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tagIncest/TabooSolstice Ch. 07

They had been home for almost a week when there was a knock on the door. Alex was at home alone and answered it.
"Hi, can I help you?"
"We would like to speak to Mamas and Papas," the youngest said.
"Come in," Alex said, assuming they were family that he didn't know. He had them sit in the living room and offered them something to drink. His mother walked in a moment later.
"Mom, they're here to see Mamas and Papas."
Aphrodite, not knowing who they were, introduced herself and Alex, but made no mention of Mamas or Papas. The women introduced themselves with only the younger two speaking.
There were three of them and had come from Greece, specifically Sparmos, Greece. It was a village just south of Mt. Olympus, with a permanent population of about a hundred and fifty people. The youngest was Adara, she was twenty-three. Next was her mother, Elena, who was fifty. And the third was Lydia, age eighty, and the mother of Elena. All three were beautiful and the two older women looked much younger than their stated ages. Lydia spoke no English.
"How can I help you?" Aphrodite asked.
"We seek Mamas and Papas," Adara replied.
"Why do you seek them?"
Elena turned to her mother and spoke in Greek. The woman spoke back to her.
"My mother asked me to tell you that Gaia has sent us so that Papas could… I'm sorry, I don't know the proper word," Elena said.
"Impregnate. I would like Papas to impregnate me," Adara said.
"Are you followers of Gaia?" Aphrodite asked.
"Most of our family came to America some years ago, but some of us stayed behind. There are few of us left in our family, but we continue the old traditions of Gaia. I am Mamas in our group. My mother was Mamas before me. We have no man that can be Papas and unless Adara can bear a son by your Papas, our line will end with us. That is why Gaia came to my mother and sent us here."
"You have no men?" Alex asked.
"My father, who was Papas, was killed when I was sixteen," Adara replied.
"Gaia, told my mother that your Papas would provide the seed of Gaia to continue our family," her mother added.
Aphrodite looked at Alex and then back to the women. "I am Mamas. My son, and husband here is Papas," she said taking Alex' hand.
The women looked at Alex. The older woman spoke in Greek to her daughter. "My mother said that Gaia told her that we must each taste his seed, so we would know he is truly the one," Elena said.
Aphrodite looked at Alex. "Would you be willing to do that, Alex?"
"You think they're who they say they are?"
Aphrodite chuckled. "Well, let's see. Three women travel six-thousand miles, with an elaborate story, to give a teenage boy a blowjob, then one of them wants him to get her pregnant. I suspect it's a communist plot to take over the world. Yes, Alex. I think they're legit."
Alex and the younger woman laughed. When Adara translated what Aphrodite had said to the other two women, they laughed too.
"I'm fine with it, then," Alex replied.
Elena spoke, "Since we will each need to sample you, we can do that on three separate days to allow you to rest."
"You don't have to do that. I can go as many times as you need right now," Alex told her.
"One after the other?" Adara asked.
"Yes, I don't need recovery time."
Adara spoke to her grandmother in Greek. She smiled and answered her. "My grandmother would like to go first, but I'm afraid she doubts your ability. She thinks you are boasting."
The older woman motioned for Alex to come to her. When he neared, she reached out to unfasten his shorts and pulled them and his underwear down. Alex stepped out of them. She smiled as she took his already hard cock in her hand and spoke to her daughter.
"My grandmother is impressed with your penis. She has not seen or handled one in a long time and wants to know if she can take her time," Adara asked.
"That's fine. Does she want to do it like this?" Alex replied.
Adara spoke to her grandmother again. The woman answered. "Here is fine with her."
There was pre-cum on the tip. Aphrodite stepped over and touched her finger to it, then offered some to the older woman. After licking it off she smiled, then a few seconds later, she grinned and spoke. The woman collected more and offered it to her daughter and granddaughter. About thirty seconds later, all three women were grinning.
"It has made us horny; I believe is the term," Adara said.
"Wait until you taste the cum," Aphrodite said, smiling.
Adara spoke to her grandmother again. Both her mother and grandmother's brows raised. Lydia cupped his balls and licked his shaft several times before taking him into her mouth. Elena spoke to her daughter several times as they watched. Each time, Adara nodded in response. Adara looked up at Alex.
"I have never done this. My mother is pointing out what to do," Adara said.
