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"Abdi, I'm glad you're honest with me about your bisexuality," Soraya Osman-Hussein said, and the six-foot-tall, curvy young Somali Canadian Muslim woman embraced her husband. Abdirahman Hussein hugged his wife back, and thanked his lucky stars to have found a woman like her. The majority of bisexual men dream of a woman who can love and accept them for who and what they are, but such ladies are unicorns. This marked an important moment in the lives of Abdi and Soraya, who have known each other since their halcyon days at Algonquin College in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.
"No more lies," Abdi vowed, and Soraya believed him wholeheartedly. After this revelation, they went for a walk around their Nepean neighborhood, just another couple, walking hand in hand. Abdi always wanted to find a lady with whom he could be himself, and even though the rest of his family didn't approve of Soraya, he knew that she was the only one for him. When a man meets the right lady, he simply knows, down deep within his soul…
Abdirahman Hussein can at best be described as a conflicted man, to say the least. He was born in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to Somali immigrant parents. Abdirahman always wanted to make something of himself. He studied business at Algonquin College, where he met his future wife Soraya Osman, and got himself a job with Nav-Canada shortly after graduation. A lot of people think of Somalis as lazy or lacking ambition, but Abdirahman has always wanted to defy the stereotypes. As a black male professional who happens to be a Muslim, Abdirahman wanted to set an example.
Abdirahman has always known that he was bisexual, as in sexually attracted to both women and men. Of course, since Abdirahman is Somali, he kept his bisexuality to himself. A lot of young men who happen to be gay or bisexual are constantly on the prowl, making eye contact with other males and looking for anonymous sex, usually in risqué places, with no names and no condoms. That's why a lot of young gay men and young bisexual men are at high risks for sexually transmitted diseases. Abdirahman didn't want to end up a statistic, so he kept to himself.
A lot of bisexual men choose to lead straight lives, and while some do make an effort to be faithful to their wives and girlfriends, a lot of them are on the prowl for discreet sex with other males. Abdirahman knew of many Somali men who have wives and girlfriends, and still have sex with other men on the side. There are a lot of older gay men and older bisexual men who specifically target younger men, the ones who are barely in college, and don't know anything about life, or sex for that matter. They are predators, essentially. Abdirahman learned to spot these old wolves and kept his distance from them.
When Abdirahman was at Algonquin College, he tried his best to focus on school and work, and avoided temptation. The campus was full of young guys looking for sex with other men. African, Asian, European-Canadian, South Asian, bisexual men and gay men come in all colors and are basically everywhere. The only way to truly spot them is to pay attention to their eyes. Men who are gay or bisexual have the irresistible urge to make eye contact with other males and see if they're on the same team. Straight men don't pay attention to other men unless they're about to fight, or they run into an old buddy or something. That's how one tells the difference for sure.
Abdirahman saw a few beautiful young women on campus, and sometimes found himself attracted to them. Abdirahman met a tall, sexy young woman named Dina Waterson, a blonde-haired and blue-eyed gal who reminded him of the lady on that show about slaying vampires. Abdirahman wanted to ask Dina out, and they'd talked a few times in his business classes. Dina seemed friendly enough, but when Abdirahman asked her to see a movie with him, things got dicey…
"Abdi, I think you're a nice guy but I could never date a Muslim guy, I am not going to wear the Hijab or act all submissive and sweet, I'm a modern woman, sorry, but not sorry," Dina told him firmly. Abdirahman looked at Dina, stunned by what she'd said. He was quite surprised that this lovely young Canadian woman whom he thought was cool had such a negative view of Muslims. Did Canadian women really believe that all Muslim men are control freaks who force their women to wear the Hijab and act submissive? Sheesh!
"I'm not like the others," Abdirahman replied, but by then Dina was walking away from him. The tall blonde gal ran away from the nerdy young Somali guy as though he had the plague. Abdirahman was quite saddened by this, and went to the prayer space near the Algonquin College library in order to pray. When Abdirahman finished his prayer, he headed out, and ran into a tall, light-skinned young woman who was dressed in male attire and had short hair. What was such a gal doing in a Muslim prayer space?
