Sleeping With Wrong Man

Hi I am a fan of N8story for last 5 years and I would like to write a story for N8story.  You all defenitely love my story to read again and again and get inspired to write stories like this many more.
On an auspicious day Kumar (30 years) landed in the town railway station with his wife Sailaja(25) and mother in law Sulochana(40) to receive them Super visor of Orchard name, Abdul Khadir (38) came with a car. His father was looking after the orchard for 40 years, after his father retiring due to ill health; Abdul Khader is the only person looking after the orchard, its works and its accounts.
He is so loyal that Kumar’s father has a big faith on him, so he personally recommended looking after him with respect and stepped out out of the train. They have a daughter (8 yrs) who is studying in the school for mentally retarded children, in the city. It is a big shock to her that her daughter is mentally retarded. They used to visit at least once in a week. Kumar loves his daughter Divya very much.
They are very much worried about her. Kumar shows much care towards his wife and daughter. Kumar treats S very delicately even while making lv. In car he asked Khadir to drive slowly. Sailajas very proud lady for her beauty but she is modest, unwise and careless; Kumar gave her much lenience. She likes to have a luxurious life with servants, but after getting big loss in her husbands business.
He sold their house in the city to avoid sentence, and decided to live in his ancestor’s bungalow in a village near by the city. I was disappointed to live in small town. Moreover, she is not much satisfied with her sual life with Kumar. Car approached the bungalow after crossing all the houses and streets of the village and majority of the people in the town are workers and labor in the nearby factory and city who leave their houses at morning and reach at late evenings.
I felt some relief after seeing the bungalow and its premises and small garden behind with compound wall, and rest of the place is completely with very big orange orchard which takes at least 2 hours to walk around. It is very peaceful and away from disturbances. Kumar introduced Khader and other workers to s and his mil, and praised about Khader as good person and loyal worker. Khadir stared at S and she is looking so homely and respectful with a tika on her forehead.
Gold rings for ears and with smiling face but below her neck she is sosexy, she is wearing a low neck blouse, feasting to the viewers. Her mother Sulochana is also equally beautiful to her daughter. Khadir is feasting on the beauty of S and her widowed mother Sulochana, he wondered to the beauty of S and her shapes and sizes. S too observed Khader casually while his husband introducing him (she doesn’t know at that time that he is going to be the most important person in her life.
He is going to fuck her and changes her life completely as she never expected). Khader is with well built body of about 6.2 feet, he might be doing exercise everyday, so he is having very strong body. Though he is older than Kumar, (may be 35 years age) he looks like Kumar’s (30 years) age. He is wearing a small cloth hat, shows that he is very religious person. Sulochana mother of Sailaja is equally beautiful lady, like her daughter.
She aged 44 living with her only daughter Sl, her husband was passed away 3 years ago. That afternoon after having lunch, in bed Sailaja hugged Kumar and started caressing her body and kissing him all over his body, Kumar also started kissing her but with care. S puy became wet with anticipation of sex. Sulochana started squeezing his penis but he refused to fuck saying that he got tired but she was not able to control she started forcing him for after so much pressure.
He started to fuck her very delicately and cummed soon outside on her belly. She is not satisfied with him and scolded him, and slept turning other side. Kumar smiled at her and soon started snoring in sleep but Sailaja not able to sleep. Next day after Kumar gone outside on his business work, Sailaja slowly reached to the place where all labour working. Seeing her Khadir approached her and offered a chair. She sat on it.
K: Why did you come to this distant madam, you should take rest (in himself: come come my angle, what a sexy bitch you are darling what a lovely face, your sizes are making me mad, Kumar is a lucky bastard)
Sailaja: I came to see the orchard and you people working. I got bored. Doctor advised to go on walk in evenings.
Khadir: I will show the entire orchard madam.
Now and then he is watching her back and chest. He led the way telling all the details about orchard. He said that he is also looking after the orchard besides which belongs to village head, who is a big Jamindar.
Sailaja: Don’t call me madam. You are much elder to me, call me Sailaja.
K: No madam you are my owner how I can I call you by name. While walking she observed Khadir very closely, he is having strong body his face cute with nice mustache. She started liking him, his way of talking and his voice.
Sailaja: How many children do you have?
K;I am having a daughter(18) but I got divorced madam.
S: Oh! Why Khadir.
K: Leave it madam, she is very arrogant and very desiring lady, she needs car bungalow and gold etc. which I cannot able provide, so she quarreled with me and asked to divorce which I have to accept, due to her persistence. She married a wealthy person and living at city with children.
