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It was another very warm summer day in Northwest Ohio. Alyssa was having a great time with her husband, Steve of three years. This was an annual festival held in a small town but it had a reputation about it that anything and everything goes. Needless to say parents never brought their children to this festival, there were any rides or anything for them here anyways. Neither one of them were from this town but instead lived about an hour or so away. Alyssa couldn't believe how many people crowded the streets for this one day event.
There were food, and beer vendors everywhere you looked. They had all kinds of merchandise vendors from stuff that was borderline illegal to your everyday items. Groups of people walking the streets in protest of things and others wanting you to sign a petition to legalize marijuana, you name it it was here.
Alyssa and Steve had some food, bought a few items that they thought they need for their new home, also to combat the heat they had a couple of beers as well. Knowing it was going to be a very hot day Alyssa wore her white lace panties and matching strapless bra underneath her thin sundress.
Her dress had two very thin straps that went across her slender shoulders. It was a four shades of blue with the top so light that it was almost white and the bottom of her dress that flared out so dark of a blue it was almost black. The bottom of her dress came down to the mid point between her waist and her knees. She had pulled her blondish brown hair up into a bun to keep it off of her neck and she was wearing a pair of black flat sandals with suede straps that formed a toe thong with an adjustable ankle strap. Before they left their house her husband told her that she looked so good that they may have to pull the car over to have sex along the highway.
It was almost five thirty and Alyssa was getting tired of all the walking that they have been doing so she suggested they stop, get an ice cream cone and sit down for a little bit. She remembered seeing a small ice cream place a street over where they had some tables and chairs. Her husband agreed he was getting a little tired as well. They walked to the ice cream place and Alyssa went to have a seat and her husband went to order there ice cream cones. Her husband brought their cones to the table, they were already starting to melt so they had to be eaten fast.
They were both side on the same side of the table facing a unique area, three small streets that ran east and west all kind if dead ended on to a small street running north and south. Across from where these streets met was a sidewalk that had rocks cemented together to form a small wall to hold back a small grassy hill. Where the small grassy hill and the the little wall met it formed a four foot wide natural stage. The small hill wasn't very big itself and had a large old oak tree that gave plenty of shade for the people underneath it.
There was a table with three chairs sitting underneath the oak tree along with five black people, two women one looked to be in her mid twenties the other one mid to late thirties. The other three were guys two of them with just a touch of grey in their hair and the other one looked to be in his mid thirties or so. The two women and one of the older guys were sitting down behind a four foot table that had a banner hanging from it that read "Black Lives Matter" All five of them were wearing white t-shirts that read the same as their banner. The two older men were both wearing tan khaki pants. The two women and the younger guy were all wearing tan khaki shorts. Out of the blue Alyssa's leaned over closer to her. Still looking straight across the street at the Black Lives Matter people he whispered to her.
"I wonder what they would want to do with you if I walked over there and told them that sexy little wife's great great grandparents owned a plantation in Georgia along with several hundred black slaves, and she is willing to do anything that would be required of her to pay off her family debt to the black community?"
Alyssa took a deep breath and let out a long shaky sign. She loved it when her husband would ask her questions like this one that could lead anywhere including a wild sex adventure of the mind. Getting turned on by some of the thoughts she had in her head she said to him with a flirty look on her face.
"I don't know but I bet they would come up with something we all would agree on."
As Alyssa and her husband continued to work on their melting cones with just some small talk about everyday life things she tried not to look over across the street because every time she did she could feel herself get a little more turned on.
"Hey I saw a small little hotel downtown, I'm going to go there, check the price and see if they any rooms available for tonight. What do you think?"
Her husband asked as he finished his ice cream cone and stood up.
"Just a second and I will go with you."
"No, that's okay I will be right back. Stay here and rest your feet."