"Sorry I bumped you, brother," said Soraya Osman, after she nearly tripped Abdirahman at the prayer space's entrance. Abdirahman blinked in surprise, then apologized like a gentleman. He recognized Soraya from one of his classes. She was half black and half white, born to a Somali father and a white Canadian mother. Abdirahman had met mixed-race ladies before, and they were usually a pretty bunch, but Soraya was in a category by herself. Indeed, Soraya reminded Abdirahman of Hollywood actress and singer Alicia Keys.
"It's alright, sister, enjoy your day," Abdirahman said as he left, and Soraya smiled at him before heading into the prayer space. Abdirahman wished there were separate entrances for women and men at the prayer spot, but the school was small and only indulged its Muslim students so far. Abdirahman headed home, and for some reason, he thought about Soraya, and looked her up online. According to her profile, Soraya was born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to Ismail Osman, and Catherine Villeneuve. The tall, light-skinned, tomboyish gal was politically active, and quite the feminist. Soraya was definitely not Abdirahman's type…
As fate would have it, Abdirahman and Soraya ran into each other again, at a discussion between LGBT people and Muslim students, following a major incident in the U.S. Abdirahman was surprised when Soraya defended Muslim men from the LGBT people, most of whom were white, when they accused Muslim men of being sexist and homophobic. Abdirahman was not expecting that from someone like Soraya, and after the discussion, he had a chat with her.
"Abdi, when you get to know me, you will see that I am full of surprises," Soraya told him with a sexy wink. Abdirahman grinned and nodded. The young Somali scholar surprised himself by exchanging numbers with Soraya, and they began seeing each other. Abdirahman was quite happy with Soraya, and even fooled himself into thinking that he was straight, banishing his bisexual feelings to the depths of his consciousness. When Abdirahman noticed a handsome guy, like his classmate Paul the popular soccer player, he chastised himself for thinking such thoughts and averted his gaze. It was for the best.
"I can't get enough of you, Soraya," Abdirahman told her, after they made love for the first time. The two of them were at Soraya's apartment on Canter Boulevard, close to the campus. Soraya lay on the bed, gloriously naked, her tall, sexy and athletic body glistening with sweat. Abdirahman had licked Soraya from her head to her toes, and sucked on her breasts while fingering her pussy. Soraya spread her thighs and Abdi grinned and smelled her pussy before eating her out. Soraya sighed happily and caressed Abdi's head as he buried his face between her legs and ate her out. The Somali brother ate pussy real good, and Soraya likes that in a man…
"Hmm, that felt good," Soraya said, sighing happily after Abdirahman ate her pussy like a champ. The Somali scholar surprised her with uncharacteristic boldness as he put her on all fours and kissed her thick derriere before putting on a condom. Gripping Soraya's hips, Abdirahman thrust into her, burying his dick deep inside her warm, tight pussy. Soraya moaned softly, loving what Abdi was doing to her. She began grinding against him, and he fucked her passionately, slamming his dick into her. The two lovers fucked and sucked for hours, and didn't let up until they were pleasurably sore and quite exhausted…
"Hmm, that feels really good," Abdirahman said, as Soraya sucked his dick, after he'd fucked her for hours. The two of them had themselves a great time that night. Soraya loved Abdi, and when he asked her to marry him after graduation, she accepted. Abdirahman's conservative Somali family had issues with Soraya because she was half black and half white, and she didn't wear the Hijab, and instead insisted on rocking short hair, tattoos and wearing men's clothing. Abdirahman loved Soraya and defended her from his relatives constant haranguing. Let wicked tongues be silent. Soraya was Abdi's wife, and that was that…
After Abdirahman told Soraya that he was bisexual, a new chapter of their lives began, one filled with happiness and honesty. Abdirahman loves his wife and wasn't about to leave her while exploring his manly urges. Nope, Abdirahman looked for a man who was discrete, healthy, and able to pleasure both women and men. Gay men tend to get clingy and try to sabotage bisexual men's relationships with women by outing them. Abdirahman and Soraya found a masculine bisexual gentleman named Darwin Coates, a newcomer to Ottawa by way of Jamaica, and the three of them had a great time together.
