Son Seduce Her Mom With Massage

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Story Start Here: My name is Raj. I’m 20 years old still in college. Well, I’m a virgin but I relieve off myself sexually​ by watching Porn and masturbating. It is actually with Porn movies when I came across with Incest. I belong to a conservative family background, so initially, the thought of having sex with my mother freaked me out.

However being a sex-craving guy I fell into its trap and started enjoying watching incest porn movies. As mentioned I’m a virgin but it doesn’t mean that I’ve not had girlfriends. Well, I’ve dated a few girls in the past but it never took off to that level.

One lonely night while I was jerking off to sleep I saw a video where a young boy seduces his mother by giving her a nice massage. The mother in the video resembled my mother. Prior to this, I had never thought of her in any sexual way. But this video makes me have such feelings about my mother.

Now my mother is a 45 year old woman who works as a teacher in school. My dad divorced her when I was a kid so since then she has raised me by herself. My mom is a conservative woman who dressed appropriately both at school and home. Her work attire would mostly include sarees and kurtas.

She would apply minimal of makeup while going outside and her wardrobe didn’t consist of revealing dresses. She is 5’7″ tall and had put on some weight recently. One wouldn’t call her fat but voluptuous is maybe the right term. Her breasts were not huge like melons nor were they as small like that of a teenager.

They were sufficiently big. However, her main assets were her ass which was quite curvy and big. After jerking off I just couldn’t get the picture of the lady in the video out of my head. I thought of her as my mother and these thoughts frustrated me overnight as I couldn’t sleep that night.

I woke up next morning to my Mom already and looking beautiful in green saree. It was the Annual Day celebration at her school and she like always would be in the center of looking after everything. That morning was the first time I noticed my mother as a woman.

She dressed conservatively by not revealing skin although this time she had worn a sleeveless blouse along with showing a bit of her navel. She looked very pretty in it and I complemented her. She was flattered by my compliment and soon left for school as she told me that she’d come home late in the evening.

After what happened at night and seeing Mom dressed so beautifully I just couldn’t hold back the bulge inside my pants. I jerked off again to that video picturing the woman to be my Mom and me seducing her. An idea soon struck me and I planned to seduce my Mom too in a similar way.

All day long I gathered the courage to bring my plan into action also worrying about how Mom would react. But I knew that she was a lonely woman since dad left and I too wanted to provide her with her sexual needs.

At around 8 o’clock Mom came home looking all tired after a hectic day. She told me that she would have a shower and freshen up and then we could have dinner. At dinner, I thought I’d make my first move and asked Mom “Ma, how was your day? You look very tired.”

“Yes beta. Annual days are always busy and I feel drained out. My legs and back are terribly hurting. I think your mother is getting old now” she laughed.

“No Ma, you looked so beautiful today and you are not old. I think you still look as young as a 20-year-old”

“Chup badmash. Stop it. I know you’re saying it only because I’m your mother. Anyways I’ll go and get some rest now. I’m too tired”

“Ma how about if I give you a nice massage. Maybe that could give you some relief” I said hoping she would agree to it.

“Really beta? You are so thoughtful of your old mother. I love you beta. I’m really lucky to have a son like you”

“I love you too Mom. ” I replied excitedly knowing that my plan was working as I had thought.

“So I’ll go to my room and you get the oil for the massage. This nightie I’m wearing is okay, isn’t it? She was wearing a pink nightie which went up to her feet. Mom wouldn’t usually wear a bra to sleep. I knew it because I had seen her bra too often at nights in the laundry basket.

“Yes Ma it’s fine” I replied excitedly as she approved for the massage session.

Now in her bedroom Mom was sitting on her bed as I entered. I stood behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders​. As I was kneading her shoulder muscles she let out a soft sigh. After a while, I asked her to lie down on the bed on her front so I could massage her legs.

Mom lay on the bed as I moved towards the tip of the bed spreading her legs as I sat between them and started caressing her foot. I lifted her nightie till her thighs as I moved my hands on her calf all the way to her foot. As I was massaging her legs, I pictured the video and soon I started developing a bulge in my pants.

Mom couldn’t see me as she was enjoying the massage and had closed her eyes. As I got more confident I slowly moved my hands up above her legs. Now I was massaging her thighs and her ass was covered by her nightie which I had pulled upwards. Mom asked me not to move further up as I continued working on her thighs.