"Are you a virgin?" Aphrodite asked.
"This is the first adult penis I have ever seen. Does the liquid always make a woman horny?"
"When it comes from Alex it does. His semen triggers orgasm."
"I am familiar with orgasm."
Adara's eyes never left what her grandmother was doing. Alex was enjoying it. Ariana, Demi, and Alexandra walked in the front door, and when they saw what was going on, they sat on the floor to watch. Aphrodite made introductions to everyone, as Lydia continued her task.
"Mom, does she know what's going to happen?" Demi asked.
"I'm not sure. I don't think so," Aphrodite replied.
"She knows he will ejaculate. She's done this before," Elena replied.
"That wasn't what I meant. Does she know that when he does it will make her orgasm?" Demi asked.
Elena chuckled. "I don't believe that is quite how it works."
A few minutes later, Alex came into Lydia's mouth. Just seconds later, Lydia came. All three women seemed shocked. When Lydia caught her breath, she spoke to her daughter. Elena looked at Alex.
"Does that always happen?"
"Every time. Are you ready?" he asked Elena.
"Yes. I'm ready," she replied.
Elena wasn't interested in taking her time. She seemed goal oriented and worked at making Alex cum. Lydia was lying back on the couch with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. There was a drop of cum still on her lip. Alexandra stepped forward and wiped it off with her finger. Then offered it to her. Lydia licked it off her finger then came again a few seconds later. Her granddaughter was grinning.
"Does it always do that?" Adara asked.
"Every time," Demi said, smiling. "Get a taste from your mom. All it takes is a tiny bit."
"I will try."
Alex came a moment later. Some leaked from the corner of Elena's mouth. Adara got it on her finger and just before she touched it to her tongue her mother came, very loudly, and shouting words in Greek. She collapsed back on the couch. Adara touched her finger to her tongue. After about ten seconds she turned to Demi and shrugged. Demi grinned. A few seconds later it hit Adara. Both hands on her crotch and humped over squirming.
"I told you," Demi said, grinning.
In a moment, Adara sat back up, grinning. "That was very pleasant." She looked at Alex. "Can you do it another time?"
"I'm ready whenever you are," he replied, stepping in front of her.
She lifted his cock in the palm of her hand. "It is heavier than I imagined."
She touched her tongue to the tip tentatively then looked at Alex. He nodded and she took the head into her mouth. Using more of the slow easy approach her grandmother had used, she took him in further, using only her mouth. Adara put her hands on his hips and moved him in and out of her mouth. She slowly accepted more with continued strokes.
"Adara, be careful with your teeth. They scrape it," Alex told her.
She pulled off and looked at his cock. "I'm sorry."
"It's fine. This is your first time."
She returned to what she was doing. It took her about ten minutes to get her reward. When he came, she wasn't expecting the volume and some of it leaked out the corners of her mouth as she began to cum. Her mother leaned over and licked some of it off and came about the time Adara began to come down.
"I like that very much. May I take a liter or two back to Greece with me?" Adara asked, jokingly.
Alex turned to pick up his clothes, put them on, and returned to his chair. Lydia spoke to her daughter.
"My mother agrees that you are the one. Will you help us, Papas?" Elena asked.
"When do you want to do it?" Alex asked.
"I should ovulate in the next two or three days. That would be the ideal time," Adara replied.
"Where are you staying?" Aphrodite asked.
"We have a hotel not far from here and have flight reservations to return home on Wednesday."
"Is this the first time you've been to the states?" Ariana asked.
"Yes, this is my first visit."
"Guys, we need to take Adara out on the town tonight," Ariana said.
"What is on the town?" Elena asked.
"Dancing, clubs, music, dri…" she began. "Seeing the sites."
Adara and her mother spoke for a few minutes in Greek. Adara looked back at Ariana and smiled. "What should I wear?"
"We aren't going out for guys. So, what you're wearing now is perfect."
"Elena, would you and your mother care to meet some of your relatives? There are several that live not far from here. My father, Adonis was a small child when he came from Greece. Your mother may remember him."
Elena and her mother spoke. "Was his father Hector, the Papas?"
"Yes, he was."
"Hector was also my father. We would love to meet them."
