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Solstice – Chapter 02
When Alex came out of the shower his bed had already been turned down. The lights were dimmed, and a few candles had been placed around the room. He smiled with the anticipation of what was coming. Demi came in the room just a moment later wearing nothing but a beautiful smile.
"Mom and Ariana will be here in just a minute," she said, as she kissed him passionately.
"Sis, I got the impression that you knew about our family tradition before you were eighteen."
"Ari and I both did. On our sixteenth birthdays we were given a book to read that tells the history and traditions of the family. We begin training after we read it."
"Sex training?"
"No actual sex until eighteen, within the family. We still do normal teenage stuff when dating."
"Do I get to read the book?"
"Mom said there's a different book for you. As E'papas you have more responsibilities than I do."
"What are your responsibilities?" he asked.
"Right now, to get your dick hard. Go sit on the bed," she replied grinning.
Alex walked over and sat on the side of the bed. His sister grabbed a large cushion and placed it on the floor in front of him, then knelt. She began stroking his already semi-hard cock with both hands and licked the pre-cum from the tip. As she stroked him, she watched his face and felt his cock harden. Demi moved one hand to his balls and began gently massaging, then licked his length.
"We need to get rid of this hair tomorrow," his sister told him.
"It's tradition. Our immediate family is kept bare. Ariana and I are the ones that'll be shaving you. Or we can take you to town for a waxing."
"Where they rip it out? Oh, hell no!"
"It's not that bad. I've had it done."
"I'll pass."
His mother and Ariana walked into the room. Demi moved over and his mother knelt in front of him, with his sisters on each side of her.
"Mind if we join in?" his mother asked.
"Not at all, but I thought we were going to have a pussy eating lesson."
"We are, but that's going to take about an hour, and you'll be more comfortable if we empty you first. Your cum is an aphrodisiac for us, remember?"
"Does it really work that way?"
"It sure does. It starts working the moment it hits our mouths."
"The aphrodisiac part is absorbed right into the bloodstream through our mucous membranes in the mouth, pussy and butt," Ariana replied.
His mother effortlessly swallowed his cock. Alex moaned loudly. Demi and Ariana were both massaging his balls and squeezed in to lick and suck them as room allowed. All three were looking up at him the entire time. His mother pulled off and kissed Demi as Ariana swallowed him and began bobbing. The three continued and took turns sharing him. Demi stood and began sucking him from above as his mother and Ariana raised his legs. Ariana began concentrating on his balls while his mother tongued his ass. Alex erupted suddenly in Demi's mouth. When he finished, she turned and shared the cum with her sister and mother.
"Girls, on the bed. It's time for class," Di told her daughters. Alex got off the bed and his sisters, after doubling up pillows, laid back with their legs spread. "I had planned on starting your training with foreplay, but you asked for this tonight. I'm going to teach you the same way I taught your sisters. By demonstration and practice. Demi has never been the one I demonstrated on, so tonight I'll be using her. You follow along with Ariana." Alex and his mother positioned themselves between the girl's legs. "Alex, look over here. I'm going to go over anatomy first and fill you in on how things work."
His mother showed him the external parts and named them, then described what things were like, in detail, on the inside. She explained that the clit was just a small part of the female erectile tissue and how the entire area was interconnected and sensitive.
"Alex, before we start, I want you to think about something. Your mouth is a remarkable collection of tools. Besides your tongue, you've got lips and teeth you can use. Careful with the teeth though. You can move air in and out of your mouth, which can create some wonderful sensations. Your tongue is an amazing structure. It's flexible. It can be soft or hard. It can be pointed or flat. Some people can roll it. Vary how you use it. Your object of affection will love you for it. I'm going to eat Demi now. Watch how I approach her. I want her worked up and squirming before I ever get to her labia. Watch and listen to how she's responding. Your eyes and ears will tell you if you're pleasing her. You follow along and do to Ariana what I do to Demi. Our goal, to give our lovers pleasure. Questions before I start?"
"Okay, watch and learn."
