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Solstice – Chapter 03
Ariana woke her brother just before six. "Rise and shine. Your fans await your massive cock."
Alex laughed. "I wish."
"Wish what, you had fans or a massive cock?"
"The cock. I seem to have more fans than I know what to do with."
Ariana sat on the side of his bed. "Does that bother you?" she asked, seriously.
"Ari, it's like a dream, but there are a lot of women."
"Just between us, you're doing better than Dad was. At the spring equinox and at the May celebration he took a lot more breaks than you did today. You're doing great."
"Is tonight gonna be tough?"
"No, tonight's an easy one. You'll be committed for about an hour then have the rest of the evening to do whatever you want. You can have sex, relax, sleep, whatever."
"I hope so. I'm exhausted."
"You are, or your dick is?"
"I am. The elixir is doing great with the dick."
"Mom's keeping a close eye on you. She won't let you get into trouble. Come on. Let's go to the feast."
She stood, took her brother's hand, and helped him up, then handed him another robe. This one was a blue, wrap around, and longer than the others. Once it was on, she put his medallion around his neck. They walked downstairs to where the rest of the family was waiting. Ariana changed into a yellow robe that was similar in design to his. Demi and his mother wore robes identical to Ariana's. His father's robe was the same as the others but a darker shade of blue.
Aphrodite led the group to the feast tables, followed by Xander, then Alex and finally his sisters. When they got to the table his father sat to his mother's right with Ariana next to him. Alex and Demi sat on her left. Aphrodite remained standing at the head of the table.
"Welcome to the Feast of Promises. Our men, with the exception of E'papas, have been given the elixir of vitality. E'papas has earned an evening off. Following the feast, we'll move to the center cabana for the ceremony."
She raised a white cup to the crowd, they returned the gesture, then everyone drank the contents. Aphrodite took her seat, and everyone began passing the dishes around and filling their plates. Alex turned to Demi.
"Is Mom always the MC at these things?"
"Alex, we're a matriarchal group. Mom's the leader. You've really gotta read the book."
"Apparently. I thought dad was the leader."
"Only in Mom's absence. When you become Papas; you, Mom, Ariana, and I will share leadership equally. That hasn't happened in several hundred years."
Alex turned to his father. "Dad, I really need to read that book."
"I know. I was supposed to give it to you on your birthday. I spaced it, and left it at home, sorry. I'll give it to you as soon as we get back home."
"You'd better, or I may have to give you the droopy dick elixir," his wife uttered.
"Does that mean I get a few days off?" Xander asked.
"No, Dad. It means your tongue is going into overtime," Ariana said.
"Eat, we have a ceremony to attend," Aphrodite reminded them.
After dinner, the crowd made their way to the rear cabana and formed a large semicircle around it. Xander and Aphrodite led the way, walking arm in arm, and stopped just inside the cabana, at the foot of the bed that had been setup. They were followed by their daughters who stood on their left and finally, Alex, who stopped on their right. Xander turned to his wife and removed her robe, then she removed his. Both were naked underneath.
"Ariana," her mother said. Ariana stepped in front of her parents then turned her back to them. "Are you ready, E'mamas?"
"I am," Ariana replied.
"E'papas, come forward and face your sister," Aphrodite said. Alex stepped up in front of Ariana. "E'mamas Ariana, do you willingly promise yourself to your brother, E'papas?"
"I do," she replied, as she smiled at her brother.
Her robe fell to the ground. Aphrodite stepped forward and removed her son's robe, then dropped it on the ground near his feet. She and Xander stepped back to Ariana and laid her back on the bed. Each parent lifted one leg and held them apart, opening her for her brother. Alex stepped forward. His mother held his cock and guided it into his sister's wet pussy. He began sliding in and out of her. When Alex put his thumb on her clit, it was hard as a rock and felt physically hot. He had never felt one quite like this before.
"I am yours, my brother, E'papas," Ariana said. "Fill me with your treasure."
They began to move together. Ariana began flushing almost immediately. Alex suspected she must have been given something similar to what he had been given earlier. Her orgasm seemed more like a seizure. Her entire body trembled as she moaned through it. His orgasm came on suddenly as she clutched her legs and pulled herself to him. The crowd began snapping their fingers. As they both recovered, Alex stepped back and withdrew. His cum dripped from her pussy as her parents helped her to a standing position. A woman stepped forward and washed Alex' cock with warm water, then continued to stroke him. Ariana stepped next to her sister, Demi.
