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tagIncest/TabooSister Starts My Harem Ch. 05

Thank you for your comments. They've all been a big help. Please continue to share your thoughts. Also, thank you for your generous ratings. Writing fiction is still a heavy lift for me, and I hope to improve with each chapter. The encouragement is much appreciated.

Chapter 5
Jeannie, Taylor, and Andorra are at the spa with my mother. They won't be back until this evening, so I'm relaxing by the pool with Rocky and the twins until they return.
The hot afternoon sun feels terrific, soaking into my skin as I mentally digest everything that's happened over the past few days.
I'm toying with the idea of another nap when my phone dings.
It's a text message from my sister:
the twins think UR gay
Shauna just texted,
asked if UR gay
Why do they think I'm gay?
I told them I'm
wondering too 😉
lol, I'll deal with you later
U turned Sarah down yesterday
when she wanted to fuck you in the
shower and today she says they're
being total sluts and UR not biting
They asked RU gay or aren't
they sexy enough for U
I think they're hot.
You know I do.
then why RU playing
hard to get
I'm worn out, You two drained
my mojo this morning
I'm still recovering.
U better buck up
or you'll hurt their feelings
fuck 'em or at least
let 'em blow U or they
might get a complex
or lick some pussy. I bet
those two hotties taste sweet
time to take one for the
team, Jack
It's not that I don't want to
but you guys fucked me out.
poor baby, sounds like an
excellent chance to work
on that stamina
Last night, Taylor and I kissed Jeannie goodnight and headed to the pool house. I told her that I was exhausted from all the sex, so she pouted a little but didn't force the issue. We shared a few romantic kisses and fell into bed for some much-needed rest.
We slept, bodies entwined, sharing only a tiny bit of my giant bed. Periodically throughout the night, one of us would come half-awake and caress or nuzzle the other. It felt like sleeping with a longtime lover rather than someone I had only met a few days ago.
In the morning, I woke up alone with the sun streaming through the tall balcony windows. Icould hear the muffled sounds of Jeannie and Taylor talking and laughing coming from downstairs, but, Feeling blissfully relaxed, I decided to stay where I was until they came in to wake me.
I hear the patio door open and close, followed by footsteps on the stairs. So, I close my eyes to pretend that I'm asleep and wait for them to come into the room.
I hear someone enter, and I can sense them kneeling beside the bed. Soft lips brush against my ear, and In a sing-song voice, Taylor whispers:
"Wakey wakey hands off snakey."
I quickly jump up to wrap her in my arms, and she squeals in surprise as I roughly wrestle her back into bed. I start tickling her, and our playful wrestling soon turns into passionate kissing and caressing.
Our bodies rub together, and my cock quickly starts growing when she pushes me away, stopping our fun before it even begins.
"Hold on. Hold on, Jack," She says breathlessly. "Jeannie made me promise. No fooling around until she gets back. Vinnie's driving her to his favorite Italian bakery in Boca; she's picking up fresh-baked croissants for our breakfast. So you'll have to wait before ravaging me again.
"She suggested we have a nice hot soak in the bathtub while we're waiting. She dropped off coffee and some of the twins' special bath salts for us."
"Sounds good to me," I say. "You could use a bath. You're stinky."
"Look who's talkin'," she shoots back. "You're stinky too. I'll go fill the tub."
The master bathroom, like everything in the pool house, is spacious and luxurious. Everything is in shades of black and grey marble, and the fixtures are a tastefully muted golden color. There are two basins in front of ceiling height mirrors and a separate vanity area. The shower has enough room and showerheads for a pro basketball team, including the coach, and the jacuzzi bathtub could easily accommodate four or five people. The toilet and bidet share a small private closet of their own, which I visit first while Taylor fills the bath.
Taylor opens the jar Jeannie delivered and pours the colorful crystals into the hot water. The rising steam fills the room with a fresh summery scent, and she slips out of her robe to gingerly climb into the luxurious bath.
"Come on in, you're going to love this," Taylor says, sitting neck-deep in the cloudy pink water. "But don't get your head wet; the bath crystals aren't healthy for your hair or the sensitive skin on your face. And don't get any in your eyes. It'll sting."
I climb in, settle down neck-deep, and ask, "So, what does it do?"
