Slightly Experienced but Prepared

tagFirst TimeSlightly Experienced but Prepared

This is the actual story of the week following Hazel and Bob's first time together that was described in Inexperienced and Unprepared. I can tell you what I did and have to just fill in some blanks as to Hazel's build up.
Due to my project work, our next adventure would have to wait until the following weekend. All week, we were on edge, we would email throughout the day and talk every night. Just getting further and further into each other's psyche and getting more and more comfortable being ourselves. While the distance was preventing us from touching, our brains were getting in sync and we were sharing everything.
Monday Night
Hazel admitted that she was both afraid and excited on our third date when I had to climb through her bedroom window because she had locked us out of her house. She had a rush of emotions trying to imagine where everything was at in her bedroom for fear of me seeing something her modest self would find embarrassing. Were her bras and panties put away? Had she put her vibrator back that she had used the previous night to clear her head and allow her to sleep? Then she saw me jump up to the window and pull myself in. When she saw the muscles on my arms tighten and my ass bounce as I slid over the window frame, she was praying that I saw those things and would do something about it. I was a gentleman and told her that I hadn't seen a thing. I added that I was mad that I hadn't seen her vibrator though and told her that I might have wielded it like a light saber. She laughed at this.
Tuesday Night
I admitted that I told a small fib the previous night. While I had originally told her that I hadn't seen anything and it wasn't fully true, her panty drawer was open. But to not embarrass her, I claimed to have simply pushed the drawer closed as I walked on by. She thought that was sweet and wanted me more then since I was concerned for her view of herself, but I had better not lie again. I held back that this was also a slight fib because I did look at the drawer before closing it. While the drawer didn't contain the typical male fantasy thong types, these were just as cute and sexy since they weren't plain ones but they were personal and showed some humor. Like a pair with penguins on them.
Wednesday Night
Curiosity got the better of me and I asked what the vibrator looked like. Hazel described it and I asked if I should be threatened by it. She assured me that I was larger plus it wasn't connect to 180lbs of hot flesh. I asked her how often she masturbated and after some cajoling she said maybe twice a week. She asked the same for me and I said normally once per day. We started going down the phone sex path but we decided that we would wait until we could touch which would only be a few short days away. I had stated that since I should have been more prepared the previous weekend and I'd be bringing the semen I'd also get the condoms.
Thursday Night
I went into into a drug store to pick up the condoms but I became oddly embarrassed picking them up. Maybe it was the years of catholic education or the little old lady working behind the counter, but I couldn't do it. I instead decided to pick them up on the way home at one of the sex shops on the road. I could rationalize this as the old lady could rightfully be judgmental based on what they carried but the person selling jack mags knew what they were getting into when they applied for the job. As I drove to my apartment it dawned on me that any second spent on Friday buying condoms was one second longer till he could taste Hazel's lip or stare into her eyes while he was thrust into her so I instead went to a sex shop in town.
I had visited this shop before but only to buy videos so the blinders were somewhat on. This time was different, I saw all the stuff that the place had that was there for the woman's enjoyment. We will have to visit these places in the future. When I reached the condoms I saw some glow in the dark ones and while the novelty of them seemed to match our personalities I wanted to see her amazing body with the lights on. I grabbed some thicker ones since I knew I'd need some help with not cumming too quickly and decided to also get some ribbed ones to see if they might give some additional pleasure to Hazel.
Friday Night – Hazel's Time Alone
When the end of work arrived Hazel made a beeline for her house. After she ate dinner, cleaned up the house, and got herself ready she thought that it must have been close to two hours but was dismayed that only thirty minutes had passed. With Bob's drive taking another two hours she was getting antsy, what she didn't realize was that a raging hard cock was driving and would be there sooner. She tried watching TV but just couldn't concentrate on anything beside the plowing that she was going to get when I arrived. Like a kid on Christmas, her wrapped present was taking forever to arrive. She hoped that releasing some pressure might make the time more manageable and with that she went to her bedroom.
