Six Degrees Pt. 01

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As Robert watched his wife, Barbara, making love to her lover, Robert began thinking about how this all began. And Robert wondered why he got so excited at just the thought of another man making love to his wife in front of him.
As Tom, Robert's best friend, made love to Robert's wife, he thought to himself, "How the hell did Robert get so lucky to get such a sexy wife who will fuck other guys for him?"
As Tom was making love to her, Barbara thought that she had to be the luckiest woman in the world to be married to such a wonderful man who loves her enough to put her sexual needs before his own.
. . .
"You're kidding me," Tammy said to Barbara.
Tammy asked Barbara how she got Robert to let her have sex with other men, let alone be able to do it right in front of him.
Barbara smiled and told Tammy that it wasn't even her idea, at first. "He tried to convince me for like five years," Barbara explained. "He would ask me about former lovers and how big they were. And it excited him when I told him about my sexual past."
Tammy told Barbara she was still having trouble believing that Robert would even allow such a thing. Then she asked, "Who's better in bed, Robert or Tom?"
Barbara grinned and replied, "I'd prefer both at the same time to choosing between the two."
"You're so bad," Tammy told Barbara.
"But," Barbara smirked, "I'm really good at it."
Tammy was still in disbelief when she asked Barbara, "Have you had two guys at once?"
Barbara nodded, "I've been gangbanged, by groups of guys."
Tammy's mouth fell open. "You, you mean," Tammy stuttered, "Robert has, uh, he's, um, I, uh, mean, You've let, uh."
Barbara began to laugh, "Tammy. Tammy. It's just sex."
Tammy shook her head. She told Barbara that she was having trouble wrapping her head around the idea of any husband allowing another man, let alone his best friend, to make love to his wife.
Barbara asked Tammy what was so wrong with a wife fulfilling her husband's fantasy.
Tammy looked at Barbara and told her, "It's not bad. It's just not something that most women would do."
Barbara smiled again and said to Tammy, "You'd be surprised to know how many men wish for and dream about having a wife that will have sex with other men."
Tammy looked around. Then she asked Barbara, "Do you make them wear condoms? Or do you let them cum in you?"
Barbara widened her smile, "Every guy I have been with has cum in me."
. . .
Tom looked from the highway and asked Robert, "How the hell did you get so lucky?"
Robert looked at Tom, "What?"
Tom said, "You have this beautiful wife. She has a hot body, and she loves to suck cock. She loves to have cum in her. And you get to watch it all." Tom added, "Do you know how many guys wish they had a wife like yours?"
Robert smiled and responded, "It took forever to get her to do other guys."
Robert puffed on his cigarette, then said, "The biggest part is making sure she feels loved by me and that our relationship is as good as it can be."
Robert explained, "For a woman to want to have sex with another man, she has to feel that her primary relationship is good. If she doesn't feel desired by her husband, no wife is going to have sex with other men, especially for him."
Tom shook his head, "You would think that women would cheat because their husband doesn't do it for them."
Robert answered, "That's the thing. Barbara will usually only have sex with other men if I can watch. To her, having sex with a guy alone is just sleeping around. If I'm there to watch, it's something she does for both of us. It enhances our marriage."
Tom told Robert, "To be honest, I'm not sure if I was married, that I could just stand there and watch some other guys fuck my wife."
Tom commended Robert, "You are a hell of a guy. There's not a lot of guys like you that will or could allow other men to fuck their wife." Then Tom asked, "Don't you ever get jealous?"
. . .
Barbara told Tammy, proudly, "We don't have those issues. Robert likes that hundreds of other men know how good I am in bed."
Tammy gasped, "Did you say hundreds?"
Barbara smiled slyly, "We've been doing this for over ten years now. And I get gangbanged two to three, sometimes four times a month."
. . .
"I have to say," Tom said to Robert, "Your wife has the best pussy I have ever been in."
Robert smiled proudly. "Every guy that Barbara has been with has said that." Robert took another puff off of his cigarette, "I like knowing that hundreds of other guys have been in my wife and know how good she is. And that she is my wife."
. . .
Tammy asked Barbara, "Do you ever do married guys?"
Barbara told Tammy that a good number of the guys had been married.
Tammy asked what it was like knowing that the guy she was fucking was married.