"After we soak, your skin will be soft and the smoothest it's ever been," she explains. "It will also tingle and be super sensitive for a while. It's very sensual."
I relax, and the soothing hot water does make my skin tingle. Taylor tenderly shaves my face and then moves down to massage my feet while the water leeches away all of my cares. I'm happy to be pampered, especially after the many physical demands I've endured since returning home; all of this fucking is hard work. So, I close my eyes and enjoy the moment.
After a nice long hot soak and thorough foot massage, Jeannie returns and bends down to kiss us both.
"Feels good, doesn't it?" she says. "How long have you been marinating?"
"Almost an hour," Taylor replies. "I think that's long enough."
"Should be plenty," Jeannie assures her while undressing herself.
"Let's get in the shower and scrub him down, so we can get back in bed. We only have a couple of hours together before it's time to leave for the spa," Jeannie says while adjusting the temperature of the shower.
I climb out of the still-warm water, and the cool air gives me gooseflesh. The girls lead me to the shower, and I stand in the hot spray while they gently scrub my body with coarse sponges. It's invigorating.
Taylor was right; soaking in the bath salts has made my skin hypersensitive, and the gentle scrubbing is wickedly sensual. It feels like having your back scratched in just that perfect way, but all over your entire body. They don't neglect a single spot.
They finish scrubbing me, so the girls start soaping each other, and I lend an enthusiastic hand. We wash and play, making copious amounts of soapy lather. My now extra-sensitive penis begins to swell from the slippery rubbing and the sight of Jeannie and Taylor being so casually intimate.
Our sudsy group turns slightly, and the shower spray rinses the foam from the front of my body to expose my burgeoning erection.
My pubic hair is gone.
I do a double-take and spin around to rinse off more suds. Much to my surprise, I see that it's not only my pubic hair that's missing. It's all of it. All of the hair below my collar bone has disappeared.
I'm a hairy guy. There's a thatch of light blond fuzz covering most of my body. At least there was yesterday.
"OK, you two little sneaks, what gives?" I say, knowing they're behind this.
"What?" Jeannie plays dumb.
"We don't know what you're talking about," Says Taylor, smiling broadly.
"Sure, you don't," I say. "The twins' special bath salts is also a hair remover, right?"
"A really good one; it did an awesome job," Jeannie says, rubbing her hand across my hairless chest.
Taylor is staring wide-eyed at my hairless crotch. "Jesus, Jack. Without the hair, your dick looks even huge-er, errr giant-er, um more big," she stumbles for the right word. "Your cock looks enormous."
My cock does look pretty good without the hair. If I do say so myself. I feel like a porn star, but not in a sleazy way. Regardless, they pulled a fast one, and I won't let them off the hook too easily.
"So, you trick me? lie to me?" I say, pretending to be angry. "Yesterday, you both said that you want me to be in charge and that you'll honor any command that I give.
"How does lying to me fit in with that?"
Jeannie coyly says, "Well, we weren't lying. Not really."
"You removed all of my body hair without telling me. You tricked me," I say. "How is that 'not really' lying?"
"We weren't lying," She repeats, looking genuinely sorry. "We were fibbing."
"Please don't be angry at us," Taylor pleads. "Jeannie's right. We fibbed, but we didn't lie."
"This is something you two have cooked up together, isn't it?" I say, smiling. "Go ahead. I can't wait to hear this explanation. What's the difference between fibbing and lying?"
Once again, Jeannie puts on her schoolteacher hat and explains, "When you lie, It takes something from the other person. You've stolen the truth. And, that's not something you should do to someone that you love.
"When you fib, you do it to give something. You mislead only as part of doing something nice. It's like wrapping a present. You fib about the contents by wrapping it so that the other person can be surprised. It's to give them something nice, something unexpected, a pleasant surprise. That's why we call it fibbing instead of lying."
"If you tell us not to, we'll never fib to you again," she says. "But I hope that you don't do that."
"That would be boring. Please don't make us stop," Taylor says with a pout. "We'd never be able to throw a surprise party for you or play any fun practical jokes. That would stink."
"Relax, I'm not angry," I say. "It's just hair. It'll grow back. But I like your definitions for fib and lie."
"So, how's this sound?" I continue. "You can fib as much as you want, but you can never lie. And I'll do the same. I can think of a bunch of fun surprises and practical jokes for you two.
