Slutty Tales Pt. 02: Becky

tagGroup SexSlutty Tales Pt. 02: Becky

Becky and Corey met on one of the many kinky dating apps about a year ago. They both had just gotten out of long and dull relationships and wanted nothing serious. They wanted fuckbuddies for occasional great time. Their chemistry seemed to be a perfect match. Becky liked it rough, fresh and exciting and Corey more than enjoyed giving her what she craved.
As they explored their likes and dislikes their appetite for deviance gradually grew.
It was Becky who suggested, they should involve a third or even fourth party into their play sessions. Corey had a few friends from both gender, who were available to join such frolics, but Becky said she'd rather meet strangers.
So they agreed, that they will try swinging.
First they browsed the app, they hooked up on, having known, that it was favoured by swingers too. It proved very time consuming. There are a lot of fake profiles and window shoppers on these apps.
Swingers clubs were the next obvious idea. Becky, being a little, posh, slightly spoiled, middle class girl wouldn't just settle for any seedy local club. She wanted to travel to London and try either an elite sex party or one of the best swingers club.
She was twenty-eight, young, blonde, with a nice athletic body, she slid through the elite clubs' membership vetting system with ease. Corey was thirty-three and even though for men it is tougher to get accepted, as a couple he had no problem at all.
The first time they went, they were just testing the waters. The second time Becky hooked up with an older guy and gave him a blow job in a private room while Corey watched. She decided, she didn't want to go further that night, but was so turned on that the two of them had a very wild session, once they were back to their hotel room.
Month by month Becky became more daring and adventurous. They did a few couple swops, threesomes and foursomes. After about half a year they settled into a routine: Becky usually came up with a kinky fantasy, she wanted fulfilled and if they found suitable play partners they went on to pursue it.
That special Saturday of the month was only a few days away and as always, the couple were very horny. They met up the Thursday before and had sex three times during that one night.
In the second round Becky was riding Corey's nice hard rod, when she decided to hint at her latest fantasy, they were to live out the forthcoming weekend. Having that filthy image in her mind made her pussy very wet.
As she whispered the details into Corey's ears she had to slow down her grinding motion as both her and Corey were very close to coming. She even had to get off him, when he decided to suck on her nipples and instead saddled his chest for a minute leaving a slick line of her juices behind when she got on top again.
"Thanks for that image. I can't get it out of my head now. It is fucking hot, Becks. You are such a filthy fucking girl," Corey hissed through clenched teeth, shooting his hot cum into Becky's tight pussy.
The greedy little girl's latest fantasy involved two other men.
Sometimes they preferred to go to parties, which were single women and couples only (when they – or more precisely miss Rebecca – lusted for another girl) but this time the monthly 'Sinner' party was obviously a better choice.
They have arrived fashionably late to the posh Chelsea address. Becky wanted to make sure, the place was already full and she can choose from a wide selection of men.
A young, blonde bombshell like Becky had no problem getting what she wanted. And she liked to flaunt her sexual power.
As soon as they entered the building – which reminded her of a classical library with its high ceiling and arched halls – she let Corey sort out the drinks while she was already on the prowl.
She sashayed around the bar in her revealing red cocktail dress and fox mask, flirting with men, rubbing herself to a few, like a cat in heat, yet somewhat more discreetly. She recognised a few familiar faces even with their masks on and smiled and waved at them in a way that said 'we meet later, I'm on a mission'.
When she decided on the two most suitable candidates she simply walked up to them and brazenly asked if they'd help her fulfil her fantasy in a private room.
The two men joined her and Corey, who was sipping his usual vodka-lime and offered a frozen strawberry daiquiri to Becky – her choice of poison for the night.
The men shook hands and exchanged a few words. Corey loved his role of being Becky's one man entourage; consort, PA and bodyguard. He was the one to set the rules and make sure they're being followed. And most importantly he was the one taking her home at the end of the night, which made him the envy of most, if not all, men – and couples – in the room.
Within minutes the three men followed Becky into an empty play room. Approximately another fifty desperate pairs of eyes also followed them.
'Maybe one day I won't mind doing it in front of all these others,' she thought. But not yet.
