole. I nibbled on her shoulder and reached down to rub my cock up against her hole.
"Do you want it?" I whispered in here ear.
She could only nod as I pushed against her asshole. As I massaged her tits and gently tweaked her nipples, I kept applying more pressure to her unwilling ass. I finally felt her relax, so I pushed harder.
Mom and Sarah came into the kitchen just as Vanessa's butt started to swallow my penis. Mom gasped, and Sarah just smiled as they watched my thick cock disappear into Vanessa's ass. Vanessa couldn't do anything but stand there with her pants around her knees as I pushed my cock all the way into her bottom. Mom and Sarah both had their hands on their tits as they watched me violate Vanessa's butthole.
"Better now that you're naked, right?" I asked Vanessa as my cock slowly fucked her tight little butt.
She blushed brightly and chewed her bottom lip as she nodded, wrapped up the pleasure my cock gave her.
"We'll finish later, okay?" I asked her as I held her tight against me and withdrew my penis from her ass.
She leaned forward to recompose herself as I knelt to help her step the rest of the way out of her pants.
"I think she's okay being naked now," I told as I winked at Mom.
Mom could only watch as my slippery cock dripped its endless stream of precum.
"What do you do about that?" Mom asked, pointing at my drooling dick.
I smiled and said, "The girls usually clean it up."
I jumped, startled, as mom reached out and took my cock in her hand. Sarah watched with wide-open mouth as our mother let my precum pool in her hand. She grasped my rigid cock firmly, letting the precum work as lubricant as she slowly stroked it. Swiftly, she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. Sarah, still unable to say anything, stepped closer, and she and Vanessa watched as Mom sucked my cock. I never knew my mom could suck like that. Dad was a lucky guy.

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