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Everyone having sex in this story is at least 18 years old.
Solstice – Chapter 01
Alexander was turning eighteen in three days. He was the youngest in his family of five. His father, Xander, shared his birthday, June twenty-first, the summer solstice. His mother, Di, short for Aphrodite, was an absolute knockout. She was beautiful, tall, and with the body of a goddess. He had two older sisters, Ariana, and Demi, who were every bit as gorgeous as their mother. They were twenty-one and nineteen, respectively. The entire family was beautiful, with dark hair, striking features, carried over from their Greek ancestry. All the men in the family were tall and muscular with a rugged handsome look. Even his extended family was that way. You could almost pick one with your eyes closed and put them on the cover of a magazine.
"Alex, when you get a minute, I need to talk to you," his father called.
"Sure, Dad, I'll be right there." He walked into the den where his father sat waiting for him. "Yes, sir?"
"Sit down. We need to talk about your birthday celebration." Alex sat in a chair facing his father. "It's hard for me to believe you're turning eighteen. The years seem to have flown by. Our family has a tradition that when the children come of age the entire extended family gets together. Well, those of legal age at least."
"I remember when Ariana and Demi turned eighteen. I was really disappointed I didn't get to come to the party."
"I remember. You bitched and moaned about it for a month. You'll understand soon enough. It's a big deal and since you were born on the solstice it'll be an even bigger deal, like my eighteenth was, twenty-five years ago."
"So, what's the tradition?" Alex asked.
"I can't tell you until it begins, but trust me when I say, it's going to be a day you'll cherish forever. Your mother is going to be bringing us both drinks for the next couple of days to prepare. They taste like shit but it's important we drink the entire thing. This is important, son."
"What's the drink?"
"An ancient Greek drink. It's been part of our family for as far back as recorded history."
"What is it?"
"Beats the hell out of me. The drink is made by the women and they won't tell the men what it is or what's in it. You do need to drink it though."
"If you say so, Dad. We have some strange traditions."
Xander chuckled. "Yeah, based on American ideas, I guess we do. We're Greek and have carried our traditions with us from ancient times."
"Dad, can I bring a friend with me to the celebration?"
"Sorry, son, it's strictly family."
"There you two are," Di said walking into the room. "I have your elixirs." She handed each a brass cup. "Drink it down, Alex."
His father winked at him them drank his quickly. Alex followed his lead. "Mom, that tastes horrible. What was it?"
"Secret recipe for the men in the house."
"I have to drink this every day?" Alex asked.
"Three times a day, then again the morning of your birthday. Around noon that day you get a different drink. It tastes a lot better than this one does."
"Is this thing dress up or can I wear normal clothes?" Alex asked.
"We'll all be dressed in special clothes. It's part of the tradition," his mother replied.
"Oh Mom, I hate those weird Greek clothes."
"These are different. Think ancient Greek clothes," his dad said.
"You mean like the dresses everyone wears in the old movies?"
"Long flowing gowns for the women and about knee length for the men," his mother told him.
"I have to wear a dress in public?" he asked.
"It's not a dress it's more of a robe. The ceremony is private, not public. You'll be dressed like everyone else, chill," she replied, smiling.
"As long as everyone else is dressed like dorks, I guess it would be okay."
"You could always wear your birthday suit," his mother replied, smiling.
"I'll wear it under my dress," Alex said.
The next two days were normal summer days with the exception of the three times a day 'rat poison' his mother served him. She stood there and watched him drink it every time. His sisters seemed excited. Alex asked them about the ceremony, but they simply smiled and assured him he would enjoy it.
On the morning of his birthday his mother came to him and offered the cup. "Last one. At noon you get a different drink."
He dutifully drank it down. "Yuck, that's nasty," he said, making a face.
"Nasty, but important. The noon drink tastes good."
"Mom, what's this stuff for?" he asked.
"To prepare you."
"For what?"
"The ceremony, of course," she replied and left the room.
At noon, the family sat together for lunch. There was a brass cup by each of them. "Today we celebrate Alexander's eighteenth birthday. Everyone join me with the traditional ceremonial drink." He picked up his drink and held it up. Everyone else raised theirs. "To Alexander, may he live long and well," his father said, then drank the entire cup. The others raised theirs and did the same.