The private room was lit by a giant mood light, similar to a lava lamp, but it was a giant, transparent floor to ceiling column and the floating wax bubbles were lit by a light, that was in the process of changing from blue to purple.
The music was different to the one in the main hall. It was slower and more erotic. Once you stepped foot in one of these rooms, you were instantly in the mood.
When Corey locked the door behind them Becky removed her mask.
The men followed suit and smirked approvingly.
They had gone through the introduction earlier, when Becky approached them. She tried to recall their names.
She was really useless with names, but in situations like this she made an extra effort. And in any case, she had the kind of ditzy blonde girl's smile to go with it, that let's you get away with anything, including murder.
"Maxwell, if I remember correctly," she looked at the older guy, – who still wasn't much older than forty – and smiled a kind of smile that could have been described as shy, if it wasn't for the place and the circumstances.
"And, Ryan?"
Ryan nodded. He was tall, blonde, – including a dirty blonde, perfectly trimmed and groomed full beard. He somehow gave out the vibe of an airline pilot. He had the kind of face and posture that made you think he can easily steer and fly a hundred ton machine and not crash it into a mountain. He was wearing a white shirt with a white tie that had all sort of creepy crawlies on it.
"Love your tie," Becky flirted, "it's different and a bit disturbing." She lowered her voice, "And I like different and slightly disturbing."
Ryan's facial expressions changed from a smirking polite gentleman to one of a wild beast hunting its prey.
He swept her blonde locks off her shoulder and licked her skin from her shoulder bone up to the back of her ear, leaving a field of goose bumps behind. "We are definitely here to cater to 'slightly disturbing'."
The other man stepped closer removing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt.
Becky loved these first few teasing minutes. Their hurried kisses on her body, their fingers scribbling sensual lines on her skin, edging closer and closer to her most sensitive parts, firing high alert signals into her psyched up brain.
The anticipation was almost better than what was to follow. The sweet suspense lit a burning fire between her legs.
She was a bit of a masochist and was sometimes tempted to tell them to stop, to tell them, they are not allowed to go any further. She decided that one day she will make that one come about too. An 'anything goes except penetration' night.
'Wouldn't it be fucking sweet?' she mused. She was sure she'd be begging like she never begged in her life. Corey would be good at keeping her in line, if something like that happened. He wouldn't let her get out of her own rules. Would he?
Anyway, today they were on another mission, to fulfil a different fantasy.
Ryan had the wicked idea that she should be wearing his tie now. And nothing else.
Her red dress was hurriedly removed along with her soaked panties and balconette bra. The bugsy tie was knotted around her long feminine neck by skilful fingers. Not only was her beautiful cleavage now emphasised with such an out of place piece but it sort of looked like a collar and a leash.
That gave her another very very filthy fantasy for her 'maybe next time' filing cabinet.
Corey stepped closer and stated that her safe word was coffee and she didn't really have any hard limits. "And don't forget to keep all your cum for the end," he reminded them.
And with that, the show was on.
Becky dropped to her knees and simultaneously unzipped the two other men's flies and took their already rock hard cocks out.
Becca wondered, whether men sported hard-on's from the minute they stepped through the door till they left the building regardless of how many sessions they participated in – as, she thought, 'it definitely would be the case for me, if I were a man.'
Maxwell was average size, the other one more of a porn star proportions. She tasted one, then the other, alternating randomly, sucking their bulbous heads, rubbing their shafts.
Her sidekick kneeled opposite down in front of her and suckled on her hard nipples. She reacted with a muffled moan, her left hand reaching out for Corey's tool which still needed rescuing from his pants.
They all removed all their remaining clothes and Becky was drinking in the sight of three beautiful muscular bodies.
None of them were ripped, just strong enough to lift her lithe body into the air and manipulate her into different positions to fuck and take advantage of.
Her whole body reddened and trembled with anticipation as she was placed on top of a black leather sofa which stood towards the back of the room.
They put her on very indecent display: all fours with her hands up on the back of the sofa, little, perky ass out to seek attention.
The two men shared a grin in agreement of their luck. They've been coming to sex parties for years, but girls like Becky don't often walk through the door. Not only she had a mouth-watering body, she was shamelessly wanton and confident.