Barbara told Tammy, "I kind of like being the other woman."
Barbara felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw that it was Luis, a lover she'd been with several times. Barbara stood up and kissed Luis. Then Barbara introduced Luis to Tammy.
Tammy and Luis exchanged pleasantries.
Barbara mentioned to Tammy that Luis was ten inches long and very, very thick. She then pulled out her phone, went to her gallery, and pulled up a picture of Robert and Luis standing next to each other, naked.
Tammy looked at Barbara's phone in disbelief.
Luis asked Tammy if she played, too. Tammy blushed and told Luis that she was married, and she never cheated on her husband. Luis told Tammy that was too bad.
Luis walked over and stood behind Tammy and put his hands on her shoulders. Tammy looked around the food court and then at Barbara. Luis let his hands move down from Tammy's shoulders to her breasts. Tammy sat motionless as Barbara smiled and watched.
Within seconds, Luis had his hands in Tammy's bra and was massaging Tammy's breasts. Tammy let out a deep breath. Luis leaned down and told Tammy that he loved her breasts and that she was beautiful. Tammy looked around again. Then she asked Barbara, "What if someone sees? Or worse, tells Adam about this?"
. . .
Adam sat at his desk, naked, thinking about his wife, Tammy.
Adam looked at the pictures on his computer screen of white women having sex with black men. He thought to himself how awesome it would be if Tammy were that kind of woman. Adam typed in "How to get your wife to cuckold you." Several sites popped up. He went from site to site and back and forth between cuckold sites and pictures of white wives having sex with black men while he masturbated.
. . .
Tammy told Barbara that Adam would never approve of anything like this.
Tammy found her hands cupping Luis's hands as she began breathing deeply. Tammy's mind went back to when she and Adam first dated, and Adam used to play with her breast like Luis was. Adam hadn't shown much attention, if any, to Tammy's breasts in well over a year. And she liked how Luis's hands felt on her.
. . .
Adam masturbated as he looked at the pictures on his computer screen and fantasized about the women being Tammy.
Adam pictured Tammy, his wife, being felt up and molested by a big cocked black man, like the ones he saw on his computer screen.
Adam asked himself what it would take to get up the courage to ask Tammy if she would ever do such a thing, and second if it would ruin their marriage.
. . .
Tom asked Robert, "Do you think a lot of married women do what Barbara does?"
Robert told Tom more men were into it than he might think and that too many women go unsatisfied in their marriage. Robert told Tom that he thought that many couples played like him and Barbara, just that they didn't go around letting everyone know they did it.
Tom told Robert that it was weird the first time he asked if he'd fuck his wife.
Tom told Robert that it's not every day that your best friend tells you that he wants you to fuck his wife without a condom. Tom added, "You know, Robert, I respect you, man. Barbara is a honey, the kind of woman a lot of guys feel they could never have. And here I am fucking her, right in front of you, often. You are by far the coolest guy I know. Possibly the coolest guy in the whole world."
Robert told Tom he felt most loved when he saw Barbara having sex and orgasming with other men. Robert told Tom that there is no more beautiful sight than to see your wife sucking another man's cock. Robert added that it's also the best feeling in the world to fuck Barbara after several other men have cum in her.
Tom said to Robert, "You look around, so many marriages are failing. The men or women are cheating and being dishonest with each other. The wife fucks the guy next door, and the husband freaks out just because some other guy had his cock in his wife. The women are freaking out because their husbands got lucky with some cute, young hottie. It doesn't make sense. Me fucking your wife has, what seems to me, as helping it. "
Tom looked at Robert for his agreement.
Robert agreed and said, "When you truly love each other, you know that the other has needs and desires. A truly loving couple wants to satisfy their spouse's desires. My desire has always been for Barbara to have sex with other men, any other men, black, white, Mexican, Iranian, Australian, whatever. As long as they have a big cock, I'm happy."
Tom thought for a moment, then asked Robert, "So, of all the guys you've watched Barbara fuck, how would you rate my cock? Smaller? Bigger? Her biggest?"
Robert shook his head and laughed. "Tom. You're big enough."
Yeah," Tom said, "But am I bigger, the same, or smaller than most guys?"
