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Hi everybody! I lost my virginity which happened to me at the least expected. Am shivam a s/w programmer from Hyderabad? Am 22 years old. Am 6 ft am not boring you with the description. Am straight away entering into the incident.

This happened last year when I attended an interview in a s/w company in Hyderabad. Among a group I was the last person to get into the interview. I was anxiously waiting for my turn. Then an attendee came and called me. The interview has been held by the md itself who was a lady. On entering the room I saw a lady in her early 30s. She was 5’4″, fair, little plump. She had a 36-32-36 size which I came to know later. She wore an ordinary saree. Her room was air conditioned. I don’t have any wrong intentions towards her. let’s call her sreeja (not real name for privacy).

Sreeja looked at my cv and asked a few questions and told me to write a “query” on a problem and gave me a paper. While I was thinking and writing something touched my leg. I was bit shocked and looked downwards. Nothing was there. The same thing repeated again and this time I got the thing. It was her feet. I was bit surprised. I didn’t care and hangover to my work. Her bare feet began to travel inside me pants from the bottom. Then she put her leg on my thighs outside my pants. I was not able to concentrate. Slowly her feet come closer and she touched my bulge in pants with her feet. she started rotating her feet on my bulge in the pants. I looked at her. Her eyes were partly closed and she was biting her lips. I just moved a little backward and she opened her eyes. It seems that she wanted more. She said with a mysterious smile. “you are appointed. you can join tomorrow”. I somehow got out of the office. I was excited and worried about the happening at the interview.

The next day I went to the office on time and sreeja was there. Nothing happened as I imagined. The whole day I was studying the system. In the evening she called me and said that I will have a conference with her after the office time. After the office time everybody went out. I went to her room. She was sitting in a table and her feet’s were on a chair in front. Taking her legs out of the chair she told me to sit on the chair itself. As soon as I sat she placed her legs on the handle of the chair. A damn sexy lady was just in front of me with her legs spread. She had a rose saree and raised low cut blouse with black netted bra. She asked me about my day in the office and we start casual conversation.

She told that her husband was in us and he visited once in a year and she is staying with her parents here. She slowly put her leg on my dick outside the pants and my dick started growing. Now it becomes thicker and she was enjoying that. Her saree fell down from her shoulder as she put her hands backwards to hold the table sexposing her boobs. Her blouse was a low cut one and her treasures were just trying to be freed from the clothes. I was getting hotter and hotter. I was pre-cumming. I started sweating in the a/c room. I made up my mind not to miss the chance. I hold her legs. She moaned like a wild snake. my both hands traveled upwards caressing her legs and her saree also moved upwards. She had nice legs. As soon as her saree reached her knees I saw a huge gap. Then the funniest thing happened. I suddenly pushed my head into that gap between her sexy thighs and covered her saree all over my head. Can you imagine that scene with my head inside her saree and me licking her thighs?

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Sreeja was shocked and tried to get down from the table. but she couldn’t as I started kissing and licking her thighs. The mixed smell of her sweat and her vaginal fluid and her perfume made me mad with lust. After some 2 minutes I pulled my head from her saree. She told that it was the strangest and sexiest pose she ever had in her life. Now we both stood up and I planted a kiss on her lips and she too responded well as the kissing went on for some 5 minutes. My hands were caressing her back and her round ass. She undressed my shirt n pant and I was now on my briefs. My brief was wet with pre cum. She kissed my dick from outside my brief and started licking my precum from my brief.

Now it was my turn to undress sreeja. I made her stood up and removed her saree and threw it away. The rose color just made her the sexiest. I then untied her petticoat and in front of my eyes was her white wet panty with precum and the wetness showed her pubic hairs a little bit. I kissed her panty and licked the fluid from the panty. She was moaning. I then stood up and cupped her breasts with my two hands outside the blouse. I slightly bite her nipples which were visible through her blouse. Then I removed her blouse. The black bra suited so well that it seemed black color was made for her. I moved a little bit backwards and looked her. A woman with bra and panty. This is the best scene I consider than a naked women. She undid my briefs and I undid her bra and panty. My 6.5″ dick was just facing her mouth and drops were oozing from it. Her breasts are not as hard as her was very much font of her breasts but the nipples are. She had a pair of brown nipples which stood aroused. Her pussy was nicely trimmed.

Sreeja knelt in front of me and kissed my dick. She touched it with her hand and for the first time I was feeling such an enthusiasm. She then slowly started to suck my cock and I was riding in the heaven. Suddenly she increased the speed and I felt an explosion inside and told her that I am cumming. She wants to taste my cum. She increased her speed and I exploded in her mouth. That was the biggest of my life. She couldn’t drink all the cum. It felt on her body and boobs. She then licked and cleaned my shaft and it was like a vacuum balloon. Now it was my turn to arouse her. I licked all her body from toe to head. I played with boobs. I sucked one and played with the other simultaneously. I licked all her body except her treasure valley.

After this I went for the treasure. I kissed her pussy and smelled it and tasted the fluid. I entered my forefinger and middle finger and started finger fucking her. Then I inserted my tongue and licked all over the pussy and started to explore her inner walls with my tongue. She pushed my head towards her pussy and suddenly a shivering passed through her body and her cummed. I licked her pussy and made it clean.

By this time my shaft was ready for another one and she also wanted me to fuck her. But I didn’t fuck her as we don’t have any condoms. We then took a bath and after that we went out from the office. From that day to the next 3 months sreeja was my sex slave and I do whatever I have to do with her. After that she went to us. Hope you enjoyed my narration. Am not a writer.

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