"Drink yours, Alex," his mother told him.
Alex raised the cup and smelled it then drank the entire contents.
"We need to leave at two. It's a three-hour drive, then dinner and getting ready for the big event," his father announced.
"I'm really looking forward to this," his mother replied, with a big smile, as she looked at her son.
"Me too," Ariana said.
"So am I," Demi grinned.
"How about you, son? Are you excited?" his father asked.
"I guess so, but other than wearing a freakin' dress, I have no idea what it is."
"It's a celebration of you becoming a man," his mother said. "All the men in our family have been through a similar ceremony. Yours will be a bit different since your birthday is on the solstice. That makes you special like your father. This particular ceremony is reserved for our solstice men."
"Why won't anyone tell me what it involves?"
"It would ruin it for you. Trust me, you'll enjoy yourself," his father answered.
"If you say so."
At two they loaded into the car and began their journey. Everyone slept most of the way except his father who was driving their SUV. Their destination was just south of Chromo, Colorado. They stopped once on the way for a bathroom break and arrived at the compound just after five.
"I love it here in the summer," Di said.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" her husband replied. "Perfect weather for tonight too."
"Good, I nearly froze at yours," she said.
"Not me, I was hot," he chuckled.
"You were a lot busier than I was."
"That's a fact."
He pulled onto a side road and drove about three miles before getting out and opening a wooden gate. He got back in and drove through then stopped and closed the gate behind him. Xander drove about ten more minutes before pulling into a group of A-frame buildings and parked in front of the largest one.
"Wake up, kids. We're here," their mother announced.
"Where are we?" Alex asked.
"Our family land. This is where your celebration is," she answered.
Alex looked around. The area was beautiful with lots of pine trees. There were several A-frame houses in a large circle with the largest right in front of them. There were one or two cars parked at each house.
"Each family group has their own house. The big one is ours," his father said, getting out of the car.
"How do we rate the big one?" he asked.
"We're special," Demi replied.
Everyone got out and carried their bags into the house. It was expansive and beautifully decorated.
"Your bedroom is at the end of the hall. The rest of us are upstairs," his mother said.
Alex walked to the end of the hall and opened the door. His mouth fell open. The bedroom was huge. There was a king size bed and two separate sitting areas on either side of the bed. He tossed his bag on the bed to explore the rest. The bathroom was as elaborate as the bedroom. Besides the double sinks, jacuzzi tub, walk-in shower, commode, and bidet, there was another sitting area. Alex went back to the main part of the house. There were places for at least twenty people to sit in the great room. The kitchen and dining room were also huge. The dining room table would seat at least fifteen people. His mother walked into the room.
"So, how do you like our little palace?" she asked.
"Mom, I think you messed up. I've got the master bedroom."
"No mistake, all the bedrooms here are like that. You've got the biggest one since you're the birthday boy."
"That's a lot more bedroom than I need."
"Possibly," she replied, grinning.
There was a knock on the back door and his mother opened it. Several women came in carrying dishes and set them out on the large table. Alex recognized some of them as aunts and cousins. She greeted each and waved Alex to her where she introduced him. They were all as beautiful as his mother and sisters.
"Honey, girls," she called out. "Dinner is here."
His father and sisters came down the stairs. Each of the guests went to his father and kissed him on each cheek. "Welcome, Papas," each one told him. Then as a group the women escorted him to the head of the table. Alex' mother walked him to the opposite end of the table and seated him then sat to his right. His sisters took the seats on his left. The group of women then joined them at the table.
"Mom, why are they calling Dad, Papas?" Alex asked.
"In our family there's one male who is considered the male leader. That's your dad, Papas. As his wife, I'm Mamas."
"Cool, my parents are royalty," he chuckled.
"That's about the size of it. You and your sisters are royalty too."
"Can I boss people around and stuff?" he asked.
"Later, right now you need to eat. After dinner you hit the shower and get dressed."
"My dress? God, I hate that idea."
"You won't have to wear it that long. It'll be fine. They're actually surprisingly comfortable."
"What if it's windy?"
