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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.
Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

"You know you don't have to be…such a virgin…"
Orrix gulped, the stoat-dragon hybrid shaking her head as she backed up against the wall, a bead of sweat dampening the fur of her brow. Her book had been set aside but that didn't seem all that much to dissuade her sister of sorts, even though they were not, technically, related in that way by blood. It was hard to keep track of relations in their family after so long, ties and bonds shifting and changing in a dynamic that was, even then, hard to keep up with.
"Oh, no…" She licked her lips, trying to stave off the advancing dragon, Fideal cocking her head as if she did not expect to be denied. "Why don't you go find, uh…Rihanna, or something? I'm sure they'll, er, be better at it than me…"
But Fideal was insistent and it was about time that her sister submitted to her, both of them adults and Orrix's body ripe for the taking – and yet never been taken. With blue scales reminiscent of her mother, the demoness of a dragon didn't know how to take no for an answer and, frankly, it was only due to the influence of her parents in their strange, twisted family that she had held back from taking Orrix for so long. Well, that and her sister had not consented to take her dick yet too, considering that the dragoness embodied both sexes equally. Still, she preferred to be referred to as female, despite her leanings both ways. It didn't matter too much to Fideal.
Orrix gulped, her paws clutched to her chest, but the dragoness' lips were on her throat before she realised what was happening. She shivered. The otter-dragon could not deny that it felt nice, her blue fur lifting slightly where her body tried to fluff up and dissipate a little more heat. She naturally insulated herself but her body was different to that of a normal otter due to the genetics of her father, who had been a dragon, skin itching and tingling with the need for something that she had taken care of with her paw so far. Of course, her sister was already naked for most of their family spent their time without clothes, the dragon's paw creeping up Orrix's thigh to where her shorts secreted away more.
"You can trust me, darling," Fideal murmured, her legs slipping slowly so that she straddled her sister, her shaft sliding out of the slit that contained it, showing off all she had to offer. "I would never hurt you, never do anything that you didn't want me to."
Orrix swallowed hard and whimpered. Her need, not even then, could not be denied, her heart hammering. It was not as if she wanted to lose her virginity to anyone else specifically, only that she was not as forward as the rest of those in her family, though everyone varied. She was the quietest though, the one who, once she'd become an adult, more often than not got off from watching rather than participating. Orrix was no stranger to her paw between her thighs and rocked her hips up even then, Fideal's tail tickling between her thighs.
"I don't have two to please you, cutie, but I'm sure a tail-tip would do…"
The dragoness was overbearing and Orrix should have known that there had never been any sense in resisting, not when Fideal knew to temper her lust, softening to kisses that her sister was familiar with. Their lips met hungrily and Fideal moaned keenly into her sister's muzzle, dominating it easily – what else could she do when the otter-dragon was as simply submissive as it was? There was little that Orrix would push back against when it came to sexual endeavours and, really, the only reason that she seemed to have been left out of their fun appeared to be purely her quiet nature and seclusion. But Fideal could not have that, even if all that she intended to do for her sister was to open the door for her, show her what could be possible, whether or not she wanted to pursue it further. That side was entirely up to Orrix as the dragoness lifted her T-shirt off, murmuring at the bare breasts underneath.
"You are a delight… Let me make you feel good…"
Orrix's consent was whispered on her most tentative breath as if she could barely bear to show her vulnerability, even to her own sister. Yet her curiosity was there and she had seen so much happen with that cock of her sister's, even though she had another secret between her thighs. She could not have said just how it happened, lips and tongues tracing intimate paths in a whirlwind of emotions, but she found herself nude and sprawled on the bed, panting softly, Fideal between her legs nuzzling and lapping at her two vaginas.
For Orrix was not "normal" down there and had more delights to hold still, two feminine openings beckoning pleasure and the ability, as she was told, to carry offspring from two fathers at the same time. She didn't think she'd ever use that little ability and feature of her anatomy but it was a strange thing, indeed, to consider happening to her in the future. Maybe she could have twins born like that too from the same father?
Her head swirled. It was hard to think straight as her sister's tongue drove deliciously into each opening in turn, though she wanted more, always more. She needed it all, everything coming to a leaping, pounding head all of a sudden, something that she simply could not hold back for even a single moment longer. No, all of that was suddenly beyond Orrix and she moaned out loud, clutching at her pillows, trying not to arch her back and buck her hips too fervently, for her decision had been made.
All that she needed and wanted was right there before her, Fideal slurping away, lapping up her juices as if they were the finest thing in the world to her, hot pants of breath washing over her again and again. Her head was no longer hers and her pounding heart felt quite as if it was going to leap out of her chest as she lay there, whimpering and moaning, the dragoness between her thighs so very solid – and yet she could still hardly believe that she was there.
