Snow day with Aunt | incest story from Mat&Aunty

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In the days immediately following New Year’s Eve, my aunt and I decided to go skiing in a resort about an hour’s drive from our house.
Having decided on the day and destination, at 7:30 am I went to her house, rang the bell and entered. I loaded her equipment and, back in the house, I went upstairs to find out how my aunt was.
I went into the room and saw my aunt wearing black tights and very thick gray ski socks. All her shapes showed very well, plus her butt split and socks made her feet even smaller than they already are.
She hadn’t noticed me and I was staring at her for a few seconds longer than usual. I approached her and touching her ass I said M: “What a beautiful pussy you are aunty”
A: “You scared me. Pretty pussy dressed like this? I do not think so”
M: “But yes, aunt, you are”, saying this, I stretched my hands on my buttocks and on my ass split.
Aunty was finishing up getting ready and putting on that little bit of makeup that she also uses to make things easier and the more I looked at her the more excited I got.
I tried to make her feel it by rubbing against her but, with the ski suit on, she felt nothing about her.
I took off my sweatpants so I was freer and began to lean and push the bulge of my tights against his butt.
A: “I would like to go skiing today” she said laughing. M: “Me too” I replied, putting my hand inside her tights and trying to stimulate her.
Aunry continued undaunted to finish getting ready. I kept poking underneath her and rubbing up on her.
She was starting to get wet and I brought one leg just above the sink cabinet to make it easier for me.
I pulled her stocking down, but didn’t take it off. I started licking her ass and then moved on to her pussy.
I felt that she liked it and that she was getting so wet.
I noticed that she was done doing her makeup and fixing up because she whirled around and she pulled me up.
Taking out my cock she said she A: “I don’t want to undo the trick but we can’t leave so horny”
She went onto the bed, followed from behind by me. I picked her up and placed her on her stomach with her legs high so the tights weren’t in the way.
Slap and I was right in, I started by slapping, with a pause in between. She liked it very much and continued. She squeezed and I started giving a lot more rhythm.
We changed positions, she started doggy style. Here too I started slowly and with sharp strokes, and then increased the pace. I could hear her moaning and I grabbed her ponytail and gently pulled her towards me.
Aunty kept squeezing and contracting her muscles and I was enjoying like crazy.
A: “Matteo, don’t get dirty otherwise I have to do it all over again”
I didn’t even answer because I understood immediately. I came copiously into her pussy and stayed inside even after the orgasm stopped. I lay down on the bed and my aunt hugged me. She got up, pulled up her tights, put on her snow pants and went downstairs.
We left just after 8am. After about an hour we arrived at the place where she had decided to spend the day.
The day passed and around 6 pm we went home. We entered and went up to the room to wash up.
In a flash Aunty was completely naked, and so was I. Her panties on the floor were lightly crusted from my big load from that morning.
We entered the shower and I took her in my arms, I began to caress her until I reached her anus with my fingers. I put in a finger without thinking about it. Aunt liked it and my cock was starting to stiffen.
I got my aunt down, I turned her over, she bent forward, I started licking her ass and in the meantime I slipped her fingers into her totally shaved pussy.
M: “Shall we start?”
A: “Let’s go out and start”
We went out and dried off. I picked her up again and we went onto the bed. I made her lay down on her and holding her legs I started to lick her. She closed her legs over my head and with her hands she pushed me towards her.
A: “Stop, it’s my turn now”
I got up and sat on the bed with my legs flat on the floor.
Aunty knelt down and started kissing me near the base of my cock, she moved on to kissing my balls and finally my entire shaft. She took it in her mouth giving me a great blowjob.
After a while I stopped her, made her lie down again and started licking her feet. She finger after toe until she took them out of my mouth and put them on my cock where she started a footjob.
I wanted to penetrate her. I lay down and she impaled herself on me starting to ride. In this position she enjoys a lot.
A: “Mat i’m cuming , let me cum” she said in a high tone. I threw her to the side and with my hands I went to penetrate her until she let out a nice orgasm.
I made her bend over and without thinking I penetrated her ass. I pumped quietly so as not to hurt her, I took her hair and pulled it to me pumping with dry strokes that made us enjoy a lot.
M: “aunt, lie on your stomach, I’m at the end”.
She lay back catching her breath after the anal just ended. I slipped it inside her pussy while she brought her feet into my face. I kissed them, but I felt that I was about to cum. We did that position for not even a minute.
I leapt in front of her, who lay back, put the tip of her cock to her lips and poured my enjoyment over her face.
M: “I’m destroyed, you killed me. Thank you aunty”
A: “I’m tired too. You surprised me in the end, I must say I liked it”
We took a quick shower. I said goodbye and went home.

Thank you