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There was this brief period in the early 70's when porn was mainstream. For a few months it was routine to see feature length XXX movies like the Devil in Miss Jones or Deep Throat playing in sold out movie theaters and attended by average, middle class couples. This was New York. I'm not sure if this was a thing in Des Moines or Fargo but in NYC, at that time and in that place it just seemed like one more culture shift on top of all the ones from the sixties that had come before.
I was a year out of Catholic high school and in what would now be called an FWB relationship with Laura, a really sweet, hard working, Irish girl from the East Side back when that neighborhood was still a haven for working class German, Irish and East European families. The two of us had our share of sex by that point but all routine, missionary and by the book. There was a new skin flick playing at the Orpheum on 86th street and out of boredom and curiosity we decided to take a chance and go see it. At that point, my own exposure to porn had been limited to the booths in the sex shops around Times Square. This was way before video. For a quarter you got a few minutes of scratchy, jittery depravity projected from 8mm film onto a white board. Even without sound it was amazing at how arousing it still managed to be.
Things got a bit awkward when my friend Sean managed to ferret out our plans for the day and invite himself along. Sean was one of those guys who was way too handsome for his own good. Girls tended to throw themselves at him but in spite of that, he never seemed to capitalize on their attention for more than a few days at a time. He went along with the adulation, apparently just long enough to give his ego a boost only to lose interest and casually drop them before moving on to his next conquest.
On the other hand he was an easy target for guys who resented his effortless way of getting attention from girls. That and the fact that he was almost "pretty" made him an easy mark for the knuckle draggers. That combination made him effortlessly dominant with women but noticeably quiet, even submissive with the guys in our group. In response to all the bullying he learned to be fast on his feet. If you were going to beat him up you were going to have to catch him first. And funny. Somewhere he learned that humor could go a long way to defusing violence and turn enemies into friends.
Like all the other girls, Laura liked him and didn't protest too much when I told her he was tagging along.
Waiting on line for tickets (there actually was a line!) had to be the most awkward ten minutes of my life. All the characters from the neighborhood there. One of the grocers and his wife. The guy who ran the flower shop. And his wife. My old history teacher from high school. And HIS wife. This wasn't what I'd signed up for.
Once we settled in with soda and popcorn, the movie was wonderfully filthy. We were in there for close to two hours when the depravity started to have its effect on everyone in the theater. I was as hard as a rock for most of the time we were there. The room started to fill up with the barely noticeable scent of body fluids that were starting to ooze from everyone. That smell was arousing in itself and its effects started to snowball as time went on. A few rows down from us, someone was getting a discreet hand job covered up with an overcoat. Up in the balcony, a woman let out an involuntary squeal in response to some stimulation from guys sitting on either side of her. By the final orgy scene you could have heard a pin drop between the audible gasps of the audience.
We walked out of the place with our teenage junk on fire wondering what we were going to do next. Luckily, Sean's dad was the super of a building a few blocks away and was OK with us using an empty apartment. There was a recently vacated 2 bath/3 bed on a high floor that was conveniently available for the night. I had some weed and we quickly came up with a plan for us to go there. We'd smoke some grass, listen to music on Sean's boom box and if the gods were kind, have him discretely disappear to give me some alone time with Laura.
The place was perfect. Huge rooms, so many you could get lost in them. Big windows facing the setting sun over the Hudson. A full sized couch, a leftover artifact from its previous owners left floating in the living room. We got there in late afternoon, smoke from the marijuana filling the room and giving form and substance to the beams of light pouring from the windows. Music from a mix tape of 70's blues and R&B formally marked the place as our own.
Laura was ecstatic as she floated from room to room describing in detail how she'd decorate the place. What colors to paint the walls. Where to place the furniture to take advantage of the views. The kitchen hadn't been renovated in 40 years… just imagine what new cabinets and counters would do! For a kid raised in a 3 room tenement, this place was paradise.
