Soccer Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooSoccer Ch. 01

Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.
This story took place during the world championship soccer of 2018. I had never been a fan of the sport and rarely watched it on tv. I was more of a basketball guy. Give me some fast-paced action, with a goal every sixty seconds, rather than ninety minutes of kicking a ball around and, more often than not, not scoring a single point.
Unfortunately, in my family — as well as in my circle of friends — soccer was considered the ultimate man's game. This particular championship would prove to be extra taxing, as my father had bought a sixty-inch screen tv with a state-of-the-art surround system a few months before the world cup.
On top of that, he had invited my brothers-in-law to-be — who were both assholes — to come over and watch, hoping to see Belgium win the world cup. Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. My sisters Heather (23) and Jessica (26) would be tagging along, and since they weren't interested in soccer either, the three of us would be able to spend some time together.
Ever since they had moved out — two and three years ago — I had hardly seen them at all and really missed them. With mom out of the picture since like forever, it was just me and dad now — which wasn't always easy. He wasn't the most sensitive or communicative father, if you know what I mean.
Don't get me wrong. He loved me, there was no doubt about that, but he thought I was too soft, too tenderhearted for this world. Being a cop had made him cynical about human nature. He firmly believed that the strong preyed on the weak and that if I didn't toughen up, I was going to have a very difficult life!
His pessimism had somewhat diminished since he had started seeing Dominique a little over a year ago. They saw each other about four or five times a week, depending on dad's shifts. I didn't presume to understand their relationship, but from what I could tell, it was mostly based on sex.
But I'll get to Dominique later. Let's first focus on this part of the story.
The first match was Belgium vs Panama. While my dad and my brothers-in-law had gotten comfortable in the living room, my sisters and I had all taken a seat at the dinner table, in the dining room. Although the rooms were interconnected, there was no direct line of sight, thanks to a supporting wall.
I was 19 at the time and at my sexual peek. Consequentially, I was constantly hard and horny and spent most of my free time jacking off. Realizing that my two gorgeous sisters would be visiting, I had masturbated twice earlier that day. Needless to say that I didn't exactly expect any more sexual activity.
I had broken out the Monopoly-board. It had been our favorite game growing up and I figured we could have some fun, while the 'real men' watched the game. Heather was wearing a black skirt, a yellow sleeveless top, with a white bra underneath. Jessica was wearing a sleeveless black top, jeans cut-offs and a black bra.
After having taken a seat next to Jessica and inadvertently gawking at Heather's cleavage — as she was leaning over the table to distribute the Monopoly-money — Jessica prodded me with her elbow and whispered, "Stop looking at your sister's tits, you little perv!"
Heather, embarrassed and startled, froze for a moment, glanced down at her cleavage, and yanked her top up. It was a futile maneuver, because the second she let go again, it fell back into its former, revealing position.
I looked down at the table, slightly uncomfortable, while the girls shared a giggle. It was just a little awkward moment. One we soon recovered from.
About ten seconds later, Heather's boyfriend Nick called out and said, "Hey hon, how's about you grabbing us another round of beers?"
Jessica called out and replied, "Why don't you guys get them yourselves?"
Matthew, feeling pretty rowdy and brave said, "Why else did we bring you?"
"Excuse me?" Jessica replied, shocked at this demeaning quip.
"You don't have to do it yourself, ask one of your sisters to do it," Matthew replied. The guys laughed hard, even dad joined in. He never stopped these kinds of insults at my address, figuring they made me tougher.
As a result, Matthew and Nick were always on my case, making fun of the fact that I didn't like football, that I played chess, that I was good with computers or that I didn't work out, at all. In short, every one of my quirks was reason enough to make fun of me.
Because they spent every waking moment in the gym, lifting weights, they were a lot stronger and sturdier than I was. And as I bruised like a peach and was usually outnumbered — they couldn't take a piss without one another — I rarely put up a fight and just let them mock me. Luckily, my sisters were usually around to shut them up.
"Hey, lay off of Jack, at least he's not a macho asshole like you guys," Heather intervened.
"Jeez, keep you panties on, girl," Nick laughed, trying to be funny.
"You know, why don't I keep my panties on for the rest of the week?" she retorted, loud enough for everyone to hear. Dad and Matthew chuckled.
