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Two years ago, my wife and her parents were hit by a large truck and died as a result. Leaving me with 2 small children 3 and 8 months old and I was leaving interstate from my family and only had my wife’s sister 27 to help me. She was 2 years younger than my wife and was working as a part time model and shop assistant. Anyway, she moved in to help with the children and we comforted each other for our lose. One evening after the children were in their beds, our comforting became sexual and continued getting more passionate as time passed. By the beginning of 2022 she was pregnant and so I took a transfer closer to my family and once back married my sister-in-law. She had our child in May last year and is again trying for another as soon as possible. She is a fulltime mother to our children, and we live next to my parents.

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