Sneha Gets Down and Dirty

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"Please pack limited cloths", Sneha keeps repeating Sumit's instructions in her head. Two shorts and T-shirts for him and two satin gowns for her. Two pairs of everything for their two day one night, new years eve trip. He has booked their favorite hotel by the beach and a certain French band is expected to play on the 31st of December. Their first holiday in almost two years is going to be a short one but Sneha would not let this get in the way of making it memorable. Flip-flops for the beach, hats, sun screen, moisturizer, she keeps striking off things from her mental list. Two pairs of underwear, his and hers, a swimming costume for him, if he decides to go in the pool. The hotel has a beautiful pool right in the middle, overlooking the rooms. She has seen the pictures!
She scuffles through the cupboard to find his swimming trunks but instead finds a bikini. Her bikini! She has never worn a bikini outside.
The bikini was purchased as a fantasy thing. Sneha would wear it to entice Sumit. All indoors with curtains closed of-course. She had not stepped into a pool since her early swimming lessons. She makes a mental note to at least wet her feet in the water this time.
They celebrated their 5 year wedding anniversary last month and along with it, one year anniversary of the last time they had sex. Every discussion about sex led to accusations and humiliations. He does not have time, she is cold, he cannot get hard, she is not good with her technique. They fought more about sex than anything else and as an unsaid pact they decided to avoid it altogether if they wanted a peaceful marriage. They both masturbated at their convenience and never bothered the other with their bodily needs. The bikini, bright yellow. thin and tiny, reminded her of the last erotic phase of their marriage when they were still experimenting.
She tries it on and stands in front of the mirror. She puts on the music of the french band that they were going to witness live. She looks at the cover of the album, 5 hunky cute white and black boys, all in their 20s. Dreamy eyes, wavy hair, well built.. the whole deal. Their music is as beautiful as them. She dances to the tunes and hops and skips around the house checking herself in every mirror. She looks stunning in the bikini. Her shapely legs and arms outline the perfect female form. Her breasts and buttocks look firm and confident to face the world. All those months of yoga did have an effect it seems.
The thin yellow fabric rubbing against her nipples was enough to make them stiff. She notices the curtains are slightly ajar. She feels conscious and steps ahead to shut them. A rush of cold breeze blows on her skin giving her goosebumps and string all kinds of right sensations. She imagines herself wearing this outside, in the open, where it was always meant to be worn. She slips out of the bikini and positions herself on the armrest of the sofa.
This is her favorite spot in the entire house. The armrest has seen more action than Sumit. He had recently noticed how the fabric on the armrest had become rough and faded compared to the rest of the sofa. He found it strange and blamed it on the shoddy upholstery work. Sneha, barely managing to hide her giggles, agreed. The rough texture only enhanced her pleasure. She works her hips aggressively until her wetness starts soaking into the fabric. She relaxes her hips and eases herself onto the sofa. One hand working the clit and one hand playing her breasts. By now she had mastered the technique. Soon her fingers find their way inside her, she keeps pushing them deeper and deeper with every stroke. The orgasm takes over every inch of her body which shudders to the rhythms of the music playing in the background. She lies like that, naked and spent, for many hours. She falls asleep and wakes up only when Sumit rings the bell. She neatly folds the bikini and keeps it in the bag.
They arrive early and check into the room. Sneha's eyes are gleaming all the way from the airport. She feels a child like excitement at the changed surroundings. Life had become incredibly dull after her marriage and even a small change of pace like this meant a great deal for her. She quickly takes a bath and changes into the gown she had selected for that day. Then out comes the rest of the accessories, the flip flops, the hats, sun screen, swimming trunks and.. and the bikini! Sumit is surprised to see it. He makes a plan that after they come back form the beach Sneha would wear the bikini and they would have sex. Such planning helped him focus and may be, get an erection that would last. Sneha had stopped expecting any spontaneity from him as it was either this or no sex at all.
They spend their time in the sun, take some selfies and make out a little, tell how much they love each other and then head back to the hotel. More guests had arrived by now. Sumit excitedly spots the french band members. They are all taller than them and more beautiful than on their album cover. One of them makes eye contact with Sneha's eager eyes. She feels a little shy and more than a little hot. Some men just have all their horny hormones stored in their eyes, one look is all it takes to stir things up, make things wet. She had only experienced this kind of raw sexuality only once in her life. She had a short affair with a new intern at her last job. She worked in the HR department. Kartik was a fuck boy and she knew it all along. His declarations of love were easy to see through his lustful eyes. They did it after hours in the meeting rooms, the cafeteria, the storeroom, his room, her room. They fucked like bunnies until their organs started hurting. Sneha still masturbates thinking about those times. She likes to close her eyes and imagine him inside her.
