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By popcorn’s boss Taking school pictures leads to a fantastic opportunity with a sly 10 year old

I had been a photographer since High School and after graduation I went to work for a company that took school photos. Initially it was just a boring smile and click until I got assigned to the elementary school team. I’d never considered little girls to be so hot until now. The little things came for picture all dolled up in thier best outfits and a touch of make up. And boy did they ham it up for the pictures … once my training period ended I got to work by myself … now it’s gonna get interesting… To relax the kids I arraigned to have the school give me a private room for pictures and have the groups wait in the hall. I always kept my own camera with me on jobs and when the little honeys would get into the posing I’d offer to do a “few extra shots”

Judy was the first 10 year old that went beyond the click and shoot with me We started out with the required pictures then and even those she wanted more than the plain photos. She kept leaning toward the camera letting her little top fall from her chest … when she saw me look she looked down then back up with a sly smile. “You like this pose?” she asked … “Yeah, let me get my other camera … maybe we could take a couple more?”

When I started shooting I encouraged her to show me what she wanted…. “My mom did pictures for daddy .. kinda like this..” she spun the stool around and spread her slim legs … her skirt up high and flashing her panties … she leaned forward with her hands on the stool between her legs and her top falling open to the point I could see her pink tiny nipples… we worked that pose for a couple shots and had her turn away from the camera and lift her skirt and show me her panties .. her hand on her hips her face turned back to the camera with a smile. Judy liked doing the naughty pictures … I promised her no one else would see them …. “Oh, can I see them?” she asked

“We’re kinda out of time now but… I tell you what .. do you know the park down the street” she said she did “how about we meet there after school in the park… I can show you the pictures and maybe take some more?” she was excited to do more … “But Judy… this is special and you can not tell anyone … if you do everyone will want these pictures and then they wont be special” “I understand” she said “It’s our secret David!” I wondered how she knew my name then remembered my name tag I had to wear.

Jackpot!! this was gonna be the beginning of a wonderful adventure. The rest of the day was a bore with standard pictures … I turned in my “required” photos to my boss and took my camera with the extras with me … after the school let out I was waiting in the park …. I had been there an hour with her not showing…. I figured she changed her mind and was getting ready to leave when I saw her running thru the gate. “I was afraid you would leave” she said all out of breath … “I had to go home first … mommy said I had to be home for supper so we have some time … show me the pictures ..”

Judy had changed into play cloths … nice little booty shorts and a tank top that hung kinda loose … she settled next to me on the bench while I brought the pictures up on my Ipad … “These are the first ones we shot..” I showed her some of the tame school type photos … “Where are the good ones?” she asked eagerly … I looked around being sure no one else was nearby then brought up the better ones “Here are the better ones” and I showed her the panty shots … “Now here they get better” now she could see the pictures with her little titties showing …

“These are like the ones mommy did for daddy” I showed her progressively the more provocative pictures with various close ups of her little body … “Ohhh I like that one” she pointed to a shot of her little finger pulling aside her panties and just a peek of her baby slit showing … “and it looks like you like it too” she giggled as she looked at my crotch … they were pushed up by my hard dick … “Daddy gets that way too when he looks at mommy’s pictures…. ”

“Can we do more … mommy did some really bad pictures … I want to try them too” “Judy I would love to but it’s kinda public here … maybe we could walk down the path .. find a place more private” she jumped up and grabbed my hand dragging me toward the woods. A short way into the woods we took a small side trail until we came to a small clearing … lots of shade trees, fallen logs to pose on and very little indication that the clearing was used by others …

“This is perfect” I told her … she ran across and jumped up on a fallen tree with low hanging branches above … “Let’s start just getting shots of you playing” she was a natural moving and pausing at just the right time to tease .. cartwheels, hand-stands hanging from branches by her hands and legs … if it gave her a chance to flash me she did it .. Each time she flipped or hung upside down her top would slip up and bare her belly and little pink nipples … her shorts slowly crept into her crotch as she played giving me nice camel toe pictures … which she added to by slipping her fingers into her shorts legs and pulling them out of her slit and flashing it each time. We paused a couple times and looked at the photos together each time she would point out … “Ohhh that’s good but what if I just took my top off and my shorts… mommy did some in her panties..” “Well… I don’t know … that’s pretty risky … what if someone sees” I offered but thinking … YES YES show me what you have!