Becky revelled being on display so openly and her dripping pussy was proof of that.
She loved the way that she had one element of the night under her control but all the rest was a blank page of a book to be written by the dark minds of these two strangers. She couldn't care less how, she just wanted to be filled. And soon.
Her writhing body became one with the music, her heartbeat aligned with the thumping beat. Where their hands brushed against her delicate skin, it became magnetised. Her silhouette followed their every move, like a cat rubbing herself to her owner. 'Give me more' her gyrating body and guttural moans said. And the men complied.
One was soon feeding his fingers into her hungry cunt, the other, her mouth, foreshadowing what her fate was to be shortly.
"Jesus, this is too much," she sighed with a primal grunt escaping her mouth when Ryan withdrew his fingers from it. He held her throat firmly and resumed roughly stabbing her oral cavity with two or three digits.
Maxwell decided to lick her from clit to star and started opening her very soaked, very swollen and very sensitive labia. When he spread them like obscene butterfly wings he gently patted his masterpiece with his palm.
"Gawd," she grunted with Ryan's fingers inside her mouth, "ya ah maki meh kam"
"Fuck, Becky," said Corey through gritted teeth, "that is not the fucking plan."
Becky wasn't sure where he was before, – probably spectating like he normally does – but now he stepped to her head and gathered her already dishevelled ash blonde locks into a ponytail and tied it with a black pony band. It was a move they practiced many times and being handled by him like that turned her on acutely.
Maxwell withdrew his hand and Becky instantly became aware of her screaming emptiness.
Then Corey spoke again in a deep, menacing tone to the other two, "I have fucked her three times two days ago, explicitly for the reason, so she won't be a needy little slut. But here we are, you barely laid hands on her and she is all ready to cum.
"Yes, Becky, what the fuck?" Ryan held her head high by the ponytail looking into her eyes, his expression promising hell and paradise. More hell than paradise though.
And then she realised that Corey must have let them in on her little secret that she loved dirty talk.
"I think you need to cool yourself down a little bit, slut," growled Ryan and dragged her off the settee. Grabbing hold of her – his tie, he marched the almost naked girl to the corner, which was meant to serve as an oasis of serenity and a sensual hideaway with a corner bath. Candles and knick-knacks embellished the sides of it.
Ryan wasn't planning on using it for it's intended purpose at all. Instead he turned on the cold water tap and shaping his palm into a makeshift cup, he splashed freezing cold water into Becky's shocked face.
Maxwell stood between her legs as she was sat on the edge of the tub, splashing her burning pussy with cold water.
'As if that inferno could be put out with water,' Becky thought with an inward grin.
"We all need to fuck you, sweetheart before you are allowed to cum, is that clear?" Max asked pushing her knees apart, tapping on her clit again.
Becky turned her head away and nodded, her body trembling with cold and need.
"I hope your mascara is waterproof," Ryan chuckled, still trying to freshen her flushed face with cold water.
"I didn't hear your answer?!" Max demanded.
"Yes, I'm not allowed to cum," Becky said on a lifeless, robotic voice. She has switched pretty much into half autopilot mode somewhere around the time when the tie was put around her neck or the first cock was shoved into her throat.
She was somehow back on the sofa, carried or marched she couldn't really recall. Neither was she aware, which man was filling her mouth with a thick cock and which one was ready to go to pound town in her cunt. But she was finally full and used. Moans, grunts all becoming a blissful white noise in her head.
Corey was at her head, gently slapping her face trying to keep her tethered at least partially to reality.
When Ryan withdrew his thick cock from her mouth, Becky mumbled incoherently,
"I can't, Corey." She was almost sobbing
"You 'can't' what, Becky?"
"I need to cum, I can't hold it."
"What should we do gentlemen?" he chuckled. "She HAS to come. Poor little thing."
'He's normally not such an ass,' Becky though. 'I like.'
"Tsk, tsk, Becky, it is your fucking fantasy," Ryan shook his head, shoving his cock deep into the back of her throat gagging, choking her. "And now, you are the one ruining it."
'It's you ruining my fucking throat, you dickhead,' Becky thought. Her cunt contracting uncontrollably on the other guy's cock.