The two of us plopped down on the couch. Sean sat crosslegged on the floor deftly rolling joints on an album cover. The sun was setting now and since the power had been turned off the only light was from some candles he had thought to bring along. Finally, with the sun completely set and the room lit only with flickering candles, it felt like a seance.
The three of us were negotiating the effects of novel exposure to hard core pornography and some moderately potent weed. We started to talk about the movie. Favorite scenes. Hottest actresses. The blow jobs, the anal sex, the gangbangs. There was a scene where Tina Russell, a gorgeous brunette with pale, white skin was having an "airtight seal". A cock in her mouth, ass and pussy all at the same time. Maybe a hand job for guys on either side for good measure. I know. These are cliched porn tropes now. Back then, none of us had ever seen anything of the sort. You can argue how people in porn are just going through the motions with no real arousal. That may be true now but back then there wasn't any doubt in our minds that she seemed to be having a seriously good time.
Back in the real world, Laura was wearing a light summer dress over cotton panties and matching bra that snugly stretched out over her 38Ds. No, she wasn't a skinny little thing, she may have been carrying a few extra pounds but they all came together in some beautiful curves that looked sensational on her. I wouldn't have wanted her any other way. More than that, she was happy, confident, unpretentious and always comfortable in her own skin. That was a mix that always made me love spending time with her. I slipped my hand onto the soft inside of her thigh and slowly started to make my way up to her pussy. Sean looked up from rolling joints to take in what was going on. I think we fully expected for him to notice what we were doing and use it as his cue to leave.
Maybe it was because we were already turned on from the movie. Or the THC content of the grass hitting home but he just sat there and continued to watch. And the two of us, taking that as a challenge, just upped the stakes and kept going. I guess we were playing chicken. I thought at some point it was going to get too uncomfortable for him and we'd finally have the place to ourselves.
Laura's panties were steamy wet and smelled like something close to heaven. I pulled them down around her thighs and lifted her dress up over her head. She locked eyes with Sean and kept staring at him as I rubbed her pussy, flashing the barest hint of a dirty smile. This was edgier than I'd expected it to be. It was amazing to see her with her legs spread wide and Sean as a rapt audience of one. She was already soaking wet from all the depravity in the movie and now from the odd feeling of being gloriously, lewdly put on display. In any case she wasn't offering any resistance and the thought of jerking her off, seeing her so aroused and helpless with Sean watching made me throb.
My own cock was aching to break out of my pants. Laura returned my attention by rubbing it from the outside, its stiff outline bulging through the fabric of my faded jeans.
She yanked my zipper down, the sound of it opening resonating like a needle skipping on a record. Apparently that's what it took to finally get Sean's attention. He jumped up, mumbled something unintelligible and faded into one of the other rooms. That was good for a laugh, if this was a game, I guess we'd won.
Finally some alone time. That couch had some challenges in terms of what positions were open to us. I leaned back against the cushions and she sat on me, guiding her pussy to wrap a warm, creamy envelope around my cock. This was sweet bliss. I grabbed her by both sides of her butt to keep her steady and started to fuck her as I rocked my hips up and down, each motion hitting bottom and getting her to sweetly moan with each stroke.
I was getting close to cumming when Laura let out a yelp. Not as in a horror movie scream but shock and surprise to something unexpected. I looked up to see Sean leaning against the doorway, his cock in his hand, stroking away to the sight of us fucking. I had no idea how long he'd been there but I'm sure he must have gotten quite a show.
I was pissed for all of about 5 seconds then started to laugh. He had his pants around his knees and still stroking his cock, obscenely engorged and glistening with precum. He didn't look like a campus Casanova as much as some oversized toddler.
Laura looked at me like I'd lost my mind then started to go through the same transformation. First a giggle, her hand covering her mouth as she laughed then exploding into full blown hysteria as the two of us took the whole thing in. I went soft and slipped out, expelled by the force of a belly laugh.
As for Sean, who could blame him? After everything the three of us had been through in the last few hours, his balls must have been ready to explode.
He started to apologize, worried that I was going to kick his ass.