As planned she wears the bikini and does a little sensual lap dance for Sumit. Soon enough he gets an erection and they do a simple missionary for a few minutes. Sumit comes quickly and falls asleep. Too much beer, too soon in the day. But Sneha is far from satisfied. She lies next to him, hot as hell. She guides her fingers under the thin material of the bikini but stops herself. She is angry at Sumit. This is not how it should be always. This is not right.
She gets up and leaves the room. The heat is too much to take. She sits on the chair outside and tries to distract herself. The pool lies in front of her. The sparkling water is calling her in. Maybe this could cool her down. She stands up and adjusts her breasts in her bikini. She had not realized but during their brief session inside, Sumit had managed to untie one of the knots of the underwear. As she stands up, one half of it drops, exposing one of her ass. She quickly gathers it and ties back the knot. She starts walking towards the pool, dazed, when suddenly a hand comes in front and stops her.
"Sorry Ma'am, you need to take a shower before getting into the pool" He guides her to the open air shower next to the pool. Sneha feels like she is in a trance. The pool has an adjoining restaurant area which would soon start getting filled with people. There are bell boys moving the luggage and room service staff moving around the food. A wave of consciousness hit her. She feels like running back into the room and shutting the door. But then, she recalls her anger and frustration. This is not how it should be. She shuts her eyes and tightens all her muscles. She walks slowly to the shower and opens it. Cold water gushes out and soaks every inch of her body. She stands there, motionless. Soon her body adjusts to the temperature. She feels good and prepares herself to take the first dip in a pool in 20 years.
It is beautiful. The sun has reached the horizon. The rays illuminate the pool. The cold water and warm sun make the perfect conditions for a swim. She gently descended in the pool. With all the things that were going on in her mind she had not noticed the band members come into the hotel. All the five boys, one curly haired, clean shaven. One dark, muscular and bald. One with tattoos and a long beard. One with geeky square half rimmed glasses and finally, one with a charming smile and broad shoulders. Everyone looked delicious, like different flavors of chocolate, from dark to milk. She shuts her eyes and imagines the boys in her fantasies. She imagines their hands all over her and their lips and their.. She stops her brain and continues to swim. She swims, lap after lap, draining her energy, as if trying to get rid of all her sexual frustration.
The boys have disappeared, they are no longer watching her. Sneha feels a little sad and dejected. No sooner had she thought this that she spots the boys again. They have changed into their swimming trunks and are approaching the pool. One by one they jump in, splashing water everywhere. Sneha feasts her eyes on their muscular body. She wonders how every foreigner always has a great built. They must be working out all the time. They all smile and introduce themselves. Sneha reaches the full hight of her consciousness. The thin yellow fabric, covering the bare essentials, is all that separated her from them. The water reached just up to her chest and as she hops to stay afloat, her breasts make tiny waves every time they bounce on the water. They invited attention and get plenty of it.
"Would you like to join us?" one of the boys asks as he pumps the ball in the air. They were five and needed one more player. She agrees and goes to one end of the pool with the geek and the tattoo. She can not understand a word they are saying but she really doesn't need to. She starts enjoying the game. Jumping and diving and splashing. Arms and legs flying around everywhere, all to keep the ball in the air. She never knew she could be such a competitive player. Her bikini was perfect for this. It allowed for easy, restriction free movement. She felt one with her body.
However, It seems she did not tie the string of her underwear tight enough and it starts coming loose. Soon, it opens up with a jump and half her ass gets free for the world to see. She does not realize it for some time and neither do the boys point it to her. They discuss it in french and exchange laughs and giggles. Some even try to throw the ball high in her direction so she would jump out of the water and they can get a glimpse of it. Sneha realizes soon enough and ties the string back. She ties it real tight and the material sinks deep into all her crevices. Her face is red but this incident has suddenly opened the floodgates inside her. The heat is too much to bear.
There was a semi bar built in the pool and the boys all decided to have some beer. Sneha eagerly joins in. She finds it difficult to lift herself onto the bar stool. Out comes a hand under her tush and pumps her in the air, just like the ball earlier. Curly hair gives her a wide grin. Sneha could not get enough of this. Everything felt like it was out of some naughty dream. She had fantasized threesomes and gangbangs and orgies and crazy bondage stuff too but on most days she barely got some half hearted oral sex only to be left alone later with her fingers for company.
The bikini outlined every inch of her body. The sun was now shining directly on her and the material had become transparent. Anyone looking at her now would not need to use much imagination. Sneha talks about how she has become a fan of their music. She has been listening to them on loop. They compliment her beach ball skills and her beautiful butt. "There's more where that came from" comes the reply from Sneha. She could not believe the words coming out of her mouth. All the lovely bodies gleaming in the sun and all the beautiful dicks hidden behind those trunks! she lets her imagination run wild. Warm, thick, long, moist. She bit her lower lip and pushed the cold beer bottle between her legs, as if to calm down her pussy. Warm, thick, long, moist! Even with the water all around her she could distinctly feel the stickiness growing between her legs. She pulls at her underwear to somehow make her stop. It draws the attention of the entire group. A beautiful and distinct camel toe looks back at them. Warm, thick, long, moist.. Sneha is not in control. She shuts her eyes. One of the boys leans in and gives her a deep, full tongued kiss. They were French after-all. She laps him up, and then the other and the other. She could not disappoint anyone could she? Suddenly she slips from the bar stool and falls in the water.
