Sister’s Surprising Discovery Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooSister's Surprising Discovery Ch. 03

Note: This is the third part in an ongoing and developing story.
In part 1, my sister discovers that I have been writing about her and our step mum online and, somewhat surprisingly, we end up screwing.
In part 2, "Siblings seduce step mum", my step mum discovers my dad has been cheating on her with her own sister. After dad leaves, my sister and I try and comfort her which of course leads to sex.
Note that all characters are over 18 and fictious. The usual blurb applies about any resemblance to actual people is coincidental etc. I'll leave it to you to speculate about how true that last sentence is!!
On with the story…
Life since the UK basically locked down had been nothing if not interesting, and in the midst of it all my sex life had taken some major turns.
The first change was when I started writing some sexual fantasies online after years of being a reader only. These revolved a lot around my step mum and sister, but I was fairly sure nobody I knew would ever make the link.
It didn't take too long for my sister to dispel that notion by confronting me about how I had turned her into a crazy cock slut in my stories. What I never imagined was that I would discover that she actually was! In a crazy night, my sister sucked my cock and let me fuck her pussy and ass. Not only that, she started trying to coax me into seducing our step mum.
The next crazy event was discovering my dad was screwing my step mum's sister and her kicking him out. This led to both my 18-year-old sister, Beki and I comforting our step mum and me giving in to Beki's prompts to then seduce her.
In the pressure cooker of Covid 19 restrictions, we found ourselves fucking like rabbits over the next few weeks and I couldn't get enough of my sister or my step mum. I have a very active imagination fuelled by probably too much porn growing up, but my sister outdid me in the nasty stakes. She seemed to get a thrill out of rough sex and imagining what we could do when restrictions eased. As a fit, 20-year-old lad I kept up with her, but only just! And my step mum – I could never get enough of her tits pressed around my cock, her tight pussy or gorgeous ass. I felt as if I had died and gone to heaven.
You would have thought that Louise (my step mum) and Beki would have been enough, but ever since my did had left us for Louise's sister, Aunt Kath, part of me had been thinking about how I would like to screw her. Although I was very happy that dad leaving had resulted in me having copious sex with my step mum as well as my sister, I still hated the way dad and Aunt Kath had hurt my step mum. It didn't hurt that Aunt Kath also had a nice pair of tits and a pert bum. My step mum had been a lot younger than dad when they had married and she was now 30 – I had no idea how much younger her sister was, I guessed just a few years although looks wise she could have even be a teenager. To be honest, she always seemed a bit of a stuck-up bitch to me so the idea of knocking her down a peg or two and also hurting dad in the process became a bit of an obsession.
This was definitely an obsession that Beki fuelled!
"Just imagine stuffing your cock down Aunt Kath's throat and making her gag!" she'd whisper in my ear as I'd be slamming into her in what had become our bed.
"Or shoving your big cock up her cunt as you make her a slave to your dick."
"And then sending dad a tape of it all as she swallows your cum and dumps him for you."
Beki had also managed to drag mum into our sordid fantasies involving her sister. It turned out that Aunt Kath was a bit of a slut at college and mum even had a recording of Kath in a back alley after a college party being spit roasted by a couple of guys. Kath stealing dad from mum was also not the first time that she had got her claws into someone that mum was involved with. Our step mum's feelings towards her sister plus watching the tape did nothing to decrease the sexual heat around my step aunt. I'd never been involved in a hate fuck before, but my mum and sister were egging me on to look for a chance to take and break my aunt! Of course, all this was just talk and fantasy, at least until Covid restrictions started to ease in the UK.
It was probably a few weeks after we'd been allowed to meet people outside again that I crossed paths with Aunt Kath. I was out with two of my best friends, Carl and Dwain, when we spotted my aunt at a table in a café. I think she felt awkward at seeing me, but I went over and started pulling out all the stops. I insisted that dad was the one in the wrong, and that I didn't have a problem with her. Yes, mum was hurt and upset, but it was dad that had left her. This wasn't strictly true, but I tried to make Aunt Kath feel as if she could trust me. Little did she know the devious thoughts going through my head as I looked at her tear stained face and smiled. Aunt Kath was quite a looker, and I think my friends were a bit tongue tied until she got up to go to the restroom.
"Wow, she is hot! How old is your aunt Tom? 25? I could so do her." Joked Carl.
