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Author's Notes:
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All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.
It had been almost three years since Mom and Dad died in a car crash. I was just sixteen and my sister Jenny has just turned eighteen and was about to head off to University to study art history, but she stayed to make sure I was fine, so she ended up studying her undergrad via correspondence instead. It has been the two of us ever since.
Our mom was always wise and had made sure that there was enough money saved to pay off the apartment and send us both to university to get a higher education. Jenny had waitressed for extra money to spend, while I was working part-time for my friend's Dad moving service. We've been doing fine, all things considered. Jenny struggles more with it, she's a free spirit. Me, I just try to put it away and be strong for my sister, you know to be "the man of the house." Somedays I can almost forget the pain.
I was coming home from work and as I opened the door I saw my sister sitting on the sofa. Her legs were tucked under her, leaning against the arm of a sofa, her golden bronze hair trailing down her shoulder. She was reading The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, being completely overtaken by it not even noticing me coming in.
And that's how she is, she is dedicated and passionate, and once she dedicates herself to something she turns off the world around her and focuses completely on the given subject. Jenny has lots of interests, but she hates it when she has to do more than one at once. She says it makes her feel disorientated and that she can't focus as much as she likes to if she has too much to do. Of course, sometimes that made me annoyed but at the same time, I admired her for it.
Me on the other hand? Well, I am the complete opposite of my sister, where she does one thing at a time, I love to multitask. It makes me feel alive and without distractions, I get bored quickly.
I'm currently in university studying to become a teacher in physics. I also like to dress up and I would describe my style as formal casual so you can usually catch me watching a button-up shirt and jeans. I also don't socialize much outside of a few close friends, with who I usually work out, go for a beer, or work on the weekends.
"Hei Jen I'm home," I called out.
No answer — she's deep in her book. I walked to the kitchen and made myself a coffee and some green tee for her. Jenny loves her tee and I try to keep the cupboard stocked as much as possible. It's just one of the little things I do to show my appreciation for her.
Waiting for the tee to brew gives me some time to think. Our apartment is quite large and we haven't changed it much since the passing of our Parents. I took over Dad's study, mainly because I loved the rustic look of the room, the leather chair, and his antique desk made out of cherry wood. We still sleep in our old rooms and have left Mom and Dad's bedroom pretty much as it was. Every time we talk about cleaning it out we end up not doing it. We probably do it on purpose on some subconscious level, trying to keep their memory alive. So we live on Jenny with her books, dancing and hobbies and me with my studying, boxing, and lifting.
I poured the tea into the cups and headed towards the couch.
She moved her book slightly from her face, looks at me and smiles. "Sorry Charlie. I'm just so caught up in the history of the Medici family." She extends her hand and takes the cup.
"Thanks. I needed this." After a short pause, she continues "I was just thinking that I should go for a walk."
"Well there is the path I usually walk through the park, "I offer, hopefully.
"Oh? " says Jen, interested.
"Yeah, it goes down along the river that flows into the pond in the middle. There are some benches around the pond that I like to sit on."
Jen smiled and said enthusiastically "Yeah. Let's go. Walkies yay! I need some fresh air."
She can be so childish sometimes I thought to myself, but that is just one more thing I loved about her.
We grab our coats and put on some sneakers. April is already warm in our part of the country but with frequent rain and wind. So we bundle up warmly before heading out. There is a light breeze and the sun breaks through the white puffy clouds, making it quite a lovely day.
On our walk, I'm mostly watching Jenny not giving much attention to the nature that surrounds us. She walks with a dancer's grace a sort of hypnotic style that one is helpless against, so one can do nothing else but stare like an idiot.
"How far is it to the pond?" she asks. So far we'd been walking in silence.
"Max 10 minutes," I reply. "I usually run towards it, my best time from our apartment to the pond is 8 minutes 23 seconds."
"Wow, Freak," she responds with a laugh, trying to tease me. Jen always gets up before me but I always find her wrapped in a blanket on the sofa with a book in her hand, as I head out for my morning run. Jen eats a lot and still has a slim build, it's probably from the dancing practice she does about three times a week and fast metabolism.
"Well you have to work hard to be fit like me," I replied with a smile on my face.
