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"Emily, you like big guys right?"
I pulled the penis out of my mouth with a wet pop. "Of course. Who doesn't? But I'm kinda with a client right now, Harper."
My client groaned. I felt a weak hand on the back of my head trying to push me back down towards the hard penis before me. I ignored it. I was lying face down on the bed, my smooth, shapely legs splayed out to either side. Harper huffed and tilted her head back, looking down her nose at our two tangled bodies. I noticed my client reaching his hand towards his own penis. I slapped it away and enclosed the entire thing with my hand.
"You've probably taken the largest penis out of all of us. How long was it?"
"About three times this size."
"So about ten inches?"
"Yeah, I guess."
"And you enjoyed it?"
"I half-considered paying him." I noticed my client's dick get even harder. The tip began to nuzzle its way out of my hand-prison. I dragged my thumb back and forth over the head.
Well-endowed men are pretty rare in my experience. And most of them are lying. Still, hope springs eternal as they say.
"He won't come here. You'll have to travel a bit. Friends are paying. It's an 18th birthday surprise. They wanted him to get some experience before going to college. I think their words were, 'teach him to pleasure a woman.'"
"It was hard to make out. The caller was pretty awkward and there was a lot of laughter in the background."
"And why were you talking about big dicks?"
"They asked if there was a discount for guys with big dicks?"
"What did you say?"
"Maybe if we could verify first," Harper gave a wry smile. "Probably lying, but I wanted to send you just in case."
"Well, I'm in."
"Excellent, I'll let you get back to work. Find me when you're finished to get the address"
I released my client's penis and dove back down engulfing him with my mouth. He popped almost immediately. I spat out the salty emission.
"That was excellent, Em," he said.
"My pleasure."
"So was that interruption real or just for my benefit?"
"I hope it was real."
My client's dick sprang back up. I looked at my watch, still a half-hour left in our session. I wiped the semen away with my sleeve and got back to work.

As motels go this one was pretty clean. I got the key from the desk and entered my room to wait. I didn't need to wait long, there was a knock on the door almost immediately. I opened it to find a wall. No, not a wall, this was a person who was somehow larger than the door itself. The wall ducked under the doorway and twisted itself, squeezing itself through the door.
At last I saw his face. Very youthful, but with a cut jawline, brown hair, and deep green eyes that almost appeared lit even in the fluorescent light of the motel room. He had no neck, only muscles where it should have been. His green t-shirt and blue jeans appeared painted on. His pecs were massive slabs and I could make out his 8-pack as if he were naked. His arms and legs were bigger than me. My eyes darted to his crotch, the biggest mystery of the night. But in front of it, he held a giant backpack. I could probably have fit into it.
"I was, uh, told there'd be a party here?"
I couldn't speak, my jaw hung open.
"Hello?" he said to me?
"Oh yes, sorry. I'm Emily."
"Steve," he said with a slight wave.
"Your friends hired me to entertain you for your birthday."
"Oh," he said, reaching his hand up to scratch his neck. His shirt creaked as his bicep stretched the sleeve. "Like a clown?"
"No not like a clown. Like…a lady."
"A lady…clown?"
"No! Do I have to say it? I'm a prostitute."
"Oh!" he exclaimed. Then his face fell. "Oh," he repeated. "Sorry, I think my friends are playing a joke on both of us."
"No, it's not a joke, they even already paid me. Why do you think they're joking?"
"As soon as things get…intimate, girls lose interest in me."
"Well, don't worry, I'm a professional. I'm paid to remain interested."
"My case is a little extreme."
"I've dealt with everything from a micropenis to a 10-inch salami dick." I stood up and took a step towards him. He stepped back. "Whatever you've got, I've seen it all." I took another step forward. He stepped backward again and bumped into the wall.
"It's probably just a waste of time. Maybe we can both go home and forget this happened."
"I'm booked for the night. I've got nothing better to do. Do you?"
"I guess not. Maybe we can just talk?"
"Sure." I sat back down on the bed. He sat down on the opposite end. The force of him sitting caused the bed to sag violently and launched me into the air. When I landed I slid down the bed and bumped into his soft backpack.
"Sorry," he mumbled quickly standing back up.
"It's okay. What have you got in that bag anyway?" I asked,
"Just some food for the party that I thought would be here."
"Wow, that's a lot of food."
"Yeah, I eat a lot."
"It's almost as big as me" I giggled.
He chuckled and lifted it away from his crotch, placing it next to me for comparison. "Yeah, I guess so."
"Oh my God!" I exclaimed as I finally got a glimpse of what I was waiting for. It looked like he had stuffed a baseball bat into his pants. And then bent it. The bulge traveled down his leg and ended just above his right knee.
"Oh geez!" he said realizing his mistake. He snapped the backpack back to hide his crotch. Then he made his way to the door. "Look, sorry," he stuttered grabbing the knob and opening it. He looked back at me, "Obviously I'm not going to make you do anything tonight." He bumbled through the door, his head and right shoulder catching the frame. There was a crunch followed by an explosion of dust. And a huge chunk was missing from the door frame. "I'll, uh, pay for that." He continued clumsily squeezing himself through the now wider doorway.
"Wait! I want to try anyway!"
He stopped struggling and squeezed back into the room. He sighed, "Yeah well I don't want to kill you. You're barely big enough to make a proper armrest." He demonstrated this by hovering his meaty elbow above my head.