After stripping, she was about to assume the position on her back and use her fingers to bring herself to orgasm but she had a different feeling growing in her loins. She was…naughty. She felt wanton. She looked at herself in the mirror on her closet door and saw that her nipples, while not erect, were poking some. While not one to normally do this, the actions from last weekend were playing in her head, and she brought her hands up and cupped each tit and gave them a light squeeze. This felt good and she squeezed them firmer and this felt really good. In for a penny, she placed each rapidly hardening nipple between her thumb and index finger and gave them a twist, she felt a jolt down her spine that surprised her. Since the first time felt so good she did it again hoping that the effect would be the same. While no jolt this time, a "WOOO" escaped her parted lips. While continuing with the tweaking she was staring at her reflection in the mirror. Since the mirror was at an odd angle with her bed, she had never looked at herself while she pleased herself but it was turning her on. When she finally realized this she gave her rock hard nipples a more forceful twist with a slight pull and she felt her knees buckle some and she steadied herself against the wall. The fire burning inside her pussy had her clit screaming for attention and she decided time to get down to business.
Hazel was about to take her normal position on her bed and it dawned on her that she couldn't see her reflection. She shifted on the bed but due to the angle she couldn't fit on the bed and watch her handy work. She was going to give up on the mirror but then realized that she could do all of this if she was in doggy. She had never masturbated this way but it was a position that she like to be fucked in, and to be watching herself in the mirror ass up face down masturbating seemed DIRTY. She bounded for her vibrator, jumped on the bed and lined up her body so she could see everything.
Hazel could tell that her pussy was begging for attention but wasn't sure how wet it was so she reached under herself and was shocked as her fingers glided in without any resistance She looked back as she was pulling her middle and ring fingers out and could see that they were completely coated. She wanted to get her vibrator down there and let it do it's magic but her fingers were there and the feelings on her flesh in addition to being able to see everything seemed as if she was fingering herself for the first time and went with it. She watched as the fingers slowly disappeared between her lips. Then she watched as the muscles on the top of her hand flexed as her fingers tickled her insides. As muscles contracted she saw her pinkie push against the crease where her thigh ended and her ass started. As the muscles flexed, she could feel soft skin glide under the tips of her fingers meanwhile her pussy could feel the pointy end of her fingers tickling it. She continued the exploration and could feel her blood pressure in her ears but didn't want release just yet.
She wanted to see her fingers massage her clit but didn't want to remove her fingers from her insides. Hazel tried to reach under her, but with the her current position she would have to take her eyes off of the mirror but couldn't peal her eyes off off her swollen lips. She pried her hand away and started rubbing her clit and saw her toes start to clench and knew that her orgasm was imminent but she wanted to enjoy the sensation. She decided that now was the time for the vibrator. She grabbed her toy and used the juices from her fingers to lube it up. As she turned the base, nothing happened. "Goddamn it, the batteries." She got up and scampered around the house trying to find some replacements. After she got this task completed she ran back to her room and jumped onto bed. The delay had taken the edge off her orgasm and she could enjoy the build up again.
As she started feeding her vibrator past the lips she wanted to keep her eyes open but as soon as all her flesh started vibrating her muscles tensed and it was buried to the hilt. It was then that her eyes snapped shut and her head popped forward. With the lack of visual stimuli her other senses took over and started firing in rapid succession. Her ears picked up a throaty "AAAHHH" but she couldn't place it. It was too animalistic to be from her but then she could feel her vocal cords vibrating and realized that it was coming from her. She could then taste something in her mouth but couldn't place it and sent her tongue to explore it. It had a had a soft texture but had an odd flavor like shampoo and linen. She realized that she had a mouth full of pillow and that was muffling her moans. She thought that she could feel her wrist rolling but couldn't remember sending the signal to drive the vibrator in and out.