"Thank you, honey," Taylor says, giving me a wet and soapy hug.
"But there's a catch," I say. "One of you has to explain how turning me into a shaved ape is somehow giving me a pleasant surprise?"
Jeannie smiles and explains, "First, yesterday, when you went swimming to cool off."
"She means when you went to jerk off in the ocean," Taylor interjects.
"I didn't jerk off in the ocean," I say once again.
"OK," Jeannie continues. "When you were swimming. We girls came to a unanimous decision. We decided that you would look hotter without all of that fur."
"So, the first surprise isn't for you," Taylor says. "It's for the twins. When they come here later, they'll be surprised and turned-on when they see the new smooth and even sexier Jack."
"Second," Taylor continues for Jeannie. "Your surprise hasn't happened yet."
"Getting de-haired isn't the surprise?" I ask.
"Nope," Jeannie says. "You'll get your surprise in the bedroom. Making your whole body smooth and extra sensitive is only part of it."
"Then what are we waiting for?" I ask, "Let's get back in bed.
We quickly rinse off any remaining soap before heading into the bedroom.
I move to the middle of the bed while Taylor draws the blackout curtains leaving the room dark, except for the flickering candles Jeannie is lighting. Taylor turns on some smooth jazz, and Jeannie offers me a blindfold.
"What's this for?" I ask.
"We're going to have some fun," says Jeannie with a cute little smile.
Taylor crawls into bed beside me. "Now that we have you all smooth and extra sensitive," she says. "We're going to give you a kitten bath."
"OK, a kitten bath," I say a little warily. "I've never heard of that."
"It's something Jeannie invented," Taylor says. "Something wonderful."
Jeannie helps me with the blindfold as she explains, "Taylor and I take a bath together and soak away our body hair every week or so. Afterward, our skin is always soft, smooth, and super sensitive, just like yours is now."
Taylor interrupts, "So, one night, after our bath, Jeannie blindfolds me and licks every inch of my body. It was sexy-hot and thrilling. She called it a kitten bath because that's how a mama cat bathes her kittens; with her mouth and tongue. Now, we take turns being the kitten every time we use the bath salts."
"Today," Jeannie says. "It's your turn to be the kitten, and we're both going to be your mama pussy cats. You're going to love it, I promise."
"Surprise!" Taylor says. "What do you think of that?"
Only one response comes to mind. "Me…ow," I purr.
"No peeking, now," Jeannie says as she adjusts my blindfold. "Not knowing what's getting kissed next or which of us is licking where is half the fun."
I Lay back, and the girls shift around. One is near my head, the other is at my feet, and I can't tell which is who. They both start kissing and gently tonguing my already tingly skin.
The girl at my head spreads kisses over my face. When she reaches my lips, I try to join her in a more passionate open-mouthed kiss, but she denies me and quickly moves on. She works her soft lips and tongue under my chin, around my ears, and down my throat to my collarbone, not missing a single spot.
Girl number two starts at the soles of my feet. She draws her tongue in long strokes, starting at my heels, then across my ticklish arches, finishing with the pads of my toes. She repeats this several times on each foot. Then she kisses each toe sucking them into her mouth one at a time. She bobs, sucks, nibbles, and tickles the tips with her tongue like they're tiny little penises. I've never considered feet in a sexual way before, but I do now.
With the absence of sight, I focus on scent, sound, and touch. The fragrance of the candles, the soft jazz, and the gentle tongue caresses fill up my senses. I feel like I'm floating as they nibble and kiss all over my naked body.
Girl number one, now finished with my face and throat, pushes my arms above my head to access my armpits. She makes long strokes with her talented tongue against my newly hairless underarms, causing an involuntary shiver. Like the foot play, it's strangely titillating and not something I've ever considered in the past. I don't know if it's the stimulation or the taboo nature that makes it so sexy, but not knowing this doesn't make it any less arousing.
Girl number two bends my legs upward to access the backs of my knees and starts kissing and nipping at them with her teeth. It's another new sensation in an area that I never thought of as sexy. It's making my toes curl. And my dick grow.
My two lovers uncover sensitive spots and erogenous zones that I didn't know I had, and I encourage them with soft moans. They continue their silent ministrations and never reveal who is licking where.