"It's ok, slut. Just cum," Ryan commanded. His body arching over hers, his cock felt like it was invading her nasal cavity. The tight muscle in the back of her throat squeezed hard around his cock as she came. And her thick juices drenched the other piece of meat in her pussy.
It was around that time when she learned to cum on demand.
Ryan withdrew his rod from her mouth. "Damn, you nearly made me come too."
He gave her a slap on her face. Soft enough not to hurt much, hard enough to have a punch. On her cheeks and in the pit of her stomach too.
She looked at him wide eyed and she knew she wanted to see him again.
"Knobhead." Her mouth was trembling with anger but her eyes were smiling.
"I suppose, I am to take that as a compliment," he grinned. His eyes bewildered, with a new glint that certainly wasn't there before.
"Do you need a few minutes?" Corey inquired.
That's why she needed him. A nice considerate guy to keep her safe when she happened to self destructively surround herself with arrogant pigs.
She shook her head.
"Does she do DP?" Maxwell asked.
'Hey, I'm right here, you should ask me,' Becky wanted to bellow, but, surprise, surprise, her mouth was full of Ryan's cock yet again.
Not that she mattered anyway. Not that she wanted to matter anyway. A nice barbie doll to play with. With a dirty mouth and a sloppy cunt that is.
Oh yeah.. That was another fantasy…
"Sure she does," Corey smirked, "I'll grab some lube."
It was nice that at least in return for their hundred quid membership fee and fifty quid party charge, at least condoms and lube were readily available in every single room of these parties.
Max didn't wait for the lube however, he stabbed her sensitive little star with his thick thumb.
His cock was twitching inside her pussy as he did so.
Ryan let her catch some air as he intently watched the other two getting her ass prepared.
Then they swapped positions, Ryan sat down on the sofa, his back against the padded leather back and waited for her to saddle him.
She looked straight into his eyes as she did. She lowered herself painfully slowly, millimetre by millimetre.
When she was about half way, Ryan smirked and asked her "Is Becky your real name?"
'What an odd question in this current situation,' she thought. She noticed that his eyes were light grey. She has never seen eyes that colour. They reminded her of a wolf's. They pierced right through her leaving ice shards behind in her soul.
He cocked his head impatiently.
"Yes," she hissed. He was almost completely inside her now, which was quite an achievement considering his size. He nonchalantly wrapped his hands around her hips, not taking his eyes off hers.
Her thoughts were blurred, she couldn't think straight. 'Why the hell did he ask that?'
She felt like when you're running on a treadmill at the gym, spitting your lungs out after 10k and a fresh faced handsome walks up to you and starts chatting. She couldn't concentrate, she couldn't put a finger what it was but something was off about him.
He's been arrogant all night with her but she knew it was just a game or at least she hoped it was. But now something changed, he seemed genuinely cold and distant.
"I know your kind, Rebecca," he finally said. His jaw clenched barely noticeably, showing some sort of restrained emotion or feeling. He pulled her onto him with one swift move filling her deliciously.
"My kind?"
She couldn't believe they were having this conversation, with his beautiful cock impaling her, Max's only millimetres from her tight lubed butthole.
"Yes. You will sink very low, …"
She closed her eyes to let her eyes dart upwards freely and opened her lips.
'Any lower than this?' She wondered. 'Both of my holes are about to be filled by strangers. It's pretty low, I think.'
"… then you will rise high. Above most."
'I'm not sure, I understand, but keep talking, I can feel your cock twitch with every word.'
"I want to be there…" he continued, his eyes looking away as if he said something, he shouldn't have.
The other one chose this very moment to enter her butt stretching her. She blocked out the initial pain because she knew that what followed will be worth it.
She was full and briefly, completely satisfied.
Ryan seized her by her chin and shook her head as if trying to wake her from a dream and requesting an answer. But she has forgotten the question. 'Was there even a question?'
"I'm not sure, I understand." 'Oh my god, you are inside me, yet I want you. I want more of you.'
He circled her swollen lips with his fingertip then in the same fashion as before, still holding her chin, fed her two of his fingers.
"You don't need to understand."
'Good, Because I fucking don't. But I love this. I want more of this. Just give me more, I'll do anything.' "What do you want me to do? "

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