I further wanted to see my mom’s panties as I wanted to feel her bottom area. With little hesitation, I moved my hands more upwards to which Mom woke up and asked me not to. I told ” Ma you have worn your underwear. It’s okay, let me massage your legs properly.

I can see you are feeling nice. Please don’t resist and let me continue.” After some careful thinking, she approved as I lifted her nightie up enough to give me a full view of my mother’s ass in her panty.

Mom was now semi naked in front of me with just her panties on. She was wearing a black cotton panty. As I admired the view of my mother’s bottom, I started rubbing my hands slowly all over her legs up to her butt cheeks. From what I could see Mom had shaved down there very recently.

As I was massaging her upper thighs, I suddenly saw a stain on her panties. I was sure that it was not the oil that had made her panties wet as I hadn’t yet put my hands there. It soon struck my head that mom’s pussy was wet because she was being aroused by all the hot massage.

This thought of seeing Mom aroused by my actions made my cock spring up in surprise. I was happy that Mom was enjoying it and now my actions were even more daring as slowly I started massaging her inner thighs and touching her wet panties. My mom lets a slight moan as my finger was almost touching her outer lips through her panty.

In some time the panty was visibly wet and now my hands had become sticky with her juices dripping out of her panty along with the oil in my hands.

Mom knew this was wrong but she too was a woman and had her needs. Maybe that is why she didn’t stop me as she thought that it was all accidental and it was she at fault that was getting aroused by her own son’s massage. Little did she know that my plan was working as I got bolder.

I told Mom that I would now massage her back and moved her nightie leaving her back bare as I poured oil and massaged it. After a while, I finished massaging her entire back. Soon, her back and legs were glowing with the oil along with her wet panties.

Now getting even bolder I wanted to see my mom’s round ass naked as I said “Ma, do you erm mind if I pulled your panties down and massaged your bum?

“No way beta. It’s not right for you to see your mother naked like that.

“Ma what’s the big deal. You are already this naked. Getting your panty down is fine and also your ass (yes I said it) would feel relaxed. Please, Ma. Please” I pleaded hoping she would agree.

” Okay beta but be careful with your hands. It is only this time that I’m allowing. ” And out I removed the wet panties and put it beside her on the bed.

I started rubbing her ass cheeks and slowly moved my fingers in between the buns as I wanted to feel her pussy. “Stop it beta. Not there.” She resisted quickly as she sensed my fingers near her labia. Now I was in a state of sexual hunger as I realized that this was the moment, now or never and I stuck my index finger into her pussy.

Shocked by what happened Mom shouted my name and asked what I was doing. “Stop it beta. This is wrong Raj” she said. Ignoring her plea I entered another finger as I was finger fucking my mother’s pussy. Her pussy walls were already wet as Mom was torn between her son fingering her and her lack of sexual activity for so many years.

She didn’t know how to react as my fingers got as deep as it could into her pussy.

“Raj STOP right there. You shouldn’t be doing this” she shouted as I replied back saying ” Mom it’s alright. Everything will be fine. I know you want this and are enjoying it. So please let it be”

“Raj, I’m your mother…” Her voice trailed as my other hand cupped her ass cheek. “We shouldn’t…”

“I love you Ma and I want to fuck you.” There, I had said it. Now, come what may, I was going to make good my word.

“How dare you say things like that to your mother?” The mother within her spoke although the woman inside her was secretly loving the attention her sex-deprived vagina was getting. She wanted it too but was confused as she had least expected to have received sexual favors from her own son.

For all the years of her sexual inactivity, she finally had a man who was giving her what she had wanted all these years. However, the only problem here was that the man was nobody else but her own son.

“Because Mom I know that you want this too. I can see that your pussy is dripping wet and that tells me that you are enjoying this” I removed my two fingers out and got up and put them right into her mouth. My mother was licking off my fingers which were soaked in her pussy.

As she was licking my fingers, tears rolled her eyes out of realization at what she had done. She turned red and her cheeks went moist. “Please don’t cry Ma. Don’t you love me?” I said soothingly.

“Yes beta but…..But not like this. You are my son after all and what we are doing is not right. I love you too beta but I think if we take it forward it will only complicate things between us and I don’t want it to happen” she sobbed.

“No ways Mom. You will always be my mother. But I also know that we are two adults and we have our own sexual needs. So there’s nothing wrong if we have sex and I can guarantee you that nothing between us can ever complicate. In fact it can only help us both open up to each other and make our bond even stronger. ” I said convincingly and pulled her nightie off.