"Demi," her mother said. She stepped in front of her parents as her sister had done. "Are you ready, E'mamas?"
"I am," Demi replied.
"E'mamas Demi, do you willingly promise yourself to your brother, E'papas?" her mother asked.
"I do," she replied.
Her parents laid her back on the bed and held her legs apart. Alex stepped forward, and with his mother guiding his cock, entered her, then began moving slowly. Her clit was also unusually hard and hot like her sister's had been.
"I am yours, my brother, E'papas," Demi told him. "Fill me with your treasure."
Alex increased his movements, and in just a moment Demi had an orgasm that was at least as all-consuming as Ariana's had been. Alex came suddenly and hard into his sister. The finger snapping began again. Alex stepped back from his sister and her parents helped her up. She stepped forward and stood beside Alex. Ariana stepped to his other side. The woman washed his cock again.
Aphrodite stepped in front of her son. His father spoke, "E'papas, my son, before you stands Mamas, my wife, your mother. I offer her to you. To accept my gift take her as you have taken your sisters."
Alex stepped forward. His sisters helped their mother onto the table and held her legs apart. Alex stepped forward. His father grasped Alex' cock and directed it into his mother. She smiled up at him then wrapped her legs around him and pulled him on top of her.
"Slow and easy, baby," she whispered to him. "Brace yourself. This is going to be a big one."
He kissed her and they began moving very slowly. Over the next several minutes the pace increased. Aphrodite was setting the pace and Alex was following her lead. In about ten minutes it had worked into a frenzy. Alex could tell his mother was getting close.
"Give me the seed of Gaia, E'papas, my husband, my son. Fill me now!"
Her scream, as she came, pierced the still night. Alex came suddenly and explosively. His mother writhed on his cock for what seemed like minutes. When she stopped, the finger snapping began again and continued until she was helped from the table. A cup was used to collect her son's cum as it flowed from her. The cup was given to her husband who held it to the crowd. Each woman dipped a finger into the cup then touched it to her tongue. When all the women had shared it, Xander offered it to his daughters, who also dipped a finger and touched it to their tongues. He held the cup to his wife, and she drank the few remaining drops. The crowd surrounded them and congratulated them. It was about fifteen minutes before the crowd dissipated. Someone had gathered their robes and returned them. The women and Alex put their robes back on.
Alex stood next to his father, smiling, and looking at his mother and sisters. "Their yours now. Be good to them."
"I will, Dad," Alex replied. "Are we really married?"
"You and your mother are. Your sisters have just promised themselves to you. You actually marry them when you become Papas. For all intents and purposes, they're yours now."
The three women stepped up to them. "You've got the evening off from here, Alex," his mother said.
"What, no honeymoon?" Alex asked.
"That's when we get back to the house. Remember when you told me your room was bigger than you need?"
"Well, there are three of us sleeping there with you tonight. Take your sisters and go mingle. Rest, you're going to need it," his mother told him. "I'll catch up with you. Your father and I are going to take a walk."
Alex smiled and nodded, then took his sisters hands and walked into the crowd. The other men were far more active tonight than before, and all the cabanas were being used. The siblings visited with those that weren't participating in the sex. Their mother joined them about fifteen minutes later.
"Mom, I don't want you to think I don't trust you, but why is my dick tingling?"
She laughed. "What makes you think I have anything to do with that?"
"Well, you have been known to slip me an occasional 'herb,' shall we say."
"I did not slip you anything, my dear, suspicious son and husband."
"Sorry, Mom."
"Your sisters and I took something."
All three women were grinning. "Does that have anything to do with why I'm tingling?" he asked.
"It might," his mother replied.
Alex grinned at her. "Are you going to tell me about it?"
"The elixir we took causes a substance to be secreted through our vaginal tissue. The more aroused we get tonight, the more we secrete. Once the concentration reaches a certain level it can be absorbed through the skin of your penis while we're having intercourse."
"And does what?"
"It makes us women cum really hard and stimulates your nervous system so that you cum right along with us."
"So, you did drug me?"
"I most certainly did not. I had an orgasm. If your dick happened to be there at the time…," his mother replied.