I took a step closer to him. This time he didn't pull back. I could feel an intense heat radiating off his body. "Maybe we can take it slow. We have all night." I placed my hands at the base of his penis, above his clothes. They weren't even close to wrapping around the meat tube. My hands formed a letter 'C' as I slid them all the way down the crotch, through the inseam, and down to the head which I squeezed and massaged. He moaned. I licked my lips and looked him in the eye. "Nice fucking cock."
"You're good, but I know you're just being paid to say that."
"Hm. Really?" I took my hands off his penis. I closed the door behind him, though you could still see outside through the shoulder-sized holes in the doorway. I went back to my purse and dug around. I pulled out a wad of bills and shoved them into his hand. "There. That's what I was paid."
"Why are you giving me this?"
"Because I'm buying you."
"You're mine tonight you fucking stud." I unbuttoned his pants. The zipper exploded downwards and the pants began to peel off his legs by themselves.
"Careful," he said. "It took me all afternoon to fit into these."
"Maybe you need bigger pants."
"That's what these were."
His pants stopped peeling with only the root of his cock visible. "I'm going to need some help, stud."
"Usually, when they get stuck like this, I have a special way to take them off."
"What's that?"
He flexed his leg muscles. Seams popped all along the pants. Then the pants tore themselves apart. "It's just faster this way." He flexed his upper body and his shirt tore off in much the same way.
There it was in all its glory. Far bigger than any I'd ever seen. And it was soft. Without a word, I lifted the head to my mouth and planted a kiss on it. It was so thick and heavy I could barely lift it. I let it drop and then bent over to lick and kiss it all over the head. I reached behind it and began massaging his balls. They were huge. Probably larger than my breasts. And I have some large breasts. His dick began waking up.
"Oh Emily-"
"Call me Em"
"Em, that's so good."
I stripped off my shirt and pants and continued kissing and sucking that penis.
"Wow, Em, you're really hot."
"Enjoy my body, it's all yours. Just rub your hands over it."
His hands started at my shoulders, slipped down past my breasts which he flicked over with his thumbs, and stopped just below my ass cheeks. He squeezed my plush, thick thighs and I felt his fingers sink in. I moaned. His hands were so huge and I felt so small next to him. Wherever they went on my body, they left behind a trail of electric tingles.
I guided his right hand towards my dripping nether regions. He popped his middle finger into my hole and I moaned again. Louder this time. His fingers were bigger than most guys' dicks. I felt a pleasant, comforting fullness. His thumb parted my folds and uncovered my clit. He rubbed it gently and I felt the first orgasm of the night wash over me.
Watching me orgasm really woke up the monster. I took a step back to appreciate it.
"Wait," he said, "I have a condom." I sighed as his finger popped out of my vagina. He ripped open his backpack and took out a sealed box of Magnums. He tore the plastic off and grabbed a condom from the box. It looked small in his massive hand. He tore it open and rolled it onto his cock. It barely reached past the half-way point.
I took a deep breath. "Alright, I'm ready." I crawled onto the bed. He began to press his dick into my vagina.
"Hold on," he said. "I need a better angle." He grabbed me with his hands and lifted me off the bed. Then positioned me at the tip of his penis.
I bit my lip. "Go slow," I said. I leaned forward and braced my palms against his warm pecs.
"I will."
I felt a stretching sensation. It went from comfortable, to intense, to painful. I began worrying whether I'd be torn in half. Then there was a pop and a bit of relief.
"How do you feel?" he asked.
"Just give me a second."
"You're really tight."
"You're really big."
I forced myself to relax. "Okay, you can go a little deeper."
He worked his way inch by inch into my canal. I felt an overwhelming fullness as my organs parted and rearranged themselves to make way for his. He bottomed out and I wondered what percentage of myself was now dick.
"You made it to the end, champ."
He slowly pulled back out and thrust forward. It only took two thrusts before a second orgasm crashed into me like an avalanche. He continued thrusting and the pain faded into the background. As he continued to thrust, I felt each vein on his dick as they caught momentarily on my outer lips.
I felt off-balance. My world was a stormy sea of pleasure. Then I felt him stop.
"Why did you stop," I whimpered. My blond hair had fallen in front of my eyes but I didn't have the motor skills to part it.
"I kept asking if you were okay, but you were just screaming."
"Ooooh, yeeeahhhh. I'm greeeat," I heard myself slur, drunk on his cock. "What aboooout you?"
"I'm having fun."
"You're not close?"
"I'm being careful."
"I want you to cum. I want you to use my body to cum."
"You'll be okay?"
I had regained enough control over my arms to clumsily toss him a thumbs-up.
He started thrusting again. Faster this time. I came almost immediately. I felt my limbs flailing like a ragdoll as he continued to thrust faster and faster. I heard him groan. He picked up the pace even more. I clenched my jaw to stop it from chattering with each thrust.
I felt the stretching sensation again. More than ever before. It was too much. The pain came back. Then an incredible heat deep within me. I felt the condom inflate. He tried to pull out but the condom was stuck. And still inflating. A moment of fear flashed across my mind.
"Just pull out and leave it in," I heard myself say. Then I felt it happen.
Semen began spewing out of my vagina and his dick at the same time. For a whole minute, we both stood there getting covered. From my face to my breasts, I was covered in a thick, white, gloopy mess. He placed me on the floor. Cum was still slowing pouring off my body. I reached in and pulled the condom out. I lay there for a few minutes, catching my breath.
He broke the silence first, "Did I do well?"
"Oh yeah, stud. The best."
"How am I going to get clothes now?"
"Don't worry," I said, as I gathered my clothes and started putting them back on. "I can go get you some."
"Promise you'll come back?"
"Oh yeah," I growled, looking directly at his penis. "I'll be back."

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