He replied to her as he kissed her and walked away. The longer that Alyssa sat there the more she caught herself looking across the street and getting turned on by the thoughts in her head of what they would do with her if that were true about her ancestors. She noticed that the younger black guy was missing and she started to wonder where he disappeared to. She thought maybe he went together them some food, she had notice a couple of times that they reached under the table and pulled up a bottle of water so they must have a cooler underneath there she thought. Just then the younger black guy came back with nothing in his hands, he walked over to older black guy that was standing up and whispered something to him that seem to take a while to tell. The two of them seem to turn and look right towards Alyssa, she quickly looked away so it wouldn't look like she was staring at them.
Alyssa started looking around, when was her husband getting back, she thought to herself. She took a quick glance across the street again to notice that this time they were all talking to each other in a whispering manner. She was starting to get a little nervous but she wasn't sure why, surely they couldn't be looking at her. She turned around to see if there was someone or something else they were looking at but didn't see anything that they would need to whisper about.
"Excuse me?" Alyssa heard a guy's voice.
She quickly turned her head around and was looking up at the face of one of the older black guys. She started to shake a little bit, and took a nervous swallow.
"Yes?" Alyssa replied slowly and nervously.
"Your husband told my friend something and I just wanted to see if it was true."
Alyssa just looked up at him. Her husband and her enjoyed saying sexual things to one another during sex and even in public places just to turn each other on but this was the first time her husband had went this far.
"I'm talking to you miss." The black guy said to her in a little bit sterner voice.
"Where is my husband?" Alyssa asked the guy.
"I don't know, he just walked away. Now can I ask you the question?"
She could sense frustration start to build up in him
"Sure." She replied.
"Your husband informed my friend that your great great grandparents owned a plantation and several hundred black slaves in Georgia and that you are wanting to pay us for your ancestors' debt. Is that true?" He asked her.
Alyssa's mouth dropped open as she took another nervous swallow. She was speechless not knowing what to say. No it wasn't but she really wanted to play along to see where this might go. She could feel herself starting to really get turned on her nipples begin to stiffen and her pussy was starting to feel moist. There was something about the his authority figure and the sternness in his voice that she could shake her eyes from him.
"Well is it true?" He asked her.
"Yes it is true." She replied.
"Really then I think we know how you can pay off your family debt. Come with me!" He told Alyssa in a very stern authoritative voice, it was almost an order that she better not ignore.
As Alyssa stood up the guy grabbed her by her right arm and started leading her across the street to where the other members of his Black Lives Matter group. Once they were across the street he pretty much pulled her up in front of their table with their banner hanging from it. The guy reached out his hand the the older woman sitting at the table. She reached under the table and pulled out a handheld megaphone and placed it in his hand. He turned to Alyssa hand the megaphone to her and said.
"I want you to use this, and tell everyone here that your great great grandparents were slave owners and you are willing to do whatever we want to pay for your families debt to the black community."
Alyssa's hand was shaking as she took a hold of the megaphone. Holding a distance from her mouth she pushed and held down the talk button. With a shaky voice, still facing the black guy that brought her over here she started speaking
"Mmyy grrrreat grr.."
Just then the black guy in front of her smacked her left cheek, it wasn't at full force but still enough to sting.
"Don't tell me bitch! Tell them." Pointing out towards where she was just sitting.
"And say it nice aloud we want everyone to hear you or the next time I smack you it will be a lot harder!"
Alyssa turn, swallowed, cleared her throat, held the megaphone up closer to her mouth this time, pushed and held the talk button, and then.
She did her best not to make eye contact with anyone who might have been listening to her. She turned and handed the megaphone to the black guy that was still standing there with her. The others were moving about behind the table moving things around.
Alyssa for some reason unknown to her all she could do was stare at the guy in front of her now, she felt almost helpless to move or say a word. She just stood there way for her next order from him and it didn't take long for him to command it of her.
"Take your dress off so everyone can see that body you have underneath it. Place the dress on the table!" He ordered her.
