So, NOW what do we do?

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tagIncest/TabooSo, NOW what do we do?

The lighted stage, the pounding music, the air filled with smoke making it difficult to see, the smell of beer and other drinks, the bits of material that pretended to be clothing for a few minutes, the pole, the cash being laid at her feet as she danced around, now fully nude except for the impossibly high heels she had mastered without breaking her ankle … this was her job. In the year since she started just after they could legally hire her, she had gotten used to it all. And jaded by it. She never even paid attention to the guys as they ogled her as she gyrated and ground herself into the pole or spread herself wide open as they stared, their hands sometimes disappearing under their tables. That was when she knew she was having an effect and would be getting bigger tips. She kept aware of how they were reacting, but not who they were. That didn't matter. All that mattered was how much cash they laid out. From there, she could pick one to take into the back room for her special private dances.
She didn't really want to be recognized, so she took steps to conceal her face as much as possible, letting her hair cover it, wearing glasses, applying more makeup than necessary or a few other tricks the other girls had shown her. She was here for the money, not to get caught and possibly shamed. As far as she knew, no one had ever figured out who she was. If they did, they never let on. She never looked at their faces, not even in the back room. She was usually somewhat drunk and high by then. She had to be to give the extra attention that would get the most cash out of them.
Each night, she would try to single out one or two and tempt them a bit more, getting a little closer, spending a little more time in front of them, letting them get a better look at whatever they wanted to. Tonight, it was the younger guy that almost seemed a bit bashful at first. Something about him was familiar, but she couldn't quite pinpoint it considering the dark glasses he wore. She just knew he was fixated on her and the supply of bank notes coming from his pocket kept her attention. She was going to play him for all she could get out of him. Her set was up though and she went offstage hoping he would stay until she came back out. She had a plan.
Backstage, she primped a bit, fresh bright red lipgloss, tousled her long hair and attached clip on nipple rings. She donned a special bikini with a front close bra and tie side panties which she covered with a loose fitting mini dress that she could remove easily She had the DJ play a couple of her favorite songs to help get her in the mood. She didn't really understand why this guy was so familiar, but figuring maybe he was a former client or even a boyfriend, she was going to pour it on heavy. This guy was going in the back with her and he wasn't going to be able to refuse.
Her songs began and she strutted out on the stage like she was at the Emmys. Glancing to make sure he was still there, she went to the pole and gave it a few long strokes, then leaned back into it as she raised the hem of her dress well above her miniscule panties, running her hands over herself in the process. She worked her way towards him, dismissing almost everyone else. But she wanted to put on a show too, so she stopped at one or two others and let them shove a bill or two into the side band of her panties, or the back thong between exquisite ass cheeks. One guy motioned for her to bend over and shoved a twenty under the clasp between her tits. She was staring at her mark, making sure he saw it all. Moving down the stage to another man, took another twenty from him, then leaned back towards him and let him pull her dress off, running his hands over her tits as he did it. She rarely got turned on at work, but this night was different. Her nipples strained at the flimsy material of the bra, making them and the rings pinching them clearly evident.
Making one more stop, she positioned herself between two customers and motioned for them each to pull the strings on one side of her panties. As they did, she pulled away, leaving them behind her and she was now bottomless, her neatly trimmed cunt hair once again visible to everyone. She found out long ago that she loved being nude in public and the fact that she could get paid for it was an added bonus.
Now it was his turn. She strutted straight towards him. She could tell his eyes were focused between her legs, but she wanted them higher.. She ran her hands up her legs, past her inner thighs and up her taut belly. Sure enough his eyes followed them as she cupped and squeezed her tits. Now standing in front of him he looked up her long lean legs, past her naked crotch and to her hands still fondling her own tits. With the grace of a dancer that had made the move countless times, she lowered herself to her knees, placing her chest directly in front of his eyes. She motioned for him to give her one of his hands which she moved to the clasp keeping her bra closed, then directed him to release it. She slipped it off and placed it around the back of his neck, pulling him to her so her firm and erect nipples were almost poking him in the eyes., save for the dark glasses he wore.
She sat on the edge of the stage, her legs spread wide, then stepped down, straddling him. Turning around, she settled into his lap and could feel his cock straining against his jeans under her ass. Taking both of his hands, she raised them to her now bare breasts and pulled them to her, giving him a full contact handful. As her last song ended, she leaned back against him and whispered, "Follow me." She took his hand and led him to the private room as the crowd sighed audibly, knowing what was to come.
Once inside with the door closed, it was almost dark. Still, neither of them had paid much attention to their faces. All that happened was almost animalistic, except for the fact that she intended to get every dime out of him she could. She whispered to him that this room was special and despite everything that happened in the main room, that was just the beginning. This club was outside any jurisdiction and nearly anything could happen here without consequence. There were few rules as long as everyone agreed and no one got hurt. All he could do was moan. She liked that.
He laid back in the recliner as she again sat in his lap and ground into him. Then she turned over and straddling him, she began to grind her cunt over the cock that was now screaming to get uncovered. She whispered again, much more throatily, "another $50 gets that zipper pulled down for you." He could only nod in agreement as he pointed to his pocket for her to pull out whatever cash was there.