After talking things over, arrangements were made for Adara to spend the night at the house. Aphrodite would be taking the others to her parents' house that evening and a get together with more family on Saturday. They would pick-up a fertility test tonight, and plan on the fertilization based on the test results.
Midafternoon Aphrodite and the two older women left for her parent's home. Several of the other relatives would be meeting them there. Lydia did remember meeting a few of the older people and had a good time catching up with them. Adonis and Phoebe invited the women to stay with them beginning the following day. They had already unpacked at the hotel and both were tired from the trip. Xander met them at his in-laws' home and hit it off with Elena. He spent the night with her at the hotel.
At about seven the five young people headed for the clubs near the college campus. Alex was elected to be the designated driver for the group. Adara loved it all, but with the jet lag she wore out quickly. They were back at the house by midnight. Aphrodite was already at home, and asleep by the time they returned.
Adara and Demi shared a bed that night. Alexandra and Ariana shared another and enjoyed each other before falling asleep.
Since Adara was used to a much earlier time she was up long before the others. Aphrodite joined her in the kitchen.
"Mamas, do the women in your family share each other?" she asked.
"Most of us do. How about in your village?"
"There are few in my family, and even fewer men. Since they are hoping that I will someday become Mamas they have kept me away from the men. Women are all I know. Yesterday was my only experience with a man."
"Alex and his father are my only two men. I've been with most of the women in the family."
"You are incredibly beautiful. If you weren't Mamas, I would ask to be with you."
"What does being Mamas have to do with it?" Aphrodite asked.
"You belong to Papas."
"And he belongs to me, but I have the freedom to be with any woman I desire. I'd love to be with you."
Aphrodite stepped to her and took her hand, then walked her to the bedroom. Alex was on the far side of the bed, still asleep. Adara was wearing one of the girl's nightgowns and Aphrodite slipped it off over her head, then removed her own. Laying her back onto the bed, they kissed and began exploring each other. As Aphrodite kissed, nibbled, and licked her way down the young woman's body, Adara melted. She watched Aphrodite's every move. Although she had been with a few women before, she had never experienced the attention and tenderness she was feeling from Aphrodite.
"Oh, Mamas," Adara whispered, as Aphrodite's lips touched her labia.
Reflexively, her legs parted even further. Aphrodite began kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, just hard enough to tease and send wave after wave of sensual delight throughout her body. Aphrodite flattened her tongue and drew it over Adara's swollen clit. She moaned loudly and her hips rose hoping to prolong the sensation. The moan woke Alex and he quietly turned and watched them. His mother winked at him, then drew her tongue between the lengths of the labia.
"Ah, ah, ahhh Mamas!" she cried, as the spasms of her orgasm racked her body. Adara's hips rose and her legs clamped on Aphrodite's head, holding her in place over her soaked pussy. She rocked her pelvis for what seemed to be minutes before falling back on the bed in a state of bliss, and relaxing.
"That was beautiful, Mom," Alex said softly.
She looked up and smiled at him, her face, still covered in Adara's juices. Adara laid there for several minutes before moving. She reached down and pulled gently on Aphrodite's head, signaling her to come up to her. Aphrodite moved up and their lips met, and tongues explored each other's mouths.
"Now you," Adara said, pushing Aphrodite onto her side and turning with her. Alex got out of the bed to give them more room. She repeated what Aphrodite had done to her. She worshipped her body as she explored. Every touch, every kiss, every nip, and nibble, had purpose; and each brought greater and greater excitement with it. 'This is making love,' Adara thought. She used her tongue to completely explore Aphrodite's pussy, and came to understand what made her lover sigh and moan. When Aphrodite came, it was massive. Her breathing was deep and rapid. Her body spasmed and convulsed in wave after wave of passion. Aphrodite and Adara became one, just for a moment, and both felt it. Afterward, they laid in each other's embrace for a long time. Neither spoke, there was nothing that needed to be said that hadn't already been spoken in their lovemaking. They fell asleep in each other's arms.
Alex left the bedroom. He knew that what he had just witnessed was something magical, something pure. He had seen an emotion. Alex had seen love between his mother and this young woman, a special type of bonding. He thought about how making love to his mother the first time had been like that. Although there were many sex acts in his life, there was little making love, as it had been before. He realized, that needed to change, and that he could and would change it. There would still be sex, but there would also be lovemaking.