Nick, not knowing when to quit, tried to joke his way out of the situation.
"Oh no, how will I survive?" he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
Heather, getting fed up with his behavior, but willing to give him one more chance, said, "Nick, just stop it, okay? Please?"
"Or what? What are you going to do?" Nick dared her, desperately trying to prove his dominance over her, in front of dad and Matthew.
Right at that moment, there was an attempt at scoring, which quickly sent all three of them into an excited rant, screaming and shouting at the tv.
Heather, really pissed off now, whispered, only loud enough for the three of us to hear her, "Tell you what I am going to do…"
And with that, she looked at me and continued, "You wanted to see my tits, huh?"
Without giving me time to respond, she grabbed the hem of her top and yanked it up along with her bra, exposing her tits in one quick swoop. I gasped and immediately felt my cock beginning to stir.
"Oh my go…" Jessica giggled, also staring at Heather's big tits.
A few moments later, Nick called out again, "We're still waiting on those beers!"
Jessica glanced at me, then at Heather, who was still showing me her jugs.
Realizing that if one of the guys got up, we'd all be in trouble, Jessica whispered, "I'll uh… take care of it," and got up.
She grabbed three beers from the fridge and walked over to the guys.
After handing them the beers, she softly said, "Next time just ask okay, you guys don't have to be so rude all the time."
I guess she was hoping for some sympathy from Matthew. Big mistake.
"Jeez Jessica, stop whining!" he replied bluntly.
"What? I am not whining, I was just…" she tried to say, calmly.
"Whatever babe," he interrupted her, "We're trying to watch the game here; go and play with your baby brother."
Jessica sauntered into the dining room, confused but also steaming mad.
"You want me to play… I'll play," she whispered, as she walked around the table, sat down next to me again and put her hand in between my legs, cupping my crotch, just like that. I looked down at my hard dick, unable to believe what was going on.
The girls smiled at one another briefly.
"My god, you're so hard… is that because of us?" Jessica whispered softly as she felt my cock throb under her touch. I looked at her and nodded my head, so hard that it almost fell off. She smiled at my excitement and put her second hand down in my lap as well. Using both hands, she quickly freed my erection from my jeans.
"Jessica, what the hell are you doing?" Heather whispered nervously.
Jessica simply glanced up and said, "What am I doing? Look at yourself, you little slut!"
Heather glanced down at her own huge rack, still on display, and realized she wasn't exactly a beacon of appropriate behavior. Luckily, her anger outweighed her sense of propriety and kept her top and bra raised above her tits, still letting us admire them.
As soon as my fat cock veered out of my jeans and boxers, Jessica redrew her hands in surprise and whispered, "My god, it's huge!"
Although Heather didn't say anything, I could see from the look in her eyes that she was pleasantly surprised as well. I even noticed her licking her lips for a moment.
Jessica quickly recovered from the shock and wrapped both her delicate hands around my huge erection and began pumping it lovingly, turning her head in all directions to get a look at it from every possible angle.
Heather, still flaunting her tits, slid her left hand down a little bit and used her thumb and index finger to play with her left nipple, clearly aroused by what her sister was doing. I couldn't believe my luck. It was as if I had stumbled into a porn flic.
It didn't take long for me to start shuddering in my chair, letting the girls know that I wasn't going to last much longer. Although my impending orgasm seemed to make Heather a little nervous, it only seemed to excite Jessica, who became even more motivated to finish me off.
"Ohh yes, come on… come on… that's it… just a little more," she whispered as she pumped my hard, throbbing dick, hard and fast now. A few seconds later, my cum blasted out of the tip of my cock. One big, fat, ribbon blasted out and landed in the middle of the Monopoly board, causing Heather to gasp and Jessica to giggle.
Three more, smaller, ribbons as well as dozens of drops rained down all over the table cloth, Jessica's hands and arms, my pants, my seat and the floor all around my chair.
"Oh my god," Jessica whispered with a horny chuckle, "What a fucking load!"
"Oh shit!" Heather breathed heavily as she stared at all the cum and at my half-hard cock, still being pumped by our sister, while she lowered her top and bra, covering up her tits for the first time in nearly eight minutes. We all just sat there and looked at one another, trying to wrap our brains around what had just happened.
"Hey Heather, how about some beer nuts and pretzels?" Nick shouted suddenly, about two minutes later.