Her fingers went to work unzipping his pants and releasing his cock, then her lips went to work on it. Licking, then kissing, then her open lips sliding over the head glistening with precum. Deeper and deeper she took it into her mouth as he moaned and squirmed under her. She soon had it all, her lips grazing his pubic hairs. She backed off and worked her tongue on the underside before going back down it's length fully. Again and again and again, she pulled back and slid her mouth down the shaft making him groan louder each time. She was glad he hadn't come yet and decided it was time to take the next step. She sat up and licked her lips.
Moving back up to his straddle his lap, she leaned into him, crushed her tits into his chest and just placed the tip of his cock between her legs against her heated cunt. She was nibbling on his ear and she said almost too softly to be heard "another $100 gets it inside."
"Oh hell yes, whatever you want, just do it" was all he could say.
With the smoothness of a pro, she opened herself and took the head into her, then slid down the length taking him fully inside in one motion. Her dancer's legs let her lift herself even in this position to move up and down on his cock. She sat almost straight up bouncing up and down letting him almost all the way out before taking him in again. She again took his hand and pulled them to her breasts, now bouncing with each stroke. He took the hint and squeezed them firmly.
Suddenly, something caught her eye. Why hadn't she seen it before, there on the side of his neck. She stopped on a down stroke, almost frozen with him buried fully inside her. She turned his head to the side so she could see it more clearly. The birthmark. He spoke and said something that surprised her as being far too familiar. She reached for his glasses and pulled them off. She gasped loudly and they both realized it at the same time. The cock she had just sucked so vigorously and was now buried in her cunt was attached to her younger brother.
"OH SHIT!!!! What the fuck are you doing here?" she exclaimed as she stood up leaving his still hard cock shiny with her juices. For some reason she felt the need to reach for a robe to cover up, but there wasn't one. She had never felt THIS naked before.
"What do you mean me? What are YOU doing here? Does Mom know you work here?"
"Hell no, and you better never tell her either."
"Oh yeah right, hey Mom, I just fucked Carol down at the strip club she works at."
"Yeah, that'd go over well. You didn't answer me, why are you here? You didn't know I was here did you?"
"No, I've tried a few strip clubs and somebody told me this one was different. Damn, it sure is. Now you, why are you here?"
"Money. I make a shitload of money doing this."
"Being a stripper or a hooker?"
"Fuck you Dave!!"
"You just did."
"Oh, yeah. So, now what do we do?"
Realizing he was sitting there with his pants down, his cock exposed and she was standing there completely nude, he said, "Well, I guess we should put some clothes on."
"Yeah, I guess so. I'll be right back." she finished as she left for the dressing room to tell them she was taking off the rest of the night.
"I'll be out in my car waiting for you." he told her as he was pulling his pants up.
Outside and now in normal street clothes, she walked to his car., got in and they sat and talked for a while about almost anything but what had just happened. She tried to explain why she worked there instead of any other job she was qualified for. But she couldn't really explain other than that she liked the money and the power over the customers. She tried to explain how much she liked being naked and he mentioned he'd noticed the tiny string bikinis she wore around the pool when their parents weren't home. She told him that after he almost caught her skinny dipping with a boyfriend, she figured it was time to move out and get her own place. But like most their age, she hadn't realized how expensive that would be. She had tried a few jobs, but just couldn't earn enough money. She saw an ad for something called amateur night contest at this club and how much the first prize was. That would pay at least a month's rent and help her get ahead a bit on her bills. After she checked it out a bit, she decided to go for it. She was comfortable naked or nearly naked in front of crowds, so this shouldn't be a big deal. She had always tried to find the skimpiest bikinis available and loved wearing them in public. She hadn't realized that her brother had noticed though.
She went on to explain that she had gone to the club planning on it being a one time thing. She won the contest and claimed the first prize. But as so often happens, the manager offered her a job. It would only be a couple of night a month at first. But once the money started, it was hard to pass up. He pressed her about the back room and she explained that had just become part of it all. It was just money.
Getting a bit cold in the car, they agreed to go to her apartment to continue and try to work things out. She got out of his car, got in her own and they drove to her place, then went inside. She fixed them both a drink and something to eat.
"So, back to the question, what do we do now?"
"We go home and go on about our business. We forget it ever happened."
"Carol, we just had sex in a strip club. I watched you let other men handle your body and then we had sex. Maybe you can, but that's not something I'll ever be able to forget. Even if we didn't go into that room, I know my big sister strips and has sex with men for money. But we DID go in there, and we did things a brother and sister aren't supposed to do."
"Oh come on, don't be so dramatic. Lots of women do what I do. It's just like any other job."
"No other job involves my sister being naked and letting men touch her."
"Dave, it's not that big of a deal, but that's not the real issue here. What do we do about … you know … us? We need to deal with that. You say you can't forget it and you're right. I can't either."
"Well, it isn't like it wasn't memorable. It was pretty hot."
"Yeah. I guess it kinda was. But it's not like it can ever happen again."
"No. I guess not. But maybe …."
