Snow In The New Year | romantic story from J.R.Silver

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The lights were dim through the glass doors of the kitchen, the snow fall was densely calm, falling gently covering the back garden in a thick white cold blanket. The evening air silent, moonlight glinting in through the patio doors.
Alone in the kitchen a warmth in the air was helping her through the cold winter nights.
A bottle of red wine sat patiently upon the kitchen work top. She reached for a glass off the top shelf of the cupboard, as she reached high her sapphire blue silk nightgown stretched up her thighs. She began to unscrew the previously opened bottle, with very little force, two glasses waiting on the side.

She started to pour slowly, the smooth, velvety red liquid filling the glass. Through the silence the sound of barley noticeable footsteps creeked from the floorboards, from bare feet on cool wood flooring. She felt a presence of warmth and security surrounding her. As she finished filling the second of the glasses, through her silky nightgown she felt warm hands slowly move onto her waste. His warm hands, sneaking up under her silk dress, a cool breeze brushing the back of her neck, the sweet aroma of shampoo surrounding her. He rubbed his thumbs slowly in a circular motion still holding her waist. The smell of peaches from her long blonde hair, the die slightly fading, filled his senses as he moved closer, his arms moving further around her. She could feel slow breaths and gentle warm air on her neck under her long chestnut hair pertuding down her back. She felt his nose pushing past her hair, as he gently caressed the back of her neck, his lips cool and soft, as he moved across her neck, gentle pecks turning into kisses as he moved, exploring her neck, his kisses finding her right ear. His hands now wrapped around her, still under the sapphire silk nightgown, moving slowly further up her belly, her bellybutton ring no obstacles for his hands. His gentle breaths tickling her ear. He kissed her neck under her ear lobe and reaching further round, her hair draped over her ear, brushing through it as he reached around, his warm lip now on her cheek, his chin softly resting on her shoulder. She felt every breath louder and warmer in her ear, and every heartbeat against her back.

Be nibbled the bottom of her ear lobe, inbetween gentle kisses, his firm warming hands were softly beginning to massage her C cup breasts, her nipples becoming stiffer the more he was exploring with them, as his lips continued to caress her cheek. She could feel pressing against her bare  bottom, her dress riding up against her lower back, she could feel something becoming firmer, pulsating against her. She greeted his right hand with hers squeezing it tight, holding his hand on her breast.She moved her left hand to greet his lower waist, his body so warm and close to hers, she moved her hand further around his smooth soft skin. She moved around past his belly button through the thin light hair leading down to his pelvis, she kept moving down further. Looking to greet what she could feel was pressing ever harder against her bottom. She could feel him, her hand feeling all of him, her hand rubbing up and down his matching silk blue bottoms only made it throb more

He moved the glasses aside and moving his hands back behind her waist, spinning her around while gently kissing her cheek, moving softly across her cheek their lips welcoming each other, their eye’s locked deeply on one another. Their lips now locked his right hand had almost stealthily moved down finding a firm grip on her perky firm bottom. His left hand still caressing her waist as their tongues began to dance with passionBoth hands squezzed her bum, he lifted her onto the kitchen worktop, wrapping her legs around him, up top sparks flying, their lips pressed against one another locked deeply.

His hands moved back down her, her legs still wrapped around him, her hands gripping his back. His hands slowly began to glide down her waist, moving around to the top of her bum, his hands remaining under her elegant silky dress. He had a soft yet firm grip holding her bottom, her hands now stroking his hair, running her fingers through his thick walnut hair, never taking her eyes off of him, her pleasant smile gleaming, biting her bottom lip. She gently, but almost with an insistent amount of force began to push away, their lips partingShe began to part her legs, her eyes still locked on him, as her hands started to press down on his head. He kissed her softly, his lips and tongue moving slowly down her body, carefully admiring her beauty, her soft skin mesmerising. Her smooth soft breasts tingled at the feel of his tongue. Her nipples as erect now as what was still hidden under his shorts.

He moved to his knees, his hands moved elegantly from her waist, to her thighs. pushing her gown up past her waistline. Her neatly trimmed hair and sensual clit now a glorious view inches from his face. She could feel the air gently blowing on her from his every breath, as she pulled her dress up and over her head throwing it behind her. The feel of warmth and arousal in the air. His hands were massaging her thighs moving around, up and down and gently around yet with a firm motion. He moved his head closer, her lips and clit open to him, inviting him. He teased her with his tongue, before moving his face closer between her legs. She placed her hand with firm intent on the back of his head, his lips pressed against her most inner left thigh, teasing her, the feel of her wet lips excitited him, as with his right hand he began stroking her finely shaved chestnut pubic hair, his lips moving across her thigh, his tongue running through her hair and down to her clit, his tongue licking softly around, with gentle tantalising kisses. His nose was pressed against her hair while.his tongue circled around her clit, his tongue so wet and moist. He could taste all of her. She tasted so sweet and elegant. Her grip got firmer, grabbing his hair firmer her body pulsating, a calming moan leaving her mouth with an innocent giggle and she moved her other hand onto his head keeping him firmly between her thighs, watching his tongue still moving around her clit in a circular motion, his head between her legs, watching him as he slid moved his tongue further down to greet her pussy, with each kiss from his lips, he could feel her getting wetter. Her grip got tighter and her moan intensified. His kisses continued, while his index finger moved below his mouth, entering her, so joining his tongue inside of her. She leaned further back on the work top freeing her hands from his head and spreading her legs wider open, raising hwr legs, her feet on the work top, giving herself more to him, his head still between her legs his left hand caressing her left breast. She gripped his arm, the one gently squeezing her breast while her other found a firm grip on the end of the work top, her hands curled around the edge. Her moans intensified, her chest and waist pulsing, her heart racing. His free hand had moved up to her stomach moving between her waist and her right breast and slowly massaging her body, while she remained a tight grip around his left arm. Her nails gentles pressing into his skin, soft scrathes pf pleasure.