Bending down and with trembling hands Alyssa reached down to the bottom of her short dress and pulled it up over her head and placed it on the table to her right. It was scary how fast she did what she was ordered to do. She had never had this feeling before, she has always been pretty submissive in sex but but this was a whole new kind of feeling. This was like she couldn't do or even wanted to do anything unless this man that she just met told her to do it.
"Look at that fucking hot little body, shit!" Alyssa heard the other older man say
Alyssa's eyes were still fixated on the guy in front of her waiting for him to speak another command for her. She was pretty sure that anyone that was close by could tell how turned on she was. Her white lace bra couldn't hide her hard sensitive nipples anymore than a small bush could hide an adult giraffe. She could feel herself being turned on like never before, the thought of being ordered around by a complete stranger in front of a crowd of people. She thought she might just explode before anyone even touched her if they were going to touch her at all. Her heart was racing her breathing was at high pace of excitement her pussy was really starting to she started to move her hips around to try to soothe her pussy, it was like it started to think for itself and it only had one thing on its mind.
"Take your bra off, everyone wants to see those perky little tan tits of yours!" The man in front of her said to her.
She reached around and unfastened her bra with her right hand. As it fell into her left hand that she had placed in front of her just below her excited tits.
"Put it on the table with your dress!" He told her.
Without even looking at the table she reached her arm across her body and placed her bra with her dress. Her breathing was picking up as she could hear people start to talk about her and her body. She wondered if any of them had past her today as they were walking around and undressed her in their minds, if so she was hoping that this was better than they ever imagined. It seemed like an hour had passed and she was still waiting, not moving a muscle well at least trying not to she still was moving her hip just a little bit. Finally the guy in front of her gave her another order.
"Put your sandals on the table too!"
She lowered herself down to unfasten the adjustable straps around her ankles, and quickly stood back up placing her sandals on the table with the other articles of clothing she had there. She wasn't sure how much more of this she could take before she screamed "fuck me now!"
"Take off those wet panties of yours, but instead of putting them on the table, I want you to just hold them for now!" The guy said in a firm voice.
Alyssa raised her right leg up as she slid her wet lacy panties down her sexy tan leg, then she removed it from her left leg. Doing what she was told to do she stood there completely naked with her panties in her right hand in front of a crowd of people because a complete stranger had told her to.
"Do you want to reenact what happened to the slaves when they were unloaded from the ships that brought them here and taken to their new homes?" He asked Alyssa.
"Yes". She replied.
"Well for starters whenever you address a black person from this day forward you will say either yes master or no master. Is that clear?" He said to Alyssa
"Yes Master."
"That's better." He said as he moved his head to look beyond Alyssa.
"Okay" He said and nodded to someone behind her.
Just then someone grabbed her wrist placing them behind her back, and started tying them together. A rope went over her head and around her tender tan neck. Meanwhile someone else was down around her ankles tying rope around them but not together so she could still walk, not a full stride but maybe a little bit more than a half. The guy that was in front of her took a couple steps forward. He was so close to her that his body was touching her nipples, she leaned forward just a little bit so that they were pressed against him.
"Hand me her panties". He told the people behind her. With Alyssa's panties in his hand he ordered her to open her mouth. She did and he pushed her panties into her mouth telling her to close. Alyssa wasn't sure what they were going to do with her and she wasn't sure if she even really care at this point. He then reached his hand out and grabbed the end of the rope that was tied as a noose around her neck.
"This is how my ancestors came to this country, completely naked and tied up so they couldn't run away. They were slaves on a plantation in Georgia." He said as he looked right into her eyes.
"Oh shit! He is the one that is really going to be rough with her." Alyssa thought to herself, but she was glad for some reason it was going to be him.
"Once off the ships they would be led around by ropes tied around their necks through a crowd of complete strangers that were there to pay a slave, just look at, or just to touch them and there was nothing they could do about it! We're not going to sell you though." He said as he led her down onto the sidewalk
"But if we did, we would get top dollar for that bitch!" Alyssa heard one of the black women spout off behind her. She was glad to hear that she thought they could get top dollar for her though. Alyssa couldn't believe some of the thought that were going throw her mind throughout this ordeal. Her she was being led through a crowd of strangers completely naked by a black guy she had never met before pulling on the noose around her neck. Her hands tied behind her back, rope around her ankles making it hard to keep up and her panties in her mouth.