"Can't lie, you do look, good bro," she replies.
We both laugh. I sneak a quick look at her, she is smiling so carefree, staring off in the distance as we walk. A burst of wind blows and lets her hair run free in the wind, making her look even cuter than she is.
"You can always come to the gym with me," I said.
"Am no thanks. Too many men."
She has a thing about being watched by men. She just hates it, plain and simple. Strangely though she doesn't have that problem with women, that's why she dances in an all-women dance club.
"They're just looking to creep," she continued, then takes my arm and walks closer.
"Ou come on, they are just looking for love, haha," I replied sarcastically.
"Hahaha. So are you one of them too, bro?"
"Am I one of who now?"
"One looking for love?"
I miss a step and stumble, and if she didn't catch me I would have face-planted for sure.
"What do you mean, exactly?" I ask.
"I'm just curious. You're all grown up. Yet I have never seen you with a girl longer than a few weeks. Are you that bad at making a long-term connection with someone?"
"Jen…" I start, uncomfortably, caught completely off guard. Jen loves to pry, but she never dug into the relationship zone before, and it's unsettling, to say the least, for her to suddenly take an interest.
"Charles! Spill it already! I'm bored and restless and part of that is due to not knowing whether you're happy!" she said demanding an answer.
"I'm not seeing anyone. And for the connection part, I just haven't found anyone I can connect with on an emotional level." I try to give her an answer that would make her quiet.
"Why not?" she continues to pry.
"Because," I whispered.
"Whyyyyyy?" she wheedles.
I can't help myself but laugh. Jenny has this way of sounding impossibly cute and adorable. If I had to describe it, I would say it looks like a young puppy craving for attention. I'm powerless against it, and she knows it.
"Because I've never met anyone who could keep me interested for more than a couple of weeks. I just get bored with them, wanting to do the same thing, not wanting to try new things, new adventures…" after a short pause I continue. "Besides I have work, Uni, and my workouts. Besides that and hanging out with you there isn't much time left for me to give girls the attention they deserve. Or let's put it differently think they deserve."
She seems satisfied with my action. We walk on for a bit, then she starts again.
"So you say you don't get bored with me haha. I'm flattered," smiling as she speaks. You can see the devil in her eyes while she says it, teasing me making me feel uncomfortable, waiting for me to answer her so she can boost her ego.
"I won't boost your ego, Jenny! So you can just drop it, " I replied then continued in a whisper "but yes, I don't get bored with you."
She grabs my arm tighter, not letting me break free from her tight grip. For a slim girl, she was pretty strong. We walk on, and I listen to the wind playing with the tree branches as I think about the conversation we had.
My mind raced to my past girlfriends, or flings are better putting it. I never was with a girl long enough to even consider her my girlfriend. Maybe I was just afraid of commitment and I was just telling myself that the girls I have been with lack the adventurous spirit that I possess. Maybe underneath it all there was just that fear of abandonment.
But I had Jenny. I always had jenny to rely on and talk to. I told her everything, except this, this I will keep to myself.
We've reached the pond and I stop, take a deep breath, shoving off my thoughts.
"Here we are!" said Jenny. I shoot her a glance, she's looking around with sparkling eyes, being surrounded by the unfamiliar.
I sit on a nearby bench. The wood is warm and the sun is out. I love the noise of the water and wind in the trees. Thus I regard the pond as my sanctuary, my little piece of heaven. I come here to think, and more often than I care to admit, to wallow in self-pity.
"Welcome to my little piece of heaven," I announced, pointing my finger to space next to me. "Sit m'lady."
"Don't mind if I do good Sir," she laughs and sits down next to me. We lean companionably against one another. There is no sound but the wind in the trees and the water beneath us. It was a moment of pure clarity and Jenny's shoulder is warm against mine.
After a while, my curiosity got the best of me and I asked "Why the sudden interest in my love life?"
"I worry about you, always have, always will," she responds.
I snort and answer teasingly. "I'm a big boy now, I can take care of myself."
"Haha, you idiot. I know you are, but still, you're my baby brother, and I still feel responsible for you," says Jenny.