I said "Don't sweat it. I'd probably do the same…" as Laura modestly tried to cower behind a pillow, now hiding as much of her body as she could.
I whispered in her ear, "You know, we could just let him watch…"
On any given day, if I'd ever suggested anything of the sort to her, she would have hit me with a frying pan. But today, after watching wall to wall fucking for hours. After the weed and hours of foreplay, she was clearly in an altered state of mind.
There was a pause. A good girl like her couldn't automatically say yes to something like that. But after a decent interval had gone by, "Ok, but that's it. Let him watch, but no touching!"
That was supposed to have been a whisper meant for me only but from clear across the room, Sean heard every word and was already shuffling across the floor to join us. I sealed the deal by telling him to take his pants off. There's tolerably awkward and there's ridiculous. His pants around his ankles were ridiculous.
Laura looked at me as if to say, "are we really going to do this?" Why not. We had all the stuff that went on in the movie for inspiration. And we were just doing what we'd already done dozens of times before with each other only now with the added dimension of just one more person to watch. It really didn't seem like all that much of a leap.
She dropped the pillow, sat back on top of me and threaded my cock into her. Sean sat on the floor at the base of the couch watching intensely and quietly jerking himself off. Laura and I were on automatic again, her hips rising and falling to meet my thrusts. I'd been ready to cum a few minutes earlier now I was hard again and trying to make up for lost time. Sean kept letting out these little moans as he edged closer and closer. I looked over and was surprised to see his face just a few inches away from the intersection of my cock and her cunt. I was a little jealous… I'd never seen anything like that from that so close up. I spread her butt apart to give him a better view. Laura seemed to blush a little from being put on such obvious display but didn't slow down at all.
He started to cum before I did. In that weird alchemy that sometimes happens with sex, he set off a chain reaction. His long, milky trails of semen spurted high enough to coat Laura from her lower back and drip down to her buttcrack. My girlfriend, totally aroused at the sight of all that cum went into overdrive, rocking her ass up and down and devouring every inch of my cock. I was the last domino to fall, the intensity of the moment and the constant tease of everything that happened that day finally giving way to a blessed release.
A minute later, my cock was still semi hard. Laura was leaning against my chest with her legs spread and oozing cum from her pussy. Sean had his hand and cock and belly covered in cum from his last orgasm. Laura looked at us and said, "You realize of course, this is everything the nuns warned us about."
Later on in life, I'd learn to be familiar with the feeling that comes with pushing past boundaries. It's weird knowing that you're no longer on familiar ground but exhilarating that now, completely new things are possible. That day, there was a lot of stuff that we'd never done before and I guess we were feeling pretty smug about the whole thing. If the nuns were right, we'd all be burning in hell at some point but fuck 'em. No way I was ever going to trade what we had at the moment for a gold star and a pat on the head.
Laura wiped the cum off her backside and what was now oozing out of her. I guess Sean had technically been in compliance. He never did lay a finger on either of us but wow, there was an awful lot of his cum on Laura's ass. At any rate, none of us seemed to be all that concerned about it and in a few minutes, we were all ready to go again.
Sean was impressively hard already. For the first time I got a good look at his cock. He was bigger than me but more than that, his dick was physically perfect. I'm about 6". He was at least 8. Mine curves slightly to the left. He was ramrod straight. And thick. When he jerked himself off I noticed that his hand barely fit around the shaft. All that wasn't lost on Laura. Her eyes opened wide as she looked at it like a kid in a candy store.
I had a bare minimum of experimentation with other guys when I was much younger. Nothing ever got further than the "you show me yours I'll show you mine" stage but in the time since I'd learned that the stigma attached to anything remotely same sex was deadly serious. Literally, the very worst thing you could call someone was "fag". If anyone had the balls to call you that, you'd better be ready to fight. And besides, there was a whole wide world of girls to discover. Soft and smooth and round and curvy. They mostly smelled nice and felt amazing when they rested their heads on my shoulder or looked at me with those big eyes. To show any interest in guys just wasn't worth the trouble. But here was Sean with his stock photo worthy penis. Some lone, faint voice in the back of my head was nudging me to touch it but that one thought was immediately assaulted and beaten to death by layers of defense mechanisms.
