Sleeping with the Boss | straight story from Willing Assistant

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At the age of 31 is started for me and I’m now 36.I got a job straight from university and was rising slowly in the company. The company was privately owned and the widowed owner 56 had remarried 2019 and had no children yet. But he wasn’t the most active person alive and could lose 40 pounds or so, he had married a younger woman 36 and was trying to have a child with her. But due to him working long hours and drinking, smoking and overeating he felt asleep most times before having sex with his wife. She also worked at the company and was in charge of the section I was in, and I caught her eye. Not because I was anything special to look at, except I had a very close resemblance to her husband at my age. The photos showed man of similar build to me, and it all changed when his first wife died, and he became reclusive and put on extra weight. But he then decided he wanted a child and married his current wife. She made me her assistant and everybody else were glad it wasn’t them chosen. She was no nonsense boss, and her assistant didn’t last long. But as an assistant I was okay, and she had another job lined up for me and so I wasn’t on the chopping block. I was on the breeding list, she asked me straight, about fucking her and getting her pregnant. I agreed and she had me checked over health wise. I passed and she started draining balls with her on top always. One night we fucked so many times I was really drained next morning and so was she. Her Husband had been drunk and passed out as usual, but he noticed her being tired also. She told him it was his fault as he overindulged the night before. He of course didn’t remember anything and said I’m like that now and then. Our sexual relationship got her pregnant as she required and due to health problems in her husband’s family. She got an DNA test to check to make sure the baby didn’t have any problems. Getting a sample from her husband was easy and using a sample from me, she had the test done and the baby boy was healthy and hadn’t got any of her husband’s family problems. Which made him very happy, but he wasn’t the father I was and after the birth and her husband’s health getting worse. I was promoted to hers and his assistant, that was in 2019 and I was living with them. 2020 as we all know was a confined year and by the end of the lockdown, she was again pregnant. This time she would have a girl and she repeated the DNA test and again no health problems of her husband’s family history. He had no idea he wasn’t the father of his children. But it made him happy as his health got worse but having a younger man living with a wife and her ill husband. Would attract attention at some time and so she had me start dating her cousin a shy timid woman of 29 and her parents had passed away during the lockdown and was alone. Then bedding and marrying which was completed by the end of 2021 and 3 months after the birth of her daughter. I was soon fucking 2 women, my wife and my boss and my wife got pregnant. Then my boss wanted a last child before she was passed it and we finally succeed just after my wife gave birth to our son. Another girl and she intended to follow the same procedure as before with DNA tests, but her husband had a massive heart attack and died 5 weeks before the baby birth. Now a widow with 3 children and I’m still her assistant and my wife her cousin a stay a home mother and nanny to her cousin’s and my children. Yes, she knows as we had threesomes to bed her and continue still.

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