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Sneha staying in the housing complex was living with her mother. Her husband who was in gulf married her just six months back. Sneha had a sister in a town about 50 km away. Her mother used to stay with her for a month and with Sneha for a month alternatively. Sneha wanted to get a job so that she may be busy in the day time.

Her mother said when I go away you can search for a job, otherwise I will be lonely inthe house. Sneha wanted somebody to pay her electric and mobile bills. She asked her husband whether he can pay them online from gulf. He said please go and pay it yourself for the time being, I will pay after two months.

Poor Sneha went to the electricity office where there was a long Q in the hot sun. A young man came and offered to help her and said she may go sit in the shade of the tree and that he will pay. Within 15 minutes, he paid her bill and his bill and came to her and paid her the balance cash and the receipt.

Sneha was greatly relieved and thanked him and asked for his name and his mobile number. He said he name was Prasad and gave his mobile number. He said he is not employed and is searching for a job. He had a bike and offered a lift to her flat. Prasad, tall and handsome, may be around 20 dropped her in her flat and went along his way.

Sneha thought how nice was Prasad. He was thinking about him during night. She thought she should call and get friendly with him. Such kind persons are hard to find. If he is searching for a job, Sneha thought she too can join him in searching. Next day she telephoned him and asked him to come if he is free. He asked when should he come, she said say at 9 am.

She told him to join her for breakfast. Sneha just 21 years old, graduate, and had a diploma in comP. science and office management, can easily find a job. She asked her husband who gave his consent and she prepared her bio data and took some copies and prepared breakfast and was waiting for Prasad to come. He was handsomely dressed.

They both had breakfast and started on his bike. She had no idea about the companies whom to approach. Prasad took her to a cluster of companies and they went to different companies and distributed their bio data. In one company, they wanted Sneha to wait, and had a spot interview with the boss for the post of private secretary with handsome salary and other perks.

Sneha was happy expressed her willingness to join but sought one weeks time. She told this to Prasad who was also happy because in one company specialised in marketing they wanted people like him and the salary they offered was also attractive. He too was happy and he said that because of Sneha he got her lucky charm.

They bought some food from the hotel and took it to her flat and ate and relaxed. Sneha said it is because you Prasad, the idea of job came to my mind, and Prasad said he was wandering all these days today it is because of the lucky charm of Sneha that he got a job and his life is going to undergo a change.

Suddenly Sneha got up from her sofa went up to him hugged him and kissed him. Without resisting he also hugged her with his powerful hands and kissed. They did this without any forethought. It was just a gesture of gratitute. But it did not stop there. Sneha was sex hungry. She never thought she should not indulge with another man when she had a husband of her own.

Prasad also never gave it thought that he should not have proceeded ahead with another married lady. If her husband comes to know it will ruin her life. Sneha felt the hairy chest of Prasad which was very soothing. She unbuttoned his shirt and her hand went under his vest and was feeling the thick forest of hair on his chest.

He felt her bra hooks inside her blouse, which he unhooked and unhooked her blouse and beautiful boobs came out from captivity. They were golden in color with pink aerola and deep pink nipples. Prasad mever thought that he will untimately undress her. His heart was beating at a fast rate. It was a momentary decision. The time was 3 pm.

Sneha guided him to her bedroom, removed her saree, blouse and bra were already loose and she removed them and then she removed her petticoat also and now she was naked except her panty. Prasad got the message, he too removed his shirt, vest, and pant and he was n his boxer. They again hugged, he caught hold of her boob and massaged it one by one.

His eyes were roaming over her flat belly, raised round ass and her stought thighs. His touch over each part of her body just inflamed her. She remembered what she was doing was wrong. Her husband loved her and sent her lot of money. Called her daily and asked her to get a job to kill her boredom. She was to convey him the happy news.

Now she looked at Prasad, such a nice boy, he was younger than him. He will be around her calling her Didi and do all the work that she orders him to do. He too got a job, income from which would be a great help to his mother. She looked at Prasad, so young a boy, innocent face and he had no bad intention against her. He thinks it is because of her luck charm that got him a job.

Sneha lied in the bed and asked Prasad to lie down with her. She saw a bulge in the boxer he wore. That is the problem with men, they cannot hide their hornyness. It shows in the form of a bulge. For a girl when she is hot, her fluids may flow into her panty, which nobody will know. They both had reached a point of no return. Both were breathing heavily.

To Be Continued…

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