I looked at Laura and said, "You should go down on him if you want."
She looked at me, her face a collection of small puzzles. "Seriously?."
Again, on any other day I never would have thought of it and she never would have considered it but here we were. What started as a lark of a trip to a dirty movie had turned into what could have easily have been a scene from it.
Sean seemed pleased if unfazed. He moved his cock closer to her face as she tried to wrap her lips around it and looked up at him. Her expression got to me. Big soft eyes cast upward. Her face uncharacteristically submissive. He was big, she pulled back and started to slowly lick the head, swirling her tongue over and around and under.
Frenulum. That's the piece of skin on the underside of the penis that runs from the base of the head to the shaft. Guys who are circumcised generally lose it as part of the surgical procedure in removing the foreskin. That's a shame because it's full of nerve endings and incredibly sensitive to touch. Like me, Sean was uncut and Laura knew from going down on me how just a little lick of pressure there would usually drive me crazy. Unable to fit him into her mouth, she spent a minute licking his cock in that very spot and was able to get him to stiffen his body and roused him to grab her head to push his cock into her mouth. It was a bit of a struggle but once she managed to wrap her mouth around it completely, she knew what to do.
I'd assumed that Sean had had more that his share of girls sucking his cock. It made sense… nice looking guy, always in demand. It was only later that he admitted to me that most of his early experiences had been with men, usually much older men and that they'd taught him to appreciate the value in not holding back. When Laura went down on me, I was as polite and respectful and probably boring as hell. It took a while for me to process the idea that sometimes people just want to get fucked. To surrender to your reptile brain and ride the feelings and emotions without the burden of having to think.
As she was sucking his cock it was less a blowjob than him relentlessly fucking her face.
I was a little shocked and very aroused at how much force he used and how well she took him in. If there was a challenge there, she seemed to be more than up to it. I kept thinking any minute she's going to gag, start to cry, get angry and emotional and I'd have to answer for my responsibility in letting this happen.
I was thinking about putting the brakes on but before I could say anything, Laura took me aside.
"It's alright… I'm a big girl and can handle this. Are YOU ok?"
The two of us had been on again/off again for months at this point. We'd never had any illusions about being together forever. We did like each other an awful lot and in many ways were a complementary fit but in retrospect, the role we were filling for each other was to hold hands as we moved into adulthood. I'm not the jealous type and besides, I knew Sean well enough to know that he never tended to settle down for very long. The two of them running off didn't really seem like a thing. And Laura was tough and self assured… she could handle herself.
If she said she was OK, I could believe her.
I started to jerk off again as inches in front of my face she slobbered over every inch of his cock. Her mouth was barely big enough to fit, she kept making these little gulping sounds as it hit the back of her throat. She looked at me, her big eyes flashing. If it were possible for her to speak with a cock in her mouth she would have said something like "…Hey, this was your idea. I love it, hope you're good with it." shrugged her shoulders and didn't miss a beat.
I had to get in on this. My cock, still slick with my cum and fluids from her pussy was up next. She started to go down on me, her mouth finally able to relax from stretching around Sean. I think she may have thought she owed me something for letting her act out like this and proceeded to go down on me like she was making up for lost time. I looked down to see her wrapping her lips around me and Sean jerking off from inches away.
In a few hours, we'd managed to turn her into a sweet, little whore and I loved every minute of it. All the adolescent groping and fumbling we'd done until then seemed restrained and almost pointless. I had no idea she had this in her but I knew at that moment, that we'd completely tossed out the rule book. There'd be no going back. This time I came first. She had his cock in her mouth and the sight of that sent me over the edge. I came on her face and on Sean's cock and she slurped up every drop. When I was spent, she took me into her mouth to clean me off and Sean exploded to return the favor.

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