Robert assured Tom that he was in the top five of the biggest Barbara had ever had in her.
. . .
Adam's cell phone rang. And he answered it. The voice on the other end spoke, "Hey, man. It's Ken. Hey. I'm at the mall, and I don't know how to tell you this, but, uh, your wife has some black guys hands all over her tits right now."
Adam asked Ken what the guy looked like. Ken told him that the guy was maybe six foot four or five. Maybe two hundred pounds. Buzzcut. Dark skinned.
Adam asked Ken how Tammy was reacting and did she seem to enjoy it?
Ken told Adam that Tammy and this guy must know each other because he has his tongue in Tammy's mouth, one hand on her tit, and his other hand between her legs.
Adam asked Ken if Tammy seemed to want this guy.
Ken laughed, "Dude, I think that this guy has had your wife a lot. They seem to know each other really, really well."
"Dude," Ken exclaimed, "You're not going to believe this. Sitting right at the same table is Barbara, Robert's ol' lady."
Ken told Adam that Tammy, Barbara, and this guy were leaving. "Man," Ken said as he shook his head, "That dude is going to wreck both those pussies."
"Excuse me!" Adam said, loudly, "Are you saying that you think this guy is going to fuck Tammy and Barbara?"
"Follow them," Adam said. "Tell me where they go."
Ken did follow Luis, Tammy, and Barbara. He followed them to Barbara's house.
Ken called Adam, who was anxiously waiting for him to call. "Hey, man. They're going into Barbara's house."
Adam stiffened his voice, thanked Ken, and told him that he would take it from there.
When Adam arrived at Barbara and Robert's house, Ken's car was still there, a few doors down from Barbara's and Robert's house.
Adam walked around Barbara and Robert's house to their bedroom window, where Ken was standing and masturbating as he peered through the bedroom window.
Ken was startled when Adam walked around the corner of the house, but he remained quiet.
Adam held his finger to his lips. Then Adam peered through the bedroom window as well. He could see Barbara and Tammy both sucking on Luis's cock.
Adam watched as Tammy saddled up on Luis's cock. She let out a deep sigh and moaned as Luis's cock stretched her and slid into her.
As Tammy was working herself onto Luis's cock, Barbara straddled his face.
Neither Adam nor Ken had ever witnessed such a thing, and they both felt like they'd died and gone to heaven.
As they watched Luis, Tammy, and Barbara playing, both Adam and Ken looked at each other's cocks. Adam realized that Ken's cock was more than twice his size. Immediately Adam began picturing Tammy and Ken fucking.
Ken, while watching Tammy and Barbara, thought to himself that his cock was about the same size as the black guys, and he could fuck her as well as he could.
Tammy shook her head from side to side, almost violently. Eventually, Barbara and Tammy traded places. When Tammy straddled Luis's face, she caught a glimpse of Ken. And she smiled.
Tammy motioned for Ken to join them. So, he did. Ken walked around to the back door, entered the house, walked to the bedroom, and exposed his erect cock to Tammy and Barbara.
Barbara reached out and began stroking Ken. Luis told Tammy to lie next to him. And she did. As Tammy laid down, Ken got between her legs and entered her.
Tammy asked Ken what Adam was doing. Ken told her that he didn't know.
Tammy told Ken that she'd seen both of them. Ken admitted that Adam was outside the window masturbating.
Ken leaned down and kissed Tammy and told her, "You are so hot. Adam is such a lucky guy."
Tammy kissed Ken and said, "Shut up and fuck me."
Ken and Luis took turns fucking Tammy and Barbara. Eventually, Luis came inside Tammy, and Ken came inside Barbara.
The part Adam liked best was when Tammy sucked Ken after he came in Barbara, and Barbara sucked Luis after he'd had Tammy.
Tammy told everyone that Adam, her husband, had been watching the whole time.
Luis told Tammy he hoped Adam was having a good time.
Tammy told Luis that she felt everyone was.
Luis turned toward the window and motioned for Adam to come into the house.
Adam smiled and said to himself, "God, I love that woman."
. . .
Robert asked Tom, "What do you think Barbara is doing right this minute?"
Tom smiled, "Knowing Barbara, she's probably got some guy with her making his ultimate fantasy come true."
Robert laughed, "One can only hope."

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