"I love the ladies and the fellas, and I play safe," Darwin assured Abdi and Soraya as they dined inside the Rideau center food court. The couple smiled at their new friend, a tall, handsome and well-dressed black man in his early thirties. After dinner, Abdi, Soraya and Darwin headed home for some fun. The bisexual Somali stud, his freaky wife and their macho Jamaican friend had a steamy bisexual threesome which turned out to be one for the ages. It's been a long time coming…
"This is hot," Soraya said, and the tall, sexy young mixed woman looked at her husband Abdi and their new friend Darwin as they had fun together. Darwin, who had a dark-skinned, muscular and athletic body, was sucking on Abdi's big ole dick. As Darwin sucked Abdirahman's dick, Soraya fondled Darwin's balls and stroked his dick. Soraya had been with a few fellas prior to meeting Abdi but had only been with him since they got hitched. This was her chance to try someone else without cheating, as it were…
"Feels good," Abdirahman groaned, as Darwin fingered his ass and sucked his dick. After fellating Abdirahman, Darwin put on a condom and Abdi got on all fours. Soraya watched as Darwin inserted his big dark dick into Abdi's ass and began fucking him. Abdirahman grunted as Darwin fucked him with deep, passionate strokes, and even smacked his ass. Abdi had never had sex with a man prior to meeting Darwin, and he found the experience thrilling, especially with his wife Soraya blessing the encounter with her presence.
"Come here sexy lady," Darwin told Soraya, and the tall gal came over, to participate instead of spectate. Soraya sucked Abdi's dick as Darwin fucked him up the ass, getting him good and hard. Darwin pounded Abdi's ass until the bisexual Somali stud basically tapped out. This was Abdi's first time taking dick, after all. The three of them switched positions, and Soraya got on all fours and pressed her big ass against Darwin's groin. The bisexual Jamaican stud caressed the Somali gal's big ass, and entered her with a swift thrust. Abdi came up behind Darwin with a condom and lube, to spice things up…
"Oh yeah," Abdirahman grunted as he thrust his big Somali dick into Darwin's ass, even as Darwin buried his big Jamaican dick inside Soraya's sweet Somali pussy. This was a bisexual black threesome at its best. A black man fucking a sexy, big booty black woman while another black man fucks him up the ass. Bisexual masculinity is simply the best, since bisexual men can do things that straight men fear, and gay men fear doing those things as well. Bisexual men don't fear vaginas, nor do they fear dick. They can do anything and fuck anyone. They simply refuse to limit themselves. It's their secret super power.
"Fuck me harder," Soraya squealed, and Darwin laughed and smacked her big booty as he slammed his dick into her pussy. Soraya began grinding that big ass against Darwin, driving the bisexual Jamaican stud wild. Not to be left out, Abdirahman gripped Darwin's hips and slammed his dick up his ass. Time for the macho Jamaican brother to experience the power of Somali dick, even as he fucked some delicious Somali pussy. Darwin groaned as Abdirahman filled his ass, and he in turn filled Soraya's pussy. The three lovers screamed in unison as they fucked and sucked the evening away…
"Oh damn, that was awesome," Darwin said, a little while later, as he exited the shower with Soraya and Abdirahman in tow. The three of them dried themselves up and got dressed, then went to the living room to chill. Darwin had some wine which Soraya offered, and he toasted to his new friend Abdirahman and his lovely wife of course. They talked about what they just did, and there were big smiles all around. Freaky fun, swinging, orgies, all that fun stuff is thought to be the sole domain of white folks. Who says black folks of whatever culture or religion can't enjoy the same kind of fun?
After Darwin Coates departed the Hussein household, Abdirahman and Soraya returned to the bedroom and made passionate love. The Somali-Canadian Muslim couple leads a life like no other. So what if Abdi is bisexual? Abdi loves his wife Soraya, he's honest with her and makes her part of things instead of lying and cheating. Soraya loves her husband Abdi, the most honest person she knows. Life is good for the happy couple. May blessings fall upon their storied household. Fellas, ladies, care to attend their wild bisexual parties? The line forms to the right!

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