Mother was now naked in front of me and my eyes rolled at the sight of her as I admired her beautiful body. I moved my hands and placed them on her breasts as I moved them in slow circular motions. I kissed her erect nipples and gave them a bite as her body jerked and she jumped up the bed letting a big moan.

She didn’t stop me now and I knew that she had finally caved into her needs. The bulge in my pants was growing and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold it for much longer. I lay her on the bed as my shy conservative mother kept her eyes closed. I quickly got off my clothes and underwear and bent in front of her.

Now I was over her with both our bodies naked as I held mom’s hands tightly. Then I slowly slid my cock into her wet pussy and it penetrated her pussy walls. She opened her eyes and looked at me. She gasped for breath as her pussy had not had this feeling for many years.

She continued looking into my eyes as that was the moment she realised that she was not only looking at her son but instead was looking into a man’s eyes. Someone who deeply loved her like no one could and wanted her badly to be his woman.

I continued pushing my cock deep into her as I realised that my entire penis was inside her. Her pussy was warm and tight and it felt as if it were hardly explored. Her muscles contracted and squeezed on me. Slowly I withdrew and pushed back in. I continued with this rhythm and with each movement increased my pace.

Mom moaned loudly as our bodies started hitting each other with great force. I was waiting to cum as this was my first sexual encounter. I continued thrusting my cock back and forth deep into her holding my load as much as possible as I didn’t want it to end quickly. Mom was not just moaning but screaming at the top of her lungs.

She had never had sex all these years and now that her son was fucking her she felt like her virginity being taken off again. Rather it was the other way around where my Mom was taking my virginity.

Suddenly her inner lips squeezed tightly against my cock and her entire body shuddered. This was the loudest that she had groaned and I knew that she had climaxed. The thought of giving Mom an orgasm kinked me up and that thought made me more vulnerable. I couldn’t hold my load any longer and wanted to cum deep inside her.

However, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t put a condom and had I came inside her, there was a possibility that she could get pregnant. I had promised Mom that I wouldn’t complicate things for her so as I climaxed I pulled my cock out of her and shot my fresh cream all over her tummy.

Her beautiful body was covered with my seed as it started dripping onto the bed and down her belly. After my penis contracted I lay beside her on the bed gasping for breath. It then kicked me that my plan had become successful and that I had just fucked my beautiful mother.

“Ma I love you.” I said as she was staring at the ceiling trying to absorb what had happened.

“I love you too beta,” she said and kissed me passionately. Our tongues intertwined with each other in ecstasy. I broke the kiss and moved towards my mother’s now sore pussy. I slowly placed mild kisses around her pussy teasing her. Mom arched back with my tease and then I stroke her vagina with my tongue.

My Mom was horny as hell as I found her clit just above the openings walls. I started with slow harder strokes as she reacted with loud moans. Now I increased​ the speed and pressed my tongue harder against her clit and flicked faster. She was loving my tongue and I loved eating her pussy and tasting her warm pussy juice as Mom came again.

She climaxed twice in one night as her body was starting to give up. After giving Mom another orgasm, I had another idea. It was a wild one as I thought I had to return the favour as Mom had taken my virginity. It was now my time to take her virginity.

Mom had never been fucked in the ass and I felt that it was one hole which would only belong to me. I turned Mom now and asked her to support herself with her hands and knees. There lay my mother’s anus wide open in its glory pointing at me and inviting me to take her. I drew my cock towards her ass hole and slowly touched it with the tip of my penis.

“No beta” Mom screamed “I’ve never been fucked there. Please don’t”

“Ma let me do it. I want to own your ass and I will do it tonight. Don’t worry you’ll love it I’m sure.” I said as I rolled my cock into her ass hole. Her ass was pretty tight which was obvious as mine was the first cock to have made its way there. I was making slow thursts as it was her first time.

Mom writhed in pain as my cock started filling my dick deep into her anus. As time went on my cock was feeling at home inside her and with that, I started humping into her ass. Mother despite all her efforts couldn’t handle the pain as she held to the bedsheets tightly.

Her screaming must’ve awoken everyone in the neighborhood but little did we care. My cock was fully inside her ass hole and then I sprayed all my cum right there as I orgasmed.

Mom slipped into the bed with my still erect penis in her ass as I slept above her. My cock started contracting as my Mom and I slept there with Mom in my arms as we began a new journey. The journey of a Mother and her son into the world of incest as we both passed out.