Hazel wanted to open her eyes but visions from the previous whirlwind weeks were playing across her eye lids like a movie. From the image of Bob's muscled arms, his tight ass gliding in through the window like a young lover sneaking in. His smiling face when he opened the door saving her like her knight in shining armor. She was starting to imagine coming home to him every night. Hazel then remembered the combined look of desire and release in Bob's eyes when she brought him to orgasm. Was it the same hand that was ramming the dildo into and out of her hungry pussy or was it the hand that was now rubbing her clit? These all combined and her orgasm was rapidly approaching. She then pictured Bob shooting jizz almost to the ceiling of the room, spurt after spurt and she started to think if that cock had fired off in her it would have broken the condom and filled her up. Since she wasn't on birth control there is no way that she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. With this last fantasy her orgasm crashed over her as the vibrator was thrust in. Her vagina was trying to milk all of the seed out it and her animal brain was keeping her back arched down in an attempt to cause all of the non existent sperm to flow to her womb in search of an egg to fertilize.
While it was only March, Hazel was starting to think that it was August because her skin was no longer cool. It dawned on her that she was sweating profusely and out of breath. As the orgasm haze was lifted off of her brain she straightened her back and the vibrator slipped out of her pussy and fell to the ground and started dancing across the floor. It took Hazel a minute or so until she felt her legs could support her and chased after it. She looked at the clock and realized that Bob would be there in an hour and she should probably get cleaned up and ready.
Hazel stumbled to the shower to take a cool shower and get ready again. No sooner did she get dressed, make the bed, and get out to the TV, she heard Bob's truck roll up and she knew the roller coaster was about to start all over again. Unlike last time where she was on it by herself, she would be on this one with what was starting to feel like a permanent partner. She then started to question why she got dressed and think that it would blow Bob's mind to be laying here naked, but that would have to wait for another time.
Friday Night – Bob's Time Alone
After work on Friday, I got out pf there as quickly as possible. I'd normally talk to the guys some but I had a mission. To minimize the delay to Hazel's I had my truck fueled up and ready to go. Midway through the drive I started dreaming about Hazel thinking about her but had to stop because my balls where starting to ache from the lack of relief after being hard for the better part of the day. When I was 15 minutes from her house I allowed myself to think about her. The smell of her hair, the softness of her tits, the firmness of her ass. I started to imagine how would she be waiting for me. Would she be in bed waiting? Would she be in the kitchen only wearing an apron making something to eat to give us energy? Then an image flashed, she would be sitting in her living room on the chair with one leg across each chair arm. Her hair would be in a pony tail so it wouldn't get in the way. The only thing she would be wearing was a grin, telling me to take her anyway that I desired.
When I pulled up to her house, I accidentally put it in park before fully stopped. My cock was pointing in her direction. Walking up to the front door, I jumped the three steps in one bound, nothing would delay this. Before I knocked on the door I took a breath and tried to calm down so I could play it cool. While this is what played in my mind, in all honesty the knock sounded like the cops serving a warrant.
"I'll be there in a minute!"
" Ah Shit", so while I knew none of the visions were coming true, it didn't matter because my…girlfriend was coming to the door.
Friday Night – Together at Last
When the door opened, a creature of effortless beauty was standing there. The clothes that she was wearing weren't showing off her body, but instead seemed as if they were just thrown on before I got there and struck me that a sexier thing couldn't be thought of. I stepped in and Hazel closed the door behind him. No sooner did the lock latch, and we were all over each other. Tongues were intertwined and hands were a flurry over each other's bodies. We stumbled to her room, ripping off clothes as we went. As one person took of something off, they were overpowered by the needy partner and they fell against the wall. Wall to wall, step by step. Her shirt was at the start of the hallway. My shirt was by the kitchen. My pants were by the attic door. Her pants were at the door to the bedroom.