"Did you see her tits?" asked Dwain. "I could swear you could practically see her nipples through her tee shirt!"
"How would you like to 'do her' as Carl so romantically puts it?" I asked.
Carl and Dwain just looked at me as if I'd grown two heads before bursting into laughter. "Nice one, as if…!" they both spluttered.
"Just follow my lead!" I promised. As aunt Kath returned to the table, I took the chance to nip to the loo to fill in my step mum and my sister on what I was thinking.
"Just get her back here and leave it to me," my mum encouraged me as I discussed my plan to share her sister with my friends.
I wandered back to the table and told Aunt Kath that her sister had just rang and wanted me to take her back home to talk. I think she was a bit taken aback that her sister seemed willing to forgive her, but she was happy to go to clear the air. A look of confusion briefly clouded my step aunt's face as Carl and Dwain followed us back to the house, but she was so focused on resolving things with her sister that she failed to spot the lustful looks my friends were giving her as we walked home together.
The four of us walked into the lounge to find a frosty reception from my step mum and my sister.
"Hi sis," said Aunt Kath meekly. "Um… can we talk in private?"
"Say what you've got to say now," replied my step mum sternly, not backing down from the impending confrontation.
"I'm really sorry Louise! I never meant to any of this stuff to happen, it just did!"
"Sorry? Is that it?" sneered my step mum getting into her part. "Sorry doesn't cut it anymore! You've always shit on me your entire life and I won't let you get away with it anymore. You need to be punished."
My step aunt just looked at her in shock. "Punished? What you going to do? Get me to sit on the stairs again? We're not kids anymore!"
"Dwain, can you bring Kath over here?" My step mum looked a Dwain with a smirk. I think both of my friends were a bit in shock at what was happening, but Dwain quickly complied. Before Aunt Kath had a chance to react, he picked her up, carried her across to where my step mum was sitting and threw her face down over my mum's knee.
Aunt Kath let out a stifled gasp as mum quickly lifted up her skirt an pulled down her pink panties. My sister, my friends and I just watched in stunned silence as my step aunt's pert bum was exposed to all of us before my step mum brought her hand down with a clear thwack.
"You've been such a bad girl!" cried my mum as she stated landing smacks on her sisters naked backside.
"Louise, what the fuck!" squealed Aunt Kath, totally taken off guard by her sister's actions.
"Such a bad sister!" smack
"This is for all the boys you have stolen from me" smack
"For George!" smack!
"For Steve!"" smack!
"For stealing my husband!"
My step mum's smacks to my aunt's gorgeous behind had started off tenuous but were getting more savage as she got into it. Her bum was turning a warm shade of red as my mum rained down blows on her between Aunt Kath's sobs and attempts to say sorry. However, I could swear that there were signs as she lay there with Dwain holding her down and my step mum beating her bare bottom that she was starting to get turned on a bit as well. Dwain was no longer really holding her so tight, and I was sure some of her sobs were starting to sound like moans.
"For leaving me to look after his kids!" said mum, smacking loudly on Aunt Kath's sore rear.
"They are hardly kids, Louise!" cried Aunt Kath as she squirmed on her sister's knee.
"Yes, but they still have needs!" replied my mum as she slowed down and stroked my step aunt's raw bottom. "Tom is a man now, and I can't look after him all the time."
I watched in glee as mum allowed her hand to stroke lower towards my aunt's wet pussy.
"He needs a new toy, a fucktoy!" said mum, looking at me. "Maybe you could audition? You'd like that wouldn't you? You've always been such a slut!"
Aunt Kath started to struggle again against Dwain and my mum.
"Louise, What the?! You've gone mad in lockdown! I can't…" cried Aunt Kath.
"Yes, you will!" said Louise as she resumed raining down smacks on my step Aunt's ass.
"Come here Tom!" my mum called out to me.
I got up from the sofa and stepped out of my jeans and pants as I approached my aunt and mum.
My aunt's eyes went wide as she suddenly saw my rock-hard cock bobbing in front of her face.
"Beg for it!" my mum instructed her. My aunt shook her head and kept her mouth firmly closed as I began to rub my knobhead against her lips.
"Beg, or the video of you and those two guys from college goes viral!" warned my mum as she reinforced the threat with another smack to Aunt Kath's tender rump.
Aunt Kath's eyes went wide as my sister put on the recording of the spit roasting from her college days, and I saw the fight go out of her.