This answer made her much relief while walking, Suddenly Sailajal slipped her leg in a pit, and about to fall down, and soon Khadir caught her by her waist and saved her from falling. She thanked him shyly after that he accompanied her up to bungalow and returned back by the time when she reached bedroom Kumar is leaving outside to meet village head. He kissed her passionately asked her to take rest. Sailajal did’nt wants to reveal about scratch on her leg to him.
Due to lenience given by Kumar, she started neglecting him. She went to bed room and applied some ointment on wound and lay on bed on her back. In the night at 10 pm Kumar came to her and fucked her with passion. She is thinking about Khadir and imagined that he is fucking her. She was not able to sleep that night. She remembering Khader again and again, his strong hold on her shoulders, his hand brushing her boobs. She liked his handsome body, his voice way of talking.
Moreover he is a divorcee and he is in need of a woman to avoid his loneliness. Her puy became wet due to the thoughts of Khadir. Suddenly she realized that what she was thinking is wrong, she cursed herself, and tried to forget him, which she couldn’t. Next day Khadir came to Kumar to talk about their business. While they are discussing Sailaja walked there with coffee cups for both, while her anklet jingling. She gave a little smile on Khadir.
Khadir watched her from the corner of eye while sipping coffee. Her beauty and body shapes size of boobs are making him mad. Hiscock became hard and trying to tear his pant. Then Sailaja called Kumar to other room and asking about something. Kumar came out saying that he is not having any time to take her to temple, and suggest going with her mother. She answered she should not come to temple now (due to menses)
Kumar asked Khadir whether he could take her to the temple in car. Khadir accepted immediately. Though Sailaja felt happy, but pretended that she is unhappy. Kumar convinced her, that he can accompany her next time definitely. Khadir kept open the back door. While she entering into car, she dropped her chappal on the ground. Immediately, Khadir lifted it and touched her feet to wear chappal. She felt that some current passed through her body. Her pussy became wet immediately. Khadir started driving car carefully on the road and started conversation with her,
Khadir: How are you feeling in our village madam?
Sailaja: It’s ok. I like this atmosphere, How far is the temple.
K: It’s About 2 kms from here. There will be huge crowds as today is a festival.
Sailaja: Why are you driving car so slowly, it gets late for us to return.
K: No madam, your mother ordered me to go slow.
Sailaja: I am younger than you, so don’t call me madam, call me Sailaja.
K: No madam you are my owner, I cannot call you by name.
She compelled him again and again to call her by name or otherwise she won’t talk to him. So he accepted to call her by name, but only in the absence of his husband and mother. She accepted happily, she too needs the same.
K: Sailaja what about your studies?
By hearing her name from his mouth she felt like a cool breeze touched her and Sailajastartling) I completed my plus 2 and stopped due to marriage.
K: I heard that yours is a love marriage, are you happy with Kumar?
Sailaja: Yes, of course, but now he is very busy in his business, so I am feeling alone. They reached the temple, Sailaja asked him to come into the temple but refused that he is Muslim he don’t want worship other gods after returning, he purchased jasmine flowers to wear in her long hair; she accepted and kept in her hair.
Sailaja offered prasad which he accepted after so much compelling and replied that he would have not taken if any other person in the world offered it other than her. She felt happy as he said that he liking her. On the way, she asked to stop the car. When he asked for reason, she shyly turned her face and answered in low voice to urinate’. After stopping car, Khadir opened the car door and she came out and walked towards the bushes and squat on the other side of the bushes and started to pee making hssss sound.
Khadir heard it very clearly and imagining her pussy while peeing, he got aroused and pressed his penis over pant. After urinating she walked towards car, when she is about to board she acted as she fainted and about to fall. Khadir holded by her waist carried and slowly laid her on the back seat and tried to awake her by calling her name and shooking her shoulders, but she kept closed her eyes to test him. He started gazing at her face, as her saree displace from her boobs and he is feasting his eyes.
He slowly touched her cheeks and rubbed her lips. Sailaja felt happy that he fallen for her and acted like she is becoming conscious and hurrily covered her boobs with saree, blushing with shy for what he has done to her when she is laying. On seeing her smile Khadir felt relief and happy, he thought that she yell at him (in himself: what a horny bitch you are Sailajal are you not annoyed with me for what I have done to you,being a family lady? So you fallen for me. Thanks to be continued on Part II