When we got into the bedroom, Hazel ripped down my briefs on her way down to her knees because she needed to take my straining cock in her mouth and nibble on my balls. This took my breath away and all I could mutter was "AAAAAAHHHH". After a minute, in a begging tone "Please stop. HAAAAA going to cuuuummmm. I I I have been fighting thisssssss for the last two hourzzzss!" Hazel stopped her assault and I pulled her back up to her feet and started making out again. I took turns nibbling on her bottom lip and playing with her tongue with mine. Her tongue was oddly sweeter than before. I finally had enough and shoved her on the bed. I grabbed her legs and with one on either shoulder ripped her panties off. "I need to get a proper taste of your pussy and drink in your juices. I want to explore every fold with my tongue." I wanted to rock Hazel's mind but at the same time something was telling me that all women smelled as over powering as she did the last time. I mean the number of people that I had heard refused to either eat or be eaten must know something that I didn't.
As I climbed between her thighs I tentatively stuck out my tongue out and just barely licked the outer lips. No real taste and just a slight smell I couldn't place. I became daring and extended my tongue and flattened it and gave it a good lick, a quick lick, but a good lick. Slightly more flavor this time and a stronger odor that struck me as slightly citric but not positive. I couldn't figure out why people refused this, It wasn't a bad taste or odor and based on her breathing, Hazel seemed to enjoy it. I was as emboldened as I had ever been and went in for third looong, slooow, deeep lick that started almost at her balloon knot and didn't stop until I was well into her pubes and something over took me. I'm not sure if it was the last lick or if this lick shook her pheromones loose but something had finally awoken my caveman brain. Her juices where the most delicious thing that had ever crossed my tongue and her musk was the most intoxicating scent. I needed this. I dove in face first and started licking every inch, trying to extend my tongue up her canal as far a possible. Getting the freshest possible juices as I could was the goal, I was driven.
This attention caused Hazel to let out a high pitched "MMMMHHHH" whimper. She relaxed her hips which caused her legs to spread further than they had been, allowing my tongue additional access. With my enthusiasm I quickly realized that burying my face in her snatch wasn't allowing me to actually breath and I had to unfortunately take a small step back. I took each outer lip into my mouth and started licking around them. I was amazed at how soft they were and decided to try to find her clit and give it some licks.
Hazel was starting to get into this but then noticed that while what I was doing while felt fine, something wasn't right. The feelings were an inch or so off. She remembered that I had never done this before and probably needed some direction. She grabbed my head with one handful of hair, pointed to her clit with the second one and pulled my mouth to where she wanted it. She said "These can be tough to find from time to time." As soon as my tongue hit her button, shocks went through her body and her second hand went to my head. While I loved flicking her bean, I needed to taste more of her juices and desired to bury my tongue into her. I moved my head from her clit and spread her lips with my fingers and drove my tongue in. While it still felt great, it took a couple of seconds for Hazel to realize that her orgasm had been delayed due to me shifting from somewhere she needed it. With both of her hands filled with my hair, she said "Please make me cum" and moved my mouth back to where she wanted. With the hair she was holding, she began moving my head forcefully, she was using my mouth as her personal fuck toy. She realized her dominant side was out at the same time her orgasm crashed over her with a "FFUUUUUKK." I, none the wiser, continued the assault on her bean with my tongue but the muscles in my jaw were starting to hurt and decided to suck on it some.
About the time that I took a suck on her clit was the same time that her orgasm had subsided and it was far too sensitive for the attention. This caused her to yelp and push me away. I was confused as to what had just happened, and had to be reassured that I didn't do anything wrong, Hazel's clit was far too sensitive post orgasm. She then looked down and saw my fully engorged manhood and said "I can't wait to feel that thing fill me up. I need you to get a condom on your cock and fuck me."
As I started fumbling with the condom packaging and wrapper, Hazel started kissing my neck and stroking me. She was about to stick her tongue down my throat and saw my face was almost dripping with her fluids. She had never tasted herself and didn't want to start now so she decided to help with the condom.

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