"Shouldn't you say please?" Matthew said, making fun of Nick.
"Yeah, that'll be the day," Nick chuckled.
"I'll take care of it," Heather whispered, realizing Jessica had cum all over her hands and arms. She got up, quickly readjusted her bra and top again, then moved to the kitchen, filling a bowl with the requested snacks and walked into the living room, where she handed it to the boys and quickly made her way back to the table.
"See, once they know their place, everything works out fine," Nick — having decided to run for asshole of the year apparently — whispered. Instead of a simply 'thank you', he had chosen to demean her in front of Matthew and our father — who said nothing, by the way.
Heather stopped dead in her tracks, positively fuming with anger. Part of her wanted to run back into the living room and claw Nick's eyes out… but she didn't. She looked at us, looking for morale support as she tried to calm herself.
"You know what you should do?" Jessica whispered with a wide grin on her face, "You should hold Jack's dick for a bit. It's really good therapy."
Eager to get back at her asshole boyfriend, Heather grinned and walked around the table to our side. She immediately squatted down next to me, on the opposite side of where Jessica was sitting and gently reached out to touch my balls.
After pushing Jessica's hand out of the way, she grabbed my half-hard, still cum-covered dong and started loosely jacking me off. Her actions were not driven by lust, but by anger, frustration and an illogical pursuit of revenge. Still, I wasn't going to stop her…
I gasped, and looked down at my cock, which had, for some reason, stopped deflating. Imagine that.
"Feels good, doesn't it?" Jessica asked, grinning at our sister.
"It does," Heather whispered, not taking her eyes off my dick.
"Are you… getting hard again?" she asked after some twenty seconds, as she felt my cock coming back to life in her sweet, elegant hand.
"You're one horny little bastard, aren't you?" Jessica intervened, smiling at me.
"Sorry," I whispered, out of reflex, not knowing what else to say.
"Don't be sorry, be fucking proud!" Jessica replied, "It takes Matthew half a day to get hard again!
"And with that, she slid off her chair and squatted down as well, her right hand going down to my balls, playing with them.
After a wonderful two minutes, just when I thought things couldn't get any better, Jessica put her left hand on top of her sister's head and gently nudged it down towards my dick.
"Are you crazy? I can't do that!" Heather hissed, absolutely shocked.
"Why not?" Jessica reacted, surprised at her sister's reluctance, "You've already gone this far."
"Fooling around, maybe a handjob is one thing, but I am not sucking cock!" Heather whispered, shocked and outraged.
"Why not? Look at it. It's fucking huge again," Jessica purred.
"I have a boyfriend," Heather whispered, clearly starting to feel some guilt.
"Your boyfriend is an asshole," Jessica replied, cupping my balls and juggling them up and down, clearly appreciating how big they were.
"So is yours!" Heather retorted, "You suck it then!"
"Fine!" Jessica said, realizing her sister was calling her bluff. Without delay, she bent her head down and engulfed my massive prick, sliding her mouth up and down. And just like that, she was giving me — her own brother — a passionate blowjob.
"My god…" Heather sighed, shocked at her sister's behavior, but still gently pumping the base of my cock with her right hand. After gawking at her sister making love to my fat cock for about a minute, Heather looked up at my contorted face, then back down, before slowly lowering her head into my lap as well.
Jessica, realizing Heather was caving, slowly pulled back to make some room. Still a bit uncertain, Heather lowered her mouth over my engorged tip and cautiously tasted it. After an awkward fifteen seconds of cautious exploration, all of her reluctance seemed to disappear and she, too, began bobbing her head up and down my fat cock.
When Jessica leaned in again, about a minute and a half later, Heather — happy to share — lowered her mouth to my balls and gently started licking my sack. After that, they began passing my dick back and forth every other minute or so, determined to make the experience last.
They didn't just suck me off, they made sweet love to my cock and my balls. They watched and learned from each other, showing off their blowjob skills and trying to mimic and outdo one another. It was a fantastic feeling, having two gorgeous women — my own sisters no less — taking their time to pleasure me. Me… insignificant, little me.
After what must have been close to fifteen of the best minutes of my young life, Matthew suddenly called out, "Jessica, bring us another round of beers, will ya?"
"In a minute," she replied as she was licking my balls, "It's almost my turn."