"Just do it!" my step aunt said to me with venom.
"You can do better than that!" mum encouraged her.
"Let me suck you cock!" said Aunt Kath, still without much feeling.
"Say 'please master'" demanded mum, relishing the situation.
"Please master, can you thrust your big cock into m mouth and let me suck you off!" shouted Aunt Kath as my mum brought her hand down on her exposed bum again.
Feeling close to the edge, I started to feed my stiff member between my step aunt's lips. This had been something I had been fantasising about for months, so I was not sure how long I would last.
The purple plum of my knobhead was being bathed by my aunt's tongue, but I wasn't in for soft and gentle.
"You can do better than that!" I demanded as my step mum pushed her head forward and I thrust myself fully into my step aunt's throat. I watched with satisfied glee as I saw my aunt gag before I withdrew slowly and then thrust back in and set a violent rhythm fucking her face. My mum held my aunt's long blonde hair back from her face as I felt my ball's beginning to boil. Finally, with a roar I unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum into her gasping mouth. My mum held her in place so she had no choice but to swallow my load as I withdrew my softening shaft from between her lips. I didn't know whether she wanted to swallow or not, but I really didn't care.
"So, what do you think of your new fucktoy?" asked mum as Aunt Kath lay there trying to recover.
"I don't know," I smiled, looking at Carl who by this stage had stripped and my also naked sister was quietly giving him a hand job as they watched the lewd scene before them. "I probably need a second opinion – Carl?"
Before Aunt Kath had time to even think, Carl was there thrusting his throbbing erection into my step aunt's mouth.
"Why don't you get our new toy undressed and strip off too?" said mum to Dwain and me.
Without allowing Carl's prick to slip from my aunt's mouth, Dwain and I lifted her off mum's lap and placed her on hands and knees on the floor. We quickly peeled off her clothes to expose her fabulous tits to us for the first time properly. Dwain and I both quickly felt her dangling breasts before leaning in and trying to suck a tit each into our mouths. This wasn't the best angle, but I knew before the day was out I wanted to drive my dick between her big boobs and give her the titfucking of a lifetime.
"What do you think Beki?" said mum looking at my sister. "Her cunt's a bit hairy?"
Beki smiled and went off to get some stuff I guess, but I was happily lying on my back and feasting on as much of my step aunt's tit as I could fit into my mouth. Meanwhile, Dwain had moved up and was trying to get Carl to give up his space in Kath's wet mouth.
I had seen some porn and heard the reputation for black men, but this didn't prepare me for the size of Dwain's cock as I noticed it poking my aunt's lips. Aunt Kath by this point was totally lost to lust though and didn't hesitate in cramming as much as possible of Dwain's cock into her mouth. I looked at the TV screen and saw that the view had changed from my aunt's college tryst to the current scene as my step mum had picked up a hand held camera and zoomed in on the action. Carl stood around stroking his cock, grinning like a cat that had got the cream.
"Oh goodie, time for a shave!" cried mum as Beki returned with a razor, some soap and some water.
Dwain let his cock drop from my step aunt's mouth as my sister moved behind her and started to rub foam over my aunt's sex sheath. She froze as she felt Beki start to shave her hairy mons as we all watched with bobbing hard ons. My step mum passed the camera to me, knelt down by Dwain and quickly gobbled up his cock before coming up for air.
"I so needed that!" said my step mum before diving back in to take as much of Dwain's penis down her throat as she could. Dwain looked hesitantly at me for permission but I just grinned.
"Hey, I can't help having a family of sluts!" I laughed as mum started bobbing up on down happily on Dwain's fuckstick.
My attention was drawn back my sister and my step aunt. Beki had finished shaving Aunt Kath's sex and was wiping it off with a towel. It looked gorgeous, so smooth and glistening with moisture from the water and her own arousal. My sister must have thought so too as she leaned in and started licking at our step aunt's moist lips.
I looked at Carl and nodded for him to resume getting a blow job from my aunt as I moved behind my sister and slid my cock up to the hilt in her tight pussy. God, it was wonderful to find myself buried again in her gripping cunt! I saw Carl's eyes nearly pop out of his head as I started to slam in and out of my sister. I hadn't told them that I had been screwing her for months, but I was sure they would keep everything about this afternoon quiet if they knew what was good for them. I looked across at mum and Dwain to see that mum had got Dwain to lie on his back and was bouncing up and down on his throbbing cock.