“It just the two of us here come on I wanna try” she pleaded…. I checked around to be sure we were still alone then told her to go ahead but go slow so we can get pictures as she took off her cloths … I had her start facing away and pull her top off then look over her shoulder .. turn with her top in front of her chest .. she dropped her top but kept her hands in front of her preteen tits .. then slyly moved her hands to behind her head … this pushed out her chest or what little chest she had

Wither chilled or excited i noticed her pink nipples were hard and pointy. “Beautiful darling .. now slowly unsnap and unzip your shorts …” she got eager to continue and started to push her pant down … “wait turn around again … now bend over a little and lower your pants … slowly .. just show a little of your bottom” “You wanna see my butt?” she asked … Hell yes I thought but responded with “If you want to show me … I would love to see it… I’ll bet it’s as nice as your titties” this made her giggle but she push down her shorts and her pink panties started to follow but came loose and only went down enough to show her lovely crack …

“Watch this” she said and she grabbed her panties and pulled them up into her crack… “Now I have a thong like mom” “Turn and show me the front too” she didn’t even hesitate as she spun around and repeated the wedgie with her tiny slit …. I had to change the memory card on my camera … I had sooo many hot pictures of this minx

“Now show me your kitty like earlier .. just pull your panties to the side ..” she followed my directions and blessed me with a view of heaven … a completely bald preteen pussy slit … without being asked one hand held her panties and her other hand came down and her little finger slid along her slit and opened her lips …

I paused to adjust my dick as it had gotten uncomfortable … she watched as I did it … and I swear I saw her lick her lips … “Ah .. Judy would you like to take off ..” I didn’t even finish my request and her panties joined her other cloths on the ground … she stood nude and proud … “Mommy did this too but daddy took those pictures … they didn’t know I was watching … but now you gotta take off your cloths too” “I gotta what?” “Well after the pictures we gotta do the sex thing don’t we?” “Mommy always does it.”

Thank you mom!! “Are you sure Judy?” please say yes, please say yes “When daddy and I …” she stopped what she started to say … but she had given away a secret “Have you posed like this before?” “Well … kinda I told daddy I saw him and mommy and I wanted pictures too … his weren’t as good as yours … and well… I’m not suppose to tell anyone … but after we took pictures he got naked too and we kinda .. ” “Did daddy have sex with you?” “No .. not like him and mom … he showed my how to kiss him down there and he kissed my kitty … it felt really good”

“well your younger than daddy ….. and he told me I needed someone younger for a boyfriend if I wanted to do the sex thing” “And …. do you want to try the sex thing with me?” I asked her …. trying not to sound too excited… “Yeah, we took the pictures .. you saw my kitty now it’s time for you to show me yours and then we do the sex thing …. so come on..”

I am not gonna pass this up … I’m in town for only a few days nobody will see me again… Hell I’m in for it. “If that is how it’s suppose to go I guess we better get to it … you have to be home soon” … “YES!” she was jumping up and down in excitement … I was nervous doing this in the open but it also excited me .. I quickly stripped off my cloths … as I stood I saw she had my camera and was taking pictures of me … “Wow , your thing is bigger than dads … can I?” putting down the camera she reached for my dick and held it in her hands … “Yep .. no doubt bigger than dads … I hope it will fit … dad said I would stretch” her hands began lightly stroking my dick .. as my precum… dripped out her other hand came up and gathered it then brought it to her nose and smelled it …then licked her hand … “You taste better than daddy too … his thing was salty … yours is kinda sweet” then she leaned in and place her little lips around my head and swirled her tongue.

I was in heaven… a 10 year old with her precious little lips wrapped around my dick … willingly sucking away and stroking to get me my hardest … then she stopped .. she scooted back and sat on a nearby branch leaning back her slim legs came up and spread wide … “Now you have to lick me … daddy always gets me real wet … he said that when I’m really wet it means I’m ready for sex…” I knelt and moved between her thigh taking them in my hands I placed them over my shoulders … I hesitated briefly to take in the details of her lovely young pussy … I had to remember this … I reached for my camera and got a few close up shots of her spreading her lips .. showing me the damp pink inside … I held the camera with one hand and leaned in with my tongue out and got pictures of my tongue touching her… tasting her .. at the first taste and smelling her scent I sat the camera aside and dove in like a thirsty man in the dessert…. top to bottom I licked and kissed her kitty … I planted kisses on her thigh along her lips … she held herself up to see what I was doing but then took one hand and reached down to push my head and mouth where she liked best ….

“Mmmmmmmmmmm there .. right there … touch the bump …. kiss it .. ohhhh yes ..” her thighs closed around my head as she became wetter and got into the passion … taking her little butt in my hands I lifted her up to my mouth … up and down her pussy lips .. slender as they were the attention had begun to make her lips puff up … on a down stroke I dipped lower and teasted her little red star with my tongue … “Oh,,oh..oh.. I .. oh yes… I like .. OH!”
her little body moved in my hands wiggling and withering … moving back up I kissed her tiny clit that also had begun to swell and show from it’s hood … I slipped a finger slowly into her pussy … and she stopped moving and held her breath … slowly and lightly I worked my finger in and out moving it around … she was so tight even I doubted she would be able to take a grown up dick ..