"It isn't. Eat," she instructed. They ate their dinner and afterward his mother walked him to his room. She went into the closet and returned with his clothing for the evening and laid it out on the bed then set a pair of sandals on the floor nearby. "Here's your outfit. After you shower put it on."
Alex looked at it. "Where's the underwear?"
"This is the entire outfit. It doesn't require underwear."
"Honey trust me. It will cover you exactly as it's supposed to. Everyone is going to be in similar attire," she assured him.
"With no underwear?" he asked.
"No underwear."
"Mom, just knowing you guys aren't wearing underwear is going to create a problem for me."
"I know what you're thinking. The elixir you've been drinking for the last three days has been taking care of that. You haven't had an erection in three days."
Alex thought for a moment. "Holy crap, you're right. I hope this stuff wears off."
"It does. Erections won't be a problem."
"Mom, if you're going to give me anti-erection drugs, I think you should tell me first."
"If I had would you have taken it?"
"No way."
"And tonight, thinking about all the women in the family going commando you'd have been walking around with a boner. That's why you weren't told. I will be giving you the antidote."
"Now, off to the shower," she told him, and left the room.
Alex undressed and showered. He intentionally tried to get a boner. His flaccid penis seemed engorged, but it certainly didn't get hard. Alex' mother was his fantasy woman with his sisters tied for a close second. Even thinking about them wearing gowns with nothing on under them didn't get the job done. He dressed then looked in the mirror. He liked the look then flipped up the front and laughed at the idea of flashing his sisters but thought better of the idea. If they flashed him back, he wouldn't even get a boner out of it. Alex walked back to the great room and sat in one of the chairs. His father walked in, looked at him, and grinned.
"You might want to rethink how you're sitting. I can see your stuff," he said, as he sat next to his son.
Alex quickly put his knees together. "This is going to take some getting used to."
"You'll figure it out. Alex, I need to ask you a personal question," his father said.
"How much sexual experience have you had?"
"Yeah, that's personal alright. Next question."
"I know it's personal, but have you ever had intercourse?"
"No, Dad. I've fooled around but I haven't had actual sex." Alex was blushing, expecting some teasing from his father, but it never came.
His sisters walked into the room in their outfits. Alex knew they were both beautiful, but tonight, in their white gowns, they were gorgeous. For the first time in his life, Alex was glad he couldn't get an erection. His father and sisters wore gold medallions around their necks. When his mother walked into the room his jaw dropped.
"Aphrodite, you look amazing," her husband said.
"Wow, Mom! You really do," Alex sighed.
"Thank you. How's my hair?"
"Perfect, Mom," Ariana replied. "Where's your necklace?"
"On my dresser. Will you grab it for me while I inspect the men?" Ariana ran upstairs. "Stand up guys, let's see how you look." Her husband and son stood. She looked them over from a distance then had them each turn. She came over and brushed her son's hair with her fingers and smiled. "You both look like you just came down from Olympus."
Ariana came back downstairs and handed her mother the necklace which she put around her neck.
"We have about ten minutes. Anyone with questions?" Xander asked.
"I do," Alex replied.
His father laughed. "Anyone have questions besides Alex?" Everyone shook their heads.
"Dad?" Alex said.
"Son, I can't answer your questions yet. Your mother will be by your side all evening. Follow her instructions and you'll be fine."
"Relax, Alex," his mother assured him.
His sisters were grinning at him. "What?" he asked.
"Oh, nothing," Demi said.
"Last chance for a pee break if anyone needs it," Di told them all.
Alex went to the bathroom and emptied his bladder then returned to the great room. There was a knock on the door. Ariana opened it.
"We're ready," a woman said.
"We'll be right out," Ariana replied.
Xander waived them all toward the back door. Xander went out first. His mother took Alex' arm and they walked out together. The two girls followed them out. They walked across the courtyard and behind the houses into a grassy area. There were about ten cabanas and torches along both sides of their path. As they entered, people stepped from the cabanas to follow them. The men were all dressed like Alex and his father. The women wore gowns similar to what his mother and sister wore. No one wore a necklace other than his family. They walked to a platform with five throne like chairs on it. Xander went to the middle chair and stopped then turned and sat. His mother took Alex to the chair on his father's right and she sat on the other side of Alex. His sisters sat in the two chairs to his father's left. The crowd moved up near the platform and stood quietly watching them. Everyone was smiling and looking at Alex. As he scanned the faces, he recognized many but there were at least as many he had no memory of. Every face was beautiful.
