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Hi I am Raj I belong to Tiruchi we are four in our family one sis, dad and mom. When I was studying 11th STD I had sex with 8 std boy His name was Anand, He look very cute and sexy. At the time Anand was 5.3 inch height and I was 5.5 inch height

I had a separate room in my house .One day he approached for some doubt in his geometry. He was wearing short trouser which was exposing his sexy thighs. At the time there is no one in my house. In my room I have a single chair so I made him to stand for long time when I was teaching the geometry. Then I ask him to sit on the chair hand rest when he sit on the chair’s hand rest I was able to see his thighs very closely. I got little exited then I ask him to draw the geometry but he feel little un comfortable so I ask him to sit on my lap.

Now my cock grown bigger hitting his ass and I also slowly kept my hand on his thigh and moved up gently once I reached his little cock I pressed his little cock gently but he refused it and said pls Anna (brother) leave me. I did not leave him I lifted him like a doll and kissed his lips he said pls Anna leave me. I said don’t worry nothing will happen to you we can enjoy this and it is very easy for me to have sex with him I treated him as my slave I use to fuck in his ass then I will ask him to suck my pennies until I cum. Whenever I fuck him I will ask him to clean my cum using his mouth. Then we had sex for one year. After that I don’t have contact with the guy after that I left Tiruchi and then came to Chennai for my colleges and there I have take a separate room. In my final year Anand came to my room and I am very surprise to see him. Now he has grown taller (6 feet) than me. I was only 5.6 inch height and 55 kg only I don’t know his weight but he should be more that 75kg

Then we had a friendly arguments, I thought he has forgotten the past incident. Then he asked about my college and family. He asked me Anna you remain in the same height. No I have grown little bit but u have grown very big. The he commented my arms it looks like a girls arm. Hey ur not suppose to compare my arm with urs u have very big one that is due to more fat but my arms is fully power (I just kidded him) Anna pls don’t be silly I use to go to the Jim regularly that why I got this stronger arms but I did not agreed with him. Ok can I prove it by lifting you I said not don’t he told don’t afraid of me I will not do anything. This made me to stand up from the cot but I noticed I was until his shoulder only. Then I went to the front door and closed it I told ok now u proves it. He came towards me and lifted me in his left hand like a doll I was blushed in shame my face is became red he called me Anna (brother) will u accept I am stronger than u I did speak a single word I just remain shy. The he told speak something I just nodded my head. Then he if don’t speak I will not let u down. I told in soft voice ok I agree ur stronger than me

Then he laughed made me to sit on his left thigh and told don’t speak like a girl lifted my face I can feel his pennies inside his pant but I was not able to say anything anyhow I got courage and try to get up. He told cool down Anna what wrong in sitting in my lap.

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I feel more embarrassing. Then he told just to hug me you can feel better and he try to hug me softly but I force him to leave me. Since he is stronger I can able to free me so I begged him to free me but he hold my both the hand with his one hand locked my legs using his legs and lifted my face. I said please leave me but he just came near my face and looked in to my eyes. I don’t know what to do. He placed one hand on my thigh and looked in to my eyes but I looked down like a girl. Then he kissed my lips I moved my head away but he hold my head with his one hand and kissed me but I did not open my mouth. He smiled at my face and told I know how to open your mouth but I told this is not good to do pls leave me at the time he crushed my balls due to pain I opened my mouth to cry at the time he took the advantage and kissed me then after kissing he asked me remove my dress but I denied. Then he twisted my hand and asked me remove my dress then I unbutton my shirt. Then he beat in my ass and ask me remove my dress then he removed my shirt and pant. Then he lifted me and sucked my small nipple he bite me there and made me naked And then he also become naked I was not able to believe his size he should be more than 8 inch I am only five inch. He asked me to suck his pennies I said no its too large but he never leave me he forced me suck it I was only 50{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} to him to hold his erected pennies I must use my both the hands. The he sat on the edge of the cot and locked my face in between his thigh. Its very hard for me take it fully in my mouth after 5 min hard suck I can feel some thing getting in to mouth I was about to remove my mouth but he locked my face with his thigh and he cumed in my mouth

Then he lifted me with the both hands and sucked my pennies I was flying in the air then he compared it with his he was bigger than me after he cum also, it betrayed me and he sucked it very hard I enjoyed it. Then he asked me to sit on his lap and shake my cock with his hand and made me cum. He rubbed my cum in his penis and ask me to lay down in doggy position I also obeyed him then he inserted his cock fully in my ass I cried in pain he never listed a single word he fucked me very hardly I started weeping and shouting . Then he took his underwear and inserted in to my mouth and twisted my both the hands the he put some oil also , now he inserted his pennies fully and I was not able to shout after 5 stoke it become easy the I enjoyed it and he cummed on my ass and kissed me like his wife. The he removed the under wear from the moth and kissed on my lips and ask me clean his cum I did without saying single word and we both lay there for one hour. Then he asked me to shave my hairs and also my mustache. Then he removed all the hair from my body, he use to buy some girls dress like chudi, midi, ect and ask me wear it. Then he will enjoy me

One day he brought a saree petticoat and silky panties and asked me to wear it but I don’t know how to wear it. Then he made me naked and ask me wear the panties and come alone I was looking like a small boy wearing panties. Then helped me on wearing saree .after completing my dressing then he brought a long hair wig. he tied them for me setting them quite high on my head and decorated with golden chained hair pins and lot of accessories fixed and put some jasmine flower in that. Then I glued long nails painted red matching my lipstick both to my hands and toes. I selected a nice pair of 3 inches heels in golden color with red straps tied to my ankle. He also decorated me with the bangles and covering jewels. After completing my dressing the I looked in to the mirror I was shocked I was look like a girl. I was very much shy. The he asked me will me marry me Anna I was blushed in shame. Once again he asked me will you marry me dear. I just put down my head and nodded yes. He tied mangalsustra and in my neck. I don’t know what to say I just remain silent then I fall in his legs to get blessing form . He lifted me and kissed and had a great sex I love to be his husband he treated me as his wife. He uses to take me out I use to enjoy his bike ride. When ever we are alone I use to wear the girls dress. Then I asked how do u got my address then he told? that next one.