"Maybe? Maybe what? It's not like we can do it ever again. I mean I didn't even know it was you."
"But you do now. And whatever got you so turned on … I mean you were a wild woman."
"I got turned on by the money. I get turned on being naked in a room full of men willing to give me money. Are you saying you want to give me money to be naked in front of you?"
"I'm saying that as wrong as it all was, I kind of enjoyed it. And it was pretty obvious you did too."
"I enjoy the money. But … yeah … it was kind of hot. I'm mean, the way you followed me into that room and just sort of melted into that chair as I did my routine. And I can't say I didn't enjoy … well … you know."
"Go on. Enjoyed what exactly?"
"Well, I mean, you do have a nice cock. And I should know I guess. I've seen my share."
"Yeah, I think you've seen more than your share. But maybe that's how you got so good."
"Good? Good at what?"
"Well for one, that was a helluva a blow job. It was all I could do to hold off not knowing if you'd offer the rest."
"You wanted me to offer the rest? You mean …? My pussy?"
"Yeah. What guy wouldn't expect the girl sucking his cock to move on to fucking?"
"Yeah, I guess."
"And damn you're tight. How do you stay so tight if you're doing this all the time?"
"Exercises. There are special exercises. Why are we talking about this?"
"Why not? What else should we talk about? Maybe your tits?"
"What about them?"
"They're great. About the best I've seen."
"You've seen a lot?"
"I've seen a few. Felt a few."
"And you think mine are the best? Why?"
"Shape, size, firmness. I love the way they bounced."
"Bounced? When? Oh yeah …. bounced."
"Yeah, when you bounced on me. You know, up and down on my cock."
"So, are they natural? Have you had work done?"
"No, no work. All natural. That's kind of weird question to ask your sister."
"Well, if I hadn't seen them and felt them and watched them bounce …"
"Yeah, I guess"
"Tell me about the nipple rings. I like that. Are they pierced?"
"No, they're clip ons. Oh damn. I forgot to take them off."
"Really? Let me see!"
"DAVE!! Knock it off!!"
"Oh come on, let me see them …. again."
" I already told you. They're nice. I like them. A lot."
"You like your sister's tits? Isn't that weird?"
"Yeah, but so is saying your brother has a nice cock."
"True. OK, I'll show you my tits if you show me your cock. Deal?"
"Show me yours and I'll show you mine? Really?"
"Yup. Take your pants off if you want to see my tits."
"Tell you what … you take my pants off and I'll take your top off. Just like before."
"Oh … OK, stand up so I can get to your zipper easier this time." Moving to him and pulling the zipper down, she undid and removed hi pants. "Damn, you're hard again. Pervert. Getting hard in front of your big sister. It really is a nice cock though."
"OK, my turn." he said directing her to stand up. He ran his hands over her torso as he pulled her knit sweater up and over her breasts and off over her head leaving her topless, her nipples erect again.
"Are those nipple rings doing that?" he asked as he ran his finger tips over them and pulled slightly.
"No, not entirely" her voice began to soften into a moan again.
"You should get a little chain to clip onto those that would hang between them."
"Wait here." She wandered off into her bedroom and returned with something in her hand. "Here, you put it on."
Taking the chain, he clipped it first to one nipple ring, then the other leaving it to dangle between her breasts. "Wow, that's kind of slutty."
"Well your sister's kind of a slut."
"Kind of? How much?"
"I think you're about to find out. Take my skirt off."
Reaching around behind her to unfasten it, he let it fall down her legs. "No panties?"
"No. I usually only wear them on stage, and only for decoration."
"So, now what?"
"Let me get your shirt off." she said, making a production of undoing the buttons.
"Now what?"
"Sit there." He sat in the large chair as she took a now familiar stance in front of him and moved onto his lap. "I believe we have some unfinished business." She settled down onto his cock again, taking it inside her.
"I think your cunt's hotter than it was at the club."
"I know it is. Now shut up and fuck me."
After a few minutes, she decided they should move to the bedroom. Leading him by his cock, she strutted that dancer's strut that made he ass move just right. Looking back over her shoulder, she added with a wink, "Maybe you can have that too someday."
Getting to the bed, she laid back, opening her legs wide. She made a show of running her hand over her slit and fingering herself. "Here it is little brother. Your big sister's pussy. Ready and willing. Lay down here and put your cock inside."
Doing as instructed, he positioned himself between her open legs and inserted his cock into her, then began to make deep plunging strokes.
She had been the one talking and giving instructions at the club, but now all she could say was "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" with each of his strokes. She wrapped her long lean legs around his back and locked her ankles, pulling him in as deep as she could.
"It's almost that moment, where do you want it? Inside?"
"No, pull out and put it on my tits."
"Whatever you say Sis." as his cock comes out, he moves up a bit and unloads. With both hands, she rubs it around over her nipples and the chain between them.
Once recovered, they moved to the bathroom for a quick shared shower, washing each other. With robes on, they headed back to her room. She stops at the door and points to the other bedroom. "I sleep in here, you sleep in there."
"We're brother and sister. We might have more sex, but we're not a couple. We don't sleep together. I'll see you in the morning and we'll talk some more."

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