Di began by kissing and nibbling the inside of her daughter's thighs, just above the knees, and slowly worked her way up toward the middle. Alex did the same to Ariana. They were obviously loving it. Their mother was mixing licks, kisses, and nibbles as she moved over her daughter's thighs. When she got near the top, she moved to the lower abdominal area but avoided the genitals. She moved her hands up and began massaging Demi's breasts. Alex followed her every move. Di licked her daughter from asshole to right over the clit just once, then began working on just the labia. She spent several minutes on the outer labia and areas outside of it before making another single long slide from the asshole to the clit. Demi moaned loudly. When Alex did the same thing to his sister, he got the same response from her. Next, Di concentrated her efforts on her daughter's sphincter. Demi was squirming. When her mother's tongue pushed into her anus she gasped. Ariana started laughing when Alex did it to her.
"That tickles," Ariana said.
"Pinch her nipples when you do it to Ariana. It distracts her," his mother told him.
Alex pinched his sister's nipples as he tongued her asshole. This time he got the moans he was hoping for. Di moved her tongue to concentrate on the inside of the labia and the entire minora. As Alex followed her lead, both girls increased their moans, sighs, and squirming. Di quickly sucked her daughter's clit into her mouth then released it. Demi arched her hips and her hands moved to her mother's head. When Alex sucked his sister's clit she moaned loudly, arched her back, clamped her legs on his head and came. Not expecting that, Alex tried to pull back but was trapped between her legs until she finished and released him, then pushed his head away from her sensitive clit.
"Did I mess up?" Alex asked.
"Oh, hell no!" Ariana laughed.
"I should have warned you, Ariana cums quickly with clitoral stimulation," his mother told him.
"I made you cum?"
"You sure did. When you were licking my butthole, your nose was rubbing my clit. You did good, little brother," Ariana assured him. Alex grinned and started to sit up. Ariana grabbed his head with both hands. "Where do you think you're going? We're not finished yet."
"Now, we'll add fingers to the mixture," his mother said. "Never put a dry finger in a woman. Either wet it with your saliva or with their juices. Put two fingers in Ariana with your palms facing up." She demonstrated on Demi. "Use your middle and ring fingers. With some practice you can use your pinky on the butt and your thumb on the clit."
He repeated what his mother was doing to Demi. "What about the index finger? Where does it go?" he asked.
"If your flexible enough it can go into her pussy. Touching her anywhere with it will feel good and add to the stimulation. We're going to be tonguing their clits, so your thumb and index aren't really being used. There are no hard rules on what finger does what. Experiment, find out what turns them on. We're all a little different."
Alex watched as his mother returned to pleasing his sister. She moved the hand that was on the breast to spread Demi's labia making her red swollen clit more exposed, then used her tongue to dance along its side.
"Mom, what are you doing with your fingers inside?" he asked.
"I'm finger fucking her and stroking her g-spot. As you bend your fingers massage the front wall of the vagina about an inch or two inside."
"Alex, I just want to warn you. I have a hair trigger g-spot. I cum really quick," Ariana said.
Alex grinned at her, then began moving his fingers. Her response was immediate, based on her moans and movement. He let his tongue tease her clit and watched her as her face flushed. He noticed that her previously hard clit seemed to be softening but continued. In about a minute it hardened again, and she once again clamped down on his head with her legs. She also grabbed his head and pulled him into her. Ariana's entire body seemed to tremble as she came. As she began to recover, she pushed his head and hand away. Alex looked at Demi who was doing the same thing to her mother. Apparently, she had cum too.
"Class dismissed," their mother said, as she sat up. "I've shown you just the basics, Alex. Practice makes perfect. Learn from each woman what she likes and what lights her fires. The orgasm is icing on the cake. It's getting there that makes for a good lover. Want to take a short break?"
"Yeah, I could use a drink of water," her son replied. The girls left to join their father. After getting their drinks, Alex and his mother cuddled on the bed. "What's next, Mom?"
"So far, you and I have experienced only ceremonial coupling. You and I, my handsome young son, are going to make love."
"Are you going to teach me about that too?"
"As we go along, I'll show you some things. It's not going to be like that porn you've been watching?"
"How so?"
"We aren't going to be changing positions every minute and a half, for one. We're going to be taking our time and discovering each other. We have all night."
Their lips met and they explored each other with their tongues. As she moved to kiss and nibble on his ears and neck, he followed her lead. Hands began exploring each other. Every touch of her hand made him want her more. As his hands moved over her body she responded with soft moans. Everything and everywhere either of them touched heightened the need for more. Her son rolled her onto her back and began massaging her breasts. Her nipples were already hard. When he took one into his mouth she sighed longingly, and when he bit one of them, she smacked him on the ass.