Heather, who was nursing on my tip at the time, caught on and promptly let my cock slip out of her mouth, offering it to her sister.
"Maybe you should write it down then," Matthew ridiculed her, "You know you have trouble remembering these kinds of things!"
Matthew and Nick chuckled, and even dad joined in. The asshole!
Jessica, who was just about to swallow my cock, froze and whispered, "Fucking asshole." Her boyfriend's demeaning comment inspired her to do something even more slutty than simply sucking my cock. After handing it back to Heather, she took off her top and bra in one quick motion, and threw both items on the floor behind her.
Meanwhile, Heather slid my cock back in her mouth, keeping a close eye on what our sister was doing. Jessica, determined to 'punish' her retarded boyfriend, stood up, unbuttoned her cut-offs and pulled them down along with her black panties, exposing her beautiful pussy to me — and our sister.
Heather was as shocked as I was and nearly chocked on my cock as we both gawked at our sister's completely naked body. Jessica, realizing she now had our undivided attention, got back on her knees and leaned slightly back as she slithered her right hand down between her legs.
Slowly and sensually, she began playing with herself, rubbing her clit and kneading her tits — all for my viewing pleasure. Any residual shyness or hesitation she might have had, was clearly overclassed by her disgust and anger towards her boyfriend right now. This was her way of punishing him!
Clearly inspired and aroused by what her sister was doing, Heather voraciously attacked my cock again, bobbing her mouth up and down the full length of my shaft. I tried to hold back, I really did, but with that kind of stimulus — both visual and physical — it was no use. Nothing in this world could have stopped me from climaxing.
I started wheezing and panting, not to mention shuddering in my seat. It was obvious that I was going to blow. Heather, who clearly didn't want to get any sperm on her and certainly not in her mouth, leaned back and continued jerking me off from afar.
"I am sorry, but I don't… I uh… can't… " she stammered.
Jessica, realizing my forthcoming load was up for grabs, clearly felt as if she hadn't punished her boyfriend enough yet and lunged forward, whispering, "I'll take it… give it to me… pump it in my mouth!"
Although shocked at Jessica's eagerness, once again, Heather continued tugging the bottom half of my cock. Meanwhile a clearly horny Jessica furiously bobbed her mouth over the tip of my fat, pulsating cock while she continued rubbing her clit, crudely.
I clenched my eyes shut, grabbed the seat of my chair with both hands and groaned deeply as I shot my sperm into my sister's willing mouth. She kept bobbing her slutty little head up and down as fast as she could, for as long as my cock was big and hard enough.
When she eventually poked her head up from my lap, she ostentatiously — and inappropriately proud — opened her mouth, showing Heather and me my gooey sperm on her tongue. Then, she simply swallowed the whole load, just like that.
"Jeez," Heather whispered, both impressed and shocked.
Jessica got up and quickly put her clothes back on, prompting Heather to sneak back to her seat, across from me. She and I glanced at each other several times, slightly embarrassed and extremely self-conscious. Jessica, seemingly unaffected by what she'd just done, walked into the kitchen, grabbed three beers from the fridge and walked into the living room.
"Thanks babe," Matthew said, oblivious to the fact that his girlfriend had just stripped and masturbated for me, not to mention swallowed my sperm.
"Who's winning?" Jessica asked, feigning interest — probably against better judgement.
"The score is 0-0… Jesus, can't you read?" Matthew sighed, annoyed.
"Which one of you ladies is winning over there?" Nick asked.
"Oh, Jack won, twice now…" Jessica replied as she walked into the dining room, a big evil grin on her face. I smiled back at her.
"Twice? You losers played twice already?" Nick asked.
"Yeah, Jack is really good at it!" Jessica replied.
"Better than you," she added as she sat down at the table, only loud enough for us to hear. We all shared a giggle, while I beamed with pride.
Then, finally, we were ready to start playing Monopoly for real.
"Shouldn't we… uh, clean this up?" Heather asked, pointing at fat, disgusting cum rope in the middle of the board, ignoring the numerous cum drops over the rest of the table.
"Nah, just leave it," Jessica grinned as she purposely placed the pile of 'Chance' cards smack in the middle of that gooey sperm rope.
"That's just nasty!" Heather reacted, unable to suppress a grin, "You're horrible!"

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