A short way in I found what I was hoping for … she was still a virgin … her hymen intact … I was going to be the first to have her … the first to feel her tear open and shed her blood on my dick … just the thought had my dick throbbing and precum flowed from me … “Am … am .. I .. ugh I WET .. ugh enough ” through clinched teeth she pleaded … still focused on her goal … this little thing wanted to be fucked .. as she said to”do the sex thing”

Opening her thighs I lifted my head … “I think so dear .. I think so ..” I moved forward and brought my dick to her wet open lips .. running my head up and down the short length .. I started to lean into her .. “WAIT!” her hands came up to hold me back and her butt scooted away … I was disappointed but not surprised by her fear … or so I thought … “Mommy likes to do the sex thing different … kinda like the dogs in the park” She turned over and getting to her hands and knees she presented her ass to me … her pussy now dripping and running down her slim legs … “Now .. do it now … sex me!” I didn’t hesitate andmoved up to her ass and touched my dick to her tender young lips … holding her hips I pushed my dick between her legs along her slit .. rubbing her lips and her preteen clit as I stroked .. OH GOD I thought I’m gonna cum already … I held still resting against her …

“No” she said almost frustrated .. “it needs to go inside .. put it inside” her little butt wiggled and she moved trying to get my dick against her lips. ” “Hold still dear, I’m gonna try … you know it is gonna hurt… it’s gonna hurt real bad … are you sure” “Yes … come on I want you to be my boyfriend … do it”

I moved back up to her pussy … brushing my dick along her small slit gathering her flow and mine to ease my way in … I looked at the size of my dick against her … her lips were no bigger than my dick … God she’s gonna be tight … I used my hand to rub my dick between her lips slowly working them apart easing just the crown between her lips … She began breathing heavy… “Relax Dear” I leaned in and let my dick sit just between her tiny lips … while my hand moved down and touched her clit … gently I rubbed it … softly until I heard her begin to humm.

“Right there … touch me just like that …mmmmm ..” her butt began moving left and right … I moved up and down and held a steady pressure …. I could feel my head moving in to the heat of her as I moved between her lips …”Owwww .. it’s tight …” she moaned …I pressed harder … still no more depth … so I pulled back … without pulling away but no pressure … then holding her hips I pushed hard and my head popped between her lips It felt like a rubber band wrapped around my dick

“Owwww, crap … it hurts .. bad ..” “Hang in there baby we’re getting there..” I rocked within her grip… I could feel her hymen just inside against my dick each time I leaned in … and she flinched and started to pull away each time I touched it … there was no way to do this gently…. taking a firm hold of her hips I bent over and kissed her shoulder … moved a hand to her clit .. I pinched it … when she screamed …. I pushed hard and felt her stretch and an audible snap as it gave way … and she screamed again… quickly I reached around and covered her mouth … Please I prayed …. don’t let anyone come and check out her screams

Small nudges in and out and I had progressively began moving into her preteen pussy … how I had no idea .. she was so tight it felt like she was peeling the skin off my dick … my stroke out very short matched by my in strokes. My hand over her mouth could feel the tears running down her face as she whimpered in pain

Her tiny pussy stretched so tight she could feel nothing but the burning pain of having her cherry ripped open … the searing, burning pain as my dick moved back and forth … my strokes were getting easier as I saw blood coating my shaft each time I pulled out … I expected some blood from taking her cherry but the amount and the dark color worried me I was afraid I had caused major damage and torn something inside but the feel of her hot tight young pussy was fantastic … just starting to allow me to actually stroke in and out … each stroke out it looked like her inner lips were coming out along my shaft …

Her lips , my dick and both our crotches were now covered in a pink froth of blood. My strokes got easier and she was no longer struggling against the pain and I used that to increase my fucking .. it took me a moment to realize that she had passed out. she was no longer crying in pain. I wanted her to feel what was happening weather pain or pleasure she should remember her first time. I slowed my assault on her pussy … moving to slow and easy motions … my hand on her clit gently rubbing and strumming her button as I stopped moving my hips and just held myself inside … rubbing her back, stroking her ass and holding her cheeks … still I rubbed her clit until I felt her starting to respond …

First a quiet moan … then a quick breath and I felt her body tense and her cunt squeeze my dick .. a couple breaths again and ..moaning again but different .. it sounded softer .. almost like pleasure. Her tight clinging pussy began to spasm lightly caressing my dick … I started to move and she froze and took a breath like a gasp and moaned….”No.. please … wait ..” I stopped moving and held still … then I felt it again… the squeezing and release squeeze and release … then she moaned again and lightly arched her back

Follow by her rocking … actually forward and back just a little “Mmmmmm….ahhh” almost a purr from her throat she moaned then her back arched again and she then pushed back until I felt my dick hit her cervix and she jolted and held still. I could not believe this was the same little girl that was screaming in pain… now fucking me … stroking my dick with her tight preteen pussy…. “Sex me … slow .. ”

“Judy… if we do this you should us the right name … we are fucking ..” “Ohhh, that’s a bad word” “No, fuck, dick, pussy those are words to use when we do this … and they are the right words …” “MMMMMM” “yes… fuck me … fuck me .. push your little pussy to me” I took her hips in my hands and held them as she worked her hips on my dick… her change and her movements had me close to cumming.