After scouring my armpits with her tongue, girl number one moves to my nipples. It feels like an arousing yet muted tickle that connects nipples to my groin. They quickly harden, and I'm reminded of yesterday at the beach and the twins' special nipple cream.
Girl number two moves between my legs, carefully kissing her way up my sensitive inner thighs while her partner moves to swirl her tongue around inside my navel. It tickles, but in a sexy way, and, like my nipples, I feel a subtle connection between my bellybutton and my groin. It's new, kinky, and a tremendous turn-on.
I have one girl kissing just above my genitals and the other just below when they both shift their attention to my hairless balls. I feel their faces come together side-by-side as each girl takes one of my testicles into her mouth and gently sucks while caressing my scrotum with her tongue.
Their ball-sucking continues for an unknowable amount of time. Then one girl slides her open mouth along my stiff shaft toward my awaiting cockhead. The other pushes my knees up for better access and moves her mouth to that sensitive area right behind my balls.
"Oh, please," I beg. "Please, suck it. Suck my cock. I'm about to burst."
Without hesitation, a warm, velvety mouth engulfs my pulsing cockhead and starts gently sucking and licking swirls around the sensitive glans.
A breathless throaty moan comes from deep inside my chest, and I gasp, "Oh my God, yes. Please, yes."
Then, girl number two spreads my ass cheeks apart with her fingers and pushes her open suckling mouth onto my exposed asshole.
"Fuck! Christ! Holy fuck," the shout tears out of me, and my body stiffens in an involuntary spasm. "Oh, yes. Baby. Fuck, yes."
Nobody has ever kissed my asshole before, and this new sensation has me shaking.
She works her wet lips against the muscled ring and uses her tongue to lightly and quickly flick the sensitive center of my asshole. It's like a passionate kiss between lovers, and it's sending chills up my spine.
It feels like my cock has two heads, one at the front and another at the back. At one end, my lover's mouth is sucking, determined to make me cum. At the other end, my other lover's mouth is passionately kissing and tonguing my sensitive asshole.
"Oh, fuck. I'm cumming," I gasp.
Girl number one freezes and holds her head motionless as I unload into her hungry mouth. Girl number two pushes her pointed tongue into my tight asshole and moans against my clutching sphincter. I can feel her nose pressed hard against my prostate with every pulsing pump, and it feels like I'm cumming from both ends of my cock. I nearly blackout from the ferocious ejaculation.
My orgasm leaves me completely drained. My body relaxes, and I lay still while catching my breath. The girls move into our usual position, me in the middle with their heads on each of my shoulders. Taylor removes my blindfold, but I still don't know which girl was doing what.
"How did you like your first kitten bath?" Jeannie asks.
"I don't have words," I say with a sigh. "So, which one was which? Who was sucking and who was, well, you know?"
"Who was sucking your dick, and who was eating your ass?" Taylor says, being as direct as ever.
"Ya," I reply.
Jeannie looks me in the eyes and asks, "Does it matter?"
"No, I guess not," I say. "But, wow. Thank you both—my God. Let's make kitten baths a regular part of our personal-hygiene regimen."
"Cleanliness is next to godliness. That's what the good book says," Taylor quips, smacking her lips.
"So, I guess this means that you're OK with fibbing," Jeannie says with a wink.
My sister and Taylor are sensuality geniuses, and it makes me wonder where they've learned so much about sexual pleasure.
"How did you two learn all of this stuff?" I ask. "You must have had some pretty creative boyfriends."
Jeannie says, "I've had a few boyfriends, but none that you could call creative. And, they always turned out to be real jerks in the end."
"Once they found out about her submissive side, they used it to humiliate her," Taylor adds. "Total assholes."
"It made me realize that you're the only guy I can love. I owe them for that, I suppose," Jeannie says. "It sounds odd, but I can trust you to dominate me without humiliation. I know that you will give me what I need but never hurt me."
"How about you, Taylor?" I ask.
"I've had some boyfriends and some one-night hookups," She says. "Never anything serious. And, never more than an occasional blowjob. Before last night, I'd never even fucked a guy."
I'm surprised and shocked by this and ask, "I was your first? You were a virgin?"
"Yes," she answers before slowly adding. "Well. No, not exactly."

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