Everything pauses for a bit. She realizes what she was doing, where she was. There were people everywhere and they had started staring. Parents were covering their children's eyes while old uncles and aunties remained glued to the scene. She had not wanted to put up a show for everyone. She lifts herself up, straightens her underwear and leaves the pool.
She walks with her head low and a towel wrapped around her body. Before entering the women's changing room she turns around and looks over at the boys in the pool. She stares at them for a while, then goes into the room. She leaves the door open and waits. Her heart beats violently. Her breathing is struggled. She is ready to give herself to anything that walks through that door.
Soon enough she hears footsteps approaching, the boys enter the tiny changing room. One by one they take their positions in the cabin. The Charming smile picks her up while the curly hair undoes her bikini. Like starving wolves, the boys attack her body. Sucking and grabbing and pulling and scratching anything they can find. Sneha closes her eyes. She can feel multiple hands on her, exploring every inch of her body. She lets herself go. She is ready for absolutely anything today. This is beyond her wildest fantasies. Someone is eating her pussy while two guys are sucking on her breasts. One boy is biting her inner thigh while another is giving her a deep and passionate kiss. This is getting too much for her to handle. She needs someone inside her right now. She opens her eyes for a moment and finds the pack of wolves are all naked. They have promptly gotten rid of their trunks and are rubbing their throbbing dicks all over her body. Thick, long, hard, moist! It is suffocating, the kind of heat and sexual energy that is building up in her. She must have them inside right now.
Sneha grabs hold of the nearest dick and positions it against her pussy, She slides on it until it disappears inside her. The throbbing dick pushes against her walls and expands. Her insides have been anxiously waiting for this since a long time. They welcome him with all their heart. The boy lifts her with his strong arms and starts rocking her on his dick. Soon she feels some pressure around her ass hole. Another boy has positioned his dick just outside her ass and is trying to find the right angle of approach. Sneha pulls her ass cheeks with both her hands and relaxes her anal muscles to let him in. This one, whoever owns it, is huge. It stretches her like she has never been stretched. The warmth of the dick in her pussy meets the warmth of this new addition in her ass. She is complete. Two other boys hold her legs and lift her in between. This allows the dicks throbbing inside her to push even deeper and harder. Sneha has no idea where she is any more or what is coming out of her mouth. She shuts her eyes and lets things happen.
Eventually she feels the ground but the dicks are still in her. It seems her fuckers have taken a break. There is a change in guard and position, such that she is able to suck off one boy while the other fuck her. She has never sucked such large dicks before. Sumit is smaller. She can easily fit him completely in her mouth and he does not even reach the back of her throat. These boys however, reached inside her throat. Her mind went blank as the boy felt the bulge in her throat. His bulge, in her throat!
Three holes, three boys. She will still have to manage the other two. She feels the same competitive spirit that she did while playing beach ball. It is her responsibility to ensure every boy gets his turn with all her holes. She fucks them one by one and strokes anything she can find. In between when her mouth is devoid of a dick she searches eagerly to fill it back quickly. Her throat starts itching without a dick. She reminds her lovers to – "Cum in my mouth" She has made a resolve to swallow everyone. It is a fetish that has grown over the years. Her husband has satisfied her on occasions but never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that she would be the proud recipient of 5 dick creams at the same time. She has multiple orgasms, some because of the 5 guys doing her and some because of the idea of 5 guys doing her. It is difficult to tell by the amount of rocking and throbbing and pushing going on but she has an orgasm that lasts 10 whole minutes. The band members continue to pound her but keep her mouth occupied to ensure that no moan escapes her. They do not want to be bothered by the hotel authorities.
After what seems like an eternity They detach themselves from her. Her body now needs to be supported for it has lost all energy to stand on its own. Suddenly she blurts out "Come in my mouth", "Come in my mouth, Please". Sneha is on her knees surrounded by everyone. The boys, one after another, empty themselves in her eager mouth. Her lips and nose are covered with the glistering white juices of the French band. When the last of them has finished in her mouth she simply shuts her lips and swallows. A distinct gulp sound is heard and then finally, she opens her eyes and smiles the widest smile. She looks at the tired and satisfied faces of her boys. They smile back, a little astonished at her appetite. Sneha shuts her eyes again and passes out.
The boys turn on the shower and clean her up. They put her bikini on which lay crumpled in a corner and carry her to her room. They push the door open and find Sumit still sleeping on the bed. Quietly, the boys position Sneha on the bed next to him and leave. Sneha gathers just enough energy to open her eyes and look at them one last time.
She blurts out, "Thank you".

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