"Wait till you taste our pussies later," Demi told him.
"Why? What's happening?"
"It changed the taste. I think it tastes like cherries," Demi said.
"I love cherries. Does anyone in our family ever have sex without chemical enhancement?"
"It isn't chemicals. Everything is organic and environmentally friendly," Ariana added.
Alex started laughing. "Environmentally friendly?"
"Hey, it sounded good, didn't it?"
"The elixirs are only used during ceremonies, and then only when needed. By sunrise we'll all be back to normal. No more elixirs until the fall equinox, and I doubt we'll need them then," his mother told him. "You never know though. That's the conception festival."
"I really need to read that book," Alex muttered.
"I'm sorry about that. Your father really dropped the ball there."
"You'll have to admit, you were pleasantly surprised," Demi said.
"That's a big understatement, for sure."
"Mom, how long before we can go back to the house and start the honeymoon?" Ariana asked.
"We should probably hang around for another hour or so."
They stayed in the area visiting for about another hour and the four went back to the house. The women showered first then all three showered Alex. After drying him they walked him over next to the bed.
"This is unbelievable. You three have been my fantasy women forever," Alex said.
"Since Demi hasn't gotten to be first in any of the festivities this weekend, I think it would be nice if you start with her," his mother said.
"I'd love to," Alex replied. He took his sisters hand and helped her onto the bed. They sat facing each other as he took her face in his hands and kissed her. "Your mouth even tastes like cherries."
"It's from the elixir," Demi replied.
"Lay down. Let's see what else tastes like cherries."
"Mom, you are going to warn him, aren't you?" Ariana asked.
"No, let's surprise him," she replied, with a devilish grin.
Alex turned to her. "No, let's don't surprise him. What's going on?"
"The elixir we took is also secreted through our mouths and absorbed by your mouth. If we cum while you're eating us or we're sucking you, you'll also cum when we do," his mother said, grinning.
"That's actually kinda cool," Alex replied.
"Yeah, until…," Ariana began.
"Until what?" Alex asked.
"Let's say you were eating Demi while you were fucking Ariana. If Ariana cums, you will to. If Demi cums thirty seconds later, you'll cum again," Mom replied.
"Twice in less than a minute?"
"It's possible."
"I like the sound of that," he said.
"So did dad until it happened," Ariana chuckled.
"I still think it sounds cool. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to eat Demi."
Alex turned back to his waiting sister and began licking the inside of her thighs and slowly worked his way to her cherry flavored pussy. He noticed that her clit was again rock hard and hot. The cherry taste was a delightful sensation. As he was eating her someone pulled his hips up and slid under him, taking his cock into her mouth. He was already feeling his urge to cum increase as Demi responded more but wasn't near cumming yet. When Demi came, it was as convulsive as it had been during the ceremony, and his immediate orgasm was overwhelming. He unloaded into the mouth beneath him hard before collapsing.
He felt hands tapping on his hips but continued to lay there. The tapping became more urgent and then he felt another pair of hands pull him onto his side. Ariana sat up gasping, and her face was dark red.
"Thanks, Mom," she gasped.
"What happened?" Alex asked.
"When you collapsed your cock was still in her throat. She couldn't breathe," mom replied.
"Sorry, sis."
"No big deal. I'm glad mom was here."
"Yeah, me too."
Demi started laughing, then in her best TV announcer voice said, "Our feature story tonight is about an eighteen-year-old who choked his sister on his cock after collapsing from eating his other sister's pussy. Disaster was averted at the last minute when their mother jerked him off." The others started laughing with her.
"I want you inside me, Alex," Demi said.
Alex moved up and entered his sister. They rocked slowly together for a long time. When Demi began nearing her orgasm her arms and legs locked around her brother. Her moans were loud as she came, and her entire body trembled violently. Alex came with her, almost as hard as his sister. They collapsed together when it was over. In a moment, Alex sat up. Demi was asleep. Her mother moved her to the side of the bed.
Ariana crawled up next to her brother. "Do you have enough left for a little doggie action?" she asked.
Alex grinned. "Let's find out."
He got behind his sister and teasingly put himself inside. They began at a steady pace and after several minutes Ariana began moving faster.