Alex went out on the back porch to think. His mother joined him with two cups of coffee a short time later.
"Thanks for the lesson this morning, Mom."
He smiled at her. "Yes, lesson. You tried to show me last week with Astrae, but I didn't realize it."
"Remember your first job?"
"That God forsaken burger joint; how could I forget?"
"When you first started, you were so enthusiastic about making amazing burgers, feeding people, and providing customer service that would be unparalleled."
"Yeah, but that went out the window pretty quick."
"Yes, it did. Why, Alex?"
"Mom, the potential for those things was there. It still is, but no one, not even management, gave a rats behind."
"What it you had been management, instead of the burger jerker, as you called it?"
"I'd have made the place special, but I was just the burger jerk. They even called me that."
"Within the family, you're management now. You, Ariana, and I share that leadership role. We have traditions that we follow that have the potential to be awesome, but they aren't. Take the virginity ceremony as an example. We ask the woman a few questions to confirm that's what she wants, her parents generally get her ready, then you stick your dick in her in front of the whole family. Her parents use a cloth to wipe up the blood, present it to the family, then they give the cloth to the girl to keep as a memento. I still have mine. Losing your virginity to Papas is an honor. But what are we missing?" What could the ceremony be that would make it more meaningful?"
"Mom, when we did Astrae, it was special. I had the chance to get to know her beforehand. Danae, not so much. To me, what we did with Astrae meant something. There was feeling in it, a special bond. Even at that, it should have been more. A woman can only give up her virginity once. It should have been really special. It should have been more loving, like you and Adara were this morning. It should be something she'll look back on and smile when she remembers it. As it stands now, she'll remember it about as much as the first time someone checked the oil in her car."
"She'll remember it a bit better than that, but I agree. How can we make it special? Think about that for a while. Think about what other traditions we have. How, without actually changing the traditions, could we improve them? How can our roles as Papas and Mamas be more loving? How can we better serve the family?"
"A lot of what we do is cum collection. Don't get me wrong, I love having all those mouths and pussies on my dick, but it should be more than that, Mom. It should be a sharing process, more loving, maybe."
"I agree with that too. By the way, you were correct about the book and how you gave the semen to the lesbian couple. You have my full blessing to do it that way if it comes up again. When your father became Papas, he wanted to make changes, like you and I are talking about this morning. He and I had this same talk. He never followed through with it. Sex became work for him. Work that he loves, I might add. At ceremonies, he saw himself as nothing more than a cum source. When he wasn't officiating at a ceremony, he became the oil checking guy, putting his dipstick in as many places as possible. He's still that way. That's why he's gone so often. It has nothing to do with being Papas."
"Does that bother you, Mom?"
"No, it doesn't. I have plenty of fun time with you and the ladies too. I love your father, and he loves me. If having sex with someone different every night is what he wants, I'm fine with that. My father was the same way when he was Papas."
"That's fine in his personal life, but with the family, shouldn't it be about quality rather than quantity?"
"Alex, you're going to be an amazing Papas if you can hold on to that concept and make it a reality. I'll warn you, with fifty women wanting your cum, it's going to be hard to keep that goal in mind. Another thing, if you give a product away, it loses much of its value. It cheapens it. If you earn the product it increases the value."
"So, don't give my cum as gifts for birthdays and Christmas?" Alex asked, smiling.
His mother chuckled. "Let us collect it ourselves. The cup last weekend that Ariana shared was fun for everyone, but let's not make that a habit. Don't be stingy with it either. Find a happy medium. Think on what we've talked about this morning. I'm going to go take a shower."
Aphrodite kissed her son and went back inside. It wasn't long until Adara came out and joined him.
"Good morning, Papas."
"Good morning. Any chance you could call me Alex? Papas is kinda formal."
"My grandmother said I should be formal with you and Mamas."
"If we were at a ceremony or something, probably so. While we're here at the house, I think we'd both rather go by our real names."
"I will do that. If you prefer it."
"I prefer it. Thanks. That was beautiful with my mom this morning."
"Yes, it was much different than what we do in my village."
"What's different, Adara?"
"Everything is more rushed. It seems the goal is to experience orgasm. With your mother, that was the end result also, but getting there seemed to be the important part. It was extremely pleasurable. I tried to do what she did. I believe she enjoyed it as well."

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