"Go ahead look at her, touch her, smack her, call her names. She wants to have the full effect of what it was like." The black guy pulling on the rope leading Alyssa told the crowd in a very loud voice. It did take a second time for them to be told. Hands start coming out of nowhere smacking her firm little ass, pinching her nipples. People calling names such a bitch, whore, slut, and cunt. She has been called all of those names before form people that were mad at her or even during sex as a turn on but never by complete strangers. Even though she didn't know any of them in the state she was in it was really a turn on hearing them and feeling complete strangers hands all over her fit young body.
After being weaved in and out of the crowd several times the man leading her around led her back up to the table underneath the large oak tree. The others had placed a thicker long piece of rope overtop of a large branch which was providing most of their shade. The black guy leading Alyssa around led her right by the rope hanging from the oak tree. As soon as she was right beside the rope the younger black came up behind her and untied her wrist but it was a short period of freedom for them. He raised her hands above her head, tied her wrist again and then slid the thicker rope in between her wrist tied it to the rope holding her wrist together. He then pulled the thicker rope, pulling Alyssa arms up forcing her to stand on her tiptoes. He wrapped the other end of the rope that he was pulling around the trunk of the oak tree and tied it. Alyssa wrapped her hands around the thicker rope to help her keep her balance.
"When we are done with you, you are going to know how much of a spoiled, privileged little bitch you were. Besides humiliating you, we are going to degraded, debase, use and abuse you. Everything your ancestors did to mine!" Said the man that was leading her around as he stood right in front of her staring deep into her eyes.
The younger of the two women was standing just to the right of Alyssa, and the other older man was standing to her left. The older woman and the younger man were both standing close behind her. Alyssa was strung up with her hands tied above her head forced to be standing on her tiptoes waiting to see what was going to happen to her next, and it didn't take long for her to find out. With no warning a hand belonging to one of the two standing behind her hit her firm right ass cheek sending a loud smacking noise through the air. The woman standing to her right reached up with her left hand grabbed what was left of Alyssa's bun and jerked her head back by her hair.
"Let the fun begin!" She said in a joyful voice.
With that the wrapped firing of hands started smacking her firm little ass cheeks alternating with each smack. She could tell the older woman must have been the first one to smack her ass, so she was on Alyssa's right side and the younger guy must be on her left smacking her left ass cheek. While Alyssa's ass was being beaten the younger woman that had pulled Alyssa's head back by her hair still had it pulled back and had moved her right hand to Alyssa's small perky right tit. At first she just cupped it in her hand but that quickly changed as she pinched Alyssa's excited nipple between her thumb and index finger. With a twist of her hand she pulled Alyssa's tit until it slipped from her grip, then the woman took her hand and smacked Alyssa's tit. The woman kept repeating this assault on Alyssa's right tit and it was long before the older black guy to her left started doing the same to that tit.
Alyssa body wasn't used to this kind of treatment and she wasn't sure how much more she could really take. Most of the moan screams that Alyssa did have were muffled by her panties that she still had in her mouth. Even though the pain was almost more than she could handle and small tears started to seep from the corner of her eyes there still was something exciting about being treated this way by complete strangers in front of a group of people. Just then she noticed the other older man that had been standing in front of her was starting to remove his belt from around his waist. It was a old dull black leather belt hat he pulled out from the lopes on his khaki shorts that looked like he had for many years if not a couple of decades. He wrapped the buckle end around his right hand and pulled it tight. Move to his left which was Alyssa's right he motioned for the younger black woman to move a little bit further to the back side of Alyssa but she continued to abuse Alyssa's perky but very sore tit.

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