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By AmadeusH The best business of the future slavery.

In the year 2150, plenty of bored, jaded millionaires began seeking entertainment in sadistic clubs, groups, and venues. It is not known who first came up with the idea of establishing STI. In 2055, divisions into states and borders have almost disappeared on the continents. The continental powers that emerged in their place did very well economically for the chosen ones, and there was one currency in use all over the world – coin. The number of multi-millionaires has increased a thousandfold, and the number of poor people who cannot keep up and are therefore ready to do anything to survive and obtain funds for basic subsistence and not to starve has similarly increased. Entire families put themselves into slave labor, hard labor, brothels, and the service of all sorts of promiscuous perverts who could afford it. Slavery, sadism, prostitution, pedophilia and incest were legalized. It was a great base for a new business – selling highly trained child slaves. The leading “producers” were the most populous countries-continents, primarily Chinasia, Africana and Lowmerica (former South America). The wealthiest merchants were Europeia and Upmerica (former USA and Canada). I am the owner of one of the small STI in Chinasia. I bought a small island in a tropical, yet calm climate, from which there was practically no escape due to the distance from other land, sea currents and sharks. I employed three scouts to obtain goods, but I also bought kids for random traders.
The goods had to be within the age range of 10-12 years. apart from that, I had three female enforcers, one enforcer, a supervisor, and a creator-programmer of educational measures and torture. The children we sold knew no other life than promiscuous sex, suffering, pain and all kinds of torment. We had the brand, the best product and orders for the next two years. My institute was a large villa with a sports hall, a swimming pool, a training ground, and six living rooms, in addition to separate floors for the staff and my private one. The educational period began with breaking down any resistance, rebellion or reluctance. The newly acquired goods began by stripping them of anything personal and, above all, clothing. Then all girls and boys were stripped of any hair or facial hair. Including eyebrows and eyelashes. Each of them was also pierced, the nipples of girls and boys were obligatory, the clitoris and cunt lips of girls and the cock head of boys and both have pierced nasal septums and inch rings. After the sale, new owners can attach the leash there. All of them also had a mark with the institute’s initials branded on their buttocks with a hot iron. In each room there were 20 beds in two rows, these were metal military beds with nets on which wooden boards were placed. No bedding, and if a student deserved punishment, the board was removed and he had to sleep on a bare steel net. The girls were sleeping in one row and the boys were sleeping in the other, naked of course. The day started with waking up at 6 a.m., a terribly loud siren went off and the kids had 30 seconds to stand at attention and stand in perfectly even lines, a deviation of even 1 inch was punished by beating in the face by the enforcers. In addition, each had a leather whip and a free hand to use it. Then there was morning urination. First, the girls knelt in front of the guys, took the cock in their mouths and he could piss, and she had to swallow. Every drop not swallowed was then licked from the floor to the accompaniment of merciless beatings on the back with a whip. The exchange took place, the boys lay on their backs, the girls squatted and pissed in the boys’ mouths, who of course also swallowed. The next point is the morning preparation. Around the pool there was a running track made of small sharp stones on which children ran barefoot. Anyone who came last was whipped with rods by everyone in their room. The children were beaten severely because they knew that if they did not do it, they would be severely punished. The treadmill led to the bathhouse, 20 residents of the room stood facing the concrete wall, the enforcer turned on the pump and a strong water jet fell on their bodies. Some of them, even though they tried very hard to stay on their feet, fell down, then the jet hit their face or genitals, the jet could hit them. in the cunt or anus, or crushed the boys’ testicles. Each meal (twice a day) was poured into a long trough, the students knelt down, put their hands behind their backs, everyone was given a large rubber penis with a hole in their mouths and could eat as much as they could suck through the hole. The meal lasted 10 minutes. The food served was dog food mixed with waste from the staff canteen, vegetable peelings, their shit and urine. Next, students in classrooms had to watch films on large screens about the most terrible tortures of children, adults and animals. At the same time, both sexes had to endure all the torture themselves, long hours of lessons in machine rape of all holes, incredible stretching of nipples, cunt lips, boys’ balls, and riding increasingly larger artificial cocks on their own. Their level of pain tolerance was constantly increased, fake dicks. at the same time, they were constantly trained to endure increasingly higher levels of pain. they were nailed to boards for their geniuses, guys for their cocks, girls for their cunt lips and barely developed tits. Weights were hung on their intimate earrings, which caused great pain with every movement, and if they moved too slowly, they were whipped wherever they could. The executioners stuck numerous needles into any part of their bodies, the students were burned, hung by their hands, or stood on their tiptoes for hours with a choking noose around their necks and hours of whipping. Kids could also be raped, tormented and abused by the staff anytime and anywhere. We earned money on weekends by inviting and renting our kids for hours to all sorts of perverts. They could beat, rape and torture at will, but all under the supervision of the executioners so as not to spoil our goods. Ultimately, each student endured at least an hour of whipping, every imaginary torture, each had a 10-inch cock in his mouth and throat, and had a man’s hand in his anus and a girl’s hand in her cunt as well. Boys sometimes had several inches of sagging ball sacs hanging, and girls had five inches of sagging cunt lips. We announced the sale to interested parties by auction. The prices achieved ranged from several dozen thousand to almost a million coins per piece, depending on the students’ beauty, endurance, number of blue stripes from the whip, scars from torture, and obedience, all supported by a video presentation and detailed description. I must add here that we either did not pay at all (prostitution children kidnapped from the streets) or we paid a maximum of 1,000 coins to free merchants. I think it’s an excellent business, and it also gives us pleasure.

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By AmadeusH #Abuse #BDSM #PreTeen #Rape