I frown. "Listen, you raised me, you nurtured me, you were there for me. You don't need to waste more energy worrying about me. I'm doing good in school, have great friends and a fine job, I'm going to be okay."
She leans her head forward onto a knee and looks back up at me. "Are you?" she says, quietly.
For some reason, I hesitate to answer and my mind wanders to the thoughts of our Mom. I push back those memories and finally answer "Yes." And continue "I'm done talking bout this."
"You need to open up to someone, Charlie."
She sighs, and we sit in silence for a while. Then all of a sudden like a lightning bolt she shoots out "I'm lonely."
"Why?" I respond, cautiously. Jen doesn't share much of what goes in her head, I can usually read her mood by her body language and through the years I have become somewhat of an expert in reading my sister's body language.
"Just am. I miss Mom and Dad, and also Jim." she says, quietly.
"That cheating bastard?" I exclaim, unbelievingly.
She smiles sadly. "Yeah, him. He was good for me."
"Except when he cheated on you and broke your fucking heart," I respond, irritated.
"Yeah, well I still miss him." She sighs. " He kissed so nicely."
I pretend to puke, then say. "Please for the love of God, please stop. You're my sister I don't want you imagining kissing anyone."
We laugh quietly. She leans her head on my shoulder and we're quiet for a bit again.
"He had a great tongue too…" she whispered in my ear.
"Okay that's enough, we are going," I stand up and slowly starting to walk.
"Ou come on I'll stop. I just couldn't help myself," she laughs. "But you are right, we should head home. The sun will soon set and I'm getting a bit chilly." We were walking home faster than on our way to the pond. "I love this, just us, talking. Thanks" she said. "No need to thank me, I love hanging out with you sis," I answered.
Soon enough we're home, and just at the nick of time too. The clouds have started to gather and the light is dying fast.
I eye my computer guilty. I should be studying, I have an exam coming up next month and I am way behind. But I'm too tired from work and quite honestly, feeling a bit strung out after Jen's probing earlier. So it's decided I'm going to spoil myself tonight. I head over to the sofa and lay on it as I turn on the TV.
As the light dims, the News start, honestly I just turned on the TV cause I find it strange sitting in a quiet room. I stand up and stretch, then wander over to the liquid cabinet and pour myself, Jameson, on the rocks, just like Dad used to drink. I grab a blanket and a pillow from my room and back to the sofa I go. Soon, I'm lying on my side, facing the TV and losing myself in the whisky.
I must have dozed off at some point, because the next thing I remember is Jenny shaking my shoulder, waking me up for dinner. I get up, stretch let out a yawn then proceed to the kitchen. Dad had always wanted to knock through the wall to make the entire space open but had never got round to it, and neither have me since then. So suppers are always in the kitchen, at our cherry table.
"Would you like some wine with that?" she offered. I just nodded still not completely awake. She grabbed us a bottle of white wine and pours it into our everyday glasses. Jenny was always a great cook, she could make even the most ordinary dish into a five-star plate.
"So how much more till you are finished with Uni?" I ask her.
"Almost finished," she answered. "Only got two exams more, should be finished by the end of the year."
She smiles and stretches, and I catch myself watching her, again. I quickly snap out of it and drop my eyes at my plate. I'm not especially hungry but the food is delicious and she went through a lot of effort to make it, so it would be disrespectful not to eat all of it. I look up and find her watching me. She smiles as I take another bite, "good you need to eat to keep all those muscles, Charlie."
"Wow did you just call me hot between the lines?" I smile at her.
"Well I guess I did," turning red as she answers.
"You're hot too," I say without thinking.
"Oh you're just saying that," as she leans back into the chair, sipping her wine.
"No I'm serious you could be a model Jen. You're beautiful, you're sexy, you're cute, you are pretty much every man's wet dream," I blabbered out.
"Whoa, calm down! You're gonna give yourself an erection!" she laughs at me.
"Yeah, yeah haha," I said as I brush off her comment. I get up and move my ass back to the sofa, where the embarrassment of my comment about my sister hits me.
It can't have been long before Jenny walks through and joins me on the couch.
She lowers herself down on the blanket next to me. "Sorry if I embarrassed you. I was just teasing."