"Not too hard, baby. That's it. Just nips," she said.
They continued their exploring with fingers, hands, and mouths for a long time before she touched him below the waist. Her hand stroked the inside of his thighs and the area surrounding his cock and balls but avoided touching them. He did the same to her.
"That's it, tease me. Make we want you even more than I already do," his mother whispered.
"Mom, I've dreamed of this so many times."
"No more dreaming for either of us now."
Alex was the first to make contact with the genitals. His hand slid over her labia, dragging a single finger between her lips and into her moisture. He squeezed the front of her labia putting pressure along the full length of her clit, without touching it directly.
"Mmmmmm," she moaned, as she cupped his balls.
Alex moved down, kissing, and nibbling across her abdomen toward her treasure. He spent a long time kissing, licking, and nibbling around the area before finally touching her labia. He squeezed the labia together then licked the entire length of her protruding clit, just as she had shown him on his sister. She raised her hips off the bed in response. When she rose, Alex licked her from her pink sphincter to the mons. She pulled her legs up to her chest with her knees well apart. Her son took the hint and began tonguing her anus and perineum. Her soft coos told him she was enjoying it. She seemed to especially enjoy his tongue slipping into her ass.
"Mom, do you like butt stuff?"
"I do. Your father isn't much into it, so we don't do it often. Why don't you turn around so I can eat you too?"
Alex shifted his position and they got onto their sides in the 69 position. When he felt his mother's mouth on the head of his cock he gasped.
"That's going to make it hard for me to concentrate on what I'm doing."
"Me too, but it's getting there that counts. We're in no hurry."
She continued sucking him as her hand began caressing his balls. He had enjoyed several blowjobs earlier in the evening, but this felt different. Her tongue was on the top of his cock and only when she swirled it did it hit the sensitive frenulum. Her hand moved away from his balls for a moment and when it returned, her now moist finger teased his asshole. His mother varied her movements on his cock, mixing attention to the head with long deep penetrations into her mouth. Alex noticed his mother's pelvic movements were increasing and decided to pay more attention to her clit. He noticed it soften as his sister's had just before she came and began flicking it with his tongue. In just a moment it was hard again, and his mother's leg went behind his head pushing him hard into her wet pussy. She moaned several times loudly as she came. He eased off his assault on her clit and began licking all around it. Her pressure on his head eased.
"I need you inside me, Alex." She rolled over onto her back and her son moved between her legs. Alex positioned himself and easily slipped inside. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him to her. "Slow and easy now."
Alex leaned forward and kissed her lovingly. "Mom, I'm not going to last long like this."
"Empty yourself into me. I'll cum for you when you do. Look at my face. Watch me as you make me yours," she whispered.
Her words pushed Alex over the edge. He shoved himself into her as far as he could go and forced stream after stream into his mother's pussy. She began flushing and her legs trembled as she came with him. When he finished, she pulled him to lay on top of her.
"I love you, Mom."
"I love you too, baby."
The next couple of hours were spent like the last, with lots of experimentation on her son's part. He learned from her responses what lit her fires and what didn't. They both fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.
Alex woke around lunchtime. His mother was gone. He went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. His father was sitting at the table.
"Your mother was sure happy this morning. She said you took good care of her last night."
"Mom is amazing."
"That's an understatement if I've ever heard one. Alex, with me being Papas, your mother has been a bit neglected for a long time. I'm glad she's got you now to provide what I haven't been able to."
"What do you mean?"
"As Papas, I have a responsibility to our entire family. My responsibilities to the women have made it difficult for her."
"Is she jealous?"
"No, not about the sex, but maybe a bit about the time I have to devote to them. Sometimes I'm just exhausted, and when it's our time to be together, I'm often too tired. She should be made love to often and very well. Until you become Papas, that's going to fall into your hands."
"Dad, it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it," Alex said, grinning.
His father smiled. "Don't look so heartbroken. In three years, I have every intention of re-staking my claim."
"You're going to cut me off?"
"Right. Your mother would never put up with that. She sees it as her right, as your mother, and her duty, as Mamas, to lay with Papas."