Xander stood. "We have come tonight to celebrate my son Alexander's entry into manhood and begin his induction into our mass." The crowd began snapping their fingers. "Aphrodite, if you please."
Xander returned to his seat as his mother stood and turned to him. "This day you become a man. Drink of the final elixir." She held out a small gold cup to him. Alex took the cup and drank the contents. The crowd applauded then seemed to split up into family groups with the male of the group standing at the front of the line. "Alexander, tonight you become E'papas and assume your role as heir to the throne. You will have the same rights and responsibilities as your father, Papas. On your twenty-first birthday, if you choose, you may assume the role as Papas and your father will step down. You have three years to decide. If you accept the throne you are committed for a period of no less than twenty-five years until you hand the throne to your own son. Happy birthday, by the way," his mother said, smiling.
"Thanks, Mom," Alex replied with a grin.
His mother walked to his father and removed his necklace then replaced it with a silver one. He whispered to her and she nodded. She turned to her son and placed the necklace around his neck. "You are E'papas, my son," she said. Then whispered to him. "Relax baby, this is where the party starts. Go with the flow and enjoy it."
"Okay," Alex said.
She turned to the crowd and dropped her robe from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor then turned back to her son. Alex' cock sprang to life immediately and his hands moved quickly to cover it. She smiled at him then stepped to him. His mother took his hands and raised them then straddled her son and slowly lowered onto his hard cock. She gave him an open mouth kiss and began slowly rising and falling on his cock.
"Oh my god," Alex whimpered.
"Relax, enjoy it. Thank you for allowing me to be your first."
"Oh, Mom."
"I'm yours from now on. Your Dad may want to borrow me sometimes though."
"You mean…," he began.
"My body belongs to you now. You are E'papas, my lord. Don't push the master part. I'm still your mom."
"She's a wonderful woman, son. Be good to her," his father told him.
"Dad, you're okay with this?"
"I am. It's the way of our family and has been handed down this way for generations."
"Mom, I'm about to cum," Alex said urgently.
She raised off and knelt between his legs and took her son in her mouth. "Come to your mother, E'papas. Give me your treasure."
Alex exploded into her mouth and she held it all in until he was finished. When he finished, she stood and turned to the crowd showing them what she had been given. The crowd again began snapping their fingers. She turned to her daughters. They stood and dropped their gowns to the floor and walked to her, then each kissed her sharing their brother's cum. Ariana walked to Alex and knelt in front of him.
"E'papas," she said smiling, then kissed the end of his still hard cock and licked the pre-cum from the tip. "Don't wear this out tonight. I want some of it too."
"Count on it," Alex replied.
"Demi and I are both yours, like Mom is. We'll have lots of time together."
"You mean we can have sex?" he asked.
"We sure can. Lots and lots of it." She stood and kissed him on the mouth then went to her father and knelt. "Papas," she said as she kissed his cock.
"Ariana you're as beautiful as your mother," her father told her.
"Thanks, Daddy. Can I have more of this tonight?" she asked.
"All you want. Your mother will be with Alex all evening."
As Ariana stepped away from her brother, Demi stepped up and knelt. "I've been waiting for this since I was about fifteen." She kissed his cock then took the head into her mouth. Alex moaned. She stood and kissed him. "You'll probably be too busy for me tonight, but I want that in me tomorrow."
"Yes, ma'am," he replied grinning.
Demi walked to her father and knelt then kissed his cock. Both girls took their seats.
His mother turned to Alex. "The three-day elixir made you limp and shut down your sperm production. The one at lunch today was part one of the antidote for the erections. You won't be making sperm for about a month, but you'll be making more semen than you'll know what to do with for the rest of the night. The last elixir was the second part of the antidote and will keep your dick hard probably until morning. You can cum like it's the first time of the day until it wears off then back to normal tomorrow. You can have sex with any of the women here tonight and they'll feel honored for it."

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