"No it's fine. It's just you are my big sister and I know that you sacrificed so much for me. And I want you to know that you are an amazing, caring, and gentlewoman. In one word you are gorgeous, plain, and simple."
Jenny gives me an odd look, but soon recovers and assumes a naughty schoolgirl pose. "You're amazing," she says seriously.
"JENNY!" I yell in embarrassment as I hit her with a pillow.
She laughs then suddenly hugs me fiercely, knocking me back. "Am I making you hard," she whispered. And just as she said it she burst out laughing releasing me from her tight grip. In all seriousness, I did feel something building up between my legs. I know it was wrong but it has been a while since a girl even hugged me. Pulling her legs up under her, and starts staring at the TV. "Sorry for that, just couldn't resist," still laughing as she says it. "Any more of that whisky?" she asks.
"Yea in the liquor cabinet, it was dad's favorite," I answered. "Didn't know that," she murmurs.
"Do you still miss them?" I ask her
"Every second of every day," she responds tiredly. "I was so angry with them Charlie. I couldn't believe they did something so stupid. They should have known better than to have that second glass of wine, knowing there was a storm coming and the roads would be slippery."
"They wanted to get home," I tell her. "Even smart people make stupid decisions sometimes," I reach out and wrap an arm around her, pulling her close, trying to be a strong man, trying to be a rock for her.
"Do you regret being stuck with me?" she asks, quietly.
"What?" I exclaim. "God Jenny no! You're my sister, I needed you and you stayed with me! You are amazing and I have you to thank for making it this far. So no!"
"Don't you think I'm holding you back in some way?"
"No, no I don't. You're the reason I got so far in the first place, and I will be eternally thankful to you. And before you say it, no I'm not lonely, and no I do not regret not having a girlfriend." I grab the bottle and refill our now empty glasses.
"You sure?" she asks.
"Just shut up and drink," I say as I top her glass. She's a lightweight, but we don't have anywhere to go, so there is no harm in just drinking and enjoying each other company.
"So when was the last time you kissed a girl?" she asks.
"Wow you are just on fire today aren't you?"
"I'm curious and bored. Humor me, it's cold outside, it's just the two of us, and we're getting drunk so spill," she responds.
"it's been months, since the last time," I answered
"Since what, since you hugged a girl, kissed a girl, or…" moving her eyebrows up and down "had your way with a girl hmm?"
"Since anything okay… Happy now?" I answered frustratedly.
"Well it's been half a year for me, so I truly feel you," she answered.
"Can we just change the subject?" I asked.
"Cause you're my sister and it's weird talking about sex with you." I take another sip of my whisky and lay back on the couch starring at the screen.
"That's a pity that you're embarrassed. It's kinda cute tho seeing you like that." she said. An awkward silence followed. " To be continued," she announced, "I'm going to shower." she stands up and stretches. Her stretches were otherworldly, she rises onto her toes, arches her back, tilts her head, and reaches up to the sky with her hands. It's like ballet, a pure work of art. She's always so graceful. "You going to be up waiting for me, right Charlie?"
"Yeah," as I take another sip from my glass.
Without a word, she walks towards the shower.
I sat back on the couch and stared at the TV. My mind wandered to my sister. I shift, uncomfortably. I've seen my sister in a bikini enough times to have an intimate knowledge of her body, and in my current intoxicated state, that made me feel very uneasy.
Her breasts are small. STOP IT. Her chest-length golden bronze hair covering her nipples. STOP IT. The light sheen of water on her skin. Mouth open, eyes closed, inviting you to kiss her. STOP IT.
To distract myself, I started thinking about furniture, couches, beds, pillows, anything that isn't sexual. None of it helped. I'm too drunk and tired to go for a run and too horny to shut my mind down. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. I lie back on the couch, drag a blanket over me, and unbutton my pants. I slip my hand down under my underpants and try to relax. I'm already hard as I start jerking off. But then I hear the water in the shower being turned off. There was barely enough time to remove my hand from my erect dick before the bathroom door opened and my sister walked out of there.
"Hei you," she says as she sits next to me. I can't help to notice the nearly sheer fabric of the skintight black top that she'd decided to wear. It was pretty obvious she wasn't wearing anything under it, as her nipples were visible under the fabric.

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