"Hey bro, I've just realised," said my sister, pulling away from my aunt's pussy, "everyone is being fucked other than fucktoy here! Don't you think you need to fix that?"
I pulled out of my sister with some reluctance, but who was I to argue with my sister?! My aunt was still slurping away on Carl's cock as I lined my prick up to her entrance and slowly fed my knob into her warm cavern. As my aunt groaned, I started fucking into her with slow and steady strokes as my sister picked up the discarded camera again.
"Yes, that's it, fuck me!" cried Aunt Kath as she came up for air from deepthroating Carl's cock. "Harder! Yes! Fuck! Oh god, fuck me."
I pulled out and walked around to her head as Carl took my place in my step aunt's inviting cunt. I smiled at my sister as she stood frigging herself whilst filming the hot scene before her. Our step mum let out a massive scream as she came on Dwain's huge black meat whist Carl and I spit roasted my aunt. As my mum sat back down to recover, I noticed that Dwain was still hard and invited him to thrust himself into my step aunt's mouth as I manoeuvred her so she was riding on top of carl. I smiled at mum as she went into a bag we had prepared in advance for what we were hoping would go down this afternoon.
Mum handed me some lube which I began to smear on my cock before coating a couple of fingers and beginning to smear it on my step aunt's tightest hole.
"No, not there …" said my aunt, desperately pulling her mouth off Dwain.
"Fucktoys have three holes!" I told her as Dwain pulled her back onto his stiff cock whilst I worked a finger into her anus.
Slowly, I pumped one then two fingers into her back passage as I prepared her. My mum had taken hold of the camera, so Beki came across to help and thrust her tongue in and out of my aunt's shit hole. I knew my sister was a dirty bitch, but the glee she took in rimming my aunt's rectal cavity had me to a painfully hard state of erection that I have never known before.
My sister grabbed hold of my throbbing penis and drew it towards my aunt's tight rosebud as Carl slowed down his thrusts up into her pussy. Dwain was still plugging her mouth, so I wasn't completely sure if she let out a scream or a moan as the head of my knob penetrated her tight sphincter muscle, but I didn't care. I didn't know either if this was the first time she had a cock up her back orifice, but judging by how tight she was I could well imagine that not many people had sodomized this 5'6 blonde bombshell. And god she was tight! Carl and I picked up pace as we began fucking in and out of both of her holes whilst Dwain was getting rougher at pumping in and out of her mouth. I had watched lots of airtight sex in porn, but the experience of it was something else. Dwain looked at me with pleading eyes that indicated he wanted to switch places. I was more than happy to, but I'm not sure my aunt felt so happy as she felt his huge python force it's way into her rectum.
"God, its too big… your going to split me open!" she cried, before I shut her up by thrusting my whole cock down her throat again.
Dwain and I switched off repeatedly in her mouth and ass. At some point, Carl must have cum and crawled out from under Kath, but I hardly noticed. I think my sister must have sucked him back to life because before I realised it was the three of us swapping between the three of her holes .All reluctance was gone from my step aunt now as we used her body like the fucktoy she had truly become. I'm not sure if she ever realised that everything was being recorded, but by this point she didn't care about anything else but mindless sex as we ravaged her with our cocks. We kept her mouth pretty full most of the time, but when it was free my aunt had turned into a dirty talking slut before my eyes.
"That's it, stuff my pussy with your cock!"
"Fuck my ass, fill me with cum!"
"Oh God …, I'm coming!"
We somehow managed to ride her through several orgasms as my two mates and I switched between the three women and their various orifices.
I think it was Carl that ran out of steam first as he came one more time, shooting copious amounts of spunk over my aunt's face. By this stage, I was having a slow, leisurely screw behind my step mum, my hands reaching around to cup her wonderful tits. Dwain was plowing my step aunt's ass before pulling out and coming over her face and tits. Mindlessly, she sucked his cock back into her mouth, tasting a mix of his cum and her bodily fluids. I'd lost count of the times I had cum, but as I felt my balls tighten I pulled out of my step mum and added my load to the others so that my step aunt was a sticky, slutty mess.
My stepmom knelt down by her sister and passed the camera to me.
"Kath is back with us now Dave, so don't you dare come near our family again!" said my mum to the camera. I wasn't sure if we would really send this to him, but it definitely was a fun film to make!

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