"I thought she'd quit being Mamas when you quit being Papas."
"She'll be Mamas until you let her retire or when you take the next Mamas."
"Dad, I have no clue what you're talking about."
"It's in the book. I'll give it to you when we get home. Your sisters should be here about anytime to get you ready for today."
"What's happening today?"
"Big feasts at lunch and dinner. Relaxing and intermittent sex for most of us. You'll spend most of the day getting your dick sucked. That reminds me. Your mother put a cup of elixir in the fridge for you, with instructions to drink it all."
Alex went to the refrigerator, found the cup, and drank its contents. "Was that the boner stuff?"
"Uh huh, she said it was a twelve-hour batch. You're going to need it."
"Did you drink some?"
"I don't need to today. You're the guest of honor."
Ariana and Demi walked in the back door. They were wearing white gowns like the ones they wore the night before. "Wow, you two look gorgeous in those outfits," their brother told them.
"Thanks," Demi replied.
"We probably won't be wearing them long," Ariana added. "Ready for your shave and shower?"
"As ready as I'll ever be."
"Did you drink your elixir?" Demi asked.
"Just a few minutes ago," Alex replied.
Demi took his hand and his sisters led him to the master bath and stripped him of his clothing then took off their robes.
"We'll shave you first and then get you showered," Ariana said. "Sit up here on the counter."
Alex did as instructed. Demi got clippers from the drawer and removed as much of his pubic hair as she could. Ariana applied shave cream and began shaving him. It only took a few minutes before her was bare.
"It looks bigger," he chuckled.
"It was already bigger than the other three I've used," Ariana said.
"Who was that?" Alex asked.
"Dad, grandpas, Adonis and Leonidas."
"Yeah, you're bigger than they are," Demi added.
"With all the men there are, why just those three?"
"We're E-Mamas."
"So, what's that mean?"
"Like Mom, just Dad, grandpas and you. We generally don't serve the other men," Demi replied.
"We can, but they would have to ask dad first. In his absence they could ask you now," Ariana said.
"And what should I say?"
"You mean what are our wishes?" Ariana asked.
"Yeah. How would you want me to answer?"
"Alex, we're betrothed to you. If you want to share us with the family, that's your choice. We'll go along with it. What I would prefer is a polite 'No, we're betrothed,'" Ariana said.
"Me too," Demi added.
"Betrothed?" he asked.
"Betrothed. On your twenty-first birthday, when you become Papas, Demi, Mom, and me become your Mamas. You'll be married to all three of us."
"I'm going to have three wives?"
The girls grinned and nodded. "Three hot, horny wives." Ariana said.
"But dad mentioned mom retiring."
"That usually happens at menopause. Once she's no longer fertile she can ask to give up her title. She's still keeps her status, just not the title."
"Who will be Papas after me?"
"Your firstborn son with me or Ariana," Demi replied.
"Who will be his Mamas?"
"Me, Ariana and our daughters. You really need to read the book," Demi told him.
"Dad has it at home. So, what's going on today?"
"If we ever get your shower done, we'll dress you in a robe, then take you out to the feast. After eating, you, mom, Demi, and I sit in the big chairs. People will come to you for cum. Women will collect it themselves. If a man comes for it, one of us will collect it from you."
"What's dad going to be doing?"
"Whatever he wants. He's Papas and today you have the duty."
"Sounds like a tough job. Doesn't my cum make you horny?"
"It sure does," Ariana replied.
"So, you're going to be sitting there horny all afternoon?"
"Oh, lord no. Women will be coming by to eat us all afternoon. Maybe even a few men," Ariana said.
"And if there's a lull in the activity we can always fuck you," Demi added.
"And I thought you two were so clean cut."
"To the rest of the world, we are. In reality, we're descended from the horny Gods of Olympus," Ariana replied.
"That's the family tradition. We're direct descendants from the Gods," Demi said.
"Do you believe that?"
"I don't know. When you look at our family you realize there's something special there. Beautiful and handsome faces and bodies. No one's ever sick. Women don't even get stretch marks after having babies. Boobs don't sag with time. We all die from either trauma or in our sleep in our eighties. No chronic diseases at all. Somehow, we've been spared of all that. Coincidence? Who knows?" Ariana replied.

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