Her legs began to shake, a moan in between every breath, her hear racing, her body tight and trembling. Her grip tightend around the worktop. Her hand wrapped around his arm now pressed against the back of his head, his nose still pressed against her trimmed pussy, his tongue excited with the pleasent tast of her warm juices, her legs shaking. Her thighs muscles tight. She moved slightly to sit more upright, moving her other hand onto the back of his head as well. A scream of pleasure. A true loves giggle, has she leaned forward pressing his head right into her. Her stomach muscles tight, her arms shaking, her whole body tense, sweaty and pulsing. Her heart racing. A scream of excitement releases from her “Mmmmm-mmh, Ohhhh-aah.

She fell back. Meeting the cupboard door with the back of her head, her head tilted back, an exhale of relief, biting firmly on her bottom lip, with a gleaming cheeky smile. She released him. His head still tasting all of her, his hands on her thighs, as he slowly started to raise to his feet, running his tongue up from her dripping pussy, up her pelvis to her waist and a gentle nibble on her belly button ring, his hands still on her thighs, her hands running up and down his back, still giggling with pleasure as his hands explored her waist and his tongue excited her erect nipples, her soft warm breasts heavily on his lips, his tongue contining to greet her neck once more. An innocent giggle from him as he kissed her cheeks and lips moving between the two in a playful style, their eyes locked once more. Their loving, playful smiles like they were teenagers once again.

Her left hand was stroking his arm, her other she moved further down, running down hia chest, gliding through his hairy chest, all the way down to greeting his hard wet erect cock, running her fingers through his soft yet firm greying pelvic hair before moving back to greet him, slowly beginning to slide her hand up and down his shaft. He moved his hands away from her, for the first for a brief moment while he pulled his silky blue bottoms down, over his solid throbbing cock, letting them down his smooth but hairy thighs falling past his legs to the vinyl flooring below.

Their lips were once again locked, she was clung around him, his hands exploring every inch of her neck, holding her tight, cupping her chin, his fingers reaching around her neck, her hands busy themselves, her right hand now vigorously but with slow motion stroking his fully erect, throbbing cock. Up and down, up and down slow and smooth, her thumbs rubbing his tip. So wet for her. With every stroke the skin covering his head, exposed. As she continued gently run her thumb around his foreskin and head.

He moved his hands, still their lips locked, tongues caressing each other passionately. Her hand around the bottom of his shaft, pressing against his hair and cupping his balls pressing them against his cock.She sat up a little, her c cup erect nipples and beautiful breasts were pressed against him. She pulled his cock closer, she could feel all of him, his hard erection already wet, his juices running down his cock, his heart racing, with each beat she could feel his cock throbbing.He was so hard, wanting her. Her clit was so wet, ready and waiting to invite his cock in, as she pulled him in closer, his wet head teasing her clit and lips “Hmmm-mmmh ”  a groan left her body as she simultaneously wrapped her legs around him tight, her arms wrapping themselves around his neck. She could feel the muscles in his bottom perk and firm up with each firm thrust. His arms under her arms, his palms resting upon the top of her back, his fingers over her shoulders. He had her held close and tight, skin to skin, their bodies dripping with sweat, hearts racing, her breasts firmly pressed against his chest, her moans making him thrust harder but not faster, he was deep inside her, thrusting slowly in a firm stride, her legs getting tighter, her hands gripping his shoulder blades. In and out, in and out. They both leaned back together further, resting her once again, against the cupboard, still wrapped around each other. His hands now firmly squeezing her waist and moving between them and her beautiful breasts, caressing them and running his tongue around her left areola, her nipples even firmer. She could feel his erection filling her, his slow, passionate stride pleasuring her, feeling him inside her, his every heartbeat. Time all but seemed to fade away. Two becoming one in love

Holding him, she began to pulsate again, her moans between every breath, almost becoming joyful screams. His.thrusts firm and a little harder, her legs trap his buttocks, tighter than they had been, her body trembling again.her arms around him, their eyes locked. A pleasurable scream full of excitement “ Ohhhh, Yes, yeah-aaah” followed by her innocent giggle He felt.her warm cum all around his cock. Still deep inside her as he felt her whole body pulsating with him inside of her.

She relaxed, her legs looser, freeing him from her grip. He pulled out his drenched cock, throbbing with adrenaline, before sliding it back in, returning to his gentle but firm rhythm, she was still leaning against the cupboard, one hand now on his chest moving between his chest to his warm, sweaty neck, rubbing her thumb on his cheek gently, her other around his left butt cheek, holding a firm grip as she felt his muscles clench with every thrust. Tighter and tighter. He got a little faster, and harder. A moan now leaving his lips, with every thrust his cock deep inside her. She could feel every thrust. So thick. So big. So hard. He let out a moan of pleasure, thrust deep into her and hard, she felt his cock trembling, pulsing as fast as his racing heart was racing. She felt a pleasurable burst of hot cum fill her inside. His cock still pulsing still filling her pussyThey let out a giggle and a smile of pleasure together as he pulled back from her slightly, his erection leaving her dripping pussy. His cum running down her along her lips down to her buttocks. Their hands still fondling each other, their giggles and smiles still cascading. They kissed softly as their noses pressed against each other’s cheeks. Her hands both firmly against his bottom and his hands moving between her waist and gently caressing her breasts. Their cum dripping from each other onto their vinyl kitchen flooring.