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Mistress had arranged for a step up in puss' training.
puss and I were taken to the pub around 4pm for a late lunch then back home to prepare for the evening's entertainment. We were told to go shower and clean all our orifices ready for whatever Mistress had in store for puss and me that evening.
Mistress as usual gave us a joint or two to relax, I suspected we were in for a busy night.
At 9pm on the dot the doorbell rang. Mistress sent me to go to the door.
When I opened it there was a crowd of guys standing there, maybe a little surprised to be met by a totally naked woman apart from my leather slave collar.
I showed the guys in, twelve in all. Mistress asked puss and me to get them a drink and then told us to go up to the playroom and wait for them.
We sat on the sofa for about 30 minutes then we heard footsteps on the stairs. Quickly we knelt in the corner in front of the cage.
Mistress entered the room with the guys. They were asked to make themselves comfortable and we were told to stand under the punishment chains hanging down from the ceiling.
We were ordered to raise our arms and then our wrist cuffs were attached to the chains. Mistress then took a length of rope and bound puss and me tightly together facing each other.
We couldn't move, puss' lovely breasts tight against my saggy pair. Rope too was wrapped around our thighs, so our cunts were in close proximity.
Mistress took her favourite suede flogger. The first blow fell on my arse, stinging but I knew this was just the beginning. Then with a backhand motion it flashed across puss' arse.
Then another, and another…I could feel my arse burning. Her attention moved to our backs, one blow then another maybe thirty the last stinging like crazy.
Mistress changed to her cat o'tails, soon to be crashing down on my defenceless back, then puss'. Again, maybe another thirty lashes each.
With every blow puss squeezed her body ever closer to mine, her breasts soaked in sweat. Her cunt too like mine was dripping, our juices mingling in the confines of our bondage.
Finally, Mistress ceased, and the ropes untied, our arms still shackled above our heads. My head was spinning, my arms released from the chains and I felt myself falling.
Next thing I knew was water being gently moistening my lips, I took the bottle of water and gulped the cooling liquid into my parched mouth.
A couple of guys grabbed my arms and manhandled me across to the sofa and draped my body over one arm. I could see puss hanging over the over arm at the far end of it.
The guys then started to fuck whichever girl they chose. Some going for my cunt, other opting for my arse. After using my slutty body, I noticed some had changed ends to sample puss too.
Twelve fucks later and it ended, temporarily.
Mistress told puss to lie on the sofa, I was instructed to clean her cunt and arse of its oozing semen.
Once Mistress was satisfied with my work, we changed places and puss happily lapped away at my cunt eagerly devouring as much cum as she could.
It was now about midnight; Mistress selected her choice of guys and took them to her bed to pleasure her for the night.
The other ten guys then had to decide who would have which of us, puss or me.
My five bodily picked me up and took me to the guest room, flinging me unceremoniously onto the bed. puss apparently was treated in the same manner on her short trip to the other bedroom.
And so, another night of endless fucking continued until the dawn. First my pussy. Then my arse. Then a combination of cunt, arse and mouth, simultaneously. At one point they even managed four cocks inserted at once, arse, mouth and two in my cunt. During the night my five guys interchanged with puss' so they could sample both of Mistresses whores.
Thankfully, Mistress had thoughtfully left a supply of coke so I could snort I few lines through the night.
Come morning after an all too short sleep I was at their mercy again. Puss' and my cunt and arse were ravaged by these ten guys. After a while Mistress came to watch her sluts being subjected to endless use, and did she love it!!

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