Whenever I tried to control the movements she grimaced in pain and would tighten her body … with her in control our fucking was smooth and soooo good like fucking a too small flesh light her 10 year old pussy moved back and forth … every mussel and bump squeezed my shaft I didn’t know where she was but I was on the edge of filling her with her first load of little swimmers. She pushed me deep into her and held my dick tight against her cervix … too tight to stretch and let my head into her womb.

“OH YEAH … Ohhhhhhh … yes…. ” she moaned and whimpered and I lost it … holding tight to her hips I pushed hard against her … “AHHHHH!” with my hands on her hips her scream was loud … anyone on the trails had to have heard her …. with my dick swelling and pulsing my cum moved up and out into her young cunt. ”Here it is darling … take it … take my cum” her head turned to look at me … “Is that cum…. are you cumming in me” she was excited and smiling … then i suspect repeating what she had heard.. “Fill me … cum in me baby … give it to me”
I held myself in her clutching pussy and could feel her little body shake in my hands … I think she had an organism being filled with my cum …

When I tried to move she froze…. “Wait… don’t … it hurts again …” I just stayed still and let my dick go down and saw out mixed cream ooze out around my shrinking dick … still tinged pink and with streaks of blood … eventually her pussy pushed my dick out along with a large amount of pink and red cream … some mine some hers… once I was out I let go of her hips and she slumped forward … her tiny abused butt and pussy still propped up and dripping… She lay getting her breath … panting from the excherstion of her first fuck … “How….how.. how does…mom to this… it hurts .. it hurts so much” “It wont always be like that Judy…. like your daddy told you you are small and tight right now … and you need to stretch … the more you do it the better it will feel … you were wonderful” I was knelling next to her rubbing her back and her butt cheeks … I leaned over and kissed her shoulder … when we heard the voices ..

“I know what I heard … a little girl’s screams … from over here I think” I could not see anyone but from the noise I knew they were heading our way … Judy was in no shape to get up and run but I couldn’t leave her to be found in her shape … I grabbed our cloths, scooped her in my arms and quickly moved deeper into the woods. Both of us naked with branches and weeds brushing against us my dick and her pussy dripping as we ran. She put her arms around my neck and snuggled to my chest and began to giggle .. it was contagious and I too was giggling as we moved …. once we could no longer hear anyone we paused…

Putting her down she stood weakly on her slender little legs … leaning against a tree she looked down and saw the cum dripping down her leg … still tinged with streaks of blood … “am I gonna die .. that’s a lot of blood” taking my t-shirt I gently wiped her off as best as I could … I too had worried about the blood but could see that it was already stopping … “you should be fine… the first time a girl does what we did she will bleed but it is stopping and will be alright” I was knelt next to her both still nude … at this point it was kind of funny … I leaned in and kissed her above her mound … the blew raspberries on her tummy and had her giggling again

“See no more ..” the dripping and seeping had stopped for now … “Let’s get dressed … we need to get you home”
as she moved to get dressed she kept winching each time she moved her legs apart … when she pulled her panties up I reminded her .. “there will be more of the cream coming out as you walk home … when you get home take your panties and hide them then take a warm bath … it will help with the pain” We went back to the path and when we got close to the playground area I told her goodbye .. “We probably should not be seen together” I gave her a hug and a kiss on her forehead … her little arms went around me and moved to kiss my lips … “I’m sorry I wasn’t good… I will be better next time … promise” I hadn’t even considered a next time but …. well I was in town for a few more days … it may happen … “We’ll see .. remember what we did is a big secret between us” “Ohhh, a secret boyfriend… cool” another peck on my lips and she limped away …

I stood in shock at how this meeting had gone and was eager to get to my hotel and go thru the pictures … THE PICTURES ! when we ran off my camera was still in the clearing … all those pictures of her and me .. Please let the camera still be there … don’t let anyone have found it…. I moved quietly back to the clearing praying to avoid anyone … when I got there I stood outside the clearing and looked around .. no one here … but I didn’t see the camera …. when I moved close to where we fucked I spotted my camera … we had kicked it under a tree branch … I snatched it up and headed out…

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