Son’s Right Of Passage Part 2

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By AlabamaSlamma Randy continues to learn from his mother about the pleasures of sex.

Randy woke up the next morning and he had a strange feeling between his legs. He opened his eyes and looked down and saw Teresa bobbing her head up and down on his hard throbbing cock. She moaned as she glanced up and saw that he was awake. She pulled her mouth off his cock with a pop and continued to stroke it.

“Good morning stud! I hope you don’t mind being woken up with a blowjob. I know that your father loves it when I wake him up sucking his cock!” She said before returning to sucking his cock.

Randy just groaned as she worked her mouth and throat all up and down his shaft. He had thought that last night was a dream but now he knew that it was real. Randy looked around but didn’t see his dad. He was still in his parent’s room. He watched mesmerized as his mother happily slurped and sucked on his cock.

Teresa sat up and sat on the edge of the bed. She pulled Randy around the the front of her and pushed him onto his knees.

“I am going to teach you how to pleasure a woman with your mouth and tongue. If you get good enough I guarantee that you will never have to worry about getting any pussy!” She said as she guided his head between her legs.

“Just remember to take your time and be aware of the response that you are getting from what you are doing. You will be able to tell if you are doing it correctly or not. I want you to kiss, lick, nibble and suck on every part of my pussy. Paying special attention to my clit!” She said pointing to her hard throbbing clit poking out proudly from her quaking pussy.

She was already dripping wet from sucking on his cock. Randy slowly began to work his lips and tongue all over her spread open pussy. She moaned as she felt his warm tongue slide across her swollen lips. She gently pulled his head over so that his tongue caressed her clit.

“YESSSSSSSS RIGHT THERE BABY! SUCK ON MOMMY’S CLIT!” She moaned as she felt his mouth close over her throbbing clit.

Randy began sucking on it like a straw and she immediately screamed out in pleasure as she felt herself orgasm. Randy picked up that she was enjoying the attention. He worked his tongue across and around her clit as he continued sucking on it. He pushed his fingers into her soaking wet pussy as she orgasmed again and again.


Encouraged by her words Randy continued to devour her sweet nectar. He loved the smell and taste of his mother’s pussy. He wondered if all pussies were like this. He sucked and slurped her nectar as it poured out. She had her hands gripping the back of his head pulling him into her soaking wet pussy.

When it became too much for her she pulled him to his feet and laid back on the bed pulling her legs up against her chest spread open wide. She looked into his eyes and said “SHOVE THAT GORGEOUS COCK INTO MOMMY’S PUSSY!”

Randy stepped up and pushed his cock balls deep inside her hot wet pussy. He groaned as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

“FUCK YES BABY THAT’S WHAT I NEED!” She hissed as his balls slapped her ass.

Randy placed his hands on the back of her legs and leaned over as he began to hammer into her pussy from above. He watched as her tits bounced back and forth as he continued to pound her pussy.


Randy couldn’t last any longer and he screamed out “FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE I’M CUMMING!”

Teresa immediately wrapped her legs around Randy’s waist and drove her pussy against his cock as it exploded inside her hot wet pussy. She felt every spurt of his incestuous seed splash her insides. She pulled him down onto her body and kissed him deeply and passionately. She milked his cock with her pussy as she gripped his ass holding him in place.

Randy’s cock finally slipped out of her pussy and he rolled over onto his back trying to catch his breath. Teresa immediately rolled over and took his cum covered cock into her mouth as she sucked him clean. She lovingly bathed his cock and balls with her tongue as she collected every drop.

“Mmmmmm fuck we taste so good mixed together!” Teresa moaned as she savored their combined juices.

She crawled up on top of Randy and kissed him deeply again. He tasted the same juices that she had just had. She looks him in the eyes and says “Baby let’s go get a shower together and get cleaned up and I will fix us some breakfast.”

“Where’s dad at? Randy asked as he watched his beautiful naked mother walk towards the bathroom.

“He is gone for the day so that we can spend the day together and play!” She replied as she looked back at Randy and winked.

Randy followed her into the bathroom and Teresa was stepping into the shower. He stepped behind her and grabbed her tits from behind as he pressed his cock against her ass. She leaned back against his body and tilted her head back as she whimpered. He kissed her deeply and passionately as the hot water cascaded over their bodies.

After a few minutes of tongue wrestling Teresa pulled away and said “How about you bathe me and I will bathe you?”

Randy grabbed the shower gel and sprayed her body with it. He began to work it into a lather as he slowly explored her body with his hands. She smiled as he took his time washing her tits, pussy and asshole. She made sure that he had easy access to whatever he wanted to touch.

She repeated the same process on his body. Making sure that she took her time washing his cock and balls and asshole. She lovingly bathed his cock as she massaged his balls. It didn’t take long before he was hard and throbbing again.

She moaned into his ear and said “Baby how about you take this gorgeous cock and put it in your mother’s ass and fuck it like you did my pussy this morning?”

Randy couldn’t believe what he was hearing from his mother. She actually wanted him to fuck her ass. She took the shower gel and coated his cock really good and she applied a lot to her asshole. She turned her back towards Randy and bent over completely bracing herself against the wall.

“Please come and fuck your mother’s ass like a good boy!” She moaned as she wiggled her ass at him.

Randy couldn’t move fast enough as he stepped up behind her. He took his hands and spread her ass cheeks apart revealing her gorgeous little rosebud. She moaned as she felt his cock push against her opening. Randy began to push his cock against her tight little asshole and she relaxed her ass and pushed back onto his cock.

When the head popped in Randy slid all the way to the base unit his balls were resting against her pussy. She hissed out loud as she felt his cock slice into her tunnel.


She loved a cock in her ass almost as much as she loved it in her pussy or mouth. She ground her ass back onto his cock. He groaned as he felt his cock being driven deeper into her hot furnace. He grabbed her hips and he began to work his cock in and out of her tight ass.

She moaned and whimpered loudly as he sawed into her asshole.

“PLEASE SLAP MY ASS BABY!” She moaned as she felt herself getting close to another orgasm.

Randy brought his hand down across her ass cheeks with a loud “SMACK”!

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS BABY SPANK MOMMY’S ASS” She screamed as her orgasm slammed her body.

Randy used both hands as he spanked her gorgeous ass red. She was driving her ass back onto his cock as he hammered her ass into submission. Her legs were trembling with pleasure as she felt his cock throb angrily. Randy was learning how to pleasure a woman in ways that a lot of men don’t know about.

How some women like pain mixed with pleasure. Teresa was begging Randy to fuck her ass and spank her harder. She wanted Randy to experience sex in every way possible.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE MOMMY I’M ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN!” Randy groaned as she worked her tight ass back and forth along his cock.


Soon Randy’s cock was pumping stream after stream deep into her bowels. She ground her ass back onto his spewing cock and milked every drop from his balls. After his cock slipped from her ass she quickly spun around and dropped down to her knees and sucked his cock clean. He was spent for the moment and could only stand there and watch.

Afterwards she rinsed them off and washed the cum from her ass. They got out and dried off before heading down to the kitchen to make them some breakfast.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Incest #Teen