Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad – II

Previously: Sneha Enjoying Crazy Sex With Prasad – I

Sneha put her hand on the bulge and pulled down his boxer and up came his cock Poor Sneha after departure of her husband dreamt of a cock many nights when she was lying in the bed. She felt an imaginary cock entering her hole, she put her finger and jerked it vigorously but it cannot replace a cock. But here is a real cock large, long, and round and fatty.

Prasad said he will go use the bathroom and come. Sneha said she will also come. Both naked ran to the bathroom, she sat in the commode and passed urine and he standing at the far corner and urinated. With a mug ful of water he washed his cock and throw water so that the smell of urine may not linger.

She washed her cunt with the hand shower, and the both got up and hugged each other and Prasad kissed her on her lips. Their tongues touched each other and Sneha said let us go the bed. Prasad looked at body. So beautiful and elegant. Her boobs, thighs the whole body was beautiful. He cannot think of his ever getting a girl like this to ly with.

Sneha extended her hand pulled him closer and took his cock in her hand. It was above 6 inches in size. of the same size of her husband. He saw the precum drop at the end of the cock. She extended her tongue and tasted it. It was salty, just like that of her husband. Soon after marriage her husband fucked her several times. He just ignited her sex fire, but with no means to quench.

When he will come next nobody knows. Her lonliness was killing her. She had no interest to go for shopping or for movies. Who will take her. Now Prasad had come into her life. She reminded herself that Prasad cannot replace her husband. She asked Prasad whether he has ever had sex with any female. He said No. You had mastrubated, of course. He smiled a shy smile.

She told him, that they can have occasional sex. Never to get pregnant. They have to take all precautions. Your goings and comings should not be noticeable. Initially you may have to give lift to me to go to office. I may get a car from the company. Thereafter we will enjoy life. We will go for outing.

She got on top of him and lying on him pressed her boobs against his chest and held his head by his hand and kissed him. They both because very much aroused and she lied down on the bed and asked him to climb up and inserted his cock in her fuck hole, but it was not going. She rubbed his tip on her clitoris and then widened her hole and put it there.

Now Prasad had an idea. He took his cock and tried to place it at the entrance of the fuck hole and pressed it down. Due to non use her hole had narrowed. His cock made way into her hole and slowly entered and fnally entered fully. She asked him to move his cock in and out briskly. Prasad did so. It gave great pleasure to Sneha.

She had never experienced so much of pleasure. To Prasad also this was a stange experience. He said he had not fucked any female before. She asked him kiss and lick her boobs while fucking. He did so. Within five minutes both Sneha and Prasad were nearing their orgasm. Sneha was moaning heavily. Prasad also was giving out some sound.

A massive orgasm came on both of them. Without asking her whether he can discharge his fluids into her he shot his cum deeply into her. She twisted her legs with his and her hands were wound around him and even after two minutes his cock was spitting his sperm into her. But he was not losing his erection. She asked him to get up and move to the side.

Her cunt was leaking with his fluids and hers. Her bedsheets were soaked. She got up and took a towel and wiped his cock and put it against her pussy to absorb the flow of the fluids. She went to the bathroom and took another towel and came back to the bed. She saw Prasad ready for the next session.

She made him to lie on his back and she climbed on him with her legs on his either side and sat on him and took his cock and put it at the entrance of her hole and sat on it.It went cooly inside. Her cunt muscles were relaxed and the lubrication was great and therefore it went smoothly inside. Sneha lifted her hip and brought down.

She just laid on him and started to move forward and backwards. Her boobs were pressed against his chest and his cock was rubbing her clitoris and was going in and coming out of her fuck hole. Within five minutes they both got their second orgasm. His cum shot into her cunt went deep into her.

She lied on him hugging him and he also put his hands round her and lied for some time. She kissed him on his cheeks for giving her so much of pleasure. She got up and wiped his cock and her pussy with the towel. She looked at his cock with so much of fondness that she bowed down and took it into her mouth and gave it a blowjob.

After two more rounds, one in doggy style and another in standing pose they fucked to their heart's content. She took full advantage of him for her lack of sex for the past six months. They both went to the bathroom, had a body wash and came out and dressed and went out and ate in a restaurant. Prasad wanted to go hom to inform his mother of his getting a job.

Sneha went home and she was too tired and her cunt was aching. Prasad came the next day with his bike. He came inside the house and kissed her. He saw her fully dressed to go to office. They fucked and fucked every moment they could get alone. They were never exhaused. She took pills as a precaution.

This went on for two months when her husband informed that he is coming with her visa. They fucked vigorously till the day of his coming. He came, she resigned her job and they both went away and Prasad was very much unhappy for losing a fuck companion.

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