"Oh… Oh…"
"Are you ready for me?"
Despite getting what she wanted, Fideal most certainly was not one to take a partner by force, although she most certainly knew that she was going to ultimately have Orrix one way or another in the end. It was all she craved as she lapped Orrix's juices off her muzzle, a smirk on her lips, head cocked so her rounded, curled-back horns appeared to enhance her "innocent" demeanour. There was nothing, however, that had ever been innocent about the dragoness.
Orrix nodded, lips parted, her book forgotten. Maybe if she'd played her cards right, she could have kept reading while Fideal was between her legs but it was too late to wonder if she could have been cheeky like that. Fideal may not have appreciated it anyway.
Fideal moved over her slowly, kissing up her body until she claimed her lips, spreading the otter-dragon's legs. The tip of her shaft, lightly ridged, pressed up to her "higher" pussy, the angle a little wrong in terms of more typical anatomy but still as right as Orrix had every right to be. Her tail was poised and ready but she wanted Orrix to feel her shaft sinking into her for the first time with nothing to distract her, every ridge popping in…
Her hips were in motion, Fideal's eagerness coursing through, and Orrix clung to her as her virginity (or was it just the one?) was stripped away so very sweetly. Her sister's lips captured hers in a deep kiss and not even Orrix could resist moaning into her mouth as their tongues tangled, heated lust rising to the forefront of it all as if they had never before had any right to hold it back in the first place. She was no longer the odd one out, the one who had been left out, moaning into Fideal's mouth as she held onto her for dear life, her need throbbing up thick and fast.
It was Fideal that broke the kiss, head swimming, the clench and twitch of Orrix's pussy around her too much to bear. Her tail had to join in more swiftly than she had anticipated, finding the hybrid's other entrance and teasing in with a wriggle and a squirm. Although Orrix was not overly wet, she was slick enough to welcome both penetrations, her head rolling back as Fideal took the chance to lazily lick and nibble at her sister's throat.
But the very first time was to be all about Orrix and what made her feel good, lying there and letting her sister show her the way, her hips rolling in long strokes of her cock and tail to fill her up. Fideal's shaft did not bottom out inside her but neither would either of them have wanted to as Orrix moaned over and over again, barely able to control herself as her body trembled with a nervous, electric energy that she could not have said that she had ever felt before. It wasn't like playing on her own, oh no: it was sooo much better than that!
Her sister sped up, thrusts grinding in deep to use the full length of her cock, though Fideal was cautious to listen to Orrix's moans and groans. Everything told her that her sister was enjoying every last moment of it, however, and her thrusts sped up again, the slap of scales on fur and flesh echoing through the bedroom. Surely others in the house would wonder what was going on and come to investigate but the moment was for them and them alone for the time being, the dragoness' mouth lolling open as her tongue spilt out.
"Oh… Oh, yes… You're…unff…the first virgin I've fucked!"
Maybe Fideal was a little crude but it still had an air of truth to it as she leaned heavily over her sister, Orrix tucked her muzzle into the crook of the dragon's neck. She needed it all, moaning out her desire, the knot of tension within her pulling tighter and tighter – yet she was no longer the one that held the key to unleashing it. She had to moan louder, holding onto Fideal – yet it was her sister that reached her high first even as Orrix thought that she was already well past the point of no return.
She cried out as she filled Orrix, her loins aching to spill her load, needing to give everything that she had to her sister. Spurt after spurt of thick cum flowed forth but she was still a little light on her load after a marathon session the previous night with her father. It was not something that would bother her for long, however, as she kissed her sister deeply, Orrix's pussy rippling around her, pulling and tugging at her tail too, as her body was brought into a simmering glow of a high with the onslaught of Fideal's climax.
There was nothing more divine than climaxing at the same time as one's partner and it was a sensation that lifted Orrix up and away from her version of reality, hungry for it even as it tapered down into the afterglow. Her orgasms were powerful, short, furtive bursts and one was never enough, leaving her whimpering and wiggling and lifting her hips, her sister's cock remaining hard inside her. That was not a part of her that Fideal, as yet, understood though, the dragoness kissing the line of her jaw and murmuring to her, soothing her in what she thought to be their joint afterglow.
Orrix groaned. She'd just have to be direct. She hated being direct but it felt like the only option with both her holes filled, body trembling for more. Once that needed had been awakened, after all, there simply was no stopping it.
"Can we do that again?"
Fideal grinned.
"I'm so glad you asked, cutie!"
Orrix's place in the family would never be the same again.

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