"Oh, oh!" she grunted loudly. Her back arched and she raised up with her head falling back. Alex put his arms around her for support. She came hard and trembled. Alex started to cum and as she shook, she fell forward pulling him out of her. Alex began unloading on her butt and back before collapsing on her. He continued to cum while lying there. It was several minutes before he sat up.
"Let's take a break for a few minutes," his mother suggested.
"Good idea. I need some water."
Ariana was also asleep as Alex got off the bed. "Take a quick shower. I'll get you something to drink," his mother told him.
Alex went to the shower and returned a few minutes later. His mother handed him a cup. "Water?"
She grinned. "Don't trust me?"
"Not even a little bit."
"It's a nourishment drink. Nothing in it other than nutrients."
"It's not going to make my dick bigger or cum in purple?"
Aphrodite laughed. "No, it's like a Monster drink but all natural. No sexual stimulants." Alex took the cup and drank it. His mother took his hand and walked him to the bed. "Lay down between your sisters. It's my turn now."
Alex got on the bed and laid on his back. His mother crawled up between his legs. Her hands began massaging his semi-hard cock and balls. Alex was fully erect quickly.
"This is the first time we've been together without an audience," he commented.
"The first of many," she replied.
"Mom, how am I ever going to keep up with the three of you without the elixirs?"
"Honey, you'll be just fine. We aren't going to overwhelm you like this weekend has been. When you feel the urge let one of us know. We'll take care of you."
"Mom, I usually jack off about three times a day."
"Not anymore. When you have the urge, we'll take care of you, however you'd like it done. We'll do it individually or together if that's what you'd prefer."
"What about dad?"
"Honey, I know you have a lot of questions. Once you read the book, you'll understand it better. Right now, I'd like to suck your cock. Lay back and enjoy it."
"Yes ma'am."
Aphrodite repositioned herself laying between his legs. She pulled his cock toward her and licked the tip, then swirled her tongue around the head. His mother took the head into her mouth as she watched him. Alex was in heaven as she teased the head with her moving tongue. She slowly took him into her mouth as her free hand massaged his balls. Alex moaned. As she began bobbing on him, he looked down at her.
"Oh, Mom. This is amazing," he whispered.
His mother continued sliding him in and out of her mouth as her tongue danced on him. He could feel himself nearing orgasm when she stopped.
"Not yet," she said smiling at him.
Aphrodite rose and straddled him, then slid his cock into her moisture. She settled on him. Alex took her breasts in his hands and teased the already hard nipples. His mother sighed and began rising and falling on him, very slowly. She was in no hurry. Her pussy seemed to be hot. Not just warm and moist like before, but physically hot. The tingling in his cock felt like a thousand tiny tongues teasing him at the same time. She was feeling the same sensation in her pussy and winked at him knowingly. Her pace increased after a few minutes. She began to flush and slowed to almost a stop for a few minutes before resuming. In a moment she stopped again. She was edging herself. When she began again, her flush deepened rapidly. Alex felt what was like an electric shock in his cock and then his mother screamed as her orgasm overtook her. Her hands gripped his shoulders hard, almost painfully, as she began. Alex began unloading into her immediately. Her writhing orgasm continued for what seemed like minutes and as long as she came, so did her son. Finally, she collapsed on him, exhausted.
Alex opened his eyes and looked around. He was alone in the king bed. The sun shone through the windows. He smiled thinking of the night before. As he sat up, he saw a robe draped across the foot of the bed. Alex put it on, went to the bathroom and relieved himself, then brushed his teeth. He walked down the hallway toward the main house. The living area was packed. As he entered, he was greeted by most everyone. Demi came to him, kissed him, then gave him a cup of coffee.
"Breakfast is ready if you can get to the dining room," she told him.
"Thanks, I'll try."
It was another few minutes before he made his way through the crowd to the dining room. The table was large and all seats except the head of the table were taken. His mother gestured toward the chair. Alex took his seat. To his left were his sisters, on the right sat his mother, and next to her was Alexandra. His father was at the far end of the table, at the end. Xander smiled at his son. His grandparents took up the remaining seats.
As Alex looked around the table, he smiled, thinking about what the actual relationships were to him. Trying to draw a family tree would be a nightmare. His cousin Alexandra, as an example, was actually his half-sister. Where did the grandparents fit? Who sired who? It would take